A Day In The Life Of Peggy

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Matthew pressed the call button on his cell phone and felt his life ebb into the receiver and zap out into space. He was a dead man. What stood at his end of the phone was a shell, a husk. His life was officially over. The woman at the insurance company had been pleasant enough, of course, she was going to live a long and happy life. The sum of his claim was that the insurance company would have to send a claim rep out to review the accident. Matthew hung up the phone deflated and defeated, his shoulders hung as he watched a wisp of smoke curl up from under the hood of his fathers former Ferrari and dissipate into the hot summer air. There was still the ticking of cooling engine and the crackle of safety glass under his feet.


He had been going nearly 160 mph. Without the sophisticated brake system he would have been killed instantly which, under the circumstances, would have been a blessing. Amazingly, he slowed the car down enough before impact to let the roll cage keep him intact. The car however was not so lucky. He looked out behind him and saw two black lines of rubber stretch out for a good hundred feet. He was no expert but he was fairly certain that there was no way to fast talk his way out of this one. He was at fault and he would pay the ultimate price for it.

Matthew leaned against the jersey barrier and waited for whatever portly, brown suit wearing, cigar chomping claims rep they were sending. He heard a car approach and slowly stood and turned to face the music. What he faced was not quite what he had expected.

She was 5’3”, slim, with a body to die for. Her shoulder length brown hair shone in the sun and her suit clung to her hips most distractingly. She was exquisite, exquisitely 20 years older than he was.

She held out a dainty hand and he took it softly. She said: “My name is Peggy” and he was hooked. He had to have her, at any cost he needed to be inside this woman his loins burned with desire for her. It surprised him how taken he was. Normally he was a slow moving guy, he had a reputation for not moving too fast, he enjoyed dating and never cheated. Wholly, he was a decent guy. As she surveyed the wreck he surveyed her. He watched her hips and stayed a half a step behind so he could steal glances at her perfect ass.

How naïve he was. Peggy was completely aware of what he was thinking, the sexual energy between them was almost palpable. The air surrounding him cackled with young, pent up, animalistic, sexual power. She could hear his ragged breathing and loved the fact she could not only arouse men half her age but drive them crazy. Little did he know she was watching him as much as watching the wreck. He was striking, tall, over six feet so he towered over her. He was broad shouldered and wore his dark hair short, but long enough to get your fingers in. On the outside, she was all business but on the inside she was grinning at what she had done to this boy. She stopped and bent way over a section of the fender. He stopped behind her his breath catching audibly in his throat as he stared at her beautiful posterior. She could feel him behind her, his heat, his lust, she knew that at any moment he could take her. She could almost feel his hands on her, roaming all over her body, his bulge in her ass as he leaned in to kiss her ear and fondle her breasts, then dropping to undo her pants his strong hands pulling them and her panties down. The air on her exposed ass and pussy, all those cars driving by just feet away. She could just imagine his hands on her hips as he lined the throbbing head of his young cock up with her dripping center, then the shuffle of his feet as he positioned himself, the pause at her entrance, the anticipation of penetration, then in one powerful thrust of his hips…

“Well Matthew, you are a very lucky young man to walk away from this accident, how fast did you say you were going?”

He stared into her eyes for a long time silently, “I’m sorry?”

“How fast were you going?”

“Oh ahh 160” he said in a far off voice.

“A hun… a hundred and sixty?” She exclaimed.

“Oh, I mean 60,” he took a step toward her. They were close now, he looked down at her. “Peggy?”

“Yes?” she breathed.

He said nothing just stared at her before his eyes wandered boldly all over her body. She stood there and let him survey her. When his eyes fell on her crotch he stopped. She looked into his young face, he was so handsome, she watched him stared at her pussy a rush of heat building under his gaze. He snaked his tongue out over his bottom lip. The thought of his young, hard, muscular body crouched between her legs, his smooth boyish face looking up at her as his tongue worked her hard clit was too much, and she knew that was exactly what he was thinking about. He wanted to taste her.

She cleared her throat.

“I’m going to have to ask you to come to my hotel room, I will need to ask you some more questions and ask you to fill something in. Come canlı bahis to this address at seven.” With that she handed him a card and stepped away from him.

