A Little Help From a Friend Ch. 03

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Kelly and I continued to see each other, and occasionally I’d join in a three way with Walter, both of us sperming his wife. Walter, for his part was enjoying the arrangement, excited that his long time fantasy was being fulfilled on a somewhat regular basis. Funny how something as simple as living out a fantasy can make such a dramatic difference in one’s ability to respond to erotic stimulus. Kelly, though, was getting more and more put off by his kidding about renting her out. One day, after we had made love, I asked her if she wanted to call his bluff on it.

“I’ve been thinking about how I can do it,” said Kelly, a look of frustration on her face. “That’s a whole new world for us. I was surprised at how he reacted to you and I having sex. I’m not sure if I really went through with something like that, with several guys, how he’d take it. He might get even more turned on, but it’s also possible that one guy-you-he’s OK with, but a bunch, maybe not.”

“How do you feel about doing it?? After all, it’s going to be a big change for you after all these years of being with one man.”

Kelly’s face lit up in a dreamy smile. “It might be fun. I have some fantasies, too, ya know.”

A week went by, then I got a call the following Saturday from Kelly. “What are you doing tonight??”

“I’m free. What do you have up your sleeve??”

“Can you meet me at Bobbisox around 9??” Bobbisox is a bar in the next town whose theme was oldies. It was popular with an older crowd, as you might imagine.

“Sure. I’ll see you tonight.” This was a new development. I knew Kelly liked a glass of wine now and then, but til this point, except for an occasional glass when we were out to dinner or a few glasses of Bailey’s at home, I had not seen her drink. I wondered what she was up to.

I went to the bar around 9, as we had planned. When I got there, I looked around and saw Kelly at the bar. She was wearing a nicer dress than I usually saw her in, something that had probably been in her closet a long time. It was deep red; burgundy would be a good description. It had spaghetti straps and came to a deep V in front, enough to show some cleavage. More interestingly, it was above the knee, something I had not seen on Kelly as long as I had known her. Sheer black stockings and black heels completed her look. Her hair was done so it flowed in waves down over her shoulders. She looked really good. She smiled when she saw me. I walked over to her, greeting her with a kiss.

“So what does a girl have to do to get a guy to buy her a drink in this place??” asked Kelly, smiling.

“Just sit there and look pretty,” I teased her. I took note of a couple of empty wine glasses in front of her. “From the looks of it, that plan is working.”

Kelly laughed as I ordered her a merlot. The bartender placed her wine in front of her, a beer in front of me.

“So. What does a guy have to do to take a pretty girl home from this place??”

Kelly smiled. “Buy her a drink.” We clinked glasses and downed our beverages. “Come on, baby, let’s get out of here,” she said as she sucked down her wine. She took my hand and led me out to the parking lot. I expected her to lead me to her van, but instead we walked across the lot to the adjacent motel, one that was known for having a dubious reputation-the kind of place you would go if you were cheating on your spouse. Kelly pulled out a key and let us into a room.

Once inside, I noticed Kelly’s purse on the dresser, and that the bed was turned down. In fact, it looked as if it had been used recently. She kissed me hard while rubbing my cock through my jeans. I was already getting hard when we were walking over to the room. Now I was all the way up. Kelly unbuttoned my shirt, playing her hand through the hair on my chest. She kissed me again, then reached down to undo the button and unzip my jeans, giving my cock a good rub on the way.

“Oooh, nice and hard, honey. I think someone wants to fuck me,” Kelly whispered, pulling my cock from my pants. She slid them down and I stepped out of them, kicking my shoes off. I had been playing with her tits through her dress while she was undressing me. Now I slid the straps off her shoulders, exposing her tits so I could play with them. “That feels nice honey.” She slipped the dress off, letting it fall to the floor. Kelly was now standing in front of me in black lace panties and thigh highs, still in heels. She started stroking my now bare cock and kissed me again.

“Take these panties off me and fuck me like the whore I am.” I took her panties at her hips and slid them down. They dropped to the floor, and she stepped out of them. She let go of me a moment, and reached for her purse, pulling out a condom. “Put this on, sweetie,” Kelly said, handing it to me.

“Don’t we usually do this without a condom??” I asked. “We’ve never used one before.”

Kelly looked up at me. “You can do me bareback, but it will cost extra.”

“How much??”

