A Magnificent Feeling

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It was my first week in college. Having grown up in a small, Midwestern town, the first week in college was an immersion therapy in things that my parents and friends had only whispered about. But one thing stuck out. When I walked into my dorm, and saw my RA kissing a man. I had never seen anything like it.

I had never been interested in women. I didn’t know what it was, but when the other guys on the cross country team started rating girls’ bodies, I did not understand what they were seeing that I didn’t. Even when the videos on the iphone were being watched, I did not understand why all of the other guys reacted so strongly to it. Strangely, the cross country guys never were attractive to me. I didn’t understand my desires, and as I would find out later, I like a man with a little more meat on his bones.

The dorm shower was the first time I ever saw another man naked. He was a redhead, skinny, but his soft cock dangled between his legs and light pubic hair sprouted from above it. I looked down at it, unable to comprehend my feelings but slowly realizing that I thought it looked elegant. He quickly turned around and grabbed his towel, and he was out the door.

I walked out the door of the shower, and walked back to my dorm room. My roommate was back. A strapping muscular man, he kept complaining about all the “queers” and “gays” on campus. I finally asked him what he meant by that. He looked at me and said, “you don’t know what gay is?” I nodded my head no, and he looked up at me in shock. “A gay is a dude who likes to play with another dude’s cock.”

I asked him “What’s wrong with that?”

He said, “It’s gross. One of the guys will stick his cock up the other guy’s butt. God says it is wrong. I can’t believe you don’t know this.”

I said, “Yeah, for sure. Thanks for telling me.” I waited for him to leave the dorm room.

After he left, I quickly went over to my laptop and consulted the fount of all knowledge about the human condition: Google. I searched “Gay” and got a less slanted definition, and slowly began to understand what I was feeling. I realized that it wasn’t gross, and that plenty of people were feeling exactly what I felt. I also realized that there were a lot more people like my roommate, and they had a label too: Homophobes.

As the first semester went on, I realized that I wanted to experience what I was feeling in a more personal way. I needed canlı bahis to find a boyfriend. I had been on “dates” with a girl before for dances in high school and things like that, but I had never been on a date with someone I was actually attracted to. I had no idea how to even to start. Back to google. The first answer surprised me. Yahoo answers thought I should go place an ad on craigslist.

I went onto craigslist, and first I looked at the ads. A lot of the ads were short, and some of the guys were clearly looking for things way more intense than I wanted. Some were just weird, and I realized that those were bots, the bane of the internet. Since I couldn’t find an ad I thought it would be good to respond to, I decided to post my own. The title was “Boyfriend search.” The ad read:

“Hello! I am a young student here at the university, and I am slowly starting to realize how I feel. I am looking for a man to go on dates with, and to be my boyfriend. I’m new to all of this, and a little nervous, but I’m looking forward to getting to know you.”

The first 3 responses were bots. I responded, until I realized that all they were interested in was my credit card number. The fourth response was a really creepy looking guy whose opening line asked if I needed my asscherry popped. I wasn’t sure what to say, so I passed on responding to that one. After that, I didn’t get any emails for a while.

The next day, there was another response. He put “fellow searcher” in the subject line of his email. His email said:

“Hello! I think you just might be what I am looking for. I am a little older than you, although not much, and I think we could really hit it off. Let me know if you think a gentleman would be right for you, and we can set something up.”

After a few emails, I (really dangerously) decided I was ready to meet him. He said his name was Jack, and we agreed to meet at a local coffee shop the next day. I was really excited. I got out my shirt and tie, and set out what I was going to wear, excited about the next day.

I got to the coffee shop about 10 minutes early, extremely nervous. He was sitting at a table in the corner, and waved at me. I waved back, got my coffee, and walked over and sat down across from him. He was tall, about 6’2″ and not skinny but not fat either. His hair was turning gray on the side, and he had a dark, stubbly beard. He wore glasses, a blue sweater, and bahis siteleri some black pants. He started to talk to me about what kind of movies I liked and asked me how my day was. I started to smile and instantly began to feel at ease. Three hours flew by as we sat and talked.

