A Daughter’s Love Ch. 06

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The board meeting was called to an end. Everyone left silently, mournfully. The other members of the board were stunned by Michaels’ daughters reaction to her father kicking her out of his life. None of their children had reacted in this way. It was just something they accepted; were resigned to.

The lawyers chatted amongst themselves as they walked out the door wondering how to prepare, if there was anyway to prepare; if she would accept a settlement or if she was truly prepared bankrupt Culver.

Finally, Alec, Culver, and Francine were the only people left in Culver’s large elaborate office.

“I need a drink.” Culver stood up and walked stiffly to the bar on the right side of the room.

“A drink?” Francine yelled, throwing one of the ashtrays at him; barely missing his head. “We could lose our children and wind up in jail and you want a drink.”

“Yes, Francine.” He said very softly. “I want a drink.”

Francine began pacing back and forth in front of his desk.

“How did this happen? Everything was planned so carefully.”

“Apparently not carefully enough.” Culver responded as he tossed back a shot of whiskey.

“We can’t let this happen.” Francine whispered.

With a cry, she fell to the floor and sobbed hysterically. Culver was by her side in an instant. He held her close and rocked her back and forth.

“Shh, my darling.” He crooned. “Shh. It’ll be all right. We’ll figure out a way to make it all right.”

“How?” Francine sobbed. “They’re going to take our babies away. How can it be all right?”

“We’ll make it that way.” Culver whispered. “We always do.”

Francine let out a shaky sigh. Assured she was calming down a little, Culver stood and stared intently at Alec.

“Michaels, it’s time to prove your loyalty to the company.” Culver began imperiously.

Alec shook his head and got up out of his chair. He swallowed hard. He knew his daughter well enough to know she had grouped him with the bad guys. There was nothing he could do. Nothing he could say.

“I already have.” Alec turned to face him; a hard, cold expression on his face. “You asked me to set aside my morals and fuck my daughter; make an innocent young woman’s fantasy real, I did. You asked me to end all contact with my daughter because you didn’t want anything to be more important than the company because that is all that’s important to you. I did. There is nothing more I can do. Nothing more I have to give. I’ve already given it all.”

“You saw her.” He continued. “You heard her. She has grouped me with you. I am one of the bad guys. All of us are being punished. She, of all people, knows how long I have worked on getting this merger with Lexapro together. This is my punishment for abandoning her.”

Alec turned and walked slowly toward the door.

“Alec!” Culver’s called out in a panicked voice the moment Alec’s hand touched the door handle. “Please. There must be something you can do. I’m an old man. I can’t lose my family.”

Alec turned and shook his head forlornly at Culver. Culver had the same scared, lost look on his face as his wife. Alec was momentarily surprised by how much he didn’t care; he couldn’t care.

“I couldn’t stand to lose mine, but you didn’t care.” Alec arched a brow. “Why should I care if you lose yours.”

“Please.” Culver pleaded. “You’re not like me. Please. Don’t let her do this.”

Alec considered.

“I have to spend time with her in order to do that and that goes against your edict. I gave her up once. If I go to her to try to convince her to stop this, I’m not giving her up again. She stays in my life and you stay the hell out of ours.”

“Done.” Culver nodded in agreement. “Go. Convince her. Please.”

Alec sighed and ran his fingers through his dark black hair.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Alec strode to the elevators and pressed the button for the fourth floor. He would go to his office and get his briefcase and any other papers he would need, go home, and think. He wasn’t going to go into this without preparation. His daughter hadn’t. He’d taught her well. He had to think of the best way to approach her.

His cock strained against his pants. He tried not to remember the way her clothes had molded to her body. He tried to forget the shapely lines and curves. The round fullness of her breasts. Her leather pants had clung to her body like a second skin revealing to his knowing gaze that she hadn’t been wearing any panties again.

Yes, he needed to plan before he saw her again. He definitely needed to plan.

* * * * *

It was two o’clock in the morning and she still couldn’t sleep. Elise sat in the living room in the Mickey Mouse nightshirt she’d had since she was twenty; her legs tucked under her as she flicked through the channels.

