A Dark Hotel Room

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Ava Addams

Tristen and Kali split off from the other guys as they reached the hall to their room. They had just come from a long show and usually by this time Kali was quite inebriated, but tonight he was different, he seemed much quieter, it was almost unnatural of him. But Tristen just shrugged it off as nothing; his mind was too tired to even care.

As they came to their room Tristen quickly inserted the room key and opened the heavy door, Kali followed closely behind him. The room went dark as the door shut behind them. He reached his hand out along the wall feeling for a light switch, and finding one, he flicked it on. To his surprise there was only a small beam of light that came from a tiny bulb in the middle of the room, barely bright enough for him to make out the shape of the furniture placed throughout the room.

Standing silent for a moment he was suddenly taken by surprised as he felt Kali come up behind him and wrapped his large arms around his neck. The grip tightened as Kali pulled him closer. He could feel his warm breath on the back of his neck, his heart raced and he began to panic.

“Kali…what’s going on?” He asked nervously. His hands reaching up gripping Kali’s arms trying to loosen the grip he has around his neck.

Kali could feel Tristen’s body tense up as he pulled him back against himself. He placed his lips close to Tristen’s ear.

“Shhh…” he whispered, softly kissing the back of his neck, “…just relax.”

A shudder came over him feeling Kali’s hands slowly traveled down his long figure. As his hands came to the front of his pants Kali eagerly grabbed büyükesat escort the soft bulge he could feel through the smooth fabric. Tristen gasped slightly at the touch, and an overwhelming feeling of confusion came over him.

Finding the button on Tristen’s pants he unfastened it, then slowly finding the zipper he pulled it down. He kissed the back of his neck again as he slid his hands down the front of Tristen’s pants, this time grabbing his bulge more firmly a small moan escaped Tristen’s mouth.

“Tristen…you make me so hard.” He whispered errantly, pulling Tristen back against the much more prominent bulged in his pants.

Tristen struggled slightly, wanting to break free of Kali’s hold on him. He could hardly move; Kali was much too strong to fight against. Feeling himself grow harder in Kali’s hands his face became flush with embarrassment.

With one hand Kali reached up and entangled his fingers into Tristen’s messy hair. Tightening his grip he gently tugged on his hair, his neck curving backwards, Kali kissed his open mouth. Tristen moaned into Kali’s mouth as he felt his hand reach into his underwear and grab his hardened flesh.

Kali pulled away from the kiss, a wicked grin crossed his lips. The sound of Tristen’s moans made him that much harder. As he continued to stroke Tristen’s length with one hand, he used the other to pull his head back further, exposing more of his sensitive neck. Little by little he kissed along his neckline, and once finding the most tender spot, he sank his sharp teeth into Tristen’s cebeci escort skin, just hard enough to make him cry out from the pain, but not hard enough to draw blood.

Suddenly Kali stopped everything, making Tristen feel disconcerted. His mind thinking how wrong it was to take pleasure in the touch, but his body just wanted more. Breathing heavily, he gripped the side of Tristen’s neck and pulled him in close.

“I want to feel your mouth on me.” He whispered into Tristen’s ear in an almost orderly tone.

Tristen wasn’t totally sure what he meant, but was quickly assured as Kali turned him so they faced each other. Kali kissed his soft lips once again and with his strong hands gripping onto his shoulders, he pushed him to his knees. He watched as Kali’s fingers eagerly unzipped and unbuttoned his own pants. Tristen could see that he was very large and his hardness pressed tautly against the smooth fabric of his underwear.

Kali reached in and pulled himself out and was totally exposed to Tristen. He looked down at Tristen, who stared up at him, nervously, from his lowly position. Kali touched his hand to the side of Tristen’s face, and taking his thumb he ran it roughly across his soft, pouty lips drawing his mouth open. He watched as Tristen’s mouth hung open more voluntarily, his dark pink tongue tracing along his bottom lip. Kali moved his hand to the back of Tristen’s head coaxing him in closer until his lips reached the head of his rigid length. He let out a small moan at this slight touch. Moving his hips forward, he pushed kolej escort himself partway into Tristen’s wet mouth. Tristen took him further into his mouth sucking harder; the feeling of his velvet tongue pressing against him was almost too much for him to take. He moaned loudly, knowing it wouldn’t be too long before he would cum. He tightened his grip on the back of Tristen’s head, forcing his whole length into Tristen’s mouth, causing him to gag slightly. Suddenly, with a loud moan, a rush of pleasure flooded over his body and he came in Tristen’s mouth.

The hot liquid filled Tristen’s mouth and he could taste its salty flavour as a little ran down the back of his throat. As Kali pulled himself out slowly, the milky fluid trickled out onto his lips. Tristen quickly rose from his knees and, with part of the remains of Kali in his mouth; he kissed him, letting the hot cum run into his open mouth. Tristen then pulled away from the deep kiss; Kali looked him in the eye, then down at his open lips, which were still covered in the sticky substance. His hot tongue then slowly traced against Tristen’s bottom lip licking it clean.

“I love the way I taste in your mouth.” He grinned mischievously.

Kali then backed him against the wall. Tristen was still hard as his hand gripped him firmly again. As he moaned, Kali playfully nipped and kissed at his bottom lip. Kali averted his eyes to bruise he had made on his neck earlier; the spot was turning a dark purple colour on his fair skin. Tilting his head to the side slightly he brought his supple lips to the tender mark on his neck, and it wasn’t long before Tristen’s warm liquid gushed into his hands. Tristen’s breathing was shallow as he held his spent body against the wall for support. He looked at a grinning Kali through half opened eyes.

“Goodnight.” Kali said leaning forward, placing a small kiss on Tristen’s forehead.

And with a flick of a switch, there was darkness…

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