A Long Night with My Lover

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I will be jumping more or less right into it. Everyone involved is well over 18.

* * * * * * *

I had seen a few exciting things while fooling around online, nothing overt or graphic, but the way my mind is wired I was left turning them over and over all day. The day ahead suddenly seemed to be very long and all I wanted to do was skip right to the bedroom and end the night early. But I had to wait, had to be good for a while, and had to wait out the clock. So when it finally came time to come to bed, I wasn’t exactly tired. I waited until she finished making the bed for us to sleep in and I threw myself down, pulling her on top of me. I reached up and grabbed her hair to pull her lips to mine.

With my free hand I took advantage of the sudden position to explore her body, enjoying her stunned reaction at the turn of the night’s events. I thought of when we started dating, when I wasn’t allowed to grab her butt or breasts, for modesty’ sake, and thought about how electric that made the night to never quite get what you want, and I wanted to pretend I was under the same restrictions to draw the evening out. I wanted to make her need me like I needed her at that moment.

Up her thighs, around her waist, up her spine, I let my hand drift. Up to her neck, cradling her head in both hands and I kept her body close to enjoy her grinding down on me. Meanwhile she needed one hand to prop herself up, but did her best to reciprocate my attention with the other by seeking out anything she could touch. I brought my lips to every innocent part of her I could reach, planting a kiss or dragging my tongue along her skin. I wanted to hear her breath hitch, to hear her moan and feel her try to place herself where my lips would venture further, and she did not dissapoint, bringing her collarbone to my lips so I could pull her shirt down with my teeth.

Finally, I caved and slipped my hand under that shirt to pull it off, with her bra quickly following, only to throw her off of me and prop myself up on an elbow as I lay beside her.

I slid my arm under her neck and sidled up right beside her, this time my other hand free to explore her exposed body, and teased her for a long while. Never touching beneath the hem of her thin yoga pants, but taking delight in dragging my fingers across her expposed belly and breasts. I drew my fingertips down her navel and around to her side, before running my palm back up to the start. Once back to her chest, I made sure never to touch her nipples, teasing instead all the skin around them. Under and between, up to the base of her neck to isveçbahis cradle her windpipe in my gentle hand, moving my fingers further to her ear before finally coming back down. Soon, I wanted more, though and brought my fingers to the hem of her pants.

I teased the line then, and slipped my fingers beneath the fabric momentarily ro run from one hip to the other and bringing my hand down to the side closest to me. With a nudge from me, she lifted herself off the bed long enough for me to hook the waistband and slide them out from under her so they could removed entirely. Now I had plenty more territory to explore. I ran my hand up her thigh and followed the curves to just miss her dampening panties. I wanted to draw it out further, and so I stayed off that black cotton, choosing to cross over her waist once again along the hem and back down ger other leg. Again I came back up her inner thigh once more, ending right before her last little bit of clothing. Then up her belly to circle her breast, then gently along her collar bone before grabbing her neck and forcing her head back for me to bite and lick. When she finally tried to turn to me I grabbed her hand and pushed it back to the bed, the arm under her well placed to grab it, pinning her in place on her back. I bent across her body and took a nipple in my mouth as I started all over, this time my bringing my hands down to graze across her slit through the dampening fabric.

We talked during all this, of course. When I wasn’t planting kisses along her stomach and breasts, I told her how much I enjoy teasing her, making her moan and writhe. I told her how I wanted to torture her and control her and as I did so I passed my fingers down her slit, the fabric still separating me from her most sensitive areas as I go beyond it and press my fingers to her rosebud. I hold that pressure as I drag them back up, pressing the fabric gently into her slick pussy, then across her clit as I return to her mound and stomach.

Eventually I reached between her legs to wrap my hand under her ass and grab the lip of her panties, peeling them out from under her ass and down her legs in one motion but kept them close by as I resumed my teasing.

