A Loving Gran and Mum Ch. 02

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Jack woke the next morning with the sound of gran knocking on his bedroom door; he smiled when he saw her, she was wearing a dressing gown, Jack said, “Good morning gran, it’s lovely to wake up to your beautiful smile, how are you this morning? Did you sleep well? I slept like a log.”

“I slept well, thank you. I haven’t dressed yet as I wondered when you want breakfast. After breakfast, I’ll soak in the bath; it’s one of my few pleasures now. Maybe you should shower while I’m making breakfast?”

Gran was at the foot of Jack’s bed; his two feet were sticking out from under the duvet, gran was looking at them when Jack said, “That would suit me, gran, our tables booked for one so we have plenty of time.”

Gran then touched Jack’s left foot gently; she said, “We will do that then, your skin is so dry on your foot, would you like me to give you a nice foot massage?”

“Gran, I’d love that, have we time?”

“Of course, I’ll just give you a quickie, let me get some oil.”

Jack could hear a tap running in the bathroom; gran came back into the bedroom with a towel and a bottle of oil. Gran then lifted the duvet above Jack’s knees; his calves were muscular. Gran then gently applied the warm oil to Jack’s feet; she had warmed the oil under the hot water tap. It felt so good as gran massaged his left foot. He hands and fingers were strong and sturdy, Jack said, “Gran, I love what you’re doing, it feels so good, and it’s so relaxing.”

Gran then started on his right foot; she said, “Your skin is very dry, I should give you a full body massage as I’m sure that the skin on your whole body will be dry. That’s what happens when you shower a lot, better to be like me and soak in a bath with some oils and baking soda, feel my skin then you will see what I mean.”

Jack then felt gran’s forearm; the skin was so soft, Jack took his time as he stroked her arm, his fingers sensually massaging her forearm muscle, Jack said, “Your skins so soft gran, I’d love you to give me a full body massage.”

Gran smiles then said, “I’ll run a bath now for you, I will put my magic potion in it for you. Soak in it for twenty minutes; I’ll have breakfast ready in half an hour, you’ll feel better after your bath.”

Jack loved his bath; his skin felt so smooth when he came out of it. He had breakfast in his dressing gown. Over breakfast, gran touched his forearms several times. After breakfast as he was standing, gran put her hand on his neck then slid it down on to his chest, as she squeezed his breast she said, “Your skin is smooth, but I’d still like to give you a full body massage, your body feels so firm and tight. Jack, I will go and steep in my bath now, say we meet in the lounge at twelve-thirty for a glass of wine, is that ok with you?”

Jack agreed then gran left, Jack had thought of asking her if she would like him to wash her back but decided against it. Instead, he watched some catch-up television. Exactly on twelve-thirty gran came into the lounge, she looked stunning, her outfit showed her curvy figure to perfection, she was showing a lot of cleavage. Jack had a bottle of wine and glasses prepared, as he poured their two glasses he said, “Gran, you look amazing, I’m proud to be your partner for lunch, that outfit is perfect for you, the mini-skirt is perfect with your beautiful legs, I love your blouse too, you have a gorgeous body.”

“Thanks Jack, I love your compliments. I love wearing heels for you. We should just walk to the hotel; it’s only a couple of minutes away then we can have a nice bottle of wine with our lunch.”

They chatted and sipped wine until ten to one then they walked to the hotel. Gran was the best looking woman in the restaurant; she was glowing. During the meal, Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off her massive tits; Jack was sure that she was wearing a push-up bra, then gran surprised him when she said, “I think that you like my big tits Jack, you can’t keep klasbahis güvenilirmi your eyes off them.”

“Gran, I love to look at them, you have an amazing body. I love big tits. Yours look enormous but gorgeous.”

“Thank you, Jack, when I was out with Helen during the week, I bought some lingerie, I bought a couple of nice bras, which are so comfortable to wear. I’m like your mum, it’s difficult to get a cup size that’s comfortable for us, but I found it during the week. They push my tits out, but they are very comfortable. I’m glad that you like what you see. Are you dating anyone at the moment?”

“Gran, I’m not at the moment, I’ve too much work at University. This has been a tough year, we’ve gone through a lot of work this year. We had the last exams for this term last week; I’m quite confident that I’ve done alright. What about you? Are you dating anyone? You’re a beautiful woman; you are so young looking.”

Jack was thinking of the buzzing of gran’s vibrator last night as he spoke, gran squeezed his hand gently then said, “I don’t go out much, I’m mostly at home, working in the garden or keeping grandpa’s grave tidy. I have a couple of girlfriends that I meet for coffee, but that’s it. There are not many dream men running around here.”

