A Cumdump’s Journey Pt. 08

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Chapter 8: The unexpected gang bang

If I had to guess, most likely I’d swallowed in excess of 200 loads of cum since arriving in Paris. The weeks were ticking by and the list of men on my phone was growing longer. The tallies beside each description, keeping track of home many times I had drained their balls, were growing too. I counted 150 loads in the list, plus a guess of all those I swallowed before I started keeping track. All that in the space of only 3 months. It served as a sort of diary for me, but also began to become a fixation. Knowing the list had a 150 in it; i wanted to reach 200 – but when I reached 200 I knew that the target would get bigger again.

Through all of this, my day-to-day life had begun to settle into a routine. I had met people who were slowly becoming friends, and colleagues who I had started to socialise with outside of work hours. Oddly though, I found myself staying away from making gay friends – my sexual needs were being met out cruising late at night or with Grindr meets. Paradoxically, I thought that having gay friends would limit me in getting cock – because I would be more wary of going and being seen to be a cumdump – or I’d be recognised offering to suck men on Grindr; which had become my permanent tagline. Nonetheless, I had begun discovering more of the neighbourhoods outside of my direct locale. Friends invited me to parties at their places, or we often met up for beers in the evenings in bars. Summer brought out the crowds, and we could sit on any number of terraces to watch the world go by.

It was a typical Saturday in that regard. A friend had invited me out and after a long lazy afternoon (following a lie-in due to a busy Friday night in the woods), I’d gotten showered and headed out. My small pouch came everywhere with me. I realised the city was a playground waiting to be discovered. On my lunch break, I could check out Grindr and find a guy 200 meters away who wanted a suck and go. I needed my poppers with me at all times. Tonight I also threw in the lube and washed myself out. I was becoming more and more willing to give my ass if that’s what a guy demanded.

The mantra that ran through my head when I was high on poppers was beginning to surface in my every-day thoughts. If a man needed to shoot his load and he had honoured me with the opportunity to swallow it, who was I to deny him his carnal need?

When it came to fucking, I had now assumed the role of cumdump for large cocks. I saw it as my duty – for these men with very large endowments; they needed a source of relief – a hole they could totally let loose in, one they would not complain that it hurt or ask them to reign it in or go gentle after 5 minutes of fucking. No, I had no choice but to oblige and actively began to seek out the biggest dicks I could find promising they could fuck until they ejaculated no matter how much discomfort it caused me.

So here I was having a Saturday night beer with a friend. A straight friend who was having girlfriend troubles. I sympathised and consoled, all the time thinking about the men I could meet close by. Periodically I took out my phone and sent some taps or more messages on Grindr. Noticing that when it would be time to head home, I would have at least one option to get my fix of man-cum. One guy in particular caught my eye. Not because of how he looked or anything special in his profile; but merely because he was so direct in his approach.

> You swallow?

This type of message always piqued my interest from the get go. I replied straight away:

> Yeah, looking for nice cock to suck n go..

> Perfect, no blah blah blah, you come in down on your knees, swallow and bye!

Wow. His reply instantly stirred something in my cock. Now this is exactly the type of meet I was down for. Thankfully my friend was finishing up his drink. I suggested we call it a night, called for the bill and was relieved when he said he was going to meet his girl; meaning we wouldn’t be taking the same route home. The night was fresh, but it was perfect for walking. I started in the direction of my Grindr hook-ups address.

In the elevator on the way up, I cleared my throat, took off my shirt and put my poppers in my short pocket for easy access. When I entered his apartment, I was to get to work right away. When I exited the elevator, I could already see a door ajar further down the corridor. Walked up, pushed it open and stepped inside. I took off my shoes, left down my bag and top in a pile by the door. Walked in and saw a man standing by the kitchen counter in an open plan apartment. He was taller than me, dark haired, chunky but not fat and handsome. If I’m honest, I hadn’t paid much attention to his profile; more concerned that he was willing to give me a load than anything else. His cock was out in his hand. I noticed that it was cut and although not huge, it was a decent size and girth. I knelt down and immediately took his whole man meat into my mouth. I had istanbul travesti barely rocked back and forth twice when I felt him tensing up. He pulled himself out of my mouth and squeezed his cock in his hand, obviously trying to avert the ejaculation about to happen. It was two late; he shot a thick wad into his hand and moaned as the organism took over his body. He looked at me a little embarrassed, but truth be told I didn’t care one bit. I reached out to his hand and turned it facing up. There was a thick, stick load of cum filling his palm. I leaned forward and ate it up. It had such a thick consistency, and was white and sweet. I couldn’t get enough, so I licked his hand clean. Then I got up and walked out. We hadn’t exchanged a word.

