A Distant Love, A Sweet Connection

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She had recently learned about the joys of the internet, searching for whatever she felt like, the thrill of finding sexy pictures and being able to keep them and look at them again, the absolute pleasure of meeting people from all over the world, and not only being able to meet them, but to have fun with them, to laugh with them, and to get excited with them, expressing herself completely, openly and exuberantly.

It arose one day that she found herself again in a chat room, having a few weeks before sworn that she wouldn’t go in them for a while, due to the greater importance of other things in her life, such as reading, socialising with friends, masturbating, making love . . . But there she was, alone, as her husband had gone on holiday – she couldn’t go for health reasons – and she wanted nothing more but to have some fun, all her friends were at work, she wanted some company, so the only thing was to go on the internet. She went straight to the bi room knowing there was likely to be more expressive people in there, people like herself, immensely sexy and wanting to share some loving. Being immensely sexy, she had already begun to touch herself, even before the chat room had loaded, her pussy was more moist and expansive.

She was not desperate to have an orgasm, just felt it was a good way to start the day, it always relaxed her and made her feel fantastic, and as she could always have an orgasm whenever she masturbated, why not? She decided to tell the room how wet she was feeling, it is a beautiful thing kaçak iddaa that must be shared with others, she thought. She expressed her desire to be licked, too. At first a few men responded in private messages, and she half-heartedly replied. But it didn’t feel right, she didn’t know why; previously she had had several orgasms thanks to the kind words of some sexy older men. It seemed she was waiting for something better . . . And then it came.

A sweet butterfly appeared. A girl around the same age as her, also married, so they already had something in common! She expressed herself in thoughtful words, there was also a mild unease and uncertainty due to her only recent introduction to the site. But oozing through this was a sexuality and a wildness that the first girl had never encountered before. Such confidence and knowledge of what she wanted, a strong sexy energy. Exactly what was wanted by the first girl, who began to touch herself harder, from the first few responses she read, she felt this was someone she wanted to know more about. Her pussy was feeling so hot and excited, she wished the girl could come and soothe it, however she happened to live across the Atlantic, so that was possible only in her imagination.

They talked and it was clear she needed to release this welling up of sexual energy inside her body, the American girl was happy to help. She guided her through a wonderful fantasy which involved them kissing, caressing, fondling, oooh and this girl was wild. She paused, seeming unsure, and asked kaçak bahis if it was okay to lick the other’s asshole. The English girl was so turned on by this, it was the first time anyone had suggested this to her, others had talked about touching it, fingering it, but to lick it, how intimate, how thrilling. She told the other girl to do it, and using her own finger, she could imagine it was her tongue, penetrating her ass, sending shimmers and waves along to her dripping pussy, everything the girl described, she could feel as if they were together in the flesh, merging together in harmonious pleasure. She was now gyrating on her chair, thrusting her fingers rapidly in and out of her pink, wet pussy, swirling them round, when the other girl described her putting three fingers in, she did that herself, imagining a hard throbbing cock, but wanting pussy at the same time.

The descriptions were vivid, loving, gentle but firm, exactly what the girl had always wanted. She was getting more and more wild in her movements, barely able to type even the shortest sentence of appreciation, wanting to fuck with her whole body, her whole mind and spirit. She wanted to cum so much, to be able to drench the other girl completely with her juices, and then cum again, and again. She had rarely felt turned on like this for such a prolonged amount of time before cumming, she felt like she was going to explode, and God, she needed to. The other girl seemed to be cumming several times, she needed that release too.

She was using her left illegal bahis hand, typing with her right; her hand hadn’t moved from her pussy for a long time now, she had to change hands. Reluctantly she moved the fingers from her gorgeous-feeling pussy and slipped two of her fingers of her right hand in. The cooler sensation turned her on even more. This time she knew she was closer. The images the American girl gave her made her writhe in her seat, her hand fucking her pussy hard and fast, circling around, rubbing her clit, doing everything she could to come to a climax. Then she found herself off the chair, half standing, still in front of the screen eyes fixed on the sexy words of the other girl, fingers thrusting deeper and deeper.

For a split second she considered her hairbrush handle, knowing it would reach deeper than her fingers could, but it wasn’t necessary, she put one hand on top of the other to help the rapid movement, rubbing it fast, her breathing got heavier, she was grunting a little, ahh, ahhhh, louder and louder, she was cumming at last, the sensation got more and more intense and suddenly she was shuddering and exploding inside, her knees buckled, she barely managed to sit on the chair before she collapsed, it was a tremendous blissful orgasm. She had never had such a good orgasm before, neither alone nor with a man. She smiled to herself faintly when her breathing had slowed down a bit and she licked her fingers one by one and thought, this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

And when she wrote this little story, she had another massive orgasm, this time with two fingers deep in her pussy and one finger slightly inside her asshole, heightening the sensation, imagining her friend’s tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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