A Dinner Party to Remember

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Janet McCoy watched the attractive waiter leave with a wistful look in her eyes. It seemed that all the serving staff at this resort was attractive. “It must make them more money.” She thought to herself. “If the guests were too preoccupied ogling the staff, they’re less likely to notice the exorbitant prices.” That last thought brought a wry smile to her face.

Not that she cared; her entire stay and expenses at the resort were being paid for by her company.

Janet was business consultant at an international firm. She was in her mid-forties, had mousey brown hair that reached her shoulders and was quite short, barely reaching 5’5″. Her eyes matched her hair, a pleasant hazel, and they were bright with a sharp intelligence. She had a respectable C cup, and worked hard at the gym to keep a reasonably athletic build, though on a trip like this she allowed herself a day or two free of the treadmill. She normally was stationed in a single office in San Francisco but a conference in Florida that applied to her particular skills had been too good to pass up and she’d convinced her company to foot the bill. She supposed she shouldn’t be ogling anyone, she doubted her husband would approve. But she’d given up on his approval on sexual matters long ago.

Slightly older than her, Janet’s husband Miles McCoy owned his own car hire business. He was 5’9″ with black hair, though it was starting to fleck with grey here and there. He’d been energetic and athletic in his prime, but was now starting to develop a slight beer belly. With it he’d apparently lost much of his libido as well, much to voracious Janet’s dismay. She supposed that’s why she hadn’t thought to invite him. Maybe she’d seduce some hot young thing and have the time of her life. She sighed at that thought, because despite her disappointment with him in the bedroom, she considered herself loyal and would never cheat on him. Miles may be neglecting her a bit now but he’d been passionate in their youth when they first married and they had a good life together, even if the sex was non-existent these days. He was a good husband in every other aspect, caring, considerate. Emotionally intimate if not physically.

Janet was pulled out of her thoughts by a voice; it belonged to the woman with whom she was having lunch. Janet had met Rachael Corvin at the conference. Rachael was half Janet’s age, in her mid-twenties, and while she ogled the male staff as much as Janet Rachael was almost certainly being ogled back just as much by passers-by. Rachael was a few inches taller than Janet, with long silken blonde hair that ran down her back (though right now she wore it up), light blue eyes and an ample D cup, which she seemed to have no problem showing off in her low cut, yet technically still respectable, blouse. She had a trim figure and while Janet knew she worked out as well, Janet suspected that Rachael didn’t have to work at it as hard as she did. Rachael was sipping her drink through her full luscious lips, but she was no dumb blonde bimbo, her own blue eyes betrayed an equally sharp mind. Rachael was not attending the conference personally; she was here with her husband Derek, a fit but otherwise unremarkable yuppie type, who seemed less interested in his hot wife than he was in making excuses to be elsewhere drinking. She and Janet had coincidentally been sitting next to each other during one of the seminars, Janet had made a few cynical remarks about the man at the podium which amused Rachel and they discovered that they shared a dry wit and instantly hit it off.

Now it was two days into the conference and they were sitting together at lunch during a lull in the seminars. Rachael’s husband had made some excuse about “networking” with some other guys, and Rachael had resignedly accepted it. Janet was glad, she didn’t have many friends, certainly not ones that seemed to have a similar libido to her own and actually enjoyed discussing sex, and Rachael wasn’t shy about it either. Janet wasn’t sure how their conversation had drifted on to the topic of sex; maybe it was all the pillars of sculpted testosterone walking past them with alcohol-laden drinks.

“Oh yeah, I’ve fucked lots of guys. Sometimes Derek likes to watch but most of the time he doesn’t know. I don’t think he’d care if he did. I’m sure most of them think of me as some kind of conquest but I find it amusing how easy they are to control once you get their blood up. It’s like their higher brain functions are no longer being serviced. How about you?”

Rachael clearly didn’t share Janet’s loyalty in marriage… But still it was exhilarating to hear about all of Rachael’s escapades. It was strange that she enjoyed the scandalous company of one so much younger than herself. “Maybe I just want to live vicariously through this young little minx?” Janet thought to herself. If Janet couldn’t have the sex life she desired so badly, she could at least hear about someone else’s. Out loud she said:

“Oh, I haven’t really been with anyone since I married Miles…” She let her tone drift off.