Walking down the street, I took out my phone and messaged him how hot it had been for me. Fuck, it turned me on so much to know that I had literally just gone into his place, ate his cum and left in the space of less than a minute. If I could do that a hundred more times tonight, I thought to myself, feeling extra horny. Reading his reply he seemed surprised and apologised for cumming so soon; I assured him it was exactly what I’d wanted and would be happy to have his load any time in the future.

I continued to walk on Boulevard de la Villette, half engrossed in my phone, and looking around me in case there was some cruising to be had on the street. I was disappointed to realise I was in a well-known prostitution zone. Once I realised this, looking around the place seemed to be teaming with Asian hookers. In their full-faces of make up they smiled as I walked past and called out; little did they realise they were barking up the wrong tree. The seediness of it all turned me on even more though. As I reached Belleville metro station, I saw so many straight Arabic and black men approaching these women, grabbing at their crotches and negotiating prices, I thought how hot it would be if I could stand here and offer my services. How many straight men with big dicks were going unsucked, when I was there and willing to drain them if only they would allow a guy like me to do it.

I sat on a bench contemplating this fantasy and cruising the guys on the now fresh grid of my Grindr screen. Once advantage of Paris; you can walk a few hundred yards and there is a whole new set of men to cruise. One profile caught my eye, just a silhouette of a black man and it said he was a Top. I immediately messaged. I was getting more daring myself too.

> Like to be sucked? You can fuck me too..

No immediate reply. So I decided that this was a good spot to grab a drink. One of the small “superette” stores – a sort of bodega open late – had its lights on close-by. I went and picked up a large can of beer and sat back down on the bench. After about half the beer was gone, I finally got a reply.

> BBK?

I stared at the screen, hesitating for a moment. I was getting more fragrant in my desire to be a cumdump but there was still something in my mind that made me reluctant at times. Was I willing to agree to let this stranger seed my pussy before I had even seen him? I shook the hesitation out of my mind.

> Yeah

After that we exchanged pictures, and he told me to come round. He was older than me but skinny and tall, with beautiful dark-chocolate skin. His dick was cut too and short but seemed excessively thick. Sharing his location, I saw that he was less than a 2-minute walk from where I was sitting. I finished my beer and headed towards his place. When I arrived, I thought I must be mistaken; it looked like a shuttered shop front. I messaged him:

> I’m here…

Immediately I heard a bolt, and the shutter lifted about half-way and a hand beckoned me in. Inside it was a dimly lit room. Perhaps a small food place that had been turned into a studio apartment. There was a bed high up off the ground, but now he had put mattresses under it on the ground, so you could almost use half the floor space to lay down and sleep wherever you wanted. We chatted briefly and he started to help me to undress. I was quite drunk and he offered me a spliff which we smoked laying down on the ground surrounded by cushions. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and something about him was very attractive, so I was in no rush and decided to relax and take it slow. After a while he reached over and started to finger my hole. I pulled out the lube and as I lay there stoned I let him finger fuck me to loosen me up.

He was naked now and his cock was exactly like the photos. It was only 6 inches at most but so extremely thick I could barely get a hand around it. I couldn’t wait for it to start stretching me out. Throughout the night, he was constantly on his phone. We’ll call him Cam. Cam from Senegal. I wanted him to fuck me, but then he asked me if I minded some of his friends were on their way. I was a little nervous at that thought but said I didn’t mind and before long there was a knock istanbul travestileri on the shutters. Adama got up to open it up and in came another Senegalese guy about as tall, and even skinnier than Adama. He wasted no time stripping down so he was walking around the place naked like he owned it. My eyes followed his smooth, hairless body and large, flaccid, black cock as it bounced around as he and Adama caught up. Adama told me his friend’s name was Boubacar, but throughout the exchange and even since he arrived, he didn’t even acknowledge that I was there. I could see they were taking some kind of pills but I was content to enjoy the weed high and had my poppers ready to go. Boubacar disappeared to take a shower and Adama came down to sit beside me.

