A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 12

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Forward: All the stories I write come from real adventures I have indulged in. And yes, I was, and remain a dirty dog. The last story from Germany is explicitly true with the exception of the names. You may find it disturbing, or you may find it a turn on. But the point is, as a very sexualized person, I have never shied away from experimentation. Please enjoy my foray into the strange world of high class, high end paid sex.


I could not leave my series from Germany without finishing with my private meetings with Domine, the luscious Greek/Turkish girl I met at the brothel as a birthday present.

To bring you up to date, Domine was a dark complexion sweetie with longish dark brunette hair, piercing brown eyes, a lean, lithe body that she kept in immaculate shape. Her breasts were delightfully sized, just a nice mouthful topped with taut, responsive nipples that she loved to have sucked on.

The thing that brought us together was her absolute love of anal sex. I had met a few women along the way who loved anal sex. I had met a very few who preferred anal to vaginal because they got the absolute best orgasm that way. Domine was different.

This girl wanted something almost uncomfortably large up her butt any time she could get it. She had a knack for relaxing her anus until it would open up the size of a thick thumb without provocation. She didn’t need a lot of warm-up.

Domine could also handle a cock deep inside her rectum. I had done anal with some women who liked the fullness and sheer nastiness of anal, but had problems taking me fully. This was occasionally frustrating when I had to be careful not to penetrate too deeply while at the same time wanting to be fully sheathed in a tight, hot ass.

When I met Domine at the brothel where she worked, she had volunteered to be one of the clients Mandi had hired for my birthday to spend an afternoon with. She was the one who initially began to play with my cock and found out how much it grew with stimulation. She was pleased and her partner was amused that she seemed to have found a cock she described as being just perfect to stretch her little butthole open.

After our session at the brothel, Domine asked if she could call me for a private session. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea and I wasn’t sure how I could cover the money, although it was getting close to football season and time for me to kick back into gambling again. This would give me a nice amount of income I could hide from Mandi.

Domine had insisted that she didn’t want to see me as a client. She enjoyed our session where I reamed her ass deeply and thoroughly, and wasn’t looking for a private client. She wanted to have a fun session with no pressures and no connections other than lust.

Domine called me on my personal line in my office, and I spoke German to her even though she was learning some English and tried to use it a bit. I had originally told her that I would find us a place to meet, but she told me she had a nice apartment downtown, and I could discretely come and go. She also assured me she didn’t have a roommate of any kind. She enjoyed her privacy.

I decided her place would be nice and made arrangements to take off from work. It turned out to be a beautiful day, and I anticipated our meeting with some serious lust keeping me half hard for a while. I went into town early so I could do some shopping. I slowly worked my way over to the address she had given me. The closer I got the more curious I became.

When I got to a building with that street number, it was a department store. I had been there before, and it had several levels, three different places to eat, and several amenities. I wondered around dazed and confused for a while, finally going back outside to regroup.

As I looked at the front of the building and the obvious street number over the main entrance, I noticed what appeared to be a service door beside the potted plants and landscaping around the entrance. I curiously investigated and found it opened into a foyer. When I entered, there was a panel with name tags and a bunch of buttons. I looked at what I had written down and finally noticed a delicate handwriting on a name plate that matched the name she had given me.

I pressed the buzzer, and heard a buzz of a lock in response. The interior had opened, so I quickly got a look at the apartment number before dashing through the door. There was a door to a stairwell and an elevator. I pressed the elevator button, and it opened immediately. I took the elevator up to what I hoped was the correct floor.

When the elevator opened, there was a large foyer with 4 apartments opening into it. A door opened and Domine looked out. When she saw me, she grinned and delightedly waved me over. I stepped into her apartment as she quickly closed the door behind me. I handed her the sparkling wine I had brought with me and she bussed my cheek with her lips and scurried Çankaya Escort away.

I followed her in from a small foyer to a long hallway with beautiful Oriental carpets. For a moment I was lost until I heard her call me from a nearby doorway. Just as I was about to step further in, I noticed some shoes in a shoe rack near the door. I carefully slipped my shoes off.