We walked outside together, the sun having just set on this glorious night. He offered me a ride home, and I said that I would appreciate that. On the way back, he invited me over to his place on Friday to play video games and maybe get some pizza delivered. When he pulled in front of my building, he looked over at me. I asked him if he would be able to pick me up, and he said yes. He asked how I wanted to end the date, and I said I didn’t know how, but that I had had a good time. He smiled and laughed, gently rested a hand on my thigh, and said that for now I could just say goodbye. I smiled back, my cock slowly stirring in my pants, and I touched his hand as I got out of the car.

Friday night quickly came, and he picked me up from my dorm at 7, and took me to his house about 3 miles from campus. The pizza had already arrived, and he grabbed us some plates and went back in the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine. He poured each of us a glass, and we quickly ate and went over to play his Xbox.

He handed me a controller and told me to sit on the couch and he turned the system on. Sitting down right next to me, I could feel the heat off of his body and smell his cologne. He turned on the racing game, and gave me a brief rundown of the controls. During the first race, I slowly figured it out, and finished a respectable 3rd while he won. He smiled down at me and said you’re a natural. We made eye contact, and I felt one of his hands slide up my back, gently pulling me in. He leaned his head down and pushed his lips against mine, slowly opening my mouth with his and bringing his tongue to meet my own. I quickly got an erection that pressed against my jeans, giving me an impressive tent as he kissed me.

He slowly pulled away and his eyes drifted slowly over my body. His hand slipped over his own crotch, his own cock slowly rising toward the ceiling. I looked down and watched his cock push against the jeans. He whispered, “Do you want to see it?” I took a deep breath, unable to answer the question. I slowly, nervously nodded my head yes. He loosened his belt, undid his fly, and let his cock come out of his jeans.

This bahis şirketleri one was totally hard, sticking out 7 inches over the rise of his jeans. He let me look for a moment, and then asked what I thought. I looked at him and smiled, unable to express how I was feeling. He smiled, and asked, “Would you like to touch it?” I nervously reached out my hand, poking his cock with my index finger. He giggled and said, “That’s not how you do it,” gently grabbing my wrist and helping me to circle my hand around it. I held his cock, and looked down at it, unsure of what to do. He smiled and said, “Why don’t I demonstrate?” I looked up at him and he smiled and said, “May I touch you?” I quickly shook my head yes.

He asked me to stand up, and I quickly did, my cock pointing at him through my jeans looking down nervously as he reached out his hand for the button to my jeans. I stood nervously as he unzipped my fly, slipping his hands behind me to pull my jeans down leaving me standing in front of him in my underwear, cock ready to fly out of my underwear. He reached out and cupped me through the briefs, and then felt my ass as he slowly pulled my briefs down to reveal my cock. He reached his hand out to hold it, stroking it gently a couple of time before looking up at me and asking if he could kiss it. I looked down at him confused and said “Ok?,” unsure of what was about to happen. He leaned his mouth in and kissed the tip, breathing a hot breath down onto my legs. He put my cock in his mouth and began to move up and down on it.

He motioned me over to the couch, and then got down on his knees in front of me. He began to suck me faster, as I moaned with pleasure clutching the cushions for strength. He pulled off and stroked me quickly, asking me if I liked what he was doing. I moaned out yes and then he smiled and put his mouth back on me. He sucked me faster and faster, his hands working at the base while his tongue swirled my head. With a tremendous moan, I came all in his mouth. My cum filled his mouth.

He looked up at me and smiled, saying “Next time warn me that’s coming.” I nodded, and asked what I could do now. He smiled back at me and said, “just keep being yourself, babe.” I beamed with pride as he handed me my pants and kissed me, a small amount of my cum still in his mouth. He pulled his jeans back on, handed me a controller, and restarted the game. I asked him if he wanted me to try that on him, and he said that there would be plenty of time for that. Whatever happened, I knew that I could not wait for our next date, and the next time that I could see that magnificent cock and experience that magnificent feeling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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