A Holiday in Looe Ch. 03

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Emma woke to the sound of rain pattering against the window. At least that was her first thought as she rose from slumber. Blinking the sleep out of her eyes she stared upwards at the rooms’ ceiling which was currently illuminated by bright sunlight. Confused and still not fully conscious she rolled over onto one side with one arm flung outwards in search of her boyfriend. All she found was a slight damp spot in the middle of the bed and an empty space where Mark should have been. Rolling around onto her stomach, her large naked breasts brushing against the pillows, she stared towards the sound of the pattering noise. This was only to discover Mark’s naked body stood with his back towards her whilst facing the radiator located below the rooms’ solitary window.

Mark’s posture was unmistakable. Both arms vanished from sight around his body as he held his penis in both hands. Emma didn’t even need to see the golden stream washing down the radiator wall to realize her boyfriend was relieving his piss. Below his well toned and hairless buttocks Emma could clearly make out the sight of his urine shower squirting from his dick. She gasped in shock and hissed out his name in an accusatory fashion. Already there was a large damp stain on the carpet where Mark’s spent pee had dripped down. It was upon seeing the damp patch that the events of the previous night came flooding back to her. The slight wetness she was currently lying upon was a result of the drunken pee Mark had carried out in the night. With revelation came revulsion and Emma quickly squirmed out of the spot she had been occupying. Once in a drier part of the bed she sat up and decided she would enjoy watching the rest of Mark’s toilet over the radiator. Her boyfriend had a great figure, well toned and now slightly tanned from their time on the beach. Although she couldn’t currently see his wonderfully long dick and his firm ball sack, it took little mental effort to recall how his manhood must currently look as he carried out his piss.

Between her legs, Emma subconsciously slipped a probing finger in the direction of her love hole. It was only as she massaged her clit before entering her pussy’s wetness that she remembered the rest of the night’s events. It had been an incredible experience to have a naughty pee of her own all over the carpet whilst at the same time sucking off her boyfriend’s penis. Her own masturbatory orgasm as she fingered herself had been mind blowing and just recalling the event was causing her hormones to race.

By now Mark had finished his leak. As he turned around to face her, Emma’s attention was firmly routed on his groin. Just seeing Mark’s manhood was a wonderful stimulus and the finger currently inside her love palace quickened its thrusting pace. She was fully prepared now for Mark to come back to bed and fuck her senseless. It was with a massive disappointment when she suddenly realised that Mark was still actually asleep. With his eyes still fully shut he wandered in a staggering motion back to the bed. Arms outstretched he found the metal railing of the headrest and guided himself back to the sheets. Dropping down to the mattress he groaned loudly with an obviously bad hangover and then returned almost immediately to a deep slumber.

Emma stared in disbelief at her now snoring boyfriend.

“Pig!” She punched his back lightly in disgust. “Bastard!” she added, as she realised she wouldn’t be fucking him illegal bahis any time soon. Climbing out of bed she found that she was still groggy herself from all the drink she consumed the night before. Well if nothing else, if Mark could have a piss all over their room then she saw no reason why she couldn’t as well. With butterflies starting to race in her belly, Emma made her way to a far corner before turning around to face the bed. Slowly she squatted down allowing her wide naked buttocks to come within mere inches of the deep pile carpet. It was then a wonderfully exciting experience to allow her pee its much need its release and allow it to trace its way through her belly to her waiting pussy lips.

Emma gasped with a mixture of shock and delight as her golden torrent erupted from her lower fleshy lips. With her pee hole opened wide, a thick torrent of gushing piss was now raining down to form a growing damp pee stain on the carpet. Her pussy shower looked delicious as it flew through the air on its way to desecrate the floor with her hot spent piss. The soft hiss and patter her toilet was making was making her hornier by the second. Recalling her piss by the bed the night before, Emma allowed her one hand to slip into the fast flowing golden stream issuing from her pussy lips. Immediately her hot pee started to run over her fingers covering more and more of her flesh as she slipped her digits further into her flowing pee fountain. Her piss was incredibly warm which in turn was so wonderfully intoxicating.

Now she couldn’t help herself and immediately she moved her hand upwards through her still flowing fountain of yellow piss and began to play loving with herself. As she traced her way in and out of her piss stream as it jetted from her open pee hole, hot wetness splashed over her bare thighs as well as her fingers. This was even more exciting and Emma brought her left hand into play, cupping her escaping pee as it continued to shoot away from her pussy. Already she was nearing the end of her pee but she never wanted it to stop. Her eyes were now fully shut her entire consciousness floating around the deliciously warm sensation playing over her fingers. Once her pee had finished for good after one last wonderfully long squirt over the now sodden piss stained patch on the carpet, she instinctively slipped inside her love temple. As her fingers moved in and out in an ever increasing rhythm, Emma groaned loudly in erotic bliss. Her other hand was now playing inside the pee patch on the floor still enjoying its warmth over her fingers. Faster and faster inside her pussy, her two probing fingers driving her onwards to a sensational orgasm which saw Emma collapsing prone to the floor, one hand still fingering her pussy whilst a second cupped her left breast.

It was a long time before Emma clambered up from her masturbatory position on the floor. ‘What a fantastic self-fuck that had been!’ Emma told herself whilst climbing unsteadily off the floor. Her pee stain on the carpet had been joined with her love juices and there was now a terrible mess on the floor which she had no idea on how to clean up. Walking over to the window where a similar damp stain had christened the carpet from Mark’s golden shower, Emma undid the latch and slid the glass upwards. Immediately the cries of seagulls flowed into the room along with a loving morning breeze which flowed around Emma’s naked body. For several seconds illegal bahis siteleri Emma enjoyed the sounds of the seaside resort coming through the window. Already she could hear the distant calls of holiday makers enjoying themselves on the beach coupled with the nearer sound of the open shops in the streets below the apartment. It was then when Emma suddenly recalled the night before. In her mind it all came flooding back; the naughty pee in the high street over the shop wall and her piss with Mark on the fishing boat. It all seemed so far away now but what a wonderful memory.

