A First Encounter with Orlene

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Orlene was a woman who could probably best be described as a sexual deviant. At thirty-two she was six years older than me, but she had the body of a 21 year old and the most perverted mind you could imagine.

She was a petit, olive skinned brunette with a small, round but perfectly shaped arse she had pert tits with succulent dark nipples and she always smelt amazing.

A lot of the time, she opted to keep her bush thick and unshaven, although she would always keep the bikini line neat, not that she wore it much.

I first encountered Orlene in the south of France. I was travelling with my two mates David and Sol We had stopped near Perpignan for a few nights on our way to Barcelona. Sol had family there so we crashed at their place. They lived in a pretty village where not a lot seemed to happen.

We found out that one of the closest beaches was a nudist beach, which are quite frequent in France. The weather was beautiful, touching 30 degrees.

“Let’s go!” Said David excitedly.

“Not my thing mate!” replied Sol. “You two go by all means.”

“Come on Sol, said David, “you don’t have to get your kit off, or anything, we’re just going to perv on the women, that’s all!”

But Sol was having none of it.

“Just you and me then Danny-boy!” David exclaimed.

So with our mate staying back in the village David and I went exploring. Pretty much only to see if we could find some tits and pussy.

We got there around 3pm, there were around forty to fifty naked bodies on show, two thirds of them men, and probably half a dozen textiles. We found a spot to sit and threw our towels down and cracked open a beer each from the cooler we brought.

We sat for a while taking in the views, I’m ashamed to admit that neither of us had any intention of stripping off ourselves. We were just there to have a good look.

A few people were in the water, some were just sunbathing and some of the more confident men were strolling up and down the beach, their cocks and balls swinging freely in the summer breeze.

There were all different shapes and sizes of penis. Long thin ones, short fat ones, thick ones, veiny ones, some hairless, some barely poking out from a thick mound of pubes. Some of them, I quietly thought to myself, were quite impressive. As it’s Europe, mostly they were uncircumcised.

But we’re here for the women, I kept telling myself.

Again there were all shapes and sizes of women. Mostly middle aged or older. Some with surprising pert tits, others with great big saggers. Some with fully shaven vaginas so you could clearly see their labia, some with a landing strip or tuft of neatly trimmed hair and others with a full on eighties bush.

Then a young woman wondered past who was unlike anyone else on the beach. Her skin was soft and tanned, the sun shined off her body which was wet from the sea. her hair, also wet, was mid length, dark and cut into fringe at the front. She had pert tits with dark nipples which were slightly hard, probably from the cold water and a thick, but neatly trimmed bush which was glistening in the sunlight, as the sea water dripped off it.

It’s a good job David and I were wearing shorts because that sight was enough to get anyone hard.

“Bonjour.” She said as she walked past.

“Bonjour.” We both replied eagerly.

We didn’t take our eyes off her as she sat down alone on a towel only a few yards from us.

“And that’s why we came.” Said David with a grin as wide as his face. “now we have to get her attention.”

We watched her, probably a little too blatantly, as she shuffled through her bag to find her cigarettes. Upon noticing this David was over there like a shot with his lighter at the ready.

“Merci” She said, then preceded to utter something else in French that we didn’t understand.

“We’re English” Said David, Now lighting his own cigarette and taking a drag.

“Parlez-vous Anglais?” I waded in. Remembering the little French I learned at school, to ask if she spoke English.

She smiled.

“Yes of course,” she said in sexy French accent. “I lived in London for ten years with my ex fiancé.”

She sat there, chatting away, cross-legged, puffing on her cigarette with only her thick dark pubes covering her vagina as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

We introduced ourselves and found out that her name was Orlene. We offered her a beer, which to our delight she accepted. She told us to bring our towels over and join her. So the three of us sat there, chatting and chugging beer in the afternoon sun.

It transpired that she was staying with her parents (who lived close by) while she was getting herself together after breaking up with her English fiancé a few months previously.

We drank some more, as the conversation died down a bit. Then she looked at us and smiled.

“So why are you two boys wearing shorts on a naturist beach anyway?” She said. “Are you just here to perv on us naturists, or are you planning on joining kaçak iddaa in?”

We gulped, probably in unison.

“Um, well, you see…” David stuttered.