Jack took gran’s hand and teased it seductively, teasing the palm of her hand with his index finger, looking gran in the eyes he said, “Do you get lonely? Do you ever have the urge, the need to have a man? It’s only natural if you do. This morning, you gave me so much pleasure with that wonderful foot massage. I loved what you did to me. I wanted to do the same to you. How would you have felt if I had given your beautiful body a massage?”

“Jack, I enjoyed giving you a massage, that’s the closest that I’ve been to a man for years. I’m a normal woman; I have my needs and urges; sadly, I must look after these needs myself. I’m glad we’re having this conversation, anything that we say or do must be between ourselves, is that ok with you? More importantly, can you keep a secret?”

Gran had a mischievous smile on her face; she was also using the biceps of her upper arm to push her massive tits out. Jack smiled then said, “Gran, you and mum are my best friends, you can trust me, I’m so happy that you’re thinking of giving me your old car, that would make me mobile, any secrets that we have are safe with me.”

Jack then paid the bill; they left the restaurant. Jack was a perfect gentleman, opening every door for gran; she loved the attention. As they walked home gran took Jack’s hand, she squeezed and held it as they walked, gran said, “Jack, thank you for a lovely lunch, I enjoyed it so much, you’ll have my car soon, I think my new one is due in the next week or so. When you have the car, you will be able to come and take me out for lunch or even dinner; I would like that?”

Gran said this as they were walking into the cottage, Jack closed the door then took gran in his arms, giving her a big cuddle, Jack said, “I’d love to do that gran, I would love to do that regularly.”

Gran with her heels on made her tall; their mouths were inches apart, Jack felt gran’s pussy pushing against his leg, he then leaned down, their lips met, they both opened their mouths as gran buried her tongue in Jack’s mouth, gran was a good kisser.

Gran was moving her pussy against Jack’s leg with a circular motion, both their hands were now exploring the other’s bodies, gran’s tits were a handful, her nipples were big and hard, gran was purring as Jack teased them, gran said, “That feels so good, take me, Jack, I need it, I want it, let’s go to bed.”

They got into gran’s bedroom; they were both naked in second, gran’s body was fantastic, massive tits, flat stomach, smooth and swollen vulva, she looked gorgeous naked. Then gran saw Jack’s erect cock, the length and thickness impressed her, she took it in her hand and started klasbahis yeni giriş to stroke it. Then she saw some precum on Jack’s cock slit. Mum sat on the edge of her bed, with a flick of her tongue, it was gone then gran went down on Jack’s massive cock, she teased his bulbous head with her tongue then took his full length. Gran came up then said, “Jack, your cock is magnificent; it’s so thick and long. I didn’t think that I could take it all, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Jack then positioned gran on the bed in a way that allowed them to 69 lying on top of gran’s bed. Gran was wet when Jack went down on her; gran had a long sex slit, she also had a sizeable hooded clit. Jack teased her clit with his tongue then started to suck it as he finger fucked her with two fingers. Gran loved this; she had Jack’s full length in her mouth as she massaged Jack’s heavy balls. She was also pushing her pussy against Jack’s mouth.

Gran was getting wetter; her cunt juice was so sweet, her pussy was tight, she was also gripping his fingers, he now had three inside her, with her powerful cunt muscles. Gran was moaning with pleasure; Jack was so happy that he was giving her pleasure. Jack sensed that gran was close, she was pushing her dripping cunt hard against Jack’s mouth, Jack said, “Gran, cum for me, cum in my mouth, let me taste your hot cum, flood my mouth with it, I want to taste your cunt juice.”

He went back down on her, relentlessly sucking her hard clit as he finger fucked her with three fingers. Then gran shouted out, “I’m cuming, don’t stop, take all of my juice, hold it in your mouth then when all of its in your mouth cum kiss me. Jack, this is so good.”

Gran then flooded Jack’s mouth with her cunt juice; Jack loved it, when she had finished, Jack cum kissed her. For several minutes their tongues were transferring her cum between their mouths, both of them were loving it. Both of them were glowing then Jack said, “Gran, I loved that, I’ve never done that with anyone in my life before, but it was so good, I was loving you, how was it for you?”

“Jack, it was amazing. I love oral, giving and receiving, that’s the best oral that I’ve ever had from a man in my life. You were so loving as you did it to me, you gave me a great orgasm, as you did it I wanted to cum in your mouth, I felt that you wanted it too, that made it so much better. Jack, I’m bisexual, I have a couple of girlfriends that I see, both are mature ladies like me who still enjoy sex but are careful who they have sex with as it is risky out there. I wanted you to know that, is that ok with you?”

