A Few Thoughts on Things Ch. 02

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As your body bounces on the bed, you give a sweet sounding giggle. It was an inviting sound that giggle, it sounded like you are beginning to commit to this time we have together.

I am on the bed crawling over you. As I look down into your smiling eyes I lean in for a kiss. Hot damn, this was the kiss I had been waiting for. It was warm and free, loving, and most of all hungry.

After we break the kiss I lower my cheek to yours. I lightly slide my cheek down over your neck, then over your chest, down to your stomach, then over your pubic area and continuing down over your legs to your feet. I lift your foot and removed your shoe, I kiss the top of your foot and run my tongue over and around your ankle. I treat your other foot to the same. I then take my shoes off.

I crawled to your waist and part your shirt to expose your lower belly. I lick you there and it makes you squirm. I run my fingers around the waistband of your pants and followed them with my tongue. I undo the buttons of your pants and pull the zipper all the way down. I open your pants to look upon more of your flesh. I swear it made my heart beat faster. I had to taste it, I did. I run my mouth all over your skin. I slide my tongue under the top of your panties. I was in heaven heading for ecstasy.

I pull your pants off of your hips, you raise yourself up to help with the removal of your covering. As your pants are removed I gaze upon your legs. Oh you have such nice legs. Your body is very fit. Your skin is beautiful. The shape of your legs is perfect. Your form and size match, you are amazing. I pull your pants free. I’m standing over you looking at you. I jump on the bed and grab your thigh with both hands in a tight grip. I aggressively bite at your thigh between my hands. You break out with frantic laughter as I know this is tickling you. You try to fight me off but I resist you. I quickly move to your upper thigh and to the inside.

You are frantic, you are laughing, but struggling. I don’t let up right away but I do stop before you have had too much. Damn you look sexy in those panties. I pull off my shirt. I straddle your legs and pin them down. You are still in defensive mode from the tickling, I gave you a reassuring look and you relax. I lean over and give you a soft sensual kiss. I sit up and rest my weight on your legs. I gaze down at your almost naked body. Your slender hips, flat stomach, tan smooth skin, very sexy neck, and lovely face, you are truly beautiful. I didn’t think my cock could get harder but I swear it did at this moment.

I slide off of your legs and reach for your hands. I help you to sit up and remove your shirt. I move to your side and lightly place a hand on your face as I kiss you. I end the kiss and ask you to roll over onto your stomach. You do. How I love the back of a woman, and yours is wonderful. Damn you must work out a lot. The muscle tone of your back is amazing.

I rub your güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri back with my hands, giving you a massage, working your muscles with my palms and fingers. Your skin feels wonderful as I make an effort to touch every square inch of you from your neck to your very small butt. I lowered my mouth to a random area on your back and start sucking and licking. I used my teeth lightly as I tried to taste every inch of you. When my mouth reaches your bra I undo it pulling the straps out to your sides. Now I have unobstructed access to your beautiful back. I quickly slide my pants off. Maybe I should have made more of a production of it, but knowing that I wasn’t wearing any underwear and now I was completely naked, I thought I could wait just a bit for you to find out. It didn’t take long. I straddled your ass and I’m sure you feel the skin to skin contact. You try to look back at me but I put a hand on your head to stop you. I move your hair from the back of your neck and lean down to bite and kiss you there. You aren’t showing any signs of being ticklish now.

I kiss and lick my way down your back while I run my hands all over your body. When I reached your panties I just continued to lick my way down pulling them down and out of the way. I removed your panties tossing them onto the couch with the rest of your clothes. I squeeze your butt with both hands, kneading it like dough. I lower and take as much of your flesh into my mouth as I can. I lick you all over, between your cheeks, over the sides of your hips, and down the back of your legs. I stop to give the backs of your knees some special attention. On my way back up I part your cheeks and let my tongue slide down between your legs and back up again, tasting you and touching your sensitive areas.

I move off of your body and help you roll over. I give you a kiss then asked you to stand for me. You give me a quizzical look and I just say please. As you move to leave the bed I help you off with your bra. You hop off of the bed and stand on the floor in front of me. You are an amazing site and I tell you so. I slide to the edge of the bed and straddled the corner of the mattress letting my legs hang down. As I take my cock in my hand and casually stroked it I asked you to lift your arms above your head and stand on your tippy toes. You do and you look amazing. I tell you how sexy you look and how turned on I am at that moment. I stroke myself with more purpose.

I asked you to turn around and stand with your legs together and raise up on your toes. You do it. Then you strike a few poses on your own. I continued to tell you how great you look and how beautifully sexy you are. I asked you if you like watching me touch myself. You say you do and that it is kind of a turn on for you knowing it is you that I am touching myself for. I asked you if you would like to touch me. You say you would and move towards me. I reach to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you and wrapped my arms around your lower body. I lay my face on your stomach just below your chest. You wrap your arms around me and lower your face to the top of my head, we both squeeze.

