A Good Neighbor

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I am Mark Farrel who is a 50 years old married man. This is my first (and not my last one) gay encounter with my neighbor next door.

For almost 30 years my wife and I we have good marriage, and over the years we have been through the bad and have very good relationship, and we a very good sexual marriage. We both like porn, and watch them enjoy them. I especially like it when the woman goes down on his cock taking it deep, but at times I have wondered what it would be like going down on a cock; feeling it cum in my mouth. I never told her about going down on another man cock; sucking his cock in my mouth till it cums.

We live in a quite, secluded neighborhood with no neighbor behind us, just a neighbor next us called Tony. He is about 60 years old, tanned, some grey hair, tall, slender, and in good shape. We have talked several time, and he mentioned he was married but she had died several years ago. Now he had a girl friend stop by as well his male friends, and there friendships between her seem very good.

It was Saturday afternoon, and I was watering the garden. It was then I heard the Tony come out on his wooden deck, and lay down on chase lounge. I look over, threw the wood, and I notice he was laying down nude. I had never watch a man nude, and he had a nice semi-hard, uncut cock.

I was continue the watering when I heard over the fence from Tony, “Hello Mark, how are you doing?”

I said, “I am fine, just watering around the garden getting a little tan. What are you doing today?”

“I am just getting a little tan like you are, and relaxing the afternoon away. I haven’t seen your wife lately.”

“She went out of town to her family back east for a whole week. So I just alone, and little bored.”

“Well would like to come over, and we can have a beer relaxing in the back yard.”

I said it would be fine, and I would be over in about ten minutes. I knew he was naked when he was talking to me, and It was a turn on. I went to his home, entered the front door when he opened it ware his shorts on with no top on, and going to the living room. He asked me if I wanted a beer, saying of course. When I was waiting there I notice the very nice room with a HDTV, and surround sound, and a nice sound in his back yard deck.

When he returned to me he offered the beer, and asked if I wanted to go outside. I said sure that would be nice to be out there, and comfortable too. I didn’t know where it was going to lead, and I was a little nervous, and I could sense he new that saying, “You can relax and enjoy yourself. If you smoke that is fine too. I smoke also.” He lit a cigarette, and offer one to me, lighting it too.

“I notice you have a very nice area out here. I notice you come out all the time.”

“I do come out all the time; lay out here naked getting a totally tan. It is nice out here, and I can sleep the afternoon away.”

“Do you worry about being naked out here?”

“No, I don’t have neighbors behind me, and just you on the other fence. Did you know I was naked out here?”

“Yes I did, but I have wonder what it would be like to be naked, relaxing and enjoying the sun.”

“You can get naked if you want, if you don’t mind me being naked again.”

“That sounds kind of fun.” I removed my shorts and t-shirt, and he did the same laying back on the chair like did. We just continued to talk about different things, having another beer; smoking the afternoon away. I think we both dose off when he woke up it; was almost 6 pm and he asked if I wanted to go inside, and have something to eat. We did, and had another beer when he suggest we go into the living room; turning on the TV. We where both still naked, and enjoy the afternoon. He slowly went on about his wife passing away six years, and being alone. I asked him it canlı bahis şirketleri was terrible being alone.

Tony said, “It was very terrible after my wife died, but I knew my life was going to change or I was going to be alone again. He went on about internet, and the sex material with both straight and gay. I stumbled on the gay sight for older men, and look at it; getting more interested than I had before. I started to notice, getting horning than before, and met a couple of men, then I met Steve. Tony mentioned that Steve still like women, but his curious about being with a man was turning him on too. We met at a local bar as Steve had the same problem to, and he told me has a girl friend, and she like him being gay at times. We went to my house here, and we explored the gay side together. It was strange at first getting naked with a man, and feeing him touch me, play with my cock, me playing with his cock, going down on each other. We took the whole evening enjoy each other, and night time till we fell asleep that day. Both me and Steve had gone on as we got together several time with his girlfriend and my girlfriend too.”

We had talked for over hour and half, getting several beers listing to his story. I knew I was a little nervous, and not knowing where it go from here, but I knew where he was going. When he went for another beer he came back with tin and a smoke pipe. He said, “I like to smoke a marijuana when I have been drinking, talking about sex. Do you mind, and if want some please help yourself.”