She was going to do it, she had invited this boy back to her hotel room and she was going to let him do what ever he wanted to her for as long as he wanted. She looked down at what she had done to him, his pants tented obscenely in front of him. He made no attempt to hide it. She wanted to touch him, to rub her palm over his cock, to take him in her mouth. She wanted him to take her there, on the hood of her car, her heaving breasts free, cars honking as they slowed to get a better look of this stud half her age pounding her wet pussy. She imagined some men stopping and leaving their cars in the street and coming to wait their turn as Matthew fucked her. Some would pull out their cocks and let her suck them off. Others she would jack off while she was getting tit fucked or face fucked. She imagined the massive traffic jam and her in the middle, beautiful gorgeous Peggy and all those dicks, hard for her.

Her panties were thoroughly soaked through by the time she buckled her seat belt and pulled away. She watched as Matthew got into a taxi and also pulled away. The accident, her job, everything was gone. She just needed to get back, freshen up and put on something sexy to await her new young lover’s arrival. When she returned to her hotel room the sun was starting to sink. The red sky shown through the curtains of her balcony and she opened them all the way. Then undressing, she stepped into the shower the desire to touch herself was almost overwhelming. She imagined her young lover in the shower with her, his big hands on her body, his body a tight, tense, ball of lust. Lust for her. She imagined his raging hard on protruding from his strong loins. She could feel his weight pinning her to the shower wall, their frantic kisses the feel of his teeth gently on her nipples as he sucked and licked her breasts. She shut off the water and dried herself, then she hung the towel and walked, naked, through her room past the balcony. The cooler evening air blew through the open doors of the balcony and cooled her wet skin. Peggy felt the familiar butterflies in her stomach. She looked out the doors then at the clock on the night stand: it was 7. She walked out onto the balcony and surveyed the busy scene below her. All those unsuspecting people below and around her turned her on even more as she boldly stood in the open, her naked body for anyone to see that was lucky enough to look in her direction. She knew how she would meet Matthew.

Young Matthew stood in the elevator willing it to move faster. He was smitten with this woman. How old she was never really occurred to him. Racing through his mind were all the things he wanted to do to her and with her. The elevator doors opened and he hurried to her door where he knew she awaited. He knocked and a sultry voice told him to enter.

The thick hotel door swung open silently. The room was dark and is slowly stepped in and shut and locked himself into her world. He stopped, his breath caught in his throat. She stood before him so nearly revealed. She wore a black silk teddy that clung to her curves. She stood in the doorway to the balcony her arms out stretched to the door frame on either side of her.

He was frozen in time. He stared at her, burning her image into his brain so that he would never forget. He looked into her eyes, they begged him to take her. He walked to her quickly his stride revealed his need. She stopped him with an out stretched hand.

“Take your clothes off, Matthew.” She said in a near whisper.

Her sultry voice drove him crazy, it carried her lust through the air and into his brain, already her words and his mind were entangled in passion.

He was wearing a button down shirt and he pulled it from where is was tucked in his pants. Then he moved to the top button and began to reveal himself. Light shone from the apartment building behind Peggy and dimly illuminated the young, hard chest before her. She gasped and could wait no longer. She walked to him her hands reaching for his flat stomach. Slowly, looking up at him she wrapped herself around him and melted into his body. He lowered his head to hers and they kissed. She couldn’t help but moan gently as their passion mounted. His lips were soft but demanding, soon his tongue was in her mouth. They stood for a long time like this. Her hands roamed his muscular back and down over his ass. She could feel his erection pressing into her stomach and she ground against it, feeling its pressure sliding her silk teddy over her body.

He pushed her away suddenly. He could wait no longer. He took her teddy and before she could think he wisked it over her head and threw it behind him. She was naked before him. She grinned at him, confident in her nakedness. She felt the night air blowing over her body as she stood in his gaze.