His erection was raging now, with whatever he had taken, and I couldn’t wait to get my mouth around it. He sat down in front of me cross-legged and I leant forward and took his cock in my mouth – it barely fit, and only for the fact that it was not a rock-hard boner, I was able to squeeze it into my mouth. I tried to stretch my hand around it. It felt as thick as the beer can I had been holding moments before.. I sucked him for a moment and loved the taste of his swollen back gland on my tongue, but he seemed keen to move right into the action. He stayed sitting and spread his legs out in front of me, all the while fingering my hole and lubing me up.

I stared at his dick the whole time, fantasising about how open my cunt would soon be.

He motioned for me to come over to him and I did exactly as he instructed. Putting my legs out behind him so I could lower myself down and I would be sitting in his lap, facing him. He kissed me and I felt the fat head of his dick brushing against the opening to my hungry cock-sheath. It was up to me to lower myself onto him, but the sheer girth sent pain shooting through me as I tried to lower onto it. Eventually, Adama grabbed my arms that I had down on the mattress for support and pulled them away. Several inches of his girth pushed inside me as I fell to the ground. I groaned loudly. We began rocking rhythmically as he slowly thrust deeper and deeper inside me, and I felt the walls of my anus expanding, but still gripping tightly around his thick cock. I reached for the poppers and took my first hit.

My anus flowered around his dick and the last 2 inches pushed inside me. I sat on his lap with his chode filling up my colon for the next few minutes. I could tell he was experiencing an intense high as well and just the feel of my walls surrounding his meat was enough to make him moan.

“Fuck this hole feels good,” Adama groaned, and I was turned on to hear him say it. He was making love to me gently and I had never felt so comfortable having such a wide girth inside me before. It wasn’t deep, but it felt like I was sitting on a large egg-plant.

“When did you first get fucked?” he asked me, still enjoying his high.

“A long time ago now,” I replied, thinking back to my first ever experience with a man.

“How old were you? When did this hole become a pussy?” he asked. It turned me on for him to be talking about my hole like that.

“Fifteen,” I answered, without going into detail.

“Hmmm,” he moaned again, “So you knew since you were fifteen that you had a pussy. You were born with this hole that you spent most of your life with as a pussy,” he continued, still stretching me out. “Not many pussies can take me like this….you have a beautiful tight pussy, but open for cock. Who gave you a pussy the first time?” he asked. Something about the way he was talking turned me on so much. It was like he knew this dark secret about me. I was a man, but he knew, as I knew, that I was born with a pussy to please men. I carried on taking hits on the poppers, as his words took me back to my first time.

I thought back to my adolescence, how I had trawled internet porn since a young age and longed to lose my virginity to one of the amazing men I saw online. It was an older neighbour – I told him – who lived in the same flats as my family, who seduced me.

“Was he big?” Adama asked, I knew of course he meant his cock size.

“Yeah, he was even too big for me then,” I told him. “But I wanted to take him all anyway. He was a man and I wanted to give him my hole”

“Because you had a pussy,” Adama explained. “Your hole is a pussy; that’s what it’s for. That is what I will use for tonight. I will breed your pussy.”

In my poppers haze and feeling fuller and more stretched out than ever, the words struck a chord deep in my mind. I had been born like this. Born to give my ass-pussy up like this. My ass-pussy is there to please men, I told myself, and it was true. Ever since my neighbour had turned my ass out, I had spent over half my life giving it out to cock.

At no time had the pace quickened or the thrusts deepened, but with a constant rocking rhythm I began to feel Adama’s cock throbbing travesti istanbul and swelling inside me as he shot his load. I opened my eyes and saw that he was lost, deep in his own haze, and I concentrated on squeezing my sphincter as tightly as I could around his dick and he bred and seeded my pussy. In the meantime, Boubabcar was out of the shower and had let a third man in. Adama was out of it, now relaxing on the corner of the mattress and this time there were no introductions. There was plenty of space, and I thought there must be at least three mattresses strewn around the floor.