“I have done that, and I enjoy it with my wife at times. It does turn me on the sex too.”

“It was Steve that turn me on to it, and I have enjoy it a lot.”

With that he slowly lit the pipe up, puffed on it, and passed on to me; taking several more hits between us. He took one more, and offered it me, but I said no; heard from him saying, “Did you like it.”

“Yes it is very nice.”

He took another hit of his beer asking me, “Have you ever thought about being with a man?”

I looked at him saying, “No, but I have thought about it more than once. I even wonder today when I saw you come outside and notice you where naked.”

“That is funny. Do you like gay movies?”

“Yes, but never watch one.”

“Do you want watch one, and see where it goes from there.”

“That would be fun to watch. You know I haven’t been with a man but if I get nervous we can stop.”

“We can stop anytime you want to.” With that he put on a gay movie, and it opened with two older guys starting to undress each other in the bedroom. Soon they where both naked, laying on the bed, playing with each other, and slowly one of them got down on his knees and sucked the other guy off. It was then that Tony remarked, “Do you want another beer, and smoke a cig? The movie is ok with you?

I looked at Tony, smiled saying , “The beer and smoke would be great, and the movie is better than I thought. You can get horny with it easily.”

Tony left the room, came back with beer and cigarettes, and remarked, “That is good one; you like it, making you horny. Have you ever wonder what it would be like to have a man go down on you or you go down on him?”

I smiled saying, “I have wonder about several times over the years, but just never had the opportunity.”

Tony smiled, and he left the room for a moment; coming back with a couple of pills. He put them on the table and said, “It is Levetra pill to make your dick really hard, last a lot longer time if you want one.”

“I will try it, and see. I am feeling good now but more is sometime a good thing.”

“It will feel good.”

We continued to watch the movie with the two men exchange, an playing the other guys cock and sucking it. I looked over at Tony, and I notice his un-cut cock canlı kaçak iddaa was semi-hard as the skin went back and forth while he ran his hand over the top pulling the skin back. My own cock was getting hard too, and it felt good with the Levetra and the movie. It was then that Tony looked at me asking, “I want to suck your cock, and I am getting hornier. You don’t mind do you.”

“I don’t mind, and I wanted to feel it get sucked.” With that he came over to the couch; on his knees and hands slowly stroked my unyielding, rigid hard cock. I watched him start going up and down the head with his mouth, and it was making me feel really hard as his mouth and tongue lick my wet cock head. His mouth went further down my cock, making with it wetter my cock head as it went back feeling how good it felt having another man sucking warm, hard cock. I felt Toney’s other hand play with my firmly hot balls, with his finger sliding further playing with my anal opening. ” Oh god you tasted good. Going down on your cock feels really good in my mouth, warm, hot, and pleasurable. You like it?”, Tony said as he went back on my cock. He went down it several more time rolling it around his mouth, wet and juicy silkiness saturate tongue sliding down my cock, gripping it even tighter squeeze me even more. I think he notice how turned I was, and didn’t want me cum in his mouth, stopping sucking me he said it again, “I know you liked it! I notice you couldn’t last very long.”

I took an deep breath to slowing down, and said, “That was really great with you going down on me. I almost couldn’t stop cumming, but you stopped instead. What was that you did with my ass?”

“I was playing with your rosebud, letting my finger go a little deeper in you. I still have about half my finger in you now.”

I felt Tony’s hand still stroking my cock when I said, “That fell good to. I didn’t notice you where in there feeling me. I like my balls sucked on.”

“I know, and I will play some more.” Tony got his mouth on me again, and I felt his smooth finger enter mine rosebud even more, he slid it back on me going back and forth in his mouth letting his saliva up down my really hard, rigid cock. I could feel his hand around the base of my cock, clutch it more as I felt another finger enter my rosebud; turning me even more I couldn’t utter a word. I could feel my balls getting even harder, as started going down there lapping his tongue on warm balls. I felt how warm his wet tongue, felling running across them, massaging them as I felt cum building up inside of me. Tony stopped sucking my cock and eased back. “You like that some more, didn’t you?”

It took a moment to say anything, but I did say, “That was great, and it did feel really good with you sucking on my balls, and playing with my rosebud too.”

