A Day in the Woods

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It was a hot summer day, the walk through the woods to the river had taken a lot out of him and he wasn’t as quick to rush to the water as she was. He was perched on a large rock by the shore, a smoldering cigarette gripped between index and forefinger as he watched her ease her way into the cool stream. She was a hot little thing, only about five foot three, and if she weighed over one hundred pounds it was soaking wet with more clothes on than she had now donning only a white bathing suit top with blue flowers on it that held her young B breasts high and attentive. At least they grabbed the boy on the rocks’ attention, his eyes were glued to her ass now though as the cut off jeans shorts turned a darker shade of blue as they took on water while she inched her way in.

He pulled the cigarette from his lips as the smoke snaked down from his nose, she knelt down into the water, dipping her head below only for a second and gathering her long brown hair into a bunch as she cam up letting it fall down her back. She turned to face him as her feet left the bed of the river and she floated to her back. His eyes moved to lock on the patch of the matching bathing suit bottom he could see where her shorts made a v from being unbuttoned. “You gonna swim or just sit over there and kill yourself all day? ” She spoke in a soft southern drawl and added a giggle at the end of her statement.

A smile crossed his lips as he ground the half burnt cigarette into the rock he was sitting on and let the butt roll to the ground off the rock. He took the hem of his shirt into his fingers and pulled it up and over his head, first revealing his tightly sculpted six pack then his swollen pecks, he dropped the shirt next to him and slid down onto a small rock in front of this one. He unbuttoned his pants and worked the zipper open enough to work his faded jeans down and stepping out of them and laying them back on the rock with his shirt. The red and green plaid boxers he stood in now had a slight bulge in it from his member but he doubted she could see it from her vantage point in the river.

She brought a hand up out of the water cupped and sent a handful of water through the air towards him, it hit his muscular torso and dripped down his body to wet his boxers and it took him only a second to launch off the rock, closing his eyes as his shaved head pierced the water and he shot towards her. He came up only a https://bursali.org foot from her, cheeks protrude from a mouth full of water and he pushed it out in a stream that connected with the girl’s cheek before she shook her head and disappeared under. She shot up out of the water right in front of him, her hands going to his shoulder to push him under, he lost an inch or two but being more muscular than her he kicked a few times and was pushing her up out of the water, his hands on her hips fingers hooking into her shorts and bathing suit bottom.

She pushed off of him with a splash and was on her back again swimming away from him slowly, he kept the distance from her the same swimming at the same pace she did they exchanged smiled and glances bordering on lusty. She gave him a little wink before she rolled over to swim on her stomach towards the opposite shore that they entered from, as she kicked her legs back swimming her heart shaped ass would pop out of the water just slightly then sink back below the water level. As she neared the shore she more crawled along the river bottom up the pebbly entrance until she was barely in the water. She turned to sit with just her waist below water and he was already there, leaning into her he went right to her neck pressing lips softly to it and kissing it.

She closed her eyes slowly lips parting to whisper ” Oh Johnny. ” to him and he kissed her neck again slightly high closer to her earlobe as an arm wrapped around his neck. His hands were on her hips as he licked up to her earlobe sucking it into his mouth, one leg of hers worked out from under her and cocked up to wrap around his waist a small moan escaping her throat. Her earlobe fell from his lips and he moved to push his lips into hers. Their lips massaging each others for a moment before parting for soft wet tongues to tease at each others, both theirs eyes squeezed tight closed as they kissed deeply.

He broke their passionate kiss his eyes opening in time to see her opens hers to look into him. He sat back kneeling in front of her, his hands moving to grasp at each side of her already unzipped shorts. They slid down her soft sexual legs but not as he pulled them down, she backed out of them as he hold them where there were and climbed up to her feet. He knelt there, her shorts still gripped in his fingers and she walked backwards slowly biting her lip and moving hers bursa escort kız hands up her body across her own breasts and up behind her neck, untying the string that ran around it and held her tits up and covered. She let the strings fall separately down her chest and held her breasts, holding the bathing suit up against them.