I loosen my squeeze and kissed your skin, you lower yourself down to your knees giving me a peck on the lips as your face passes mine. You lay your arms on my legs placing both of your hands on my shaft looking me in the eyes. You teasingly asked me if this is what I want and I tell you it is and I tell you how good your touch feels. You stroke me using both hands as yours eyes drop to my cock.

You remove one hand and slide it over my chest and stomach. You then lower your mouth to the head of my shaft and give it a kiss then run your tongue over it. I forced myself not to move and I tell you how good everything you’re doing feels. You take the head into your mouth and suck it. I tense up and run a hand over your shoulders and neck. You continue to suck the head and start taking more and more of me into your mouth. All the time keeping the rhythm with your hand.

I run my hand along your neck and up into your hair. I run my fingers through your hair massaging your scalp while trying not to interfere with your movements. I continued to tell you how sexy you are and how excited you are making me. I tell you what you are doing feels great and that I never want you to stop.

I won’t last much longer. I tell you I’m getting close to my release and I asked you if you would take my seed in your mouth. You didn’t make any move to acknowledge that I said anything to you. You just picked up your pace. I moan out loud and press my hand at the back of your head. My legs started to tense up and I know I am on the edge. I just babble now about how good it feels and I lift my hips off of the bed. I almost scream, here it comes and you press your mouth down on me taking as much of me as you can, which was just about all of me. My release hit. My body convulsed and I push myself into your mouth. God it feels great.

As I settled back down you slowly pull your mouth off of my cock. You stroke me pulling some cum out of my shaft and you lick it up. You ask me for a drink and I hand you one of our mixed drinks. You take a big swig. I take the glass from you and lean down to kiss you hard on the mouth. Our tongues danced. When we break the kiss I take a big drink and set it down. I help you to your feet and we both stand to hug our naked bodies together.

I turn you around and lay you back on the bed. I place my hands behind your knees and lifted your legs up, pushing them back towards you, exposing your pussy. I lower my mouth to your pussy and cover it. I let my slack tongue slide all over your sex and I suck you into my mouth. It must feel good to you because you lay your head back and closed your eyes. You have güvenilir bahis şirketleri a look of pleasure and lust on your face.

As I hold your knees up I try to push as much of my tongue into your opening as I can. I stiffen my tongue and slide it around inside of you. As I lower your legs to my shoulders I soften my tongue and slide it back and forth over the length of your sex trying not to miss any part of you. You taste wonderful. I then concentrate my efforts above your opening. I love the softness of that skin.

I make a few trips with my tongue from the top to the bottom. I even managed to lick your other hole once or twice. You jump each time my tongue makes contact there. I run my tongue along your lips until I feel the firmness of your clit. I start focusing on your spot. I flick your clit very lightly with my tongue over and over again, running my tongue over the rest of your sex now and then. I slowly insert a finger into you working it back and forth. Then I insert another finger slowly, letting your body get use to the feeling. Once both fingers are in I curled them to rub the inner wall of your stomach just above the bone. It is here that one can find that magical sensitive spot.

I continue my assault on your clit. Your breathing is much faster, I can see your chest rise and fall as your pleasure builds. My other hand slides over your chest stopping at each nipple to squeeze, pull, and twist, just hard enough to give you pleasure. I can’t resist running my hand over your stomach once and awhile just to feel your body and take my own pleasure in your beauty.

I think I find your spot with my fingers. You don’t tense but instead pushes yourself into my hand as I feel your legs spread. I continue to focus on my activities keeping watch on the signs your body is giving me. You’re moaning and making audible sounds but they can be misleading. I notice you are climbing fast now. I want you to have your orgasm, I want you to cum on my face. I want to see your face while you have your release. I will not toy with you now. I long to be inside of you and my cock is hard once again.

It doesn’t take long. I stay with my activities until you are fully engage in your orgasm. I quickly, but gently, remove my fingers and replace them with my mouth. You buck and thrash against my face squeezing my head with your legs. I love the feeling of your wet, warm, and soft flesh rubbing against my face. As you come down I lick all around your sex. I lick around the outside of your lips and along the spot where your legs meet your body.

I crawl up your body and stop at your nipples for a kiss and a suck then continue on up to give you a kiss. As we kiss I slide my now hard shaft against your freshly licked pussy. You rock your hips in rhythm with mine. I pull my mouth off of yours and ask you if you are ready. You say you are. I rise up on my hand and use my other to guide my cock into your opening. I rub my head against your lips to feel the warmth and wetness. God that feels good. Then I lower my cock and feel myself penetrate your opening. Damn it’s warm, I push in just a little and pull back out. I take my time slowly working my cock back and forth in your warm pussy.

…To be continued

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