A Marriage That Evolved Pt. 02

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Any constructive criticism is appreciated, hopefully part 2 is better than part 1.


After eight years of marriage Kim was still in love with her husband and willing to do whatever made him happy. She loved sex and being intimate, they often filmed themselves having sex, her husband enjoyed watching movies of their lovemaking.

Last night Kim spent the evening with her husband and Will.

Her husband wanted a movie with her and another man. Will, a friend of her husband, was the willing candidate.

Last night Kim went with the flow, she opened up her mouth and legs for Will and her husband, she had a great evening.

She woke up early, both her holes were sore and wet, she was sleeping in a puddle of cum. Her husband had invited Will for diner and sex. She remembered how big Will’s cock felt in her ass, she wasn’t sure how it fit.

She wanted a shower. Her husband was sleeping next to her, she looked under the covers at his dick, he had a morning hardon, she stared at it, she liked giving him blowjobs, her head went under the covers.

Her mouth found his cock, she licked it then sucked on the tip, it smelled. She knew he was in her ass, that didn’t bother her, but the smell from his crotch was making her gag. She spit out his dick, she didn’t want to start the morning gagging on her husband’s cock.

She rolled off the side of the bed and stood, she felt cum running down her leg, “Wow! Those guys left me a mess.”

She showered, she sprayed her crotch with the shower head, the warm water help soothe her puffy lips. She put on a robe and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Coffee was ready, she went to wake up her husband, “what would you like for breakfast?”

He opened his eyes, “what did you think of last night?”

Kim replied, “are you happy?”

He replied, “yes and thank you for putting on a great show, next time I’ll have to do more filming.”

Kim smiled, “I liked having two guys, I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much, maybe we should have ground rules?”

He laughed, “I thought the rule was, if you say “no” we stop.”

Kim laughed, “have I ever said no, I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do for you.”

Her husband responded, “as long as you enjoyed it. Do you have any fantasies we can fulfill?”

Kim looked up, “last night was beyond any fantasy I’ve ever had, I wasn’t sure what you two had planned. You have always been full of surprises.” I was surprised when you bought me my first dildo, I wasn’t sure how you were going to use it, but I enjoyed experimenting.”

Breakfast was over, her husband went to work, Kim had errands to run, she cleaned up the kitchen, quickly dressed and started out the door.

Grocery shopping was first on her list, she was leaving the grocery store with a full cart, she started to load the back of her SUV. She lifted a case of water, the cart moved backwards and she fell into the cart. Two men were walking past, one grabbed the cart the other grabbed Kim. Kim yelled, “oh shit.”

Kim fell into the cart and her feet were dangling in the air, he lifted her out of the cart and let her feet touch the ground. Kim hurt her hips and was doubled over. Kim was holding onto the cart, “are you okay?” one of the guys asked.

Kim just nodded, he held onto her, she finally straightened up and said, “thank you.” She went back to loading the groceries into the SUV, the guy closest to her helped her. He lifted a case of water, Kim was standing there, he smiled at her and said, “let me finish this.”

Kim stepped back and tripped over him, she fell backwards, he caught her again. He laughed, “okay, just stand still,” his arm was around her waist. She caught her balance, he helped her straighten up, her hand was on his arm, it was as hard as a rock.

He finished loading the car and turned, Kim had regained her balance and composure, “thank you, I’m not sure what happened.”

“Are you okay now?”

She laughed, “I think so.”

She introduced herself, the two guys were Ron and Darryl, they were black, young and fit. Kim thanked them, they started talking, “can I buy you a coffee or soda?” Ron hesitated, Darryl accepted, they walked towards the coffee shop.

They talked and got to know each other, both men noticed Kim’s body and her shapely legs, Kim watched the two guys, either of them would be perfect, she thought about inviting them as guest for diner.

They walked towards the car, Kim was talking to Darryl, she asked him for his phone number, he was surprised but she was cute so he gave it to her. Later that day she called him to thank him and make sure she had the right number.

She finished her errands and drove home.

Kim never needed to fantasize, she was sexually fulfilled, her meeting with Ron and Darryl changed her. Visions of their trim bodies kept popping into her head. She wondered if her husband would be open to a partner that she chose.

During diner she talked about her shopping mishap and the two guys that helped her, she told him that she kept thinking isveçbahis about their muscular bodies.

He smiled, “are you going to invite them to diner?”

Kim said, “that was my first thought, but I don’t want to do anything until all the soreness is gone, your friend Will has quite a weapon between his legs.”