“$100. Casibom $50 with a condom.” Kelly looked at me. I pulled out some cash and peeled off a $50 bill and handed it to her. She folded it in half and put it in her purse, then tore open the wrapper, placing the rubber at the head of my cock and rolling it on. She pulled me to the bed, going down on her back, and I followed, getting in position to go down on her, as I usually did. She pulled me over her so my latex clad dick was resting on her bush. “Just fuck me, baby. Gimme that stiff dick good and hard the way you want to.”

There’s something about fucking in a cheap motel that is a real turn on for me, especially fucking a married woman. Kelly was taking on the role of a hooker, and it was over the top. I was hard as a steel rod; it’s a wonder I didn’t come before I got inside her. I looked at her lying on the bed, the sheets looking like she had probably done this a few times already tonight, her hair disheveled as she lay on the pillow, her tits and nipples puffed out, her dark bush framing her wide open pussy, which also looked like it had been used a few times that night, legs in stockings, her heels on the bedspread. I practically jumped on her, not needing to be guided inside, my cock finding the mark on its own. In a moment, I was inside her, pounding away at Kelly’s slutty, likely used twat. Kelly was carried away as well, thrusting back up at me, meeting my probing cock with every stroke.

“Come on, baby, give it to me. Give me your hot come deep in my slut cunt. You know you want to fill me.” She kept pushing up at me hard, her hips bucking after about five minutes as she came. I held on-I don’t know how-while she orgasmed, maintaining my pace through her climax. It wasn’t long for me after.

“I’m coming, Kelly!!” I yelled at her. “I’m going to come in your slutty cunt.”

“Let me have it, babe. Come deep in my pussy. Shoot your hot load deep in me!!” With that, I unloaded, blasting burst after hot burst of semen into the rubber. It felt like my balls were going to shoot out the head of my cock, I came so hard. Kelly had wrapped her legs around me, her heels digging into my ass, holding me in while I came. When I was done, she slapped my ass. I pulled out of her, the rubber filled with my spent load. “Mmmm, that looks nice. I love when I can make a guy fill a scum bag like that. I stood up and removed the condom, taking it into the bathroom. I came back and stuck my still semi hard dick in Kelly’s face.

“Be a good slut and lick me clean.” Kelly took my cock in her mouth and cleaned the sperm off my dick. I retrieved my clothes from the floor, putting on my shirt, then pulling my jeans on. Kelly was now sitting on the edge of the bed. “I suppose I should move along so you can get on to your next customer.”

Kelly looked at me. “Time is money, sweetie.”

I got my shoes on, then kissed her. “See you tomorrow, hon.”

As I went back to my car, I wondered how many guys she had done this with, and how many more were going to get the chance tonight. I sat in the car for about ten minutes, waiting to see if Kelly would go back to the bar. She didn’t, but just as I was about to leave, I saw a familiar car pull up to the motel. I recognized the man who got out as Walter’s friend George, who had come to my house with him to do a kitchen rebuild a few years earlier. He went to the door, and I saw Kelly let him in. It looked like she was having a busy night.

The next morning, I met Walter and Kelly at church. We had our usual pleasantries, and the service started. When the ushers came around with the collection basket, Kelly pulled out a $100 bill, slowly unfolded it, and dropped it in the basket. Walter’s eyes got like dinner plates when he saw that. I just smiled. We went to lunch as we often did after church, but not getting into the topic of Kelly’s generous donation that morning.

After lunch, we went back to their house, only this time, Walter didn’t wait for Kelly to change, taking her by the shoulders and kissing her hard as soon as we were in the TV room. He unbuttoned her top, pushing it off her onto the floor, then pulled her skirt off. Though at first taken aback by the sudden attention, Kelly started rubbing his cock through his khakis, and soon had his pants off, his stiff erection pointing high. He pushed her down on the couch, pulling her panties off. She undid her bra, and was now naked, her legs spread in front of her husband. I had never seen Walter this animated; it was as if he were suddenly possessed. Kelly’s labia were open, and I could see that they were slick, looking like they had been pounded hard recently, which of course they had, though at this point, Walter had no idea exactly how much cock had been between them in the last 24 hours. He plunged in, going balls deep immediately, making Kelly cry out as he spread her open, hitting her womb.

He finally spoke. “You’re nice and slippery. Did Tom give you a good load last night??” Casibom Giriş

Kelly looked up at me, then at her husband. “Actually, that’s not Tom’s come inside me.”