It was, climate wise, still nice enough for shorts but I wore a light Hanson top with long sleeves and sandals. Once barefooted, I eased down the hall to find a kitchen where Domine was already pouring from an opened bottle of the sparkling wine. She was wearing a knee-length, gauzy Indian style shirt that had a deep V front and was sheer enough to see dark little nipples standing out of the thin shirt. I didn’t see anything that looked like panties under there either.

She handed me a glass and grabbed hers. The glass was a classic champagne flute, simple but heavy lead crystal. It had been chilled in a refrigerator and the bubbles were nice under my nose. She led me to her living room. From the looks of things, the apartment was bigger than I first imagined, and the living room was well furnished with some tasteful and expensive chairs and modern, comfortable looking sectional couches.

There was classic and modern artwork mixed around the walls. Everything was beautiful, coordinated, tasteful, and obviously expensive. The area rugs felt three feet thick under my bare feet. Domine glided onto one of the section ends like a snake easing in to rest. She smiled at me and patted the spot next to her.

Domine broke the silence by asking me in heavily accented English how I was. I told her I was quite fine, and very horny. When she frowned at me, I realized the limit of her English.

“ein geiler Mann,” I said softly.

She smiled broadly and as she leaned close she said, “Sehr gut!”

We sipped the champagne slowly, and I leaned over to cradle her with one arm. She snuggled against me and took another sip, then looked up at me. I leaned in and tried a small kiss. That wasn’t going to work. Domine snaked an arm up to my neck and pulled me to her face, kissing me deeply.

She finally broke away from the kissing long enough to whisper to me in German that she was horny as well. I took my time, though, letting her get some casual kissing in until she broke away for a minute and downed her champagne. Once that was over, she got in a bit more kissing, and then jumped up.

Domine dashed out of the room and returned quickly with the open bottle, grabbed her glass, and motioned me to follow her. She briefly showed me the apartment. She had a beautiful dining area with more lovely furniture and a wall schränk full of unbelievable china. She had a 4-place setting on the table that was positively gorgeous, completed by crystal accoutrements. I nodded appreciatively.

We wandered into her bedroom, all girly pillows and things with a free standing vanity that had ¾ length mirrors and side and top lighting. Domine mentioned that she sometimes did escort work out of Freida’s house. One long wall was clothing schränks with mirrored doors, making the room look much more spacious than it already was. The bed was typically German, low, flat, tastefully made up.

Finally, we made our way to a room with a large sectional couch, a workout machine similar to a Bowflex, some expensive stereo components, a large TV, and other oddities. There was also a large, flat bed similar to her bed, and the one we had played on at the brothel. This was the focus point.

Domine skipped over to the TV and put in a tape in a deck hidden in a cabinet. A porn movie popped onto the big screen TV, opening with a scene from a castle. It looked to be headed for some heavy S&M. I wondered why Domine might have selected this one.

She came over to me and grabbed me tightly around the waist, searching for some more kissing. I kissed her deeply again, and she responded by gently rubbing my cock through my shorts. I grew quickly just thinking how soon I would be deep in her luscious ass.

I grabbed Domine’s shirt and slowly lifted it over her head, leaving her naked. Giving up the kissing, I slowly eased her to the edge of the bed and backed her onto it. I dropped my clothes in about 5 seconds as I headed south for her lightly haired pussy. She obliged me by quickly pulling her legs back to give me complete exposure of her nether parts.

Domine was suddenly urgent, dragging my head toward her pussy, then to her clit. She pressed in on the back of my head as I quickly sought out and found her little button of joy and gave it a proper tongue lashing. She moaned with delight and pressed my head down even harder.

I set up a rapid rhythm of sucking her clit into my lips and just as quickly flicking it back out with my tongue. She got louder with the moans and without warning, quickly shrieked though a deep rooted Keçiören Escort orgasm. She was greedy too, hanging on to my head and urged me to continue so she could get her second orgasm in a short few seconds.

She only lasted long enough to grab my hand and press it toward her butt, signaling that she wanted anal penetration already. I worked two fingers in slowly at first until she finally pressed my hand toward her to slip both fingers to the hilt in her ass. She lit up right after that.

