A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 28

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As soon as Master started stirring, I snapped awake and remembered what today was. The butterflies that Master and Marcello had finally settled last night came back with a vengeance and I wanted to vomit. You wouldn’t think it would have been a big deal, but I had never been this nervous. I would rather perform in front of an audience of thousands than face today.

“Master, would you be upset if I just showered alone and went down to play,” I asked quietly. “It’s the only thing that really seems to calm my nerves.”

Master just nodded before tipping his head down and kissing me. Everyone else was still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake them, so I slipped down to the foot of the bed to get out. The bed was more than big enough for all eight of us, but I didn’t want to crawl over anyone. Slipping into the bathroom, I closed the door behind me. It wouldn’t latch, but it would at least keep the light and noise of the shower for waking anyone up before they were ready.

I turned the water up as hot as I could stand it and stepped under, letting it wash over me and hopefully calm my nerves a bit. I was just starting to relax when I felt arms slide around me and lips kiss my neck. The quiet ‘raow’ told me was holding me and I leaned back into my first lovers arms.

“Sorry kitten, I didn’t mean to wake you. I just couldn’t sleep anymore,” I said as I turned in her arms and embraced her. “Did you want me to wash you today? It’s supposed to be my turn with Master, but you can take my place if you want. I’m just too nervous to wait.”

She shook her head as she grabbed one of the scrubbers and handed it to me. For someone who couldn’t talk, she had no problem getting her feeling across. If she had just handed me the soap it would mean she wanted the full session, but just the scrubber meant she was fine with just a regular shower so I could talk to her. She also knew that giving me something to focus on would help calm my nerves.

“I know I shouldn’t be so nervous. I mean, they are my parents after all, it’s just the first time I have seen them since I left,” I explained as I started washing her. “Master tried to make it easier for me, offering to have everyone dress normally for the day, but I want them to see what my life is like now. I need them to understand that I am a pet now and I’m happy with my new life.”

I saw her raise an eyebrow, as if she were questioning me. “I am happy with my life here. I admit I was dreading becoming a slave when you first met me. Julien was a complete unknown. I figured he wanted me to sit around playing my harp in his palace or something, and then use me for sex when he felt the need. I had resigned myself to my fate because my family needed the money and I would at least be able to play my music most of the time. Meeting you and Alonso made me realize it might not be as bad as I thought.”

“I developed a bit of a crush on him during the flight. When he found a way for us to have some privacy our first time together, it was far more kindness than I expected to receive. He was so gentle and caring that I wished I could have been his pet instead. When Elizabeth told me Julien was going to ask Alonso to claim me so I could go to school here, I almost cried because I was so happy. I did cry when he told me he had already arranged to buy me after I finished school.”

I had finished washing her and started on my own body when she took the scrubber away and started washing me. “Being here with Alonso as my Master and having all of you has made me happier than I ever thought I could be. Discovering how much I enjoy sex with all of you helps, but I can see how much Master loves me every time he looks at me. Finding love when you expected to just be used for sex for the rest of your life is amazing, and I don’t care what my parents think of it.”

Kitten stepped back and gave me a knowing smile. I couldn’t help but smile and shake my head. “You tricky little minx, you knew I would get over my nerves if you just made me talk it through. I’m not sure if I should kiss you or spank you right now.”

She just smiled and shrugged, knowing I wouldn’t spank her anyway because neither of us enjoyed it. “Since we are done with our shower, would you like to get dressed and come listen to me play? We still have tons of time before breakfast and it will help me stay calm.”

Her eyes lit up as she nodded and shut the water off. All of my new family enjoyed hearing me play, but kitten and Master had a special love for the classics I preferred. We dried each other off and slipped into the closet to get dressed. Kitten only took a minute to slip her boots, gloves, and ears on, and was standing holding her tail before I even picked out what to wear.

I knew I had told Master I wanted my parents to see me as I was, but I was torn on how much I really wanted to show them. My outfits ranged from what was basically a shelf bra with some ostrich feathers hanging down to cover my stomach, to full coverage teddies that would at least cover my private isveçbahis parts, if just barely. They were my parents after all, but I wanted to make my status completely clear.