He laughed, “I didn’t know he was so big, I’m glad he didn’t scare you.”

“That big dick felt good in my mouth, it really turned me on.”

“Maybe I’ll have coffee with my new friends and invite them next week.”

Her husband responded, “I’ll be away that weekend, make sure you turn the cameras on.”

“It sounds like I’m allowed to have guest without you,” said Kim.

Her husband said, “make sure the cameras are rolling.”

The next day Kim called Darryl, she just wanted to keep in touch.

Darryl wasn’t sure she would call again, but was glad she did. She asked about Ron, she hinted about having coffee next week, Darryl said, “we’re open, just give us a call.”

After the call Kim thought, “both of them, she wasn’t sure if she could handle both of them at once.”

The weekend past, Monday Kim called Darryl, they made a coffee date that morning.

Kim dressed, she wanted to be hot, she did not want there to be a question about her body. She wore a form fitting top and a skirt that outlined her ass, she looked in the mirror, hopefully she’ll get a rise out of them.

She arrived early, she wanted to watch them walk in, they were already there.

Kim spotted them and headed towards their table, their eyes followed her. She could tell by there expression she looked good. She put her hand on Darryl’s shoulder as she sat down, they were smiling.

Kim talked about herself, she talked about her husband and how long she has been married and how happy she was. She also hinted about their open sex life, they just listened. Kim asked them what they did, both were physical trainers, they did not have a fixed schedule, they worked whenever they had appointments.

Kim felt relaxed with them, Ron commented on how good she looked and how tight her body looked, Kim said, “thank you.”

She grabbed Darryl’s arm, “this is my vision of fit,” she poked him in the side, “no fat, you can squeeze an inch of fat anywhere on me.”

They laughed, Darryl looked at her “it is well placed fat, I’m not sure if I could sculpt you any better.”

Kim looked at him, “I’m flattered, you two look like models, when I first looked at you two, I had my first fantasy.”

Ron laughed, we do model, he pulled up pictures on his phone and handed it to Kim. She started flipping through the pictures, their bodies had more ripples and cuts than she could count. “Wow, looks like a GQ magazine.” Kim reached under the table and put it on the top of Ron’s thigh, she squeezed, “I had to touch, it looks too good to be real.”

Kim’s hand lingered, “how about diner this week? Friday night I’ll be alone.” Kim stood up, and slowly turned around, “this could be desert.”

Ron immediately responded, “that’s a date, Darryl was surprised and was quiet. If you want to have coffee before then, or you change your mind, just call.”

Kim smiled, “I’ll be thinking what to cook for you, if you want anything special just call.”

Kim started walking out the door, the guys stood up, Ron said, “thank you for the call.”

She walked to her car opened the door and sat down, Kim had never been so excited in her life, she has never been so turned on. She loves sex, likes to be fucked and has always gone with the flow. Today she made a date with two young, black models that think she’s hot.

She drove home and waited for her husband, she hoped he was horny, she needed to be fucked.

She started diner, put on her shortest skirt and a tiny tube top, she left her underwear off. Her pussy was so wet she had to keep wiping it.

Her husband came home, she brought him a glass of wine and when she turned around she bent over, her pussy lips were glistening. He reached out and traced his finger from her asshole to her pussy lips. He pushed his finger into her, she pushed back and then pulled forward. She stood up and turned around, “what do you want for diner?”

They spent the night having sex, she couldn’t get enough of him, at one point he asked her if she wanted him to call Will over, she said “no, he’ll make me sore.”

Thursday morning her husband left on his trip, she didn’t expect him back until Sunday.

She was anxious, she kept seeing their pictures in her mind, she wanted to touch them, she wanted to see their dicks. She went into the bedroom and found one of the dildos that her husband gave her. She turned it on and put it between her legs, she had never been this wet, the vibrating head made her cum fast.

Friday morning she planned diner, it was broiled fish and steamed vegetables, she was sure this would be a typical meal for the two hunks.

She had diner ready to pop in the oven, it could be ready anytime. At noon She texted the address to isveçbahis giriş Ron, he responded, “what time?”

Kim stared at the phone, she thought, “why don’t you come over and fuck me now,” she texted back, I’ll chill the wine, do you want desert first?”

Ron texted, “we are about 30 minutes away, did you just invite us over early?”

Kim responded, “with arms wide open, LOL.”

She poured herself a glass of wine, she took a few sips, she hoped it would relax her, she finished the glass and poured another, she waited anxiously.