Matthew was speechless. bahis siteleri Her body, her hair, her legs. In print, person, or pixel, he had never seen a more perfect pair of legs. He could no longer resist. He removed his shoes, socks, and his pants. She watched him strip glad he left his boxer briefs on for her to remove. He walked to her. Peggy giggled at his intensity and backed away from him. He followed her out onto the balcony. She backed into the railing and stopped, leaning back on it. At any moment someone could look out their window and see them, or even walk out onto one of the adjacent balconies around them.

“Now what are you going to do?” Peggy said coyly.

He kissed her hard on the mouth. He traced the kiss down her jaw to her slender neck. He was firm but gentle as he followed her neck to her ear. She tilted her head back and was lost in his attentions. He sucked her earlobe and tickled her ear with his tongue before descending her neck to her collarbone. He kissed her shoulder and then the tops of her breasts. Her nipples ached, hard in the night air. She gasped when his warm wet mouth stopped to encase each rosebud. She held his head, winding her fingers through his hair as he sucked and nibbled gently. Her crotch flooded with wetness and she willed him further. Tonight there would be no disappointments. He knelt before her, her nipples hardening even further with the cool air blowing on their wetness. He kissed her stomach and licked along the line of her ribs to her side and down to her hipbone. He traced his tongue along her hip and down her leg. He took a leg in his hand and raised it. He kissed and sucked his way down the top of her thigh and down her calf. He kissed the top and side of her foot looking up at her. Then he ascended to the inside of her thigh. He tickled the tender flesh with his tongue and she spread her legs as his head pushed toward her center.

She was ready. Her sex glistened in the subtle light. His tongue snaked from his mouth and touched her so gently she jumped with surprise. Then more firmly with his broad, flat, wet, tongue he traced a line up one lip, starting low and slowly moving up to her pubic mound. She sighed loud and closed her eyes. He repeated on the other side. He kissed and sucked the tendon on the inside of her leg moving inward until he sucked one of her tender lips into his mouth. He teased it with his tongue and Peggy gasped, he loved hearing her enjoy him. She could take no more. She held his head and mewed at him, he understood and quickly pierced her liquid center with his not tongue. She held his head tightly as she felt his tongue invade her. He twirled his tongue inside her before licked up and over her hard clit. She shrieked, uncaring as to who heard her. Peggy was locked in the throes of passion, her young lover’s tongue worked magic over her aching clit, flicking it to and fro sending bolts of sexual energy through her body. Her hips bucked on his face as he worked her steadily toward an orgasm. She was moaning loud into the night air, her fingers writhing in his hair she flew toward inevitability.

Suddenly there was a noise to her right. She looked at the balcony next door. A woman was poking her head out to see what the noise was about. She walked out onto her balcony in her bathrobe. At first she didn’t see but when her eyes adjusted she gasped and dodged back toward the door, watching. Peggy gestured with her finger for her to come and look. Matthew ate happily unaware at her center whilst the young woman walked to the edge of the balcony and stared with wide-eyed wonderment. Peggy put on a show for her. She held Matthews head away from her so only his tongue was on her so the woman could see her dripping pussy. She moaned louder than normal and talked Matthew to her impending orgasm.

“Oh, that’s it baby. Oh, don’t stop, don’t stop licking me. Suck my clit baby, lick it.”

Peggy looked to see the woman, probably in her mid twenties, with her hand under her robe gently circling her clit with her middle finger. The sight of this woman fingering herself watching Peggy get eaten was too much and her orgasm was upon her. She clamped his face to her gushing pussy with her hands and exploded in a white hot climax. Her muscles tensed and release in rhythm as she exploded on her young lover. When it was over she pushed him away gasping. He stood still unaware of the woman next to him.

Peggy kissed Matthew on the mouth letting the stranger watch as she licked her juice from his lips and chin. Then she knelt before him. She turned him so that the woman would get a side profile of what she was about to do. Peggy hooked the elastic band of his boxer briefs and pulled them out and down. He stepped out of them and his erection bounced up to her face. She took him in her hand, her fingers wrapping around him and, looking directly at the woman, gestured for her to take off her robe. The woman smiled embarrassed and shook her head no. Peggy was insistent bahis şirketleri and the woman finally opened her robe looking around, then reluctantly the let it drop. She was tall, her dirty blond hair was long and straight. Her breasts were small but looked terrific on her slender frame. She was completely shaved and her dainty hand went back to work on herself. Satisfied, Peggy turned and gently began stuffing the hard cock in her hand into her mouth.