Kitten solved my dilemma by pulling out the skimpiest outfit I had and handing it to me. The front clasping shelf bra accentuated my breasts while failing to even cover my nipples and the feathers hanging off it barely went down as far as my belly button. I guess nothing screams I’m a sex slave quite like having your breasts and pussy of full display with an ostrich feathered butt plug in your ass. I just hoped my parents didn’t have a heart attack upon seeing me like this.

As I slipped the bra on, I looked down and smiled. It did make a lovely display of cleavage that I never had before becoming Master’s pet. I hoped they would at least be happy with how much healthier I was now. Master was big on making sure I got proper meals and regular exercise. He was just as fanatic about maintaining a healthy lifestyle himself, doing yoga with us most days and walking Kiera every morning.

I spent a couple extra minutes playing with her ass, making sure she climaxed, before slipping her tail in and she returned the favor. We both had pussy juice running down our thighs as we left the closet, but that was a normal state for us. The action on the bed had certainly heated up while we were getting ready for the day.

Zara and her husband were locked in their morning sixty-nine, while Vivi was draining Kiera’s breasts and Marian was treating Master to a nice slow ride. I couldn’t help but wonder what my parent’s would think of our sleeping arrangements, as this was a normal morning for us. I’m sure they would figure it out as they were staying the night in one of the guest rooms, but at least my mother had agreed to leave my siblings with her sister.

My younger brothers were fourteen and sixteen. I knew they would have spent the entire time staring and drooling, assuming they didn’t get the shit slapped out of themselves for groping one of the girls. My sisters were only eight and eleven though; far too young to be exposed to the sexuality that was the normal routine around here in my opinion.

After helping kitten use her litter box, we headed down to the great room. I ran my hands over the warm walnut finish of my concert harp before testing the strings to make sure it was in tune. Despite having permission to play it anytime I wished, I did most of my playing on the smaller one in the solarium. I still checked it daily and tuned it, but I preferred to play where people could listen to my music.

With kitten being my only audience at the moment, I went straight into Mozart and got lost in the music. I saw the rest of my family coming out and sitting to listen, but didn’t realize how long I had been playing until I felt Zara’s hands on my hips as she leaned in to kiss my shoulder.

“I hate to interrupt you when you’re playing, but breakfast is ready whenever you are.” I nodded as she went to take a seat and listen to the end of the piece I was playing. That was actually one of my favorite things about my new family. They never rushed me to stop playing or stood there impatiently if they needed to talk to me. They would just come up from behind me and quietly tell me what they needed before relaxing and waiting for me to finish on my own. I never made them wait longer than I needed to finish the piece I was currently playing, but I loved knowing they respected me enough to wait.

When I finished the piece and stepped back, it was to a quiet round of applause from my family. One more thing I loved about them, they heard me play every day, but they were still grateful and thanked me for playing.

Breakfast was as delicious as it always was. Zara had made fresh blackberry filled pastries. It was a lighter breakfast than normal, but I knew Master had requested a full lunch to celebrate my birthday and my parents visit. Kiera and Vivi were going to be helping Zara prepare lunch, and I knew Zara had made a special shopping trip yesterday to pick up all the fresh ingredients she needed for the full seven course formal meal.

When we finished breakfast, Master herded everyone up to the solarium for yoga. With my parents coming to visit, he wanted our afternoon clear so I could spend more time with them. I hoped it would work out, but I had no idea how they were going to respond. I had spoken with them briefly when we came back to take care of Sonia’s family, and had weekly calls with them since returning, but this was the first chance they had to actually visit. It would be easy to deny my status on the phone though, and this was the first time they would see what my life was like now.

After yoga, Vivi and Gianna rushed off to take care of the master bedroom. They had done extra yesterday so they just had to change the bedding, while Sonia and I got one of the guest suites ready for my parents. We would just have to wait and see if they actually used it.