There was a knock at the door, she jumped up, she pulled open the door. She started smiling,

Ron and Darryl dressed in shorts and tops, “follow me” she said. She led them into the living room and she poured them a glass of wine.

Ron sat on the couch, Darryl sat in the chair, Kim sat next to Ron.

She turned her body and was facing Ron. She pointed at Darryl, “you have to stay there until I call you,” she surprised them both. They both took a drink of wine, Kim asked them if they wanted to see her home movies.

Ron spoke up, “are you in them?”

Kim smiled, “of course, I’m the star.”

The first movies was Kim stripping, she had seen it a hundred times, they all watched intently. It was short, Kim smiled she knew she looked good naked.

Kim’s hand wandered to Ron’s thigh, she moved it up to his crotch. He spread his legs, Kim’s hand wrapped around his cock through his shorts.

He looked at her, Ron lifted his hips and pulled down his shorts.

Kim pulled her hand back and placed it back on his cock, the contra excited her.st of her white hand holding the black cock

It was the first black cock she had ever seen, it was half hard. Kim squeezed it, she looked over at Darryl, she bent down and kissed Ron’s cock while she stared at Darryl.

She opened her mouth, she sucked the head of the black dick into her mouth. Kim kept her eyes on Darryl, she was a great cock sucker, she used her tongue, her lips and her throat. Ron’s cock was growing, spreading her jaw.

Her head bobbed up and down, she slowly let it slide down her throat.

Kim pulled the cock out of her mouth, it was hard, she looked at Darryl and smiled, opened her mouth and slid the cock back in, it hit the back of her throat. Her head went farther down, she smiled, she like having the black cock in her throat.

Half of the black dick was wet from her mouth, she wanted to impress Darryl, she took more of it down her throat. Kim took Ron’s hand and put it on the back of her head, she liked being forced.

Her head was bobbing on his dick, Ron’s hand was forcing Kim’s mouth farther down, he started pumping his hips. His cock was long, the base was much thicker than tip, Kim allowed Ron to fuck her mouth.

Darryl watched, he pulled down his shorts, when Kim looked over she saw Darryl’s black cock.

She lifted her mouth off of Ron’s cock, the whole cock was wet and shiny. Kim stood up, she pulled off her top, then her skirt. They both watched her, she looked at Ron, “how was my mouth?”

He answered, “I don’t think I had a long enough sample.”

Kim said, “follow me to the bedroom, we’ll be more comfortable.”

She led them to the bedroom.

She crawled to the middle of the bed, rolled onto her back and opened her legs. They watched her, they couldn’t believe this sexy women was inviting them between her legs.

“Darryl, come here,” he crawled onto the bed and laid between her legs. She pulled him down and wrapped her arms around his neck, Kim asked him for a kiss. it was a nice kiss, long and wet.

She arched her hips, she felt his hard cock between her legs, she wanted it in her.

“Fuck me Darryl,” he pushed forward, his cock slide down past pussy lips and was pressing into her ass, he was bigger than her husband.

“That’s the wrong hole, my pussy wants you now.”

She reached down and guided the black dick to her pussy, he pushed his hips forward, the head of his dick pushed past her lips, she moaned.

She wrapped her legs around Darryl’s hips and pulled him deeper, “you’re dick is big,” she whispered into his ear.

Darryl slowed down, “are you okay?”

She wrapped her legs him tighter, “I want it, fuck me,” she pulled him deeper.

Darryl started fucking into her, her pussy felt good, it had been awhile since he had been with a girl. He enveloped her with his arms, squeezed her and fucked her.

Kim was enjoying her first black cock, she squeezed her cunt and was starting to cum.

She was noisy, Darryl fucked harder, Kim had a loud orgasm.

Darryl kept fucking her, she kept grunting, Darryl slowed down. Kim looked up, “did you cum?”

Darryl said, “not yet.” Kim asked, “do you want my mouth?”

Darryl asked her if she would turn over, “of course,” she said.

He rolled off of her. Kim rolled over and crawled toward the night table, she opened the drawer and pulled out the KY. She crawled back to Darryl and rolled onto her stomach, she isveçbahis yeni giriş squeezed the KY into her hand and rubbed it between her legs, she lubricated her ass.

She grabbed Darryl’s cock and lubed it, she assumed he wanted her ass. She looked over her shoulder and spread her legs, “it’s ready”. Kim was offering her ass to him.