“Really?? Then whose,” asked Walter, looking only mildly surprised.

“It’s George’s. He was the only one who came in me last night,” said Kelly, now looking a little worried.

“How many were there??” Walter asked.

“Ummm, six,” said Kelly sheepishly.

“They all paid you??”

“Yes,” said Kelly as Walter picked up his pace, now pounding his wife hard, making her tits shake as he rode her hard.

“How much??”

“Fifty if they used a rubber. A hundred if they didn’t. George wanted to come inside me so much he said it was worth the extra $50.” Kelly hesitated a moment. “Well, you did say you were going to rent me out.”

Walter’s hips thrust hard and fast for a moment, then he pushed hard into Kelly’s pussy, letting out a groan. He was coming hard, depositing a huge load into her slutty cunt. Now Kelly’s eyes got big as she felt his sperm filling and overflowing her and she came.

“Damn, honey, you haven’t come that hard in ten years,” said Kelly as she came off her orgasmic high.

“Guess it’s more of a turn on than I thought to find out my wife is a slut,” Walter said with a smile. He turned to me. “Your turn, buddy. Get her while she’s hot!!”

I didn’t need any prompting. I had undressed while Kelly and Walter were screwing and was ready to go. I climbed onto Kelly, pushing my cock into her still dripping pussy.

Walter must have been inspired by the realization that his wife had taken multiple partners the night before. She was soaked. I’d had Walter’s sloppy seconds on other occasions, and he usually dumped a good load in her now that he’d gotten his sexual energy back. But this was exceptional. My cock was swimming in the load he had deposited in Kelly, and I slurped in and out.

“You weren’t kidding about being flooded. You’re soaked,” I said to Kelly. She wasn’t able to answer, as Walter had moved up beside her face, putting his cock in front of her, gently nudging her lips so she would lick him clean. I pounded at Kelly’s slippery cunt, doubly turned on by the fact that she now had come from two guys in her, and the way she described her foray into sex for hire. Watching her suck her husband’s cock didn’t hurt either, and I was soon on the way to blowing my load into her overflowing pussy. I pushed deep, making Kelly moan as I hit her farthest reaches. I felt my balls tighten and my cock start to convulse.

I looked down at her. “I’m coming, Kelly honey,” I said in a loud whisper.

Kelly released Walter’s cock as she felt me swell inside her, wrapping her legs around me. “Give it to me, baby. Let me feel it like I couldn’t last night.” I started to pulse and spew. Kelly closed her eyes as she felt the force of my sperm hitting the depths of her cunt. She tightened her legs around my thighs and pushed her hips into me as she came with me, and I felt my balls get soaked from the mix of my sperm with the loads from the last two guys who came in her, as well as her own juices. She thrust hard up at me and cried out as her orgasm maxed out, then went limp on the sofa. I stayed on top of her for a good five minutes, kissing her gently, savoring the feel of my cock in her sloppy pussy. Finally I pulled off her, a big pearl of semen emerging from between her still spread pussy lips. It spilled out, leading a long, thick stream of come down her ass, making a puddle on the sofa cushion.

Kelly sat up, a look of satisfied exhaustion on her face. She gave me a kiss, then Walter’s cock. He was semi hard, and I thought maybe the overheated sexual energy might give him a second wind. It was not to be, despite Kelly taking him in her mouth for a couple of minutes. He excused himself to go to the bathroom. While he was gone, Kelly gave me a knowing look.

“I wasn’t sure how he was going to take it when I told him it was George’s come inside me, and not yours, or how he’d react to me getting screwed by half a dozen guys last night,” said Kelly, looking a little relieved.

“I’d say it went well, better than I would have expected,” I replied. “On the other hand, he has been taunting you about renting you out for a long time, so he really can’t complain, since he created that monster.”

Kelly looked at me a moment. “We’ll see how he does when I turn this up a notch,” she said with an enigmatic smile. I wondered what she had in mind, though I had a few ideas where this might be going.

We sat and talked the rest of the afternoon, and I went home after dinner. Kelly and I continued to get together several times a week, our lovemaking sessions becoming more intimate as we got a lot more comfortable together.

About a month after the first time I met Kelly at the bar, I got a message on a Saturday night. “Come out to Bobbisox,” it read.