Having her exposed just made her more wanting, but it didn’t mean I was going to be more giving. Now when I ran my finger down her thighs and along her slit, it was all the more sensitive; and I was sure to do so. I let the tip of my finger dip into her, collecting some of her wetness before bringing it straight to her lips while whispering how she looked so good with something in her mouth. isveçbahis giriş

I didn’t let her suck long, instead pulling my hand away and going back to touching her, my wet finger going first to her nip closest to me, then back to her belly and around to her hip. She couldn’t keep still as I did this, her hips and legs squirmed constantly, especially when my hands weren’t on them. I made a point to keep the attention even, spending as much time above the navel as below it, alternating between focusing on her breasts and stomach, or running my hands straight up her chest to push her neck into the mattress

Eventually I dipped down to spend some time teasing her clit and dipping my finger inside her. I love it when she’s wet and savored the feeling of her, so ready for more, before I withdrew and brought it this time to her nipple. I coated the sensitive flesh with her taste and went to lick it off. I held her nipple in my mouth and groped the other breast, squeezing and stroking the soft mound.

She got loud then, moaning and trying to dislodge me because it was so sensitive, but she could only prompt me to stop for a moment. I stuffed her panties in her mouth and told her that I know she could cum like this, from this kind of attention, and then I went back to my ministrations. I was merciless, with my togue and my teeth, ignoring her requests for a minute to catch her breath, and didn’t quit until she had moaned out her first orgasm.

With that done, I pulled her panties out and lay down beside her, using the arm underneath her to pull her up and over me, pushing her head down to my cock, then with her lips around me I pushed her head down as far as she could take it, setting her pace before I left her to please me. She pushed herself to make the most of her new position, and set about trying over and again to take all of me. She adjusted her position to be entirely between my legs, on her knees on the bed. I could see her squeezing her legs tight in lust as post orgasmic pleasure rippled through her, trying to eke out every ouce of pleasure as she lost herself in her work.

I watched her build up to another orgasm like that, her blowjob getting more erratic and sloppier, the spit running down around me. At last she shot up. I watched her stroke me with one hand while the other went to collect the drool off her lips. She climbed up to straddle me and got ready to sink down, with my hand wrapped around myself to guide into her, but I didn’t let go and left her with only the top half of my cock able to push inside her. She moaned and whined in frustration, isveçbahis yeni giriş but I told her I wanted to feel her dripping down onto me, and wanted to make her wait.

We talked for 5 minutes or so, with her riding me as best she could, until I thought she was ready to cum again, and pulled my hand away and let her sink down to my base. It did not take her long to ride put her next one as she wanted, and I let her enjoy it fully before taking her by the hair and pulling her onto me. I wrapped a hand around her and held her ass, my finger teasing her back hole and fucked myself up into her through the next.

That position is not good for very long though and I wanted to keep in control, so I pushed her to the side so she woudl roll off of me, and went with her. We stayed joined as we tumbled across the matress and when I was on top, I wasted no time in resuming my pace. I focused on keeping myself buried inside her, using short thrusts that let me grind our hips together to keep her on edge, pushing her further and further. As much as I wanted her to cum again, I wanted even more to break her, to get her to where she couldn’t think, couldn’t speak except to beg me to use her as my own toy, so I had to ease off my pace and hold her near her peak. I slowed, and kept her as close to that edge as I could. I made sure to vary myself so she could not anticipate my next thrust, sometimes pulling out to the tip, sometimes pushing deep and holding myself steady, until she finally started beggeing.

As soon as she said the words, I pulled my knees under myself and sat up, lifting her legs up into air. She only asked me to treat her like a little fucktoy and I wasted no time getting started. I heard her start to cum as soon as I began fucking her like that, as soon as I was using long, hard, strokes to drive her request home. And I got what I wanted. That orgasm she was rocking through became another, rolling through them nonstop until I slowed and began pacing myself for my pleasure. Eventually I felt myself getting close and I pulled out and rolled off the bed, pulling her gently by her hair so her she was on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed.

I stood over her then, feeding my cum covered cock to her while I leaned over to push my fingers inside her. I mostly watched as she tried to pull her head up and pull me into her throat, watched her get more erratic about it as I pulled my fingers out and pressed a single one into her ass, gently working it in to the knuckle, and watched as it forced her to cum once again and take the last inch of me as her throat opened up. I wasn’t far behind, finally having built up enough pent up pleasure to bring myself to release, pulling out only a minute later to finish on her chest and throat, listening to her moan as she rubbed it into her skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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