Domine slowed to a stop and let me sit up while she got her breath back to normal. I took the opportunity to marvel at her body, so nicely shaped yet lithe, like a jungle cat, Her skin tone was a natural light bronze, and I got rock hard just looking at her, slightly flushed from the orgasms.

Without a word, she patted the bed and I climbed aboard. After I settled, at her urging, on my back, she climbed atop me in a 69, and before I could get a tongue back to her clit, swallowed my cock down in one, long stroke. I almost shot a load then, but fought the urge until I could get used to her throat.

She continued to bury me down her throat until she finally rose up and with a loud slurp, caught her breath. I had about two seconds before she took my cock to the hilt again. Meanwhile, I began to roll her clit with the tip of my tongue. She rose up a bit and dropped her butthole onto my tongue and let out a deep sigh while she continued to bury my cock in her mouth.

She let me deeply tongue her asshole, wet with some sweet tasting lubricant, until she repositioned her clit over my tongue. I went back to rolling her clit until she finally began to press harder. I felt the tension building for a minute, until finally Domine violently buried my cock in her throat and screamed through another orgasm.

She slowly pulled away from my cock and athletically spun around to grab my head and nuzzle my ear.

“Heute, Im mein arsch Geficken!”

I nodded my assent and got onto my knees. Domine suddenly jumped off the bed and ran to a small schränk, and grabbed something from it. As she returned, I saw that it was a tube of sex lube.

She pulled me off the bed and after I stood up, she quickly rubbed a light coat on my cock. She sat the tube down, and as she positioned her knees on the edge of the bed, applied some lube to her cute little butt hole.

I was painfully hard, and as soon as she finished, I moved up to the bed. She was ready too, taking my cock in her hand and guiding me carefully to her ass. She pulled my cock to her hole and pulled some more so I would begin penetrating her asshole. The head slipped in and then as I leaned in a bit, about four more inches.

Domine groaned deeply and stopped me from penetrating her for a second, relaxed, and then urged me on. As she began to slowly rock back and forth, I stopped moving and let her take my cock in as she wanted. She was a little too impatient because when I had penetrated to the top of her rectum she suddenly groaned again, this time painfully, and stopped moving.

I eased back a couple of inches, and let her press back a bit more gently, until she finally pressed her asscheeks against my stomach. She began to slowly rock back and forth until she was pulling almost halfway out and then pushed slowly and easily back to full depth. She kept this motion going for a few minutes until she finally pulled a hand back, reaching for me.

I took her hand, and she placed my hand on her hip and motioned for me to start moving. I reached forward a bit further and grabbed her just ahead of her hip bones and tightly gripped her as I slid my cock to the bottom. She squealed and bounced back toward me. This was all the urging I needed as I began to pound into her hot rectum with a vengeance.

I knew as soon as I began to stroke with urgency that I wouldn’t last long. I slowed down a bit and reached under her, only to have her moan in frustration, grabbing my hand and moving it back to her hip. ‘Okay,’ I thought to myself, ‘An ass pounding it is!’

I went back to plowing her ass hard and fast, gradually working up a nice sweat, and it felt so absolutely exquisite I didn’t want to cum immediately. Just then, Domine began wailing and shrieking and exploded into an orgasm that had her shaking all over like a dog slinging water off itself.

She was tossing her head back and forth so violently she shook her hair loose and sent a couple of combs flying, leaving her hair whipping around like a dark tornado. The spasms on my cock as she ruthlessly squeezed my cock with her pleasantly tight sphincter finally pushed me over the edge. I loudly grunted through my own orgasm, pumping spurt after spurt deep into her rectum and intestines.

Domine shrieked again, added some more hair whips, and finally began to settle down as I slowed to a stop and began to soften. She was whimpering softly as I began to ease from Etimesgut Escort her ass. When my cock finally slipped free, she let out a plaintive whine. I stepped away from the bed, and Domine suddenly fell out prone on the bed.