I arrived at the club about 20 minutes later, Casibom Yeni Giriş but did not see Kelly. I took a seat at the bar and got a beer. About five minutes later, Kelly came in, kissing me hello. I waved down the bartender, who brought Kelly a glass of merlot. She looked good, this time in a black dress that showed off some cleavage, and was shorter even than the dress she had worn the last time I met her here. She had been working out, and it showed, her bare legs looking a lot more toned than when we first started getting together. Just looking at her was making me hard.

“Sorry I’m late,” said Kelly, a looking a little flushed. “My last visitor took a little longer than I planned. I rushed right over.”

“Take a breath, enjoy your wine for a moment. How’s it going so far??”

Kelly took a breath. “Busy. I had no idea this many guys would be interested in me at my age. You’ve always told me I’m beautiful, but I never would have thought so many others would think so enough to want to have sex with me, never mind pay me for it.” Her look was a mix of bewilderment and delight. I smiled.

“I keep telling you…” I said. “I guess I’m not the only one who has a crush on you. I bet a lot of the guys you’ve known a while do. You are fun and flirty, which makes you very appealing. Guys like that, especially when their wives are not.”

“I guess so,” said Kelly, smiling. “I never knew!!”

We went back over to her room and got naked. Kelly kept her heels on, making her look even sluttier as she lay back on the bed. “Want to come inside me this time?? I’ll give you a deal, because you’re such a good friend. Only $50 tonight. For anyone else, it’s $150.”

“Price increase??” I asked.

Kelly smiled. “You’d be surprised how much a guy will pay to come inside a woman’s pussy. I’ve had a couple of guys offer me a lot more than that.”

I laughed. “You’re really going to be nervous tomorrow in church, aren’t you?? I mean, you’ll be dripping like a leaky faucet. Just how many have there been??”

“Four so far, even at the new higher price. I’m only letting guys I know do me bareback.”

“There have been others??” I asked, not sure if I really wanted to know the answer to that question.

“I picked up one guy in the club, and made him use a rubber. I think he was there with another guy, he was also giving me the eye. We’ll see if that goes anywhere. In a strange sort of way, this has really made me feel desirable.”

I smiled at Kelly, then got up on the bed, moving into position over her. She stopped me abruptly, holding out her hand. “Cash up front, friend. This ain’t charity.” I retreated for a moment, pulled the money out of my pants and put it on the nightstand. “That’s a good boy,” said Kelly, kissing me. I resumed my position over her and entered her disheveled looking pussy. She had made some attempt to clean up, but she was still slick. The feel of her come soaked twat made me stiffen. “Oohh, someone is really hard tonight.” Kelly looked up at me. “Guess the thought of fucking my sloppy cunt turns you on.” I got even harder, if that were possible. “Yeah, baby, I love when you’re so hard. I know you want to come in me, just like the others. Why don’t you add your sperm to theirs, make me good and soaked with jizz.” I pushed deep, and unloaded inside Kelly. She smiled as my cock pulsed deep in her once more flooded pussy. I stayed inside her a moment, then pulled out, a big blob of semen spilling from her. I looked at her matted bush and come coated labia.

“You really are a slut,” I said, laughing.

“And loving every minute. After 50 years with the same man, I am having the best time living out my slut fantasy. Now, time to get going, I have another date in 20 minutes.”

I dressed and left. Like last time, I sat in the parking lot to see who was next. I was mildly surprised to see Keith, the worship leader at the church pull up. He was a married man in his late 30’s. I didn’t know him well, as he had not been there but a couple of months. He seemed to be a pretty straight up guy, surely not the kind who would be meeting a married hooker at a cheap motel. Still, I was not completely surprised. The sanctified are beset by all the same flaws and desires as the rest of us. He knocked on the door, and I saw Kelly let him inside the room. I didn’t have anything else to do, so I sat and waited on the other side of the lot. About 45 minutes later, I saw him come out, get into his car and drive off. Kelly later told me he had fucked her bareback, then after she sucked him hard again, he fucked her a second time, giving her a ridiculous amount of sperm.

I wondered who would be next. A few minutes later, I saw the door open, then Kelly came out and headed for the club. “Let’s see where this goes,” I thought. I waited. Ten minutes later, here comes Kelly, now with someone from the bar. She must have picked him up, as it was not someone I recognized. They went into Kelly’s room. Twenty minutes later, he came back out alone, Kelly having worked him over pretty quickly. She must be making a fortune tonight, I thought. At that point, I went home, thinking I’d have to tease her pretty hard in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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