A Matter Of Size

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I always had considered myself as a regular straight guy. I love women and I had never been attracted by guys in any way.

It all happened at the gym in which I used to do weight training. There it was a coach named John. I knew him for a long time, and we were good mates. At that point I did not need many advices regarding my training, but we used to chat a lot about the technics. He was taller than me and better fitted overall, but I was able to lift heavier weights and sometimes I teased him a little with that.

That day I went to do my training late in the afternoon. I had been busy but I did not want to skip the gym day, so when I finished there was no one there except John. He told me that there was no rush, I could stay until I finished.

Finally, I went to the locker room. I was really exhausted after the long day and the exercise. There, I took a shower and relaxed a bit before getting dressed. I usually don’t like locker rooms, I’m very shy, but given that there was no one, I took it with calm.

There I was, resting under the shower, when John came into, right beside me. That took me off guard, and I even startled. Then I looked at his side and saw it: the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life. It was the first time I saw him nude, and anyway I do not usually stare at guys, but that time he appeared in front of me, I was not able to avoid it. I could not believe my eyes. Even soft, it was really impressive. I felt really intimidated, specially because the size of my penis is below the average.

It bounced from side to side as he moved in a way that I had never seen before. Without realizing, I was staring at it, with a strange sensation among envy, admiration and shame. After several seconds, he broke the silence…

John: “So… you had no idea about my penis size, right?”

Me: (ashamed of my behavior) “No… I mean, I’m so sorry. You know me, I don’t like men, it’s just that… I didn’t expect that”

John: “Don’t worry, it happens to me all the time. Wherever I show this off, I have a ‘club of admirers'”

Me: “I’m not an ‘admirer’, dude, really. Simply it took my attention something unusual”

John: “Relax buddy, almost everyone reacts that way, It’s… I don’t know, normal, I suppose”

It was not just the size. It was so thick. The skin was pale, almost pink. It looked soft, but very consistent at the same time. It was resting over a couple of hairless rounded big balls.

The situation made me feel really uncomfortable. I tried to avoid looking at it, but it was not easy because John was talking to me and although I did my best to keep my eye off of it, my mind was tricking me to look down.

Finally, he reacted to my nervousness.

John: “Believe me, my friend, it’s better that you satisfy your curiosity now. I know that men with… not so big dicks have a hard time with mine.”

Me: “You have no idea how lucky you are. If I could own something like this…”

John: “I’m sorry that you feel that way. Listen, you are a good man, we know each other for a long time. I would like to help you, you don’t need to feel bad in any way. Maybe if you watch it for a while, you get used to its size and you don’t feel bad any more about it.”

Me: “It is not that I want to look at it, it’s just… so big, I mean, it’s not fair!”

John: “I know, but what can I tell? That’s life. Anyway, it’s not like you can measure your manliness by the size of your cock”

Me: “That’s easy for you to say”.

John: “Sorry dude, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Me: “It’s my fault, I don’t know why I feel so envy, like you say, I shouldn’t, but I cannot control it”

John: “It’s ok buddy, I told you, don’t fight with it, just have a closer look, believe me, in the end you will feel better. It’s ok, just relax, take it like a therapy.”

For some reason I did what he told me. While he said something about it, he took it in his hand and started to stoke it slowly. He was not able to close his hand around it. Wow, I could kill someone to have one like that, to feel the sensation of stroking it that way…

John: “Look, it is so soft, so good to have my hand around it that it’s like the natural way to have it when I want to rest. I do it all the time, even with both hands. Let me show you”

He did something unexpected. He took my wrist and guided my hand to his cock. I tried to resist, but he pulled too hard and my muscles were exhausted. He put my hand around his cock so he forced me to take it.

Me: “What the hell are you doing! Set me free!”

John: “Shh… Just feel it, imagine it is your own dick, trust me, only for a moment. This is the closest you will ever be to have something that big. It’s my gift for you.”

Me: “But this is gay, and I’m not”

John: “Neither I am. You know I have a hot girlfriend. Remember, relax, you don’t need to worry about anything, just clear your mind and feel it like it was your own member, this way at least for a while you will own a king-size penis”

For a few seconds I felt it. All my hand was surrounded by that hot genitals. I adiosbet yeni giriş took back my hand a little, but he insisted. I felt so overwhelmed that finally I stopped fighting and took it by my own.

John: “That’s better, feel your new cock, take it with both hands”

And I did it. I was stunned. Like John said, feel its thickness and softness, its weight, was somehow relaxing, almost hypnotizing.

John: “Good, you can take it more firmly, feel the inside by making the skin slide”

Me: “Oh my god, I can feel it, it’s incredible”

John: “No, not yet. Make it hard and you will see something incredible”

Without thinking, I started to stroke it. It was hard because my position was uncomfortable, and my arms were tired.