As Kiera and Zara slipped isveçbahis giriş off to the kitchen to start cooking, I was surprised to see Master walking up to me holding a leash. He walked Kiera daily with her bridle, and would take Gianna and kitten out for walks on a leash, but they all requested it. He never made the rest of us wear a leash. I couldn’t believe how humiliated I felt as he snapped it on my collar and gave it a light tug so I would follow.

He led me downstairs and out the door, following the same route he took Kiera on every day. I stayed silent as we walked, little tears of humiliation running down my cheeks. There was no chance of anyone else seeing me, but I still felt exposed. When he started a second circuit of the perimeter instead of turning back to the house as he usually would, I finally had to speak up.

“Master, if your slave may ask a question?” He hadn’t spoken since putting the leash on me. We just walked with him holding the other end and expecting me to follow. I would have followed with just a word from him, but I didn’t understand why he was humiliating me this way. When he nodded, I continued. “Why did you use the leash? You know I would follow if you told me to, but this is humiliating. You have never treated me like a slave before today, and I don’t understand what changed.”

“I’m not trying to humiliate you my love,” he said softly. “I simply wanted to make you think about something. You have been nervous all week, thinking about your parents coming to visit and wondering what they would think of your new lifestyle. I felt you needed the reminder that you didn’t have any choice. I do love you and treat all of my pets with respect, but you could have ended up in far worse conditions.”

As we continued our walk, I thought about my fears from before I went to the island. Master never abused me, forced me to anything degrading, or treated me as if I were his slave. Kiera had told me stories about her life as a pony, and I knew I was lucky to have him as my Master. Most of the people who purchased slaves from Julien had little respect for their pets. I could have been passed around as if I were nothing more than a party favor, to be abused and used as nothing more than a convenient hole to cum inside of. Here I knew I was safe, protected and loved dearly.

“I’m sorry Master. I guess I forgot my place because you are always so considerate of my feelings. I will try to do better in the future,” I told him. “I didn’t mean to take advantage of you.”

“You don’t take advantage of me, and I don’t want you to act any differently than you do,” he replied. “I don’t treat you and Kiera like slaves because I prefer to see you happy. I just felt you needed a reminder so you can look your parents in the eye and not care if they approve. You may have agreed to the terms of your contract, but they were the ones who profited from the deal and have no right to judge you.”

“I don’t think they made that much of a profit off me Master. I can’t imagine Julien would have paid much for me back then,” I said quietly. The hard look he gave me made me rethink my opinion.

“I know exactly how much Julien paid for you. Each of your siblings has a tuition account that will pay for a PHD program at the most prestigious schools in Rome. Your parent’s debts were fully cleared, they received a significant sum each year to support your family, and a large payment once you went to the island,” he told me. “You probably never worried about the details, but your family is very well off because you chose to sell yourself. Julien only invests in a girl if he is sure she is going to be worth it, so you may want to reconsider what you’re worth before I decide to give your birthday spankings with a cane.”

His tone and words made me jerk to a stop. Master hated giving out punishments that severe and he would never joke about it. I was still in shock when he reached up and unhooked my leash. “I will leave you here to think about what you are worth my pet, not only to those around you but to yourself as well.”

As he walked away, I realized he was right about one thing. I honestly had no idea what Julien had paid my parents. They had told me about the college funds for my siblings, but I didn’t realize they were so extensive. I never would have known how much we got because my life never changed. My parents continued to work and always complained about how tight money was, so I assumed they would only be paid after I went to the island.

I had overheard Master and Julien talking on several occasions about the contracts for the pets. Julien wanted someone he trusted to know the business in case he had an accident. He was breeding his pets, hoping for a son to carry on his line, but he was being cautious after the attack on the island. With his line of work, he wasn’t exactly loved by most of the world.

His younger brother took care of the pets with musical inclinations such as myself, but Julien was still in charge of the financial end. The isveçbahis yeni giriş average price was around three million and he regularly invested more than half that in each purchase before they were fully trained. If Master was willing to pay that much for me, maybe he valued me far more than I valued myself, and if Julien had invested half that much in me, my parents received well over a million dollars after I left for the island.