Jack gave gran a long tender, affectionate kiss as his hand cupped and squeezed her sizeable left tit, Jack then said, “Gran, I want you to have all the fun you want, do you want my big cock now? Just seeing you makes me so hot.”

“I need your cock, it’s been so long for me, let me go on top then I can control how much of this big boy that I take, I want it all but let’s do it slowly.”

They did take their time; gran took Jack in the cowgirl position, she was terrific, her massive tits were bouncing everywhere as she rode him, this aroused Jack. Gran climaxed forty minutes later; she loved Jack’s cock. They stayed in bed until nine-thirty in the evening. Gran came three times, Jack came twice. Gran loved it doggy style as Jack could go so deep inside her. Gran was glowing when she got out of bed to make some supper for them.

They were in the kitchen; gran was only wearing an apron as she made some pasta. Jack checked his mail; he had a message from mum that she had sent forty minutes ago, it read, “Hi Jack, how was your lunch? I had an interesting day, I learned a lot. Two of the speakers were excellent. I was thinking in a couple of years you’ll be going on these Congresses, maybe I’ll come with you. I ate alone this evening; Jean chatted up an elderly doctor at lunchtime, he invited her klasbahis giriş out for dinner, so I ate alone. A lot of the other doctors were in the bar when I ate, which was good for me. I’m a little annoyed with Jean; she should have stayed with me. It doesn’t matter as I have my iPad with me and I’m watching some catch-up television. I think Jean’s desperate for sex. It wouldn’t matter how desperate I was; I would stay with my friend. I would love to know how your day was. If you want then message me, I’ll be still up for a while. Love mum xx.”

Jack replied he told his mum about gran, giving him a foot massage, then running him a bath with all her lotions in it. He told her about gran saying his skin was too dry. He told her that his skin felt much better after the bath. Jack told his mum that gran lay and soaked in the bath with her lotions for over an hour; her skin was soft and smooth. He then finished off by saying that that wasn’t nice of Jean going on a date when she should have been spending time with her.

Jack finished up by writing, “Mum, gran wears a lot of clothes that show off her figure, your figure is as nice as gran’s, but you don’t wear sexy clothes. Is there a reason that you don’t do that? I enjoyed being with gran for lunch; her tits looked wonderful. I enjoyed being with her when she dressed like that. Could you ever wear sexy clothes for me? Love Jack xx.”

Jack and gran had their pasta; it was delicious. When gran had finished stacking the dishwasher she came over to Jack and started stroking his cock; gran was hot again, Jack said, “Gran, suck me and make me hard and I’ll fuck you doggy style on the kitchen table.”

Jack was sitting naked on a kitchen chair, gran knelt in front of him then started sucking his cock, Jack’s phone beeped, mum had replied, she thanked him for his message, she told him gran was right, too many showers would dry his skin, she would run special baths for him that would make his skin soft and smooth. Gran’s head was bobbing up and down on his cock as he read, gran was a very sexy woman. Mum finished off by writing, “I don’t have any sexy outfits as the majority of my clothes are the clothes that I wear for work. When we’re alone, would you like me to wear sexy things in the house? If you do, then I’ll do it for you. There’s a small boutique in the Hotel, I was in there with Jean as she wanted some risqué lingerie, the girl gave us both brochures which I’m looking at now. My bra cup size is big; I will try some of them on tomorrow if they fit and they’re comfortable then I’ll buy some so that I can wear them in the house for you.

They have a website; I’ll send you the link from my iPad then you can have a look and tell me what you like. They have everything, Basques, bodysuits, you must tell me if you want them crotchless or not. Also, have a look at their leggings, they have very tight ones which hug the body, I could wear those around the house. I don’t have any push-up bras as they make my tits look enormous, but I now know that you like that so I’ll get some. I’m looking forward to your reply. Love mum xx.”

Jack was so horn now, he was thinking of his mum’s massive tits, he took his gran and bent her over the kitchen table, her cunt was dripping, he slid up her quickly then pounded her pussy for the next twenty minutes. Gran had an intense orgasm then went to bed. Jack told her that he would be with her soon as he had to reply to mum.

The link to the website came by email; mum had provided the links on the website to push up bras, crotchless lingerie and leggings. Jack checked them out, he was impressed especially with the leggings, they showed the models Camel’s Toe, they were very sexy. Jack didn’t know what lingerie gran had, but he made a note to find out. He wondered how gran would look in the leggings with her long sex slit, her Camel’s Toe was longer than the models in the brochure.

Jack replied to mum, “Thanks for the links, everything looks great. I would love you to get some of those things. I need to go now as my first lecture is at eight-thirty tomorrow. I will be able to write tomorrow. I love the leggings; I have a question, how long is your Camel’s Toe? I’m happy that we have written today. Love Jack xx.”

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