John: “Move in front of it, on your knees, it will be easier and you will have a better view”

I simply obeyed. I fell to my knees and started a propper handjob. Little by little, it was getting hard.

Me: “Wow, it’s even bigger that I expected…”

John: “Do you like your new cock?”

Me: “Oh yes, it’s the perfect penis”

John: “Do you like stroking it?”

Me: “I think so, it’s so different than doing it to mine…”

John: “Forget about your little thing, now this is yours”

I kept doing it for several minutes. Little by little, it was getting hard. Finally, he got full mast. It was something really impressive. I pushed back the skin so I was able to see it in all his magnificence.

John: “Do you like the mushroom, don’t you? You took it completely out and it’s oozing precum”

Me: “It’s amazing, the skin looks so soft and tight…”

John: “You also can feel it, but it’s to delicate for a hand, you must use your tongue”

Me: “I can’t do it, that’s too much”

John: “Look, every single man would suck his own cock if he could. And some people can. Don’t be a moron, you will feel it in all its essence”

Then he pushed my head towards it… and I just took out my tongue a little, so it happened. It was so soft and hard… I tasted the precum with my tongue and the truth is that it was not bad at all.

John: “Feel all of it with your tongue, you can also use your lips”

I did it. There was no way back from that. Eventually, I opened my mouth. I hesitated, but he pushed my head again, and some of it entered my mouth.

The more wrong I felt about that, the more excited I became. Soon, all my mouth was invaded by his cock. I started to suck it avidly. The sensation was so strong that I was not able to stop.

After some minutes (I lost the notion of time) doing my best on savoring his cock, he broke the silence.

John: “Oh yes! you are good at this. Now that you have the full picture, you actually prefer savouring it more than actually owning it, don’t you?”

Me: (taking it out of my mouth) “No, I’m not a fag…”

John: “It’s not about that. Listen, maybe you are not a ‘penetrator’, but you don’t need to be. You obviously have other sexual qualities. Man, I cannot remember anyone that sucked my cock better than you does, and it’s your very first time! Come on, you cannot deny that you are enjoying it a lot”

Me: “I’m not a queer! I don’t like men, I don’t like cocks. It was you who told me to feel it like it was mine and all of that”

John: “Ok, in that case, there is no reason to continue”

Me: “Wait… I don’t mind, I can finish, you seem very horny”

John: “It’s better not to. I think that you already satisfied your curiosity, and I have a girlfriend who loves making me ‘finish’. Dress up and go home”

His words made me feel anxiously, I couldn’t let it finish that way.

Me: “But… please…”

John: “Please, what?”

Me: “Please, don’t do this to me…”

John: “Then you have to be honest with me”

Me: “Please…”

John: “No ‘pleaaaase’!”

Me: “Ok, ok… I love to suck your big beautiful dick, is it that what you wanted to hear?”

John: “So it is better for you to suck a big cock rather than to own it”

Me: “Y…es”

John: “And what more do you want?”

Me: “… I want to make you cum!”

John: “Oh, really? It sounds a little, you know, faggy, but not enough”

Me: “Please, John, I beg you, may I suck your dick until you cum in my mouth?”

John: “Maybe, but you must do something for me first”

Me: “Anything”

John: “Good!, on all fours, Now!”

Me: “But… but…”

John: “No ‘buts’, do it or leave right now”

Me: “B…but what are you going to do?”

John: “You know what I’m about to do, I’m going to fuck you as the whore you are”

Me: “Please, it won’t fit, I have never put anything there. I will do whatever you want, but please don’t hurt me”

John: “Easy bitch, I won’t hurt you… too much, I’m an expert. You are going to love it”

I did as he told me. I was scared but so deeply excited that I was trembling. He started touching my butt with his hands.

John: “You have a hot girly ass, big, round and hairless. I’m going to enjoy this and it will blow your mind, adiosbet giriş princess”

“Bitch”, Princess”… It was like I was no longer a man to him. I didn’t protest, in fact I was already playing that role. Then I felt the first contact. He started rubbing my anus with his member. He was not trying to penetrate me, but each time he rubbed it a little harder.

I was liking it. He pushed my butt cheeks appart, so more part of my sensitive anus was in touch with his member. That rub made me feel an intense sensation, like an itch inside my anus, which of course I had never experimented before. The rubbing alleviated momentarily the discomfort, but after then it became stronger.

John: “Do you like it?”

Me: “Yes, it feels good, please rub it harder”

John: “Lower your head and open up your butt with your hands, you will have a deeper feeling”

I did it. He was right, now I could feel it deeper, and now I was able to feel the rubbing not only in the outside skin of my butt, but also in the external part of the anus wall. Then I discovered how sensitive is that part. Little by little, he changed the rubbing into something more