She had backed up to the tree line and he had started to his feet. She disappeared behind a bush and he took off after her, when he rounded the bush she wasn’t there but her top was. He made his way to it and stopped to look around, there her bottoms were about 10 feet away just past another large thicket of bush. He made his way to her bottoms and stopped looking around for another sign of her. She was sitting on the ground, a fallen tree between them her arms rested on the tree and her head laid on her arms looking to him. He pushed his fingers under the waistband of his boxers and pushed them to the ground, stepping out of them as he made his way to her. His cock was semi erect and standing out at an angle from his body, his pubic hair dark and curly, almost bushy as he’d never been in the habit of shaving only trimmed once and awhile.

He stepped up onto the fallen tree his eyes running over her as she lay there looking up to him. ” Oh my god. ” it slipped out of his mouth as his eyes fixated on her shaven pussy, shed never shaven for him before and it was a new thing for him all together. She laughed at his reaction and uncrossed her legs, he could see strings of gooey juice stretch between her barely parted lips, strings of love juice glistened in the sun. Her hand moved to run up his leg as he stared at her young pussy she had to lean up to cup his balls only for a second then run her fingers along his shaft and grasp his cock, giving it a slight tug urging him off the tree.

” I know you don’t just wanna stare at it, come fuck me good like you do. ” She locked her eyes to his and bit her bottom lip lightly. She let go of his now hard eight-inch cock and he jumped down off the tree, his dick bounced up and slapped against his tight stomach. He dropped to his knees and inched towards her, lowering himself down on his hands, his face creeping towards her shaved pussy. Seeing where he was headed she sat up her back against the tree trunk so she was facing him instead of sideways towards him. Her legs hooked up and she bursa anal yapan escort slouched down into the tree.

He didn’t waste a second to bury his tongue up into her snatch; her sweet sexual taste drove him crazy. He had his tongue buried up into her slick wet pussy hole, his nose buried into the v where her vagina split, rubbing against her clit unintentionally. He slurped his tongue out of the hole and slid it up across her clit and pausing to rub the slippery muscle against it. He understood all the hype about this, he hadn’t been tickled by a wiry hair or found one stuck to his tongue yet. He got the feeling it would be even easier than it used to be to lick at her pussy for hours.

Her hips were coming off the ground to grind against his face as he lapped at her clit, she reached behind her gripping the coarse bark of the tree in one hand and her soft pink nipple between two fingers of the other, squeezing and twisting it hard. Her pussy was quivering and pulsing in please, ” Oh my fucking god, lick my pussy Johnny, lick it dry. ” she screamed out the order between gasping breaths. As she shook and peaked she felt his tongue slide back down to her opening and push up inside of her, lapping at her aromatic juices. She moved to grab his head a hand on each side of it and she pulled him up out of her pussy to look down into his eyes, begging him with her eyes to come up and fuck her.

He climbed up on top of her, bringing his lips, moist with her juices to her lips. His tongue pushed between her soft lips and rolled across her teeth waiting for her tongue to meet his. He felt her hand sliding down his side and taking hold of his swollen cock, it was already twitching the head swollen and purple. She guided him up into her wet pussy lips, his engorged head separating them and moving its way up into her. Covering his shaft in her thick soft juices. He ground into her burying himself into her balls deep, her creamy white fluids pressing out of her lips into his thick pubic bush. Her eyes pressed closed and her head fell back into the tree as he started to work his way in and out of her, slowly trying to make this experience last.

” Oh shit, oh no. ” The words slipped from his still moist lips and he bit the bottom one. His cock was twitching and jerking but he still forced it in and out of her sweet soft pussy. Hot semen forced its way out of the member and painted the walls of her snatch, his hot fluids mixing with her and oozing out of the bottom of her hole around his cock. He collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arms around him kissing him on the cheek. She smiled his head buried in her neck and she felt his cock soften and slowly slide out of her hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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