Tony smiled at me and said, “Lets take a break, and relax.” He got up and leaned down and kissed me on the lips feeling good too. It was strange kissing a man, but when he pulled away I pulled him to kiss him too letting my tongue race into his mouth. He pull away, smiling at me, he said, ” You want another beer?”

I said yes, and was catching my breath, and relaxing too. I hadn’t had anyone suck me and play with my rosebud. It was incredible to feel it, and great to feel another man fuck me in the ass. He came back and handed me a beer, and a smoke relaxing as we watch the movie. I did say to him, “That was really nice. I really enjoyed that. I had never had that done before while I was being sucked off.”

“You will enjoy some more too.”, as we sat back an relaxed. I notice he didn’t loose his hard cock.

I asked him after we each finished smoking marijuana and cigs, “I was wondering if I could go down on you?

Tony smiled saying, “Yes anytime you want to start.”

I went over canlı kaçak bahis to him on my knees, bending down more I took his really hard, firm, un-cut cock in my hands; feeling getting hard as my mouth, wrapping my tongue around his un-cut cock head as tasted his wet pre-cum even more. As I sucked on his cock, felt his hand on my head nudging me to take more of firm cock. I heard him say, “Suck my 8″ cock more. I want to feel your mouth on my cock even more. Suck me cocksucker.”

Nudging me more, an deeper, I could feel him rigidly, firm harder un-cut cock gong deeper in my mouth as the skin slid off his hard cock. “Go on suck my hard cock in you mouth. That is. Oh yeah that feels fucking great.”, Tony said it. I lick my finger as I wrapped my mouth around his cock even more, slipping my finger underneath to his rosebud. It felt different; finger his smooth, rough out edge of his rosebud, warm, moist hole, covering around more of my finger. He moaned out, “God, finger me more, and deeper. It feels so good. Don’t stop!”

I did; Tony cock felt like it firmly, powerful harder in my damp, wet mouth, feeling his forceful hand pressing harder on my head as I felt his cock get even bigger. I wasn’t going to stop, I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth; flowing in me. “Oh I am going to cum, don’t stop. Make it cum cocksucker,” Tony said loudly.

My two finger pressed in deeply, his rosebud gripping my fingers, and pulsating around on my fingers. My mouth was going deeper on his rigid cock, feeling it get more powerfully unyielding stiff in my sultry, drench open mouth; feeling him get even firmer. Then suddenly my mouth filled with thick, succulent cum flew into my mouth, having trouble not loose his cum, I swallowed the initial drenching cum, with more it spurting load after load into my mouth. His cum filled my several more times, substantial filling my mouth with thick, tasty, cum filling me up even more hearing is voice, “Don’t stop. Suck it all. I want to feel it cum in you.” Feeling him cum intensely forceful in my mouth, as I took it sensation with his hands hold me tightly on his cock. Suddenly he took his hands of my head, pulling my off his vulnerable, sensitive cock, not letting the cum leave my mouth, I drew back getting a gulp of air. It was several more moment before Tony said, “That was wonderful, great feeling with your hot mouth on me. You liked what it felt like?”

“It was great, and I like tasting your cum and feeling your sensitivity ass. I could do it again if you want. I like the taste of good cum.”, I said with gasping breathing. We both sat back again catching out breath, and each lighting a cig, and finish out beer. I sat back on the couch, enjoying the movie get even more involved. I knew it tasted so good cumming in my mouth, and it was invigorating to me.

I looked over at Tony, and his cock was still hard, mine to was still rigidly hard with him talking, “You want another beer. I know I didn’t make you cum when I was sucking you, but you are still hard. That is good. I will make you cock cum later, drenching several loads of cum like you never have before.” With that he smiled said he got up and got us both some beer.

When he returned I asked him as he handed me a beer, “I can see why men who like sex between us get really turned on.”

“It does as you go along and like it more. You wont stop liking your wife or fucking her, you just like it differently and with more pleasure. I do fuck my girlfriend. She likes to play with me the same way, fucking my ass, me fucking her ass and licking it. But I like it with Steve too. We have all have sex many times together. Steve’s girlfriend, and my girlfriend and us all get to get together and play around with each other, them with sucking pussy or me sucking his cock, or we all are fucking each other in front of them. It just a lot of pleasure.” It was then he light up the marijuana and took a deep breath, handing it to me to take a puff. I did, and it felt good knowing I would take another hit of more it; while he did too.

More to Come

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