Boubacar came up to me and unceremoniously pulled my legs towards him, so I was forced on to my back. He lifted my legs back over my body so my ass was in the air and began fingering my hole. He was skinny but strong. He was not attractive and was treating me like he wouldn’t deign to spit on me. I didn’t care though. If Adama had invited me round to an orgy of three guys, I probably would have been too nervous to come. As it was, the spontaneous and gradual nature of it had been a slow initiation. Now I was about to be taking my second breeding of the night and I loved that there were men around me naked and watching. Boubacar’s dick was big for a guy so skinny, and cut too. He was clearly high on the same stuff as Adama and was now only interested in one thing.

He rammed his cock deep into my guts in one fell swoop. It hurt as I felt his long dick jab into my insides. I tried to pull back but he continued fucking me. I wanted to squeeze my hole closed to stop him entering me, but my sphincter was so loose from Adama’s beer-can cock and the poppers that it just continued to gape open and offered no resistance to his violent jabs. I looked at Adama who was watching us, offering no support and then the thought came back into my mind. My pussy was here for this. It was for him to use and so I took a hit on the poppers and let him continue uncontrollably ploughing me. I looked over his shower and saw the third Senegalese guy standing jerking his cock, waiting patiently for his turn. Hit after hit of poppers, and I was flying high looking around at the three beautiful, big, chocolate cocks around me and only one hole available for them to use.

My sphincter was now not only widely gaping, but I had been well-opened deeply into my guts and I could feel pressure building, as each new thrust brought a sloppy, cummy pussy fart. I could see on Boubacar’s face that it was what he had wanted to achieve with his long, hard thrusts. He didn’t care about me, in fact if he could he wanted to completely ruin my hole, and the sloppiness was proof he had done so. Finally he came deep inside me, pulled out and turned away without any recognition.

The final guy came up now. I wasn’t able to wipe my hole down and even take a moment to let it close up and get back some of its former tightness. He was built much more muscular than the other two, and I could tell his cock was intermediate between the others’; a good thickness, but not as thick as Adama, a good length but not as long as Boubacar. He was more gentle, but strong and I immediately knew who was in charge when he mounted me. He rubbed my face and body and guided the hard dick towards my open hole. After the two previous fucks, I had been open both wide and deep, so this guy’s beautiful, chocolate pipe slid inside me with little resistance. It felt incredible inside me.

I reached for the poppers, but he reached and pushed them away, as he began long, deliberate thrusts fully into the hilt and then fully out of my messy, lubed-up cunt. With each stroke out he withdrew and my hole felt the air escape as my pussy began to queef again. He held for a second until I begged him with my eyes to push all the way back inside me as he did with a long squishing sound, as his cock displaced the old lube and cum which was inhabiting my fuck-tunnel. Over the next 20 minutes he pulled my body into all kinds of positions all over the mattress, testing out strokes and angles to allow his cock to penetrate me as deeply as possible. I was just helpless, along for the ride; but totally in heaven. My hole had begun to ache, but he wouldn’t allow me to take any poppers, when I reached for them

“You’ll know your hole was gang-banged tomorrow,” he said, smiling menacingly. He seemed to thrust endlessly until my hole was numb and the thrusts almost meant nothing, since I could only feel pressure and that I was gaping open at this stage. At some point he came, and I was relieved to be able to put some cooling lube on my raw ring after he pulled out. Over the next two to three hours I was fucked sporadically; feeling ever more like I was just the hole incidentally in the corner for use when their cocks got hard again, but not worthy of taking part in the main conversation. I didn’t care though. I smoked some and they gave me some beer. I lay in the corner comfortable against the cushions, enjoying the mellow high and lost in my thoughts as their conversations went on in the background. I didn’t protest when one of them came towards me and without asking began to finger my smashed out hole, before turning me over or manipulating me into the position he wanted before shoving his cock deep inside me.

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