A First Time Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: Welcome to the fourth chapter in the “A First Time” series of incestuous exploration by a young Japanese-American woman. In this episode, Laurie has a lifechanging “oops” moment and commits the second major sin of incest. Enjoy.

It is strongly recommended that if you have not read the previous chapters that you do so before reading this one. You will not regret it.

Once again, thanks to the critical editing of Amela.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank God for Dad’s gifts of condoms. Given how often Kenny and I made out like incestuous bunnies for over a half a year, I would have been pregnant before Kenny graduated from high school. When he graduated, Kenny decided to “help out Dad” (yeah, right) with the store instead of continuing his education. His actual full-time occupation was helping himself to me either at home or at the store. It always surprised me how Kenny could stick that damn dick of his into me with our family and the public nearby. What’s more, it never ceased to amaze me just why I let him.

Shortly after Kenny’s graduation, I finished my associate’s degree and received a full scholarship to the state University – free tuition, dorm, and meals. However, instead of being elated, I found myself torn. When I examined my emotions, I realized that I had come to love Kenny and his kinky antics which were so downright audacious and sexually exciting. God, he never failed to get my juices flowing.

However, as my younger brother, Kenny wasn’t a real boyfriend whom I could be seen with and build a life around. It also didn’t help that despite all we had done, part of me still felt that our incestuous affair was wrong and should have never happened. Living in the constant fear of being discovered or getting pregnant by my younger brother stressed me out to no end. Ultimately, I knew that although I would miss my brother-lover terribly, I would have to leave him and head to the University.

But going to the University was like an addict going through sudden withdrawal. I had gotten so used to a hard cock shoved repeatedly into one of my bodily orifices that I had a terrible carnal craving that dove me crazy. The abysmal lack of an enthusiastic lover and seductive sex resurrected my old demons – my insecurities about the perceived flaws of my body and whether I’d ever find a boyfriend.

While most would say that I was okay to look at with nice legs, the rest of me left much to be desired. Generous hips, full thighs, and rounded buns were mismatched with my trim waist and small tits. Unlike my sister, Trudy (the slut), I was always putting myself down for not having what was needed, mentally and especially physically, to attract many members of the opposite sex. On top of that, college guys weren’t always super-horny like Kenny or willing to hump any half-way decent female like me.

Perhaps that’s why I was genuinely surprised when I hooked up with Bruce, an engineering student. We were paired on a blind date because we’re both of Japanese descent, tall, and the unattached “odd” person. He was a hulk of an upperclassman whom my girlfriends teasingly referred to as a “gorilla” because of his physical build and his moody and demanding mannerisms. I knew that this was because Bruce was the first son of a traditional Japanese-American family, and as such, was used to being deferred to by women.

Given that he was an outdoors type who lived to hunt and fish, and I was the indoor intellectual bookworm, it was a wonder that we got along well enough to become steady and then, surprisingly, intimate. Perhaps it was because I had a burning curiosity about being with a guy other than my brother. But, in retrospect, it was because I had become super horny due to my forced abstinence since leaving home.

I can still recall Bruce’s comments after thoroughly sampling my sexual repertoire during our first time. There we laid in a tangled mass of sweat-drenched limbs when he rolled off me in total exhaustion, rudely yanking his spent penis out of me. “Jeez, Laurie, what a goddamn surprise. Here I thought that I’d have to work my butt off just to get to first base with you, much less score,” he panted heavily.

“You blew my mind when you not only willingly stripped but gave me a fantastic blow job. And then the next thing I know is that you’re spreading those longs legs of yours wide for some boom-boom in that damn tight, juicy cunt of yours.”

I leisurely twisted my body around and kissed my way down his body. When I removed his spunk-laden condom and then swallowed his exposed slimy manhood, Bruce let out a guttural groan as I mouthed and licked him clean. “Oh canlı bahis şirketleri fuck, Laurie! I don’t know how many guys have face-fucked you, but they sure taught you good. And I can tell by the way that you act in bed that you just love getting fucked, don’t you? Who would have thought that a seemingly straight-and-narrow Japanese prude like you would be such a horny slut?”