Thinking more about her daring exploits the night before, Emma wondered what the shop owner must have thought when he saw the pee stain on his wall. Would he (or she) have guessed that a sexy young woman had made that mess with a hot stream of squirting pee leaving her pussy lips? Thinking about it was simply too much. She simply had to see her pee stain for herself. With that in the forefront of her mind Emma quickly started to dress. Five minutes later and she was out the front door, leaving Mark alone with only his drunken snores for company.

Butterflies were dancing in Emma’s stomach as she made her way into the shop that belonged to the wall she had been pissing over the night before. She desperately wanted a good look at the wall on the way in but there was no way of achieving this without being obvious in her intent. Instead she pushed open the shop door and ventured casually inside. The interior was dark and musty. Behind the counter an aged man full of wrinkles watched on over the multitude of customers inside. The shop shelves were filled with all kinds of tourist junk and Emma busied herself with the task of pretending to take interest in their contents, whilst all the while, edging for a better vantage point for looking out of the shop window.

Finally she found a good spot where she could get a good view through the glass. Sure enough she could quite clearly make out her long damp piss stain clearly visible all over the brick work. The memory of making the stain came rushing back to her as she stood there mesmerised by the evidence of her toilet. In her belly she could feel the familiar urge to pee building by the second made more acute the sight of her piss stain over the bricks.

Emma suddenly had an incredibly naughty idea. All she was wearing was a short one piece dress that flowed down over her large breasts and just past her thighs. Underneath her dress were her green bikini bottoms instead of panties. Smiling to herself she moved past two other customers to a point at the far back of the shop, partially obscured by a rack of cheap toy dolls. Pretending to be fascinated by the display in front of her, Emma instead started secretly to let loose on the urge in her bladder. Moments passed and the familiar sensation flowed through her body tracing its way downwards to her waiting pussy lips. Barely a moment later and her pee hole opened and hot piss instantly started to flow into her green bikini briefs.

The warm wet sensation flowing into her bikini bottoms was gorgeous. Emma allowed another squirt of piss to escape her pussy lips and filled her green briefs with more hot wet urine. Finally she couldn’t hold back to just little squirts and between her legs her pee hole opened to full extent and she started to piss in earnest into her swimwear. Within seconds a thin stream of pee had started canlı bahis siteleri to emanate from the bottom of her dress before raining down to the floor below.

Panicking a little in case either the slight pattering sound could be heard or the puddle of pee forming on the floor might be seen, Emma tried to edge closer the shelf. Desperately she tried to get her pee stream to land over the shelf rather than the tiles below. This was only marginally successful but after looking around Emma realised that nobody was paying her the least bit attention. This fact only made her want to be naughtier. Ceasing the flow of hot pee into her bikini briefs, Emma reached down to the bottom of her dress. Pulling it up slightly she reached underneath and carefully pulled back her piss sodden bikini bottoms to one side. Now her piss flaps had clear aim towards to the row of dolls on the shelf below and Emma wasted no time. Within seconds a thick stream of hot piss was squirting out from her pussy and was spraying downwards to cover one of the dolls with a fountain of her golden pee.

‘What a thrill!, Emma thought as she stood there pissing all over the shelf. Twisting her hips slightly to one side she brought her golden stream to bear on a new doll whose clothing instantly started to darken as the fabric absorbed her hot wet pussy shower. Suddenly movement from the front of the shop caught her eye. Looking up she saw that the shop keeper had taken an unusual interest in her activities at the back off the shop. The fear of immediate discovery was instantly enough to stop Emma’s pee and immediately her pussy lips closed. Allowing her dress to fall back down over her thighs, Emma grabbed a non pissed stained doll off the shelf she had just been relieving herself over and walked confidently over to the counter.

“How much for this one?” she enquired thrusting the doll forwards.

Leaving the shop as quickly as possible with her new acquisition in hand, Emma fled down the street. It wouldn’t take the owner too much intuition to put two and two together and he would soon discover his piss stained shelf. However, she had escaped for now and tomorrow they would be leaving Looe. With this in mind she went back to more pressing matters, on how uncomfortable it was walking down the street with her bikini briefs still pulled to one side. Taking a detour into the Ladies toilets on the way to the beach, Emma headed into a cubicle and slammed the door behind her. Instead of rearranging her bikini briefs, she instead hoisted up her dress and immediately squatted over the floor. Within seconds Emma was having a new pee, this time squirting her piss all over the floor. A thick golden stream squirted strongly out of her hairy muff and played strongly over the white floor tiles. Between her feet the puddle of pee continued to grow as more and more urine squirted out of Emma’s pussy.

After several seconds of delicious peeing over the floor, Emma decided that there was a good risk of her pee puddle being seen under the cubicle door. Ceasing her current toilet, Emma stood up and approached the one wall of the cubicle. As soon as her pussy was close enough Emma resumed her toilet, this time sending her golden shower spraying over the cubicle wall. Hot yellow piss flowed down the already dirty wall and Emma wondered how many other girls had peed in the cubicle like this. Between her legs, her pussy shower was beginning to droop. Finishing her pee with one last long squirt over the cubicle wall, Emma completed her toilet. Pulling her still damp piss sodden bikini briefs back into place over her muff, Emma opened the cubicle door and quickly fled the scene of her latest naughty piss.

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