I left her there and got the champagne, pouring the last of it into my glass. I sat down on the edge of the bed and noticed Domine’s asshole was still mildly gaping and a small trickle of cum was starting to leak out. That’s when it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t worn a condom!

I had brought some condoms with me but they fell to the wayside in the pocket of my shorts as I was so eager to get deep in Domine’s ass that I forgot. I was about to panic when I realized that she had to have monthly exams and testing, and never worked without a condom. Just then, Domine rolled to the edge of the bed and shakily rolled off and stood up. She made her way slowly to the schränk and bracing herself on the door, reached inside.

She came out with a hand towel, then two, and smiled at me as she reached back and underneath to wipe off the mess that had finally started to run from her slightly distended butthole. She tossed me the other towel, and as I wiped off, noticed that I was slippery from the lube but squeaky clean. Domine must have done a cleansing enema before I arrived.

She smiled and quietly excused herself. I loved watching her walk away, especially naked. I finished my champagne and lay down on the bed. I got comfortable enough to almost doze off when Domine returned. She had the second bottle of champagne already open. She refilled her glass, then mine. I sat up to take a drink, easing to the end of the bed with my legs over the side, feet on the floor. Domine sat down and snuggled against me.

We sipped our champagne for a couple of minutes, when she slowly rose and moved back to the schränk. I quietly followed, and watched. She opened both doors and I saw several items of sex clothing, some classic, some S&M oriented, some I couldn’t tell much about. She had assorted belts and chain harnesses, straps of all sorts, and even two or three pairs of cuffs and manacles.

I took this in with interest, as I watched Domine rummage in a drawer. Finally she came out with a blindfold and some chrome handcuffs. I wondered what was up as she smiled at me and turned to walk back to the bed. I followed close behind.

When we got to the bed, I asked her, “Are those for you to use on me?”

She smiled sweetly and shook her head no, quickly pointing to herself, saying, “For me.”

I smiled back and decided this might be fun. I sat down and sipped slowly, watching Domine. She went over to the legs of the bed, moving the spread aside. She pulled out an adjustable strap with a snap hook on the end. She fished another one from the other leg. After sitting her drink down, she dropped and dug around under the bed, finally fishing out some ankle straps. I was beginning to get hard just thinking about what she had in mind.

She tossed down the rest of her drink looking at me with desire, climbed onto the bed and lay face down. She handed me the ankle straps, and I obliged her. I took one delicate ankle in my hand, wrapped it gently around her ankle and pushed the ring through, and quickly attached the snap hook, securing her ankle to the bed.

I quickly strapped the other ankle down, and noticing the adjustments, quickly pulled her legs further apart until she was spread wide. Domine looked over her shoulder and smiled her approval. She handed me the cuffs and blindfold, and before finishing, I waited until she placed a couple of throw pillows under her abdomen. I slipped the blindfold over her head and then cuffed her hands behind her back.

I was in hog heaven with just the eye candy. Damn I wanted a video camera just then. I wasn’t sure what she wanted but I decided that she liked being ass-fucked while she was unable to move. I crawled between her legs and licked at her pussy. She was already dripping juice!

I had leapt to fully hard as I bound Domine up, and to ease things along, I went back down and began to tongue her asshole. It was fully exposed to me with the way she was bound with her legs spread wide and her ass elevated by the pillows. She squealed with delight as I pierced her asshole with my tongue.

I grabbed the lube and reapplied some to the head of my cock, and after a thorough tongue reaming of her little puckered hole (it had returned to normal), I dragged my tongue along her spine until I reached the point where my cock head nudged against her anus. She tried to press upward to begin penetration, but wasn’t able. She whined in frustration.

I decided to tease her ass for a while and managed to get Domine running pussy juice until I finally began a slow penetration of her asshole. She was already primed and ready to have her ass filled again, but I took it slow and easy. I penetrated the head and a couple of inches and held still above her. She worked hard to hump her ass back at me and get more penetration, to no avail.

After several minutes of teasing I finally eased about half into her ass. She shrieked in pleasure and began to squirm violently wanting more. Instead, I began to hump into her ass with half my cock, working fast and furiously. Domine groaned and shrieked, wanting more.

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