A Few Emails Between Friends

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Basically all this started as a joke, I sent the first bit of this story to a friend. but when she sent me the second half back I realised that she had loved it. We have been continuing this story for about a month now and the other e-mails will be put up soon. hop you enjoy.


Jeff had been married to Linda for 13 years now. They had met at their friends wedding. Jeff could remember their first conversation. “hi, I’m Jeff”

“hi Jeff I’m Linda,, you wanna go find a room?”

“sure, follow me”

They had gone up to the master bedroom and Linda had slowly undone her thin blouse. as her pert breasts were released from her bra Jeff took one and kissed it gently. Linda let out a slow moan and Jeff sucked harder. slowly Linda moved her hand to Jeff’s groin, she let out a gasp as she felt how big it was. she bit the zip of his trousers and pulled open his fly. Jeff’s cock stood erect and Linda kissed it gently. Jeff pulled her closer and Linda began to suck Jeff’s cock faster and faster. Jeff moaned loudly as a hot stream of cum shot into Linda’s throat. they hurriedly got dressed again, and after exchanging a long tender kiss they left the party. Each had the others number written on their hand.

It was later that week and Jeff had just got in from work. He was thinking about his friends wedding and the amazing woman he had met there. He remembered the kiss they had shared as he touched his lip. He had been craving to feel her body again, isveçbahis but never had the courage to call her. He dropped his bag and hung up his coat. Just as he was putting his coat on the peg the phone rang, with a sudden spark of hope he rushed to it and picked it up….


“Er…Hi, is that Jeff?”

“Yeah…Linda? Is that you?”

“Hey Jeff, yeah, it is me, I’m glad you’re home, I’ve been wanting to talk to you for ages”

“Yeah, me to”

“oh, Jeff. I’ve been craving you all week, ever since we parted… I was thinking, want to get together again?”

“Just tell me where and when”

“Now…my place”

Quickly he scribbled down her address, grabbed his coat and hurried out the front door.

All the time he was traveling he was thinking of Linda…of her beauty, how much he wanted…craved her and how amazing she was…

Meanwhile, Linda quickly grabbed some candles and placed them around her bed lighting them as she went. She grabbed a bunch of roses she had brought that morning and tore off the petals making a trail from the door to her bed; next she took the sexiest dress she had. It was dark red and had two large slits down the sides that revealed her thighs, and no arms. She put on her red leather boots and red choker to finish off the look….

Jeff pulled up outside Linda’s apartment; he had stopped off to buy her some roses as he thought he had better not go in empty handed. He ran up the stairs to her door as quickly isveçbahis giriş as he could and knocked on the door.

As Linda opened the door his mouth nearly dropped open, the flowers fell from his hand as he looked at her. Her long curly dark hair set off the red dress she was wearing. He looked up into her eyes and saw she was grinning he looked at her in amazement, he hadn’t expected this…

He pounced on her almost knocking her to the floor but holding her close pressing his body against her own. kissing her passionately slipping his tongue past her lips. He scooped her up and carried her to the bedroom, he lay her on the bed and knelt down at her knees. Jeff pulled Linda towards him, she moaned softy in anticipation knowing he was planning to return the favor and she lent her head back closing her eyes in bliss…

Jeff grinned and moved her dress out of the way; tenderly he ran his tongue up her inner thigh brushing it over her clit and running his tongue down her other thigh to her knee. She moaned softly again as he gently kissed her clit. He started to suck, playing with his tongue as her moans grew louder. He grew more intense, quickly he pulled his lips off her clit and dragged his teeth against her clit a little and darted his tongue deep inside her. Linda gave a soft scream and Jeff smiled. Slowly, softly he moved his tongue in and out of her brushing the walls of her vagina and slid his hand up her thigh, he moved his finger to her clit and rubbed isveçbahis yeni giriş it gently. Gradually he moved his tongue deeper holding back for now…

Linda moaned softly arching her back a little, thinking to herself how wet Jeff had made her and how she loved everything he was doing, she moaned louder and louder as he rubbed against her clit, and probed her gently.

Jeff stroked Linda’s thigh with his free hand and kept licking her wet moist lips, gradually moving deeper. still rubbing her clit, listening to Linda’s soft moans of ecstasy. Suddenly he thrust his tongue as deep as he could, Linda screamed again louder than before, Jeff moved his tongue in and out of her as deep as he could. Quickly darting his tongue from side to side at the same time, causing Linda to scream louder and louder as she approached an orgasm. She squirmed a little from the extreme pleasure she was receiving, screaming louder and louder still as Jeff continued to lick her out and rub her clit.

Jeff kept licking her deeply and quickly, never letting up, absorbing her screams of ecstasy with a bliss of his own. Craving to hear more he probed her a little deeper as she came closer and closer to orgasm. Jeff rubbed quicker as Linda’s screams grew louder and louder pushing her voice to its limits as she came over his face.

Jeff pulled his tongue out of her and licked up her juices. He smiled up at her and kissed his way up her body. Linda was gasping for breath slightly her eyes still closed as Jeff kissed her lips softly, brushing his tongue against hers.

Linda smiled opening her eyes and bit his ear gently whispering “You’re absolutely fantastic Jeff…”

He grinned and whispered back “I’m not finished yet…”

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