“We’re a bit shy!” I said, thinking on my feet. “Besides, they’re wearing clothes!” I said pointing at another couple nearby.

“Shy people go to the regular beach in the next bay. You are here on a naturist beach, yet you’re not naturists.” She smiled.

“Ok!” said David, “you got us! We were just checking it out, but to be fair we weren’t expecting to find someone as gorgeous as you here.”

Orlene blushed.

“Why thank you.” She said. “But you’re both sitting here, you both know what I look like naked, but I can only imagine what lies beneath you’re shorts. Doesn’t seem fair to me.” She continued.

“Maybe if you give me you’re number you can find out what I look like naked later!” David replied as quick as a flash.

She blushed again.

“No, no, no.” She said playfully “it doesn’t work like that. Even if I decided to take you up on that frivolous offer, I still would have only seen one of you naked, and both of you have seen me.”

David and I looked at each other.

“Oh fuck it he said.” Pulling his shorts down to reveal his nakedness. His big round balls now resting on Orlene’s towel as his long hooded dong flopped down, flaccid and thick. “There you go.. Happy now? He said.

She peered out over the top of her sunglasses at his member and smiled.

“Nice!” She said. Obviously impressed. “Now your turn Daniel!”

I’d seen David in the showers after football a few times I guess, and I always remembered him to be packing in that department, but I didn’t realise quite how well endowed he was until now.

I really wasn’t very well endowed at all and always did my best not to show my cock off too much in the changing rooms.

“Ah hmm” she said impatiently.

‘Fuck’ I thought. My cock was a lot smaller than David’s and it was stiffening up under my shorts by the second at the sight of his and Orlene’s nakedness. I really didn’t want to take them off now.

“Go on then Dan, don’t let me down now mate!” Said David.

I slid my shorts down reluctantly at their request, my cock sprang out as I did so. I tried to hide it but it was obvious that I was quite hard. I put my hand down to cover it a bit and tried to look as casual as I could.

“Cute!” Said Orlene. David laughed.

‘Cute?’ I thought. ‘Of all the things a guy wants to be said of his cock, cute definitely isn’t one of them. I felt red and embarrassed, but I laughed it off.

Orlene noticed I was circumcised and remarked on it.

“You have a pretty cock Daniel.” She said “I haven’t been with many circumcised men, there aren’t many in France. I’m always attracted to a nice cut penis. By the look of things you need to put some ice on it. though.” She joked.

That put me at ease, and I cracked open another beer for each of us, trying to soften my erection with a cold can.

Then Orlene said she was going for a dip to cool off, David followed her. I sat and watched them playfully flirting in the sea. She had the most delicious arse you could imagine, bronzed and peachy. She’s was obviously a regular to the nudist beach because she had an all over tan. She screamed as David picked her up and threw her in the water, then tried to dunk him back.

A little while later I noticed they’d disappeared. I needed a piss so I thought now would be a good time to try and find a toilet. I was a bit tipsy from the beer and light headed from the sun that I decided not to put my shorts back on.

I wondered up towards a wooden hut at the back of the beach, it was great feeling the warm breeze through my genitals and I felt a lot more confident now my dick wasn’t hard.

The hut was abandoned and falling down. It didn’t seem to be used for anything. I walked round the back and there was a naked guy pissing into a trough. I stood beside him a took a piss.

“Bonjour.” He said, and he ambled off, his long, thin cock proudly swinging between his legs.

I stopped for a rest on a picnic bench just to get some shade and watch the world go by, (well the cocks and tits go by at least). It was then I heard something that sounded like moaning coming from the hut. As I went closer the sound became more prominent. It sounded like someone was getting fucked.

I got up close and peeked through a crack. It was Orlene. She was on all fours, her arse in the air with David behind her shagging her brains out with his massive, hard fuck stick.

I couldn’t believe, after only meeting her about an hour or so ago that David had managed to get inside her already. ‘What a slut she must be’ I thought.

I found myself getting hard again, I was in full view of the beach so I went round the back where nobody could see me, I found another hole to peek through. The view was even better from this angle. My cock was standing up straight so I began to jerk it off.

Orlene was moaning and saying kaçak bahis something in French as David sank his nine inch long, thick member deep into her hairy cunt. I watched as she came hard and loud. The noise of the waves did its best to muffle her screams.