She felt restless and unhappy. She had celebrated with Sean, the other lawyers, and Leslie. She had taken down a man who had been thought to be untouchable. But that didn’t make everything right.

Seeing erotik hikayeler her father and not being able to be near him had been torture. She had felt his hot gaze on her the entire time. Tears welled up in her eyes. How was she supposed to live her life without him? He had always been there for her. She loved him so much. Those feeling were confused by what had happened between them. She wanted him on a level she had never known before. He hadn’t even tried to make things better. He had just left.

He had given up on her and what whatever they were or could have been whether it was father and daughter or more and joined forces with evil. There could be no other description for Culver and Francine than evil. Pure evil. How else could you describe someone who got off on destroying the lives of others?

A hard knock at the door of her penthouse brought her back to the present and out of her thoughts. She frowned and wiped the tears she hadn’t known had fallen from her cheeks. She got up off the couch and headed toward the door. The knock came again more insistent this time. She grabbed the can of mace she always kept by the door. Even in a building like this, it paid to be careful.

She opened the door and let out a shocked, shuddering gasp. Her father stood in the hallway staring at her forlornly dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

“What are you doing her….?” She began to ask.

Without warning, he grabbed her around the waist, pulling her to him and covering her mouth with his own. Elise moaned and protested at the same time trying to push him away to no avail as the can of mace fell to the floor from her suddenly limp fingers. She felt her legs weaken as he took, plundered and ravaged her mouth. Her arms wound around his neck on their own.

She tried to hold herself stiffly but couldn’t help responding. Her attraction to him, her desire for him was too intense. Heat flared between them; calling her, beckoning her to join in the dance.

She moaned again as her tongue mingled with his. He half lifted her, half walked her back into her apartment slamming the door shut and locking it before shoving her against the wall and grinding himself against her.

He was hard, so fucking hard. Her hips moved against him. God, he felt so good. Her nipples hardened. He tore his mouth from hers and stared at her with an indefinable expression on his face. Both of them were panting and breathless.

Without a word, he tore off his t-shirt and threw it across the room. He lifted her nightshirt up over her large breasts exposing them and her pussy to his sight. Elise felt hot all over. Her body trembled with anticipation under his intense gaze. She was wet, wetter than she had ever been before. She could feel it dripping down her leg.

He took her left breast in his mouth and roughly kneaded, caressed, and teased her other breast and sensitive aching nipple with his right hand. His left held up her shirt.

“Mmm.” She moaned. “My god, what are you doing to me?”

He growled in answer. It was a primitive, purely animal sound. His right hand left her breast sliding down her stomach until he reached her wet pussy. He cupped her with his hand and rubbing her mons and caressing her clit at the same time.

“Please.” She begged breathlessly as she ground herself against his hand.

Wave after glorious wave of ecstasy washed over her as he attacked all her senses leaving her unable to think, to protest. All she could feel was him. All she could taste was him. All she wanted was him.

Alec hadn’t intended this. He had just wanted to talk to her. It had taken time to convince himself to do it. He was always in bed by nine. He had been unable to sleep. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her in the outfit she had worn in the boardroom. He had felt hot all over. His mind had jumped from that to their interlude in his office. The way her long hair had spilled down to hover just above his desk as he tasted her, fucking her with his fingers.

He had dressed unable to stand the torture his mind was continuously plaguing him with. He had found comfort in anger as the thought she had dressed like that for a reason more than intimidation crossed his mind.

He hadn’t raised her to use to her body to punish men. He had taught her that men had little respect for a woman like that. He had decided there was no time for planning. They had to have it out. He didn’t care what time it was. He hadn’t left till five minutes before eleven. He hadn’t expected his reaction to her to opening the door and the hurt, vulnerable look in her eyes. It had been obvious she had been crying. He hadn’t realized he had hurt her that much and cursed himself silently for stupidity. Considering how close they had been, how could he not have known how much it would hurt her.

Seeing her in that nightshirt, the nightshirt he had bought her years ago, had been his undoing. Something he bought her was covering the body he had made; the body he had taken and plundered; tasted and felt from the inside. He had wanted her too badly to think beyond what he was feeling; to think beyond taking what he wanted.

