A Family Controlled Ch. 02

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Thanks to everyone who read and supported my first attempt at writing. Hopefully this one will be better.


After cleaning myself and the bathroom counter, I spent most of Sunday and the rest of the week at school or in by room. It wasn’t until Wednesday that Suzzy slept in her own bed, making things for me even more difficult. My bed is only a twin and waking up to constant dreams of my mother and aunt weren’t bad enough. Add in the fact that my little sisters tight ass usually had my dick sandwiched and it was a living hell.

Thursday morning I woke up and went down stairs to have breakfast. After pouring my usual bowl of Cap’n Crunch my mom walked in acting like nothing ever happened last Saturday. She’d been acting normal all week unlike Beth who couldn’t look me in the eyes without turning and leaving the room.

“How’s my baby boy?” my mom said as ruffled my shaggy brown hair. “About time for a cut don’t you think?” she added

I looked up at her and smiled my mouth full of cereal. She walked over to the counter to pour herself a cup of coffee. I couldn’t help looking at the back of her calves. I slowly let my eyes drift upwards until I reached her ass. This was driving me crazy. I’d never looked at my mother this way and it angered me that I was now. That didn’t stop me from noticing how tight her ass looked in her pajama shorts. Well I definitely knew where Suzzy go her ass from.

“That’s a nice ass boy isn’t it?” I heard Charles say over my shoulder. He was standing and watching my mom with a lecherous smile on his face.

“Excuse me?” I asked him. Was this asshole actually asking me that?

“That’s right your probably a faggot.” he replied “You wouldn’t have noticed it if your nose was in it. For a split second I saw the shock in his eyes before it turned to anger. As we passed each other, me leaving the kitchen him walking towards the cabinet. I purposely bumped shoulders with him slightly knocking him of balance.

“You do that on purpose you little shit?” he spat

“Sorry Uncle Charles.” I replied with a smirk. I was a little shocked that I’d done that but who gives a shit.

Smack and then a yelp from my mother I heard as erzurum seks hikayeleri I left the kitchen. I turned and went back in noticing my mother rubbing her right ass check. Charles was leaning on the counter smiling.

“You ok mom?” I asked.

“I’m fine sweetie, just bumped into the cabinet. I’ll be fine.” she replied

“Well time to go to work.” Charles said as he left through the back door.

By the time I watched him leave mom had turned around to wash dishes. I noticed what had to be the fingertips of where his hand had struck her right below her shorts. Anger filling me, I knew I had to do something and it had to be more than just kicking his ass or killing him. He had to be punished when in how was the question I needed to answer.

It was Friday night, we had just won a game against our toughest opponent we’d play this year. It was a enjoyable win, made even better by the fact it was Charles alma mater. I couldn’t wait to see his face and gloat. After taking a shower and getting dressed Matt my best friend asked me if I was going to the celebration party. I declined of course but I couldn’t tell him why. I mean how do you explain that you have to get home to make sure your Uncle doesn’t fuck your mom.

“Matt look after Suzzy.” I said before walking out the door. I knew she was going she’d been away from the house most of the week.

“Oh I will buddy.” Matt replied.

“Hey” I said

“I know I know.” Matt laughingly said

As I rounded the corner of the Athletic building there leaning against my truck was one of the most beautiful women I’d seen in my life. Her bright red hair was being blown around in the cool night breeze. She was wearing a pair of heeled sandles, a pair of cut off shorts that barely covered her ass and a green halter top that strained at her firm tits. As she pulled some hair from the corner of her lip you could still see the pale blue tint on her left eye.

“There’s my wonderful nephew.” Beth said as she ran up to me and gave me a hug.

“Hi Aunt Beth!” I replied as I wrapped my arms around her narrow waist. She squeezed me and I could feel her tits as they where pressed in to me. “So why are you here and where is Uncle Charles?” I asked

“Oh him? Well after the game was over he was so pissed off that he and a few of his high school buddies went to the local bar.” Beth said “Thanks by the way.” She said with a wink.

“So I guess I’m your ride home then?” I said.

“You sure are stud.” She replied laughingly. It was good to hear her laugh so I squeezed harder. “Ok Ok.” She said slapping me across my chest.

For the most part it was a quiet ride home. I think she knew I had questions and was awaiting awkwardly. A couple blocks before we where to get home a quickly turned off going towards the city limits. For a moment she looked questionably then realized what was happening.

“Aunt Beth, you have to tell what the hell is going on. When and why is Charles doing this?” I couldn’t control my anger as I asked.

She looked over at me with a sad smile before saying. “Are you sure you want to know? You wont like what you here.”

“Yes I have to know.” I stated.

“Johnny, he wasn’t always like this. When I first meet him Charles was really nice. He brought me flowers, made love to me even. It wasn’t until our honeymoon that I knew he could be this way. That week was hell for me, he me and even anally raped me as he told me to get used to it. Then on the third night his older brother David showed up. Johnny, he made me fuck his brother. The whole time they talked about your mom and how David was getting back at your dad for stealing his Marie. They took turns on me, sometimes using me at the same time over the next two days. Then when your dad got sick it escalated to what you’ve already witnessed. Charles said David was coming in to town in a few weeks and they are going to fuck Marie together. I’ve even heard them talk on the phone about Suzzy!!” Beth said as the tears rolled down her face

“Shh Beth I will figure out how to deal with Charles and his brother.” I told her. Fuck I thought, I’ve got to figure this out fast.

I reached over and pulled her into my chest as she cried. As I leaned down to kiss her forehead she looked up and our lips meet.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen.” I said

“Its ok Johnny.” she replied

I could see the need in her eyes. On impulse I kissed her again this time pushing my tongue past her lips. Feeling her respond in kind was exhilarating. We made out for a few minutes before I finally got the nerve to lay her back across my seat. There wasn’t much room in my single cab ford but I managed to get myself on top of her with my hand on top of her left breast and lips locked together.

As I lightly pinched her nipple between my fingers, I could feel how hard it was. She was wearing a very thin bra I thought. Slowly I released her nipple running my hand down her side until I reached her knee. Then returning back up her thigh stopping at her waist. I was thinking how did this happen. Suddenly I felt her raise her hips and slide her shorts off. Quickly I had my shorts and underwear off too. She was only had her panties in the way. I couldn’t see what kind she wore in the dark nor did I care at this time.

My hardness was pressed against her silk covered slit. The wetness of her vagina quickly soaked through her panties and covered the head of my dick. I reached between us pulling the soft fabric of her hips and down her legs leaving them tangled around one of her ankles. As I started to enter her I could feel the wetness of her juices leaking from her vagina. We both moaned in pleasure as I bottomed out in her. She wrapped her legs around me holding me deep inside. I could feel her panties rub my ass as I started to move inside her.

“Slow Johnny, make love to me it’s been so long.” she rasped tightening her vaginal walls down on me.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I moaned her name as I could already feel the pressure and the tell tell sign of my nuts tightening up. As I picked up speed you could make out the sound and smell of sex in my truck.

“I’m Cumming Beth.” I said as I emptied myself and Beth inhaled sharply as I filled her womb.

Beth’s legs stretched behind me and her toe’s curled as I felt a sudden rush of wetness leave enveloping me. I knew I had given her an orgasm. With sweat dripping from my nose into her hair I leaned down to kiss her again.

“Thank you.” I said

Beth quickly began crying again. “No thank you for making me feel special again.”

Now how to deal with Charles?


Chapter 3 coming soon

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