“Wow! isveçbahis All that time? Girl you need to get laaaaiiid!” Rachael said with a grin. God her teeth were perfect.

“I do get laid! Me and Miles are… Active.” That last word hung in the air. Even Janet wasn’t convinced. Birthdays and holidays were the norm, and even then getting less frequent over the last few years. He’d gone to bed early on her last birthday, leaving her horny and frustrated.

“Look, all I know is there’s a hunger in your eyes whenever one of these hunks walked past.”

Janet was silent at that. Was she that obvious?

“Black guys are my favourite.” Rachael continued, “It’s true what they say, once you go black…”

Their conversation continued on in that fashion. Janet was quietly thrilled at all of Rachael’s raunchy stories and secretly wished it was her in some of them. They eventually finished lunch and Janet returned to her seminars. A few days later the conference ended. Rachael and Derek didn’t live in San Francisco but Derek had fairly regular travel there on business, so they agreed that the next time he travelled out in a few weeks, Rachael would tag along and she’d come have dinner and stay the night with Janet and Miles.

While Janet was at work a few days later she couldn’t stop her mind from wandering back to Rachael’s comments about black guys and her other stories. She knew a black guy at work, Jackson. He’d been at the firm for maybe a year? Janet hadn’t really spoken to him that much or had need to other than a few civil greetings and small talk in passing. She knew he was single, she’d overheard several of the secretaries in the building gossiping about his precocity in the bed room. More than one of them had been seen sitting funny after certain weekends, much to their laughter. An idea grew in Janet’s mind, a nasty, dirty idea. But she knew if she didn’t do SOMETHING to alleviate her growing libido that she would burst! She called up Rachael a few days before she was due to arrive. They discussed last minute details, what would Rachael like for dinner, the usual natter. Then Janet worked up the courage to ask her:

“So, um, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said about black guys and how you don’t mind getting some… ‘Enjoyment’ when Derek isn’t around. I know a black guy at work who’s…Handsome. Would you mind if I invited him to dinner? If you guys hit it off maybe you could have some fun, if not then it will just be a nice dinner?” Janet gulped and waited several agonising seconds for Rachael to respond. What was Janet doing?! Why is it so important to her to set Rachael up with Jackson? What difference will it honestly make if two strangers get it on in her house? Hers and MILES’ house?

“Oh Janet, you sly thing you! Are you trying to be my pimp?!” Janet heard

Rachael laugh her infectious giggled down the phone. “Sure! Sounds like it would be fun!” Janet released a breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding.

Janet asked Jackson to dinner the next day. While she didn’t spell out exactly what she thought might happen she did emphasise that her hot, young, blonde friend would also be attending.

“No, yeah it sounds like might be fun. Thank you very much for your invitation, I’d love to come over.” Jackson had a look in his eye for the briefest of moments, like he wanted to wink at Janet, but he didn’t. Janet wondered if he got invited to “dinner” often? She wouldn’t blame other people; Jackson was practically a god amongst men. At least 6′, he wore a form fitting shirt and tie and you could tell that there was rippling muscle beneath. He had short black hair and piercing brown eyes. Either way she left him with her heart pounding and a building sense of anticipation.

The weekend finally arrived and Rachael arrived first via taxi. Between them Janet and Miles they had a decent income and were able to afford a good sized house. Enough for three guest rooms spread out over a wide area.

Rachael was introduced to Miles and given the tour. Miles seemed bemused at this bubbly twenty something that didn’t seem to share anything in common with his wife, but Janet had clearly missed her. Rachael was savvy enough to keep the conversation timid around Miles, but she was just as flamboyant and witty regardless. It wasn’t long after that that Jackson arrived. If Miles suspected anything by his wife inviting this tall, handsome black man to their home he didn’t show it. Janet had lied and said he was new in her department and wanted him to feel comfortable so he could come to her for anything. He’d dressed in a smart casual shirt and jacket and brought a nice bottle of wine. Janet introduced Jackson to Rachael and you could almost feel the electricity in the air. Needless to say they got along well, laughing at each other’s jokes.