Maybe it was time to rethink what I thought I was worth to him and to myself. My confidence as a woman had soared during our time on the island, but I still placed my worth as the frightened little girl I had been when Julien’s people had first approached my parents. I had grown considerably since then, not only as a musician, but as a woman as well. Placing my value so low was insulting, not only to Master, but to the people who loved me and viewed me as precious.

Turning back to the house, I knew Master was right. My parents had no right to judge me. They could either accept me as I was now or leave and never see me again. My choice had set them up for life and taken care of my family far better than they could have. I was happy with the way my life had turned out and my new family’s opinions were far more important to me than my parents opinions were.

As I walked back to the house, I knew I owed Master an apology and deserved a punishment if he wished to give me one. Entering the house, I was surprised to find no one in the great room or solarium. Sticking my head in the kitchen, I found Zara, Vivi and Kiera preparing the outlying courses for lunch. I knew the main courses would be made last, but the lighter fare would be able to sit longer before serving.

“Do you know where everyone is,” I asked as I walked in. “Master was a bit upset with me and I need to apologize, but they weren’t in the solarium or the great room. I would check the bedroom, but I know Master never plays up there before lunch.”

“Nope, just his after walk blowjob in the solarium usually,” Kiera replied with a grin. “He is very consistent in how he allows us to play with him. Our sisters are all over at Zara’s, getting your birthday presents wrapped and ready. Master is probably still up in the nursery with Nicolina. He said he was going to play with her while Sonia went to help wrap your gifts. He didn’t seem upset when he stopped in to get her bottle.”

“He may not be upset in general, but I don’t think he is very happy with me at the moment,” I replied. “I have been so worried about what my parents would think, seeing me like this, that I forgot they were the ones who profited off my becoming a slave. I didn’t think of how much Master values me. He loves me enough to want to buy me from Julien so I can stay with him, but I never thought about it that way.”

“If you ever doubt how much you are worth to him, just look at your collar,” Vivi told me. “The diamonds on our collars are worth more than most people make in a year. I’m not a professional appraiser or anything, but I spent a lot of time staring at jewelry I could never afford to have an idea what it costs, and he gave them to us as a sign of affection.”

I reached up to touch my collar and smiled. When I first arrived on the island, Amanda had given me a plain leather collar and explained I was not allowed to removed it without permission except to shower or sleep. His special pets wore black velvet collars with rubies on them for daily use, but I had seen their special collars, and even his newest pets had diamonds.

“I know that, and I know he loves me, but I am so used to only seeing my value as a musician that I forget anything else,” I said with a sigh. “Master values me that way, but I am more than that to him. I have a hard time remembering that. Maybe I should ask him to spank me on occasion to help keep my head on straight.”

I saw all three of them smirk at that before Vivi replied. “You might want to be careful with that. I have found his spankings to be a bit addictive. After my punishment, I was scared to try, but I saw how much everyone else enjoyed it and finally asked. I didn’t really like it at the beginning, but by the time he finished I was hooked.”

“I will keep that in mind, but I need to apologize first,” I replied. “My parents should be here around noon and I need to make amends before they arrive.”

They all nodded as they wished me luck and went back to their cooking. I found Master up in the nursery, still cradling Nicky in his arms trying to feed her. She fed perfectly from the breast, but even though the bottle was breast milk, she didn’t like it much. Master just nodded when I came in and looked back down to Nicky as he slipped the nipple back in her mouth.

I knew he wasn’t ignoring me. He was just concerned with getting her to eat for him. I knelt down in front of him so he could still see me without looking up from taking care of her. “I’m sorry for my actions Master. I know how much you value me as your pet and your lover. I’m not accustomed to thinking of myself as important to anyone and I under value what I am worth to them as a result. I will try to do better for you and my sisters so I don’t disrespect any of you by thinking I am not worthy of how much you do value me.”

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