I couldn’t take much more of this and preceded to wank my rock hard cock faster. As I stood there peering through a hole in the wall, watching my mate impale this beautiful French slut with his monster cock, I felt my own cock start to throb in my hands. I let out a sigh and released what felt like a gallon of sticky hot cum all over the hard floor. I enjoyed the sound it made as it landed on the slabs.

Then as I came to my senses I noticed I too was being watched. The man who I had taken a piss next to earlier was sat on the bench, as bold as brass and in full view of the beach, stroking his long hard dick. He smiled at me as I quickly retreated back to our towels pretending not to notice.

Orlene and David came back about ten minutes later, I spotted them walking back from the direction of the hut. They were holding hands.

As they sat down on the towel i noticed that Orlene’s snatch was more swollen than before. I could clearly the remnants of David’s spunk drying around her beautiful bush. She didn’t hide it though, if anything she was flaunting it, as she sat there cross-legged smoking and drinking as if nothing had happened. David was smiling. I bet he couldn’t wait to tell me what had happened, which he did as soon as Orlene went into the sea to wash off.

“Christ she’s a dirty bitch.” He said. “That was the best blow job ive had for years.”

‘I wished I’d seen that’ I thought.

“She even let me blow my load in her muff.” He said. “No condom or anything.”

“I thought I could see jizz stuck to her bush.” I laughed. “Good work mate.”

“She’s invited us to a party at her house tonight.” He said “there’ll be loads of chics there for you and Sol… and we can stay over!!”

Sounded like a good plan to me, after the day I’d had I really needed to get my end away.

Then I noticed the man who had watched me earlier., he was talking to Orlene, they were speaking French, she giggled and kissed him on both cheeks as he departed. They seemed to know each other. I wondered if he’d told her about me spying on them.

We sat and drank some more, but I was starting to feel like a gooseberry with them flirting and talking as if I wasn’t there. So I went for a dip in the sea. The cold water did nothing for my manhood and I felt lees confident than ever as I walked back to them.

“Where’s it gone?” Orlene teased looking at my crotch as she sat with her hand on David’s lap, her leg trailing over his.

“Give it a rest” I replied. They laughed.

We left the beach as the sun began to set, leaving Orlene talking to a couple she knew standing up by the shore.

“See you both tonight.” She said as we waved her goodbye. Neither of us could take our eyes off her. The evening sun glistened off her naked body in the distance as we made our way up the beach.

We arrived at the party around nine-o-clock. The taxi dropped us off at a big old house in the countryside.

Orlene greeted us, she looked different fully clothed, with her makeup on. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts that barely covered her little bum and a white crop top which showed her nipples slightly. Her hair neater than before, but still relatively casual and she smelt amazing.

David and I introduced her to Sol as she poured us some drinks.

There were only a dozen or so people there as we entered a big living area, which to let to a veranda overlooking the French countryside. There was a swimming pool in a court yard that backed onto some fields. The place was massive.

“You have a nice house” said Sol.

“It belongs to my parents.” She replied. “They’re out of town for a few days so I thought I’d throw a party.”

We kicked back with a few drinks and spoke to some of Orlene’s friends. Sol was chatting up a pretty blonde in the courtyard and David was busy ogling over Orlene so I took a walk around.

I went upstairs looking for the bathroom, there several doors leading off the long landing. I switched the light on to a big room that looked like an artists studio, there were easels everywhere, sculptures and several paintings and drawings on the walls. Nearly all of them of nude men or women.

A woman in one painting I immediately recognised as Orlene, she was naked and casually leaning over a bar stool, her legs smooth, her pert arse on show. You could see one breast from the side and a smidgen of her shaven gash. ‘So she does shave it sometimes then’ I thought to myself as I stood there admiring the art.

“You like what you see?” Said a voice that startled me. It was Orlene.

“Sorry.. I was looking for the bathroom and, um..

“No need to apologise.” She said, closing the door behind her.”

“Who’s artwork is this?” I asked.

“Why mine of course. illegal bahis This is my studio, while I’m living here at least.” She said.

“Wow, they’re fantastic.” I said. “Who are they all of?”