Then, pressing the back of my head down, Bruce began to piston his slowly hardening cock into my sucking mouth before offhandedly exclaiming, “Jeez, what an idiot I’ve been! Why have I been paying for those skanky Chinatown bitches for some fucking nooky when all along I’ve been dating a nice respectable Japanese girl who is a fucking hooker at heart? Fuck, now I have my own private whore…and for free.”

While Bruce was thrilled with me, I, on the other hand, was less than satisfied with what I got in return. He was domineering and brutish and what little foreplay that there was consisted of frantic and painful groping. His rough, callused fingers cruelly fondled my tender tits, painfully pinching and tugging my large nipples. His meaty paws clawed my spongy buns, squeezing them until I cried out. Tears flowed free from my closed eyes when his burly body smothered me as he mounted my squirming body, his hairy thighs spreading my legs wide.

As soon as I was penetrated, I became acutely aware that while Bruce’s penis wasn’t long as Kenny’s, his cock had a girth that was daunting. In his brutish approach to sex that bordered on rape, his stocky battering ram easily breached and penetrated my feminine gates. With rapid and ruthless thrusts of his muscular hips, Bruce nailed me to the mattress with that thick erection of his as he mindlessly focused on only one thing – getting his rocks off.

Yet, after months of involuntary sexual withdraw, I didn’t count on just how willing I would be to take what I could get. As my body quickly recovered from the shock of being suddenly violated, it responded to lustfully being taken and, before I knew it, my pussy juices began to flow. This enabled me to better take and adjust to Bruce’s brutish ways and his unexpected jumbo-cucumber-like thickness. Before I knew it, I had dismissed the pain as having to get accustomed to a man’s cock again and moaned at how good Bruce was. Writhing shamelessly underneath his burly body, my sexual pleasure rapidly escalated.

However, before I could climax, Bruce grunted loudly and drove deep between my splayed legs to release his load. Bucking wildly, he then collapsed on me, crushing me into the mattress and preventing me from moving. All I could do was hold Bruce’s broad, sweaty back and feel his penis throb between my legs as I felt the urge to orgasm slowly ebb away.

Little did I know that our first time was to be a portent of our sex life. Bruce snored loudly as he spooned me in the aftermath of our first time. I couldn’t help but realize that Bruce was clearly no Kenny. Yet, as much as I missed Kenny and yearned for his tender and invigorating love making, I reveled in the fact that I finally had a boyfriend who had no qualms about my perceived physical shortcomings. Although Bruce’s bedroom manners left much to be desired, I told myself that I would just have to adjust and make the best out of it.

If Bruce had one saving grace, it was that he was sexually responsible. Having fucked hookers often, he used condoms religiously as a defense against sexually transmitted diseases. Now that he had a steady girlfriend who was free of such possible infections, Bruce’s persistent adherence to latex protection was intended to prevent him from knocking me up and suffering the onus of responsibility for his actions.

The downside of this practice was that when Bruce’s cock thickness and the inherent latex dryness of the condoms were combined, I suffered extreme chaffing and possible tears if my vagina wasn’t prepared. After suffering through the first few cringe-inducing penetrations, I took it upon myself to ensure that I was well-lubricated (praise be for KY Jelly) whenever Bruce and I would be together.

Lubrication, however, had its own problems. Too much lubrication and Bruce’s condom would slip off whenever he suddenly rolled off me and yanked his cock out of my pussy, leaking sperm all over my privates. However, if I didn’t use enough of the stuff, the resulting vaginal friction of Bruce’s strokes was barely tolerable. The absolute worst-case scenario was when a tightly stretched rubber would “burst” from Bruce’s forceful thrusts. Happening more often than I care to remember, such occurrences always sent me into fits canlı kaçak iddaa off worrying until my next period came.