Matthew moaned, a delight to Peggy’s ears, as he felt his length encased in his lover’s warm wet mouth. She sucked him gently but urgently, her fist following behind her lips as she pumped her head on his dick. The woman was franticly fingering herself now. One hand mauled her small, perfect breasts, while the other wildly frigged her clit. Her eyes never moved from Peggy’s face watching as his cock disappeared and reappeared in the sultry brunette’s mouth. Every time his cock pushed deep in her mouth the blond would push her fingers into her dripping hole. When Peggy withdrew her head she would pull her fingers from her sucking sex. She was imagining Matthew fucking her, her pussy was Peggy’s mouth over and over the blond penetrated herself until Peggy watched as the blond came. Her eyes squinted and she bit one fist as her hand brought her further and further into her orgasm. Peggy wished she was there to help her come but she was content to watch and suck the young cock in her mouth. When the young woman was done she smiled and waved weakly, walking back into her room on shaky legs.

Matthew reached down and took Peggy roughly by the shoulders standing her up. He ran his tongue where his cock just was and then turned her and pushed her to the balcony. She gripped the cold steal in her hands and waited for him to enter her. Matthew took her by the hips and held her body steady he thrust forward a few times lining himself up, then in one long slow motion he entered her burning tunnel. He pushed forward and listened as a slow moan built in Peggy’s throat as he began long strokes into her body. Matthew loved the view of the perfect ass before him tapering to her slender waist and his cock plunging deep into her tight hole. He savored how she gripped his length trying to impede his retreat from her. He leaned over her back and Peggy looked back over her shoulder, they kissed and Matthew pulled playfully on Peggy’s shining brunette mane as he fucked her steady. Peggy’s breasts swung free under her body as Matthew picked up speed working himself more urgently in and out of her now.

She looked across the way and saw the hundreds of lights of the apartment building. Suddenly she caught a lit room with a silhouette of a man, he was waving. Was he waving at her? She watched as he brought a pair of binoculars to his eyes. Matthew was pounding her harder and harder and her orgasm was rushing up on her, she moaned loud into the night air and pushed back on him to make him bottom out in her harder. She was now acutely aware of how this man must be looking at a close-up of her face in his high-powered binoculars. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the thorough fucking she was getting at the hands of her new, virile, young lover. She squeezed down on his cock as it pounding in and out of her slender frame. When she opened her eyes she was looking in another window. There was a couple. The man stood in the door to their balcony while the woman knelt at his feet and sucked him, he was looking at Peggy’s balcony. Soon she saw two women, they were watching intently and turning to each other saying something and watching more. They began feeling each other’s bodies, then they kissed, breaking only so they could watch Peggy get fucked up on her hotel room balcony. When they could take no more they retreated to their bed to satisfy the urge that Peggy planted with her brazen public display. All over the building people watched her and masturbated to her getting ravaged by Matthew, or got their partners and watched together. Some stood on their own balconies and fucked.

Peggy was close now, she looked back at her man, feeling his hands all over her back and ass. He slapped her cheeks as he worked her hard. She loved being taken, and Matthew was definitely taking her. He pulled her onto him and thrust hard into her pussy. She gushed on his length and the wet, sloppy, slapping sounds of sex filled her brain. She moaned and felt her orgasm rushing to fruition. She cried his name and he hers. They screamed together and she felt him swell and harden in her. She held her breath for a second as her young lover pulled back on her hair. She felt the first rush of his seed inside her and it pushed her over the edge. Peggy’s ragged breathing was broken by intermittent screams of passion as he rode her to ecstasy. Her vagina pulsed on his cock as he pounded her with all he had. Her orgasm tore through her body fulfilling her desires. He pumped stream after stream into her until he was spent. He collapsed over her back and again they kissed. They stood and she felt him fall from her, she regretted her sudden emptiness and felt him running down her leg as they moved slowly into the room. She left the door open as he got her a towel to clean herself.

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