Miles may have been a bore in the bedroom lately but he was still a good cook. The food went down a treat and the wine flowed freely. A little too freely in Miles’ case, as he said he felt unwell and excused himself to bed quite early isveçbahis giriş on. Janet had ‘accidentally’ kept her husband’s cup full so that he would go to bed early. Janet didn’t need to worry about him seeing anything he was not supposed to as she knew he would be out like a light and would not notice her absence if she decided to stay up and “monitor” their guests… It wasn’t long after that Janet excused herself, claiming that she too intended to go to sleep, and left Rachael and Jackson to get better…Acquainted. Janet did indeed go upstairs and get ready for bed, dressing herself in a light night gown. But instead of actually sleeping, she headed across the landing towards the guest bedrooms and hid herself in the closet adjacent to the rooms. She wouldn’t be able to see anything directly but she might be able to get close enough to listen in.

After Janet excused herself and wished them good night, Rachael and Jackson were left alone. They shared a knowing look and held each other’s gaze, but continued with their polite conversation for a time. Eventually Rachael casually mentioned:

“So… What would you like to do now? I guess you’re tired, perhaps we should retire for the night as well?” She coyly ran her finger around the edge of her wine glass as she spoke, the prospect of getting fucked by this powerful man was racketing up her arousal, combined with the pleasant buzz she had from the wine. Jackson smiled, turning into a knowing grin and a raised eye brow.

“I think you know exactly what I want to do now. Our hostess is no prude; she knew all along what was going to happen tonight!”

Janet heard muffled laughter from her hiding spot in the closet, and then shifting and Rachael and Jackson came upstairs, passed the closet and into a bedroom. They walked right past the closet, and she could see their silhouettes through the gaps in the door. She was afraid to make a sound in case she was discovered. Afraid! Why was she afraid? This was her own house! Janet thought admonishingly to herself. And yet here she was, cowering in her own closet like some child afraid of getting their hand caught in the cookie jar!

Rachael and Jackson disappeared into one of the guest rooms next to the closet and closed the door behind them. Into the same room together! This was it! Janet felt her heart begin to beat faster, her head become slightly lighter and the area between her legs get warmer with a rush of blood. She pressed her ear against the closet wall eagerly. At first she heard nothing and as the minutes began to lengthen still she heard nothing. She began to feel a bit silly, stood there with her head against the wall. What if they’d just gone to sleep? What if they’d drank too much? The idea of slinking out of her closet unfulfilled left a bad taste in Janet’s mouth. But then she heard it, a moan. Soft at first, almost imperceptible but as the seconds passed there was another, and another louder and louder still. Janet was glad Miles had drunk so much, and that the main bedroom was on the other side of the house! The moaning intensified and there was definitely panting now. Janet heard a series of short hard smacks punctuated by squeals from Rachael and then she could hear Rachael rasping hushed yet urgent words between the moans and panting; “Shit! Fuck me! Harder!” A few moments later there was a repetitive slapping sound; Janet envisioned sweaty flesh writhing against each other and then a long drawn out “Oh gaaaawwwd!” erupted from Rachael over the sound of the slapping through the wall.

Rachael and Jackson continued on for what felt like an eternity, not that Janet was complaining. She’d reached down beneath her night gown and found her swollen, aching clit, rubbing it furiously to the sounds of her friends’ carnal lust in the next room. Janet tried to envision what that black cock felt like, sliding into her pussy, filling up her friend and stretching her to breaking point and she began to breathe heavily herself. Rachael’s moans had become cries by now, guttural, like the sounds an animal would make during mating, primal. Oh how Janet wished she could see! She had toyed with the idea of installing a hidden camera, but she didn’t know how Rachael would feel about that and besides, Janet wasn’t sure which room they would have used.

After a short while the cries began to die down to softer moans, and eventually they stopped altogether. Janet heard the door open and she withdrew her ear from the wall and saw Jackson walking past towards the direction of the bathroom. He went in and shut the door behind him. Unsure of what possessed her, Janet decided she needed to see for herself the aftermath. At the very least she needed to check on her friend Rachael, just to confirm her cries weren’t from pain!

