A Day in the Life of a Slave

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It was 10:06 and the slave was late. Again! Mistress was not happy. This new slave was turning out to be more of a problem than anything else. He would need a severe punishment this time since it seemed that the last one hadn’t been effective enough. Grrrrrr.

Rrrrrrrrrrrring, the doorbell rang.

Mistress got up languidly and walked down the hallway to open the door. As she walked, her stiletto heels rang a sharp staccato against the marble of the floors. She opened the door. Slave was standing there, breathing heavily, as though he had been running, and with a hangdog look on his face.

“I am sorry, Mistress, ” he stuttered. “My alarm didn’t go off this morning.”

Hearing these sort of excuses infuriated the Mistress. Not only was he late but he also lacked imagination!

She stood there silently and glared at him, lifting her left eyebrow in disdain.

A minute like that and the slave was completely reduced to an oily stain on the doormat. His face flushed an even deeper red and she could see the sweat running down, near his ears.

Once he had been well reduced, she moved back and with a slight tilting of her head, gave him to understand that he could enter.

As he entered, she turned around and walked back up the hallway, her tight arse sharply outlined in the black leather trousers she wore, her long, thick hair swaying and just brushing against the top of her butt, caressing it as she walked. The Slave closed the door, swallowed and followed, his gaze hypnotically drawn to the hourglass figure, the tight black bustier with the white pearl buttons at the back, just visible once in a while as she swayed in front of him.

Once they entered the salon, Mistress turned around, gave him another stern look and snapped her fingers. She pointed at the table where a frilly black apron, a pink feather duster and a pair of black heels lay ready; Slave’s attire for the morning.

He started to strip while she sat on the edge of the sofa and leaned back, her legs stretched out, an approving smile on her lips. As she watched him, she stroked her hairless pussy, visible through the wide, unbuttoned slit in the crotch of her leather trousers.

Just as he got naked, she suddenly got up and picking a thin bamboo cane lying on the sofa, went up to him and before he realized it, gave him a sharp smack on his back with it.

The Slave winced in shock and simultaneously, his cock jumped to attention. ordu escort He already knew that his Mistress hated sounds of pain so was able to control himself.

“This for being late,” she said.

Then he felt another smack.

“This for not understanding from last time”

Another smack.

“And this for making me do it again”.

“I am so sorry, Mistress;” he said abjectly, his hands covering his hard, telltale cock.

“Get on with it!” she answered him as she threw the cane on the floor and went back to sit on the sofa.

The Slave turned back to the table and put on the frilly, black apron; it reached to mid thigh and barely covered his white arse. Over the bulge of his cock, he looked at the heels lying on the table and taking them, bent down and put them on. Then, taking the feather duster, he bowed to his watching Mistress, tottered over to one of the various book shelves scattered throughout the salon, and started dusting. His heart was still drumming hard from the exhilaration of the short caning and his back twinged from the 3 smacks he had deservedly received.

Mistress watched him dusting, she was seated back on the sofa in the same position as before and once more, fingering her now quite wet pussy. Oh, so much still to teach a new Slave. She had seen the way his cock had hardened at the first caning and though the response pleased her, it also annoyed her — how dare he get turned on without her permission; she would teach him, over time!

The Slave moved on to the shelf on the right of the sofa — his apron was still ballooned out in front of him and she knew it would stay like that for the rest of their time together. She liked that but took care to not show it- that would NOT do, especially not after him being late.

“Slave, come here”, she said.

He obediently tottered over to her, eyes cast downwards, trying hard to not look at the glistening pussy.

“Hold up your apron”, she ordered him. He obliged, his erection swaying in front of his mistress’ eyes. ?She lightly fondled his balls and planted a wet kiss on the head while looking him in the eyes, leaving a telltale smear of her red lipstick behind. He shuddered. ?

“Can’t have your cock interfering with your cleaning now, can we?” she purred, smiling teasingly.? She picked up a length of soft blue rope and tied one end around the base of his cock and balls, then slipped it between his legs and tied rize escort the other end around his neck, pulling it tight carefully.?His erection throbbed delightfully but now pointed straight down, held in place by his mistress’ handiwork.?