He couldn’t speak, couldn’t think, could only take. He had expected her hesitation; her resistance. She was still mad at him. Any other woman would have done the same. He had felt a moment of male satisfaction when she became pliant in his arms; could sense her becoming more and more lost in the moment until all resistance was gone.

When he had stepped away from her to remove his shirt, he had seen the woman she was; the woman she had been in the board meeting instead of the little girl who had needed his comfort when she scraped a knee.

This woman was incredible. He shook as he raised her nightshirt; gotten hotter, more determined to have her at the sight of not only her large breasts but her wet exposed pussy. His cock had grown harder than it had ever been. He had seen her juices run down her leg. It drove him wild.

As he cupped her now, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer. Knew she didn’t want to wait any longer. He released her and stepped away from her. Her eyes were glazed as she stared at him desire just plainly written on her face as it was on his.

He kicked off his sneakers and unbuttoned his jeans. He took off his jeans and the black silk boxers beneath and kicked them across the room.

“Take off the fucking nightshirt.” His voice was hoarse and strained.

A shudder went through her and she did as he ordered. Both of them stood naked in the foyer. He took his cock in his hand and stroked it slowly from the base to the head as he looked at her.

“You like that, baby?” He murmured as he stroked his cock. “You like looking at my cock?”

“Yes.” She said after a moment.

Pre-cum glistened on the head. He rubbed it all over his long length. Her eyes never left his penis. She stared at it and licked her lips.

“Not now, baby” He smirked knowingly. “I’m too far gone tonight to let you suck my cock.”

“What do you want to do to me?” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

“I want to fuck you, Lisey.” He replied. “I want fuck you hard.”

His cock was hard and wet; glistening. It felt so good to have her watch him touch himself knowing she wanted to give him pleasure herself; knowing she wanted to take his long length in her mouth and suck him dry. He could see it in her eyes.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes.” She moaned. “I want you to fuck me.”

“I fulfilled your fantasy, Lisey.” He said. “I fucked you hard in my office. I rammed my cock into you and made you come again and again until you passed out. This is my fantasy, Lisey. Lead me to your bedroom. I want to fuck you now.”

She took his hand and led him to her bedroom and the large king sized four poster bed. She pulled down the black comforter. She had black silk sheets. She loved silk sheets. Loved the feel of them on her naked body.

“Get in the middle of the bed, Lisey.”

Alec watched as she crawled onto the bed; to the middle of the bed on all fours. Her pretty pink pussy glistening wet with her juices, proof that she wanted him as desperately as he wanted her, exposed. Alec kept stroking his cock anticipating the moment when he would enter her; fill her. She lay down in the middle of the bed and stared at him for a long moment.

Alec let go of his cock and climbed in next to her. He pulled her to him until every part of the bodies were touching. They lay there staring into each others eyes feeling the connection, the flames between them; the intense pull of hot desire they couldn’t fight. Neither knowing whether they wanted to or could deny this new aspect of their relationship to themselves anymore.

They hadn’t asked for it; hadn’t searched for it. Yet it blossomed. This time felt more intense than the last. They were more connected on all levels. He moved his hips back and forth; saw her eyes grow wide as the head of his cock hit her clit again and again. Her breath quickened. Her hips moved to meet him. He grabbed her leg and drew it up until it rested high on his hip opening her more to him. He grabbed his cock and slowly entered her. Her breath caught. She wanted to close her eyes, but she couldn’t break the connection. She was aware of him on a level she hadn’t before. With anyone. She trembled because he trembled.

“Do you feel that baby?” Alec whispered. “Do you feel my hard cock inside you?”

“Yes.” She panted.

He placed a hand on the side of her face caressing her cheek as they lay side by side; his cock buried deep inside her. Tears welled in her eyes. It was so sweet, so gentle. He drew her face closer to his. The intensity of his gaze left her more breathless than the feel of him inside of her. She felt as if he were searching her soul. She had never felt more vulnerable than at that moment.

Alec realized suddenly as he slowly moved inside of her why he’d come here. He hadn’t even realized he had made the decision to show her he loved her. That he would always love her in whatever way possible.

“I never meant to hurt you, Lisey.”