As quietly as she could she emerged from the closet. She tip toed to the side to the door frame where Jackson had emerged from, the door was still slightly ajar, and she peeked through. Janet thought she knew what to expect, but what she saw made her take a big gulp and feel a fresh isveçbahis yeni giriş wetness start in her genitals. There was Rachael, her sweet young friend, whom she had invited here tonight, lying on the double bed. Rachael was stark naked, face down and facing away from the door, spread eagle. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the bed posts with what appeared to be silk scarves. Despite their delicate appearance they were clearly tied very securely. Another silk scarf was around Rachael’s head, thoroughly blind-folding her pretty blue eyes. But what drew Janet’s gaze so mesmerizingly was the area between Rachael’s wide open legs. Her round, pale ass cheeks were slightly red and large hand shaped marks were there from repeated assaults. Janet saw a small tuft of blonde wispy hair protruding from Rachael’s pubic mound but otherwise her pussy was clean shaven.

And what a sight her pussy was! Her vulva and labia lips were red and absurdly puffy, still spread wide, agape, from whatever gargantuan invader had just recently vacated her most private space. Janet could see inside Rachael’s violated pussy, a sweet shade of deep pink, wet and glistening from her own free-flowing juices but also from the large load of white sticky semen slowly leaking from her entrance. Janet didn’t think a man could produce that much semen in a single go! It was running down Rachael’s mound and pooling on the bed beneath that soft, wispy pubic hair. The puckered bud of Rachael’s asshole was also glistening slightly. Janet spotted a small tub of Vaseline on the night stand; she guessed Jackson had pre-lubricated her asshole before leaving for the bathroom. Rachael wasn’t seriously going to let him fuck her up the ass?! From the state of her violated pussy Janet doubted anyone could take something like that up their ass.

Janet, still swallowing hard and trying to process the scene of her friend, so utterly vulnerable and obviously used, backed slowly away from the door. Before she could turn to face her way back to her hiding place, one large strong black hand reached around and clamped itself around her mouth. Janet nearly screamed but she heard Jackson begin to hoarsely whisper in her ear:

“I’m not going to hurt you. I know what you just saw, and I know what you want.” Janet felt Jackson’s other hand snake around the front of her body, underneath her gown and found her wet, aching pussy. His fingers probed her vulva lips gently, teasing out some of her wetness, coating his fingers with it. She felt her body responding to his touch and his hot breath in her ear, her nipples hardening against the soft fabric of her gown and then she felt something grow and harden into the small of her back.

Without even seeing it she could tell his cock was huge!

“I’ve just fucked your friend, and now I’m going to fuck her again up the ass. You’re going to watch and if you’re a good girl I’ll fuck you once I’m done with her.”

With that Jackson let go of her mouth and his other hand, disappointingly, left her crotch. She turned around and looked up at him, not sure if she wanted to kiss him or slap him. Jackson had a shit-eating grin on his face, smugly sure of which she’d end up preferring. Her ire quickly disappeared as her gaze fell down across his trim, muscled abdomen to his crotch and her hazel eyes widened. His cock WAS massive! Not just in length but in girth! She suspected if she reached out and grasped it her demure hand wouldn’t reach all the way around its base! Rachael had had THAT in her pussy?! And now she was going to have it pushed up her asshole?! Janet hoped Rachael had practiced with a horse dildo prior to coming over tonight! Not losing his grin, Jackson gestured towards the door; “Shall we?”

Janet gingerly entered the room, the scent of sweat and sex was strong inside. Jackson followed her inside and moved a cushioned chair that had been in the corner of the room to the center near the bed.

“If you’re going to watch you might as well have a good view.” He chuckled to himself.

“Rachael, Janet has decided to join us. You don’t mind if she watches this next bit do you?”

“Oh no, sure baby she can help herself. It’s about time she had some fun!” Rachael chimed from behind her blind fold. She still sounded slightly dazed.

Jackson grinned at Janet again, winked, and got onto the bed, on top of Rachael. Janet sat in the chair and parted her legs slightly, her hand already reaching down, her pussy ready for the coming show. Jackson was right; she would have a good view. Rachael’s wrists and ankles were still tied to the bed, her legs wide open, her pussy still swollen and glistening from her last abuse. Jackson positioned himself over her, his longer legs either side of hers, half standing on the mattress using his arms to support his weight. His massive cock was now fully erect, it seemed even larger than a few moments before in the corridor, and was pointing straight towards Rachael’s waiting asshole. Janet couldn’t believe such a massive organ would fit into such a tiny hole, Rachael’s puckered brown star so small and tight compared to the bulbous glans about to penetrate it. Jacksons cock was still slick and glistening with Rachael’s juices from the pussy fucking, and so Jackson began to slowly, inexorably, lower himself down.

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