A Few Years Ago

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A Few Years Ago, something like this happened.

In which a younger man is unexpectedly seduced and sodomized by an older man.

I was new to the city. I was only twenty four and up until now had been living in a small farming town. It was so exciting to walk in that one area of downtown. “XXX movies” “Adult Theater”, “Topless Bartenders”. It was late afternoon when I slipped into a bar and ordered a beer. I was part way into it when an older guy struck up a conversation.

Before too long he had steered the topic to the homosexual tendencies of certain members of the city government.

Of course I knew nothing about what he was talking about, but to humor him I just kept nodding my head and agreeing with him.

He continued to dwell on the topic of homosexuality.

“What did I think of homosexuals?”

I answered in general terms that I held no strong opinions on the subject.

He kept chewing away on the subject, his hand brushed my leg as he moved his bar stool closer. I took a deep breath and when his hand touched my leg again I didn’t move and inch. I felt a certain thrill as I realized that I might be about to engage in a man penetrates man sexual encounter.

A few beers later and he must have offered me a ride, because we were cruising a along in what was to me an unfamiliar part of the city. It had gone dark while I had been drinking in that bar.

After negotiating a freeway on ramp I felt his hand on my knee so I inched up closer to my new friend.

His hand moved gradually higher up rus escort my thigh.

There were butterflies in my stomach and my soft cock began to uncurl itself in my underwear.

Pretty soon his hand was at my crotch and was squeezing and massaging my intimate parts.

“Oh my God.!” I thought,

“This feels so good.”

Clumsily, while driving with just one hand, he unfastened first my belt buckle, then the waistband of my jeans.

I was leaning back to make it easier for him and he reached down inside to take a hold of my penis that was now almost fully hard.

“O.K. It’s your turn now.” He instructed me.

I did the same for him, but once I had his pants open I unzipped them to expose his hard cock. I unfastened my seatbelt and I leaned over.

After stroking his penis for a while I took it in my mouth, tonguing it and bobbing my head up and down like a real cocksucking bitch.

“Good boy! That’s the way to do it.”

This went on for about five minutes.

The beer was working. “Pull over, I need to pee.” I asked.

“You can’t do that here, I know somewhere we can go.”

We stopped outside a redneck bar on the edge of town. By chance it was near where I worked and I knew my way around.

I went to the bathroom and peed.

He bought me more drinks and we were on our way again.

I sat there while he took care of business with the motel clerk. Before I knew what was happening we were alone in a motel room with the drapes yenimahalle escort drawn and the lights out.

He sat on the edge of the bed and told me what to do.

“Take off your shoes and socks.”

I did.

“Now your jacket and shirt.”

They came off.

“Your pants.”

I dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them.

“Go stand by the window. Turn sideways and let me see you play with your cock.”

I did as I was told. I stroked myself slowly. I didn’t want to cum too soon, while he watched me in that dim half light that filtered through the drapes.

“Now come over here.” he said, standing up.

He took of his jacket, his tie, shirt and undershirt.

“Kneel down.” I knelt, he stood right in front of me.

“Unfasten my pants and take them down.”

They came down.

“And my underpants.”

They were at his ankles. He stepped out of them. His cock had gone soft again.

“Take it in your mouth!”

I did as I was told.

I felt it slowly growing, stiffening and swelling inside my mouth.

“Get it good and hard and wet! Do like you did in the car!”

I slid it in and out of my lips, licking it with my tongue. He backed up and sat on the edge of the bed with his legs spread wide and me kneeling right there in front of him with that hard cock stuck in my mouth.

I leaned back and pulled my head away to gasp for air.

“Are you going to fuck me?” I asked.

“Right now, so make sure that it is wet!”

I took it in my mouth and slobbered spit all over it then I moved over next to him and lay face down with my spread legs hanging down the side of the bed.

I reached behind and pulled my butt cheeks apart expecting him to enter me.

I was so looking forward to the feel of his masculine hairy body laying on top of me, pinning me to the bed while he would drive that hard cock up inside to fill my butthole.

Then he would work it in and out more and more.

That is the part of getting butt fucked that really turns me on, as the warmth of a wet cock slides in and out of my hungry hole.

Especially if they will pull all the way out and then put it back in once in a while.

I was ready for a good fucking!

What was he waiting for?

He had other ideas, we were there for his pleasure, not mine.

I guess he was the one that was in charge.

“It’s best if you just sit on it.” he said.

I just did as I was told, he sat close to the edge of the bed and I backed up towards him.

Taking hold of my hips he pulled me closer and guided me as I lowered and impaled myself on his hot and throbbing cock.

That was it.

That was it!!

Just sliding my tight butt over his expectant penis was enough to get him off and he shot his slimy load of sticky cum up my ass.

Before I knew what was happening he pushed me off of him.

We stood and dressed without a word.

I felt the wetness of his load of cum oozing from my butthole.

We got back in his car.

The seat of my underpants was cold, wet and sticky.

“I’ve just been fucked in the ass.”

I kept thinking how quickly he had cum and how unsatisfied I felt.

He dropped me off at my original destination.

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