“That’s much better. Now, get down on all fours and lick my stilettoes, just so you know who’s in charge here and if you behave, maybe I’ll give you a nice slow fuck with my strap on.” He shivered in anticipation, getting hornier by the minute; Mistress knew how to press all the right buttons.

Slowly he dropped to his knees, pausing this time to quickly gaze at his mistress’ wet pussy. The smell of it drove him crazy. He hoped she would let him suck and lick it; he adored burying his tongue in her tight, wet hole and sliding it up and down from her quivering clit to her anus, feeling her tremble and hearing her moans.

He felt deliciously sexy in his frilly black apron and heels as he started to kiss and lick her stiletto clad feet. Mistress looked down at him, brushing her cane lightly over his exposed arse and balls. Once in a while, she would flick her wrist and the bamboo cane slapped delightfully against his buttocks. She noticed how his cock responded, getting harder with her caresses and licked her lips, smiling sexily. She loved this slow game of domination and arousal, knowing how much it turned him on and she felt herself getting wetter and wetter by the second.

She started to stroke her pussy again, letting two fingers slide in and out in a steady rhythm and moaned softly. Her slave looked up at her looking down at him and she slipped her sticky fingers between his lips. “Lick them clean, slave, I know how much you want to…”

In a minute she would order him to fetch her strapon. It was the double delight model with two rubber cocks, one facing outwards, the other inwards; each time she penetrated him, one hand tightly around his balls, she would simultaneously be stimulated by the second cock buried in her sopping pussy. She loved fucking him this way and just thinking of it made her pussy throb in excitement.

Slave did just what his Mistress ordered, his eyes never leaving his Mistress’s face. He pussy juices on her fingers were slightly salty but oh so good that he was tempted to reach forward and bury his face in her crotch. But he didn’t, he couldn’t till she told him to.

She bent down and holding his chin, gave him a teasingly slow wet sakarya escort kiss.

“I think it’s time I fucked you, my pet. Why don’t you go get my favourite toy?”

His heart pounding, he walked to the bedroom, his arse jiggling with each tottering step he took in his heels. A minute later he was back, a black, satin bag in one hand. She took it from him and opening it, took out a gleaming black double strap-on and a tube. At her imperious nod, he helped his mistress put on the strap-on. One of the cocks slid smoothly into her tight, wet pussy as she tightened the harness and she moaned with pleasure. “Ummm, I want you on your back on the table with your legs spread wide open”, she managed to pant.

He did as he was told, hitching up the apron and spreading his legs. His mistress walked slowly over to him, her eyes never leaving his. She untied the rope that was holding his cock in place and it sprang up, as hard as an iron pillar. She looked at him, her eyes gleaming with lust as she spread some lube on the strap-on cock.

She took a firm hold of his balls and slid the head into his anus. He gasped in pleasure and surprise.

“I ‘d like you to beg me to fuck you, slave”, she purred, leaning forward and smiling sexily at him. His cock was rock hard, pressed upwards between their bodies.

“Please fuck me mistress, fuck me now”, he panted in response and she slid the strap-on very slowly deeper into his anus. He moaned with pleasure as she fucked him sensually, his cock throbbing in response to each thrust. Mistress felt herself getting hotter and wetter as she relished the fucking she was so expertly giving her slave and her own pussy.

As she heaved into his anus, she saw his hand reaching for his cock and slapped it away with a quick shake of her head.

“Not this time”, she managed to pant out just as the tempo got too much for her and amid loud moans, she came.

As the shudders stopped rocking her body, she stopped moving and pulled out of the Slave’s anus. She then pulled the strap-on out of her pussy and threw it on the table next to the Slave’s head.

She then sat down on the sofa and spreading her legs wide apart, pointed to her pussy. The Slave instantly leapt off the table and sliding down, buried his face in her wet and hot crotch and gratefully lapped up her cum.

When he had finished, she pushed his head off, got up and turning back, commanded him to continue with the dusting. She then buttoned up her crotch, and picking up her red bag lying on a nearby table, said coldly, “Make sure the house is clean when I return and no touching yourself!”

The Slave nodded humbly and picking up his duster, went back to cleaning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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