“Lovers mainly.” She replied casually. But this one is of my good friend Kirsten.” She said pointing at a painting of a blonde girl with huge tits and smeared makeup, who was passed out naked on the floor, surrounded by empty bottles of various alcoholic beverages. “That was a good night.” She laughed.

“It looks like it was!” I said.

“And the men are all lovers?” I asked tentatively. “How many lovers have you had?” I followed up. I laughed, so not to make it feel like too serious a question.

“Lots I guess” she said. “I don’t know a number.”

“And you were with your ex for ten years? Doesn’t leave a lot of time so so many lovers.” I questioned.

I felt as if I’d over stepped the mark with the last question, because Orlene paused for a second as if she wasn’t sure whether to say what she was going to say or not. Then she spoke.

“I cuckolded him.” She said. I looked blank. I had heard the term before, but didn’t know what it meant.

“Cuckolded.” She repeated. “I slept with other men while I was with him… quite a lot men.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“What, behind his back.” I asked.

“Behind his back, in front of him, with him.” She continued.

“With him?” I quizzed her further. “So he was bisexual?”

“All men are bi aren’t they? .” She laughed “Some just don’t realise it.”

“I’m not bi.” I said.

“Oh please.” She disagreed “I saw the way you were looking at all the penises on the beach. You were mesmerised by them. You definitely want to experiment with one, if you haven’t already!”

“No way.” I said, “you’re wrong.”

“Not even that beautiful one?” She giggled pointing at another painting.

It was of a naked man sitting with his legs spread, his long thin penis laying flaccid between his legs, his big hairy balls resting on the chair. I recognised him as the man on the beach who was beating off while watching me beating off. My heart sped up at noticing this, my face felt a little red. ‘Did she know something?’ I wondered. Did the man tell her what I was doing?

I causally brushed off this possible hint and I continued to probe her about her personal life.

“So what did your ex think about these affairs? I asked.

“I wouldn’t call them affairs.” She replied. “More, rendezvous. For the most part he knew about them and was cool with them, sometimes he even arranged them! And like I said earlier, sometimes he watched, sometimes he joined in, or sometimes he just cleaned me up afterwards… with his tongue of course.” She paused for a second.

“He was a submissive really!” She continued “he wanted me to be in charge sexually and I was more than happy to take the lead on it. I have a very dirty mind!” she smirked. “But I don’t really want to continue talking about him, he broke my heart. ” she said.

I was surprised to hear that her ex had been the one who broke her heart and not the other way round, especially seeing that she had been fucking other guys all over the place. I mean you’d have to be crazy to break up with such a sex mad stunner, I found myself thinking.

I liked to have found out more but felt it was time to change the subject, and the mood, as it was getting a bit heavy.

“Well I love your work.” I said, these are absolutely brilliant. How did you paint the one if yourself?”

“It’s from a photograph!” she answered. “I enjoyed painting it, studying my body closely, finding those imperfections, sometimes that can be what makes a piece.” She said.

“That’s Why I want to paint you in the nude.” She continued in a happier tone.

“What?” I said, surprised “Why me?”

“Because, as I said earlier on the beach, you have a really cute penis and I have never painted a circumcised model before, there aren’t many in France.”

“Cute?” I said. “Cute isn’t really a flattering way to describe a guys cock.”

“Don’t be offended Daniel, it’s a compliment. I mean it wouldn’t be able to satisfy me in the same way as say… your friend David for instance, but it’s great to look at and that gets me off too you know.”

I wasn’t sure how to feel about that, in one sentence she seemed to be insulting me, the next she was telling me I turned her on. It was flattering that she wanted to paint me, but I wasn’t sure about being up on the wall next to lots of pictures of more well endowed guys than me.

“So Daniel, are you gonna let me paint you?” She said persuasively. “I’ll even add few centimetres on so you don’t feel quite so inadequate next to all those huge guys up there.” She took the words out of my mouth.

I thought for a minute. “Hmm okay then.” I found myself saying.

“Okay great, I’ll get myself prepared and you get your kit off.” Orlene said.

“Oh, you want to do it now?” I asked. “While the party’s going on?”

“Sure, it’ll only take half an hour and the party doesn’t usually get going until later anyway. I can finish it when you’re gone. I just need to get the important details right.” She winked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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