In retrospect, exactly why Bruce and I stayed together was a mystery to me. I mean, while we liked each other, our relationship wasn’t exactly a raging romance. Although I had a boyfriend who I could out on dates with and who was willing to feed me a steady diet of man-meat, our sex life (at least for me) and his treatment of me left much to be desired.

Above all, Bruce used me like an available cum-dump. He loved when I acted slutty because he could treat me like a hooker in some cheap hotel room. He got off on “raping” me and hearing me cry out in pain as he manhandled my small breasts and generous buns. Then, when I submissively licked him clean after he had blown his wad, Bruce always snickered and never failed to comment about how much money he saved having a closet hooker for a girlfriend.

To say that at times I couldn’t take any more of Bruce’s demeaning treatment and that we often fought would be an understatement. However, in the end I always ended up capitulating to him because of the insecurities about myself and finding another and better boyfriend. While the makeup sessions that followed our temporary separations provided much-needed carnal relief and some degree of reassurance, it was just a matter of time before we were fighting again.

My only respites in my tumultuous affair with Bruce was when I left him during long weekends and school breaks to return home. There awaiting me was my amorous rascal of a younger brother who always had a way of taking my mind off my troubles with Bruce. In typical Kenny fashion, he went about loving his older sister during numerous imaginative sessions in his shed, the store, or my bed, picking up as if I had never left him. Maybe the reason why I could return to Bruce and endure our less-than-fulfilling relationship was because of these periodic trysts with Kenny. All I know is that I just enjoyed them, never once thinking of the possible consequences.

In hindsight, I should have told Kenny that I was coming home for that fateful Spring Break of my junior year in college. But my return was on the spur of the moment due to a big falling out with Bruce, who was being an extraordinarily obnoxious asshole in his disdain and treatment of me as his girlfriend.

I had expected my folks to be there to dampen my brother’s usual horniness. But it wasn’t until I arrived that I found out that they were with Trudy at one of her damn tennis tournaments in California. Given what normally happened when Kenny and I were alone in the house, I quickly found myself stark naked and in bed with my younger brother for what promised to be raucous sex.

“Kenny! You’ve got to be kidding me! Here I am all naked, sweaty, turned on, and just begging to be fucked – and you don’t have any rubbers!”

“Hey Laurie, I didn’t know you’d be coming home,” my younger brother pleaded in his defense. “With you not being around so much…well…I don’t score as much as I used to and haven’t stocked up in a while.”

“Well, what about Dad’s stash? What? You checked and it’s empty too? God, Kenny,” I raged even though I was not completely oblivious to the kisses he was planting on my earlobes, neck, chest, and breasts. “You should have gone out and gotten some from the drugstore down the road,” I groaned as my breath quickened and my fat nipples hardened.

I gasped so loud as Kenny’s hand scooped and squished my sopping wet pussy that I almost didn’t hear him mumble as he suckled one of my extended nipples, “I can always stop right now, Laurie. I can put on my clothes and go to the drugstore to buy a box, maybe two, of rubbers. In the meanwhile, you can just lay here, cooling off, while you wait for my return. Is that what you really want me to do? I can stop right now, if that’s what you want.”

Caught up in the heat of the moment, I told Kenny, “No, and you know it, you bastard. Aww, what the hell? Let’s go for it, Kenny! Given all the times we’ve had sex, what’s the chances of me becoming pregnant this time? I need your cock in me now – injecting me with your fantastic ‘Kenny juice’ – and make me feel special, Kenny, make me feel special! Oh, yes, just like that. Ooh, that feels so damn good!”

Lightning should have flashed in the sky like the way it did when Kenny and I first consummated our incestuous love affair. It should have rung out as some sort of celestial warning that I was about to break another cosmic taboo. But it didn’t – maybe because it was meant to be. All I know is that the rest of the break we never managed canlı kaçak bahis to come up for air, much less make it to the drugstore. Caught in the throes of forbidden incestuous love and “au natural” sex, the entire week was a blur of two lusty lovemaking young adults.