Darryl pressed his cock between her ass cheeks, she lifted her hips, he pushed deep into her, he fucked her pussy. Kim smiled. She liked this position, he fucked her deep and started cumming.

Kim liked to feel spurts of cum, she pushed back and grunted, Darryl fucked harder.

When Darryl finished he stood up, Ron was sitting on the edge of the bed, she turned towards him, he was hard, his black dick was beautiful.

Kim got off the bed, stood in front of him and took his hands and put them on her breast. She held them there. She put her hands on his chest, his chest felt great.

Kim wasn’t sure what Ron wanted, she could tell by his hardon that he wanted her. She knelt in front of him and looked up and opened her mouth.

She knew she was in front of one of the cameras, she slid his cock into her throat. His hand went to the back of her head.

Kim wanted the camera to capture the black cock fucking her mouth and throat, she was hoping it would give her husband a huge hard on. Kim looked up at Ron, he looked like he was ready to cum.

She pulled her mouth off his cock, “you have your choice, where do want to cum?”

“Bend over,” said Ron, she stood up bent over and looked over her shoulder, “is this what you want?”

Ron stepped forward, grabbed her hips and placed the tip of his dick between her cunt lips. He pushed into her pussy, she took his whole cock. Ron had a fat cock.

Kim had been teasing Ron since he arrived, Ron wanted to cum, he fucked into her hard.

His hips were pounding into her, she wasn’t ready for the hard pounding, she grunted each time he pounded into her.

She felt the bed move, Darryl crawled onto the bed, he moved his crotch under her face.

Kim reached for the sticky, soft cock, she held onto it while Ron fucked her from the rear. Darryl put his hand on the back of Kim’s head and pushed her mouth onto his cock.

Kim liked being the center of attention. The night with Will and her husband was the most exciting and satisfying night of her life, she remembered having a sore pussy the next day.

Kim’s mouth opened and took Darryl’s soft cock. She took all of the soft cock in her wet mouth, she twirled her tongue and bobbed her head. Ron was fucking into Kim from the rear, her body was jolted with each thrust. Daryl was pumping her mouth, with his half hard cock.

Ron started cumming, he shoved his cock deep, she felt his cum. Ron finished in her, his black dick slid out of the wet pussy.

Kim fell forward, she needed a break, she rolled away from Darryl and his black dick.

She was on her back, with her legs wide open, her pussy was leaking. The two guys stared at her, she looked good laying there spread eagle.

Kim was smiling, she stared back at the two black men, “you’re bodies were beautiful.”

Darryl rolled next to her, he put his hand on her stomach, she reached for him and pulled his head down to her breast. He kissed the nipple and sucked on it, Kim loved it. His hand moved to her crotch, his finger parted her lips, her legs wide spread legs. He gently rubbed her clit, it was slippery, she was glad he was being gentle.

Ron watched, he had never fucked anyone so hard, Kim was a great piece of ass. He laid on her other side, she put her hand on his dick, she squeezed it.

She laid there with a black dick in each hand, this was the first time she took the lead, normally she let her lovers use her, she enjoyed being their toy.

Kim asked, “do you think both of you are ready again, if feels like you are.”

Ron said, “I’m getting hard again,”

Darryl said “I’m almost ready.”

“Looks like you’re ready to take me again, do you have anything in mind?”

Kim rolled onto her stomach, Darryl put his hand on her ass. His finger moved to her puckered ass hole. He gently rubbed it. The tip of his finger pushed into her ass, she said, “ow.”

Kim said, “my ass is really tight, are you going to be gentle?” She looked at Darryl, “I don’t think I can take you if you’re too rough.”

Darryl said, “I can’t promise.”

Kim rolled onto her side, she was facing Ron, “roll on our side,” Ron rolled and was facing her. She threw her leg over his hip.

She reached behind her and pulled Darryl’s cock. “Darryl, roll onto your side,” when he did, she pulled his cock towards her ass. She placed the tip of his dick against her tiny asshole. She held his cock and pushed her ass onto it.

Darryl pushed his hips forward, the head of his cock was in her ass, he surprised Kim, she tensed up.

Ron watched her face, it looked like she was in pain.

Darryl pushed the head of his cock farther into her ass, she held onto it so he wouldn’t fuck too deep.

He was hard, he put his hand on her hip and pushed into her, he had about three inched of his cock in her, her hand kept him from fucking any farther. “Stop for a minute,” Darryl stopped, just the tip was in her.

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