She felt his breath against her lips. Tears spilled over and down her cheeks. The grief she’d held at bay threatened to overwhelm her.

“You left me.” She whispered against his lips.

“No, not in my heart.” Tears filled his eyes. “You gave yourself to me to protect me.”

She moaned as he rolled his hips hitting her g-spot.

“I gave myself to Culver to protect you.” He continued. “I didn’t want you in that world anymore. I didn’t want Culver to hurt you anymore. I felt it was for the best. I don’t care anymore, Lisey. The past few months have been the hardest of my life. I’m here now. I’ll be here forever in any way you need me to be whether it be as just a father or like this as your lover if you let me.”

“I’d like to believe that you mean it.” Elise whispered breathlessly, unsure she could believe him. She had trusted in him so implicitly and he had let her down. “But I don’t know how to be sure you aren’t doing this to stop me from destroying the Culvers’.”

He rolled his hips again. She gasped and whimpered at the intense pleasure that flowed through her. He said he wanted to fuck her hard. Why was he moving so slowly? Why was he drawing this out? Why was he talking now instead of afterward?

“Let me prove it to you, Lisey.” Alec’s entire body shook. He wanted to slam into her hard and fast, but not yet. He needed to extract a promise from her before he would give both of them what they so desperately wanted. “Promise you will let me prove to you how much I love you.”

Elise bit her bottom lip and tried to think which was impossible with him buried so deep inside her. Alec pulled almost all the way out and slammed back into her. She barely stifled a scream.

“Are you going to let me prove it to you?”

She could feel his body shake; could sense how hard it was for him to hold himself back from her. But still…the past four months without him had been the hardest of her life. She had cried almost every day. She didn’t know if she could find a way to get past that.

He did it again. He pulled almost all the way out and slammed back into her.

“Oh fuck!” She cried out panting hard. “Oh!”

“Are you gong to let me prove it to you?” He asked again.

“I…I…I…don’t…” She stammered, barely able to remember how to form words.

He did it once more.

“Oh fuck!” She screeched. “Oh shit!”

“Are you going to let me…?”

“Yes!” She cried out, her nails digging into his forearms. She needed release. She needed it now. She couldn’t take anymore.

He gently rolled her on her back and grabbing her headboard for support, thrust into her harder and faster than before. The headboard slammed against the wall. The entire bed shook with the force of their lovemaking. The room was filled with their moans and groans; her soft screams, and the sound of his balls slapping hard against her ass. Their bodies grew slick with sweat. Their hearts pounded in unison.

Elise was unable to believe what she was feeling. She wanted more. More of this. More of him. She didn’t know if she would ever be able to stop wanting him in this way. He was making her feel more than any man had ever been able to. A part of her was terrified. Another part of her felt as if this was the way it was supposed to be. Just the two of them. Forever like he’d said.

“Oh yeah, baby!” Alec moaned. “Oh you feel so good.”

She moaned something unintelligibly in response.

The primitive caveman part of him he’d never known was there rejoiced. Yes! He was fucking her senseless. Fucking them both senseless. His heart swelled in his chest. His mind wouldn’t let him think of her as his daughter right now.

All he saw was the confident, self-assured woman who had done what no one else had dared to do. She had found a way to take down Culver. She had stared Culver down. She hadn’t quivered in fear or hesitated. Culver had tried to make her weak; had underestimated her. What she had done in the conference room he now understood had been her way of saying fuck you.

He could feel something building in him for her. Something he wasn’t now able to define, but terrified him nonetheless. He suspected it was something no father should be able to feel for his daughter, but he was too far gone to care. He would think on it when he was able. The present was just for feeling.

She rubbed her breasts roughly squeezing her nipples and rolling them between her two fingers hard while he fucked her. He could feel the tension in her body. She was almost there. Almost. He thrust harder, faster knowing he wouldn’t be far behind.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Her voice was rising higher and higher as she got closer and closer.

“That’s right, baby.” He panted. “Let go. Cum for me, Lisey. Take me home.”

“Mmm!” Her lips opened gasping as if she couldn’t catch her breath.

“Come on, Elise.” He encouraged not sure how much longer he could keep it up. “Cum for me!”

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