It wasn’t until I returned to the University and missed my period that I had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was screwed. After a frantic but furtive trip to the drugstore, I sat there in my dorm room looking dumbfounded at the positive result on the pregnancy strip indicator. Boy, was I wrong in tempting the hand of Fate. I was twenty and pregnant by my younger brother; talk about doubling down on my incestuous roll of the dice.

Somehow, I managed to coolly assess my options after calming down and accepting my state of being. I knew that as unwanted as my pregnancy was, there was no way I could have an abortion. This was Kenny’s and my incestuous love child, and it could not to be easily discarded. But there was no way in hell that I could marry Kenny or openly say that he was the actual father of the child within me. Our parents would disown us and we’d live in utter shame as societal outcasts.

It was then that I realized that I had Bruce. “Yes, Bruce! Hmmm, he leaves much to be desired – the self-centered, spoiled, and demanding bastard who treats me like shit! He’s always calling me his girlfriend-whore. Ha, and to top it all off, he’s a lousy fuck,” I thought to myself.

“Yet, Bruce is going to be an engineer and should be able to financially take care of me and my child. But more importantly, people would easily believe and accept Bruce as the father of my child – something they would never do with Kenny. Oh well, Laurie, it’s cut bait or fish time – make up your mind. Hmmm…how do I go about this?”

After making the necessary preparations, I called Bruce and in a contrite tone murmured, “Hey, Bruce. I wanted to say that…I’m sorry for our last fight. It was childish of me and I shouldn’t have run off like I did. I missed you really, really bad…’

“Well, Laurie,” I heard Bruce smugly say, “How bad did you really, really miss me?”

“Ooh, you know how, Bruce,” I whined in that little girl tone that never failed to turn on my beasty boyfriend. “I had no one to suck, tweak, and tug on my big fat nipples, I tried…but while I could pull on my nippies until they hurt, I couldn’t lightly bite them that special way you do.” Then pausing to whimper pitifully, I murmured, “I fingered and played with myself until I was raw, but it wasn’t the same. I have this terrible itch deep in my cunny that only a good boom-boom can scratch. Ooh, Bruce, you big old meanie, you’re making me very horny talking like this. Can I come over now? I can? Okay, I’ll be over as soon as possible.”

It took very little inducement for Bruce to ravish me in one of our typical make-up sex sessions the moment I step foot into his apartment. What Bruce didn’t know was that the rubber that his slutty girlfriend had rolled over his freshly sucked bulbous dickhead had been earlier pricked with tiny holes. He also didn’t know that my available pussy didn’t have its usual squirt of lubricant. Disguising my grimaces of wincing pain as gasps of uninhibited passion, I wantonly urged Bruce to fuck me like the tramp that I was. It took very little boom-boom to rupture that condom, spewing his sperm into my already cuckolded womb.

During the next week, I did an Oscar-winning performance at suspecting my pregnancy and then subsequently confirming it. With a lot of crocodile tears and shameless use of my feminine wiles and body, I convinced Bruce that he was ‘responsible’ for my condition and sighed in relief when he accepted it without argument. After ample demonstrations that having a wife-whore around wasn’t a bad idea, I actually cried when Bruce finally proposed to make me an honest woman.

To make a long story short, before the end of the year, I was hastily married and dropped out of college. Eight months later, I gave birth to Jonathan, who would eventually become the love of my life in more ways than just being my first-born incestuous child.

As a footnote for those of you who may feel sorry for Bruce, you will take comfort in that he would unwittingly get his revenge for being duped. Two months after Jonathan was born, Bruce, in a drunken fit of frustration for being denied sex for several months, forced himself upon me at the right moment in my monthly cycle. This resulted in my second son, Andrew, who was a real chip off of his father’s old block, being born about a year after his older brother. Andrew’s bond with Bruce would in the future provide me with the means to continue my incestuous exploration in the most unexpected ways.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the next episode, Laurie keeps her love life “all in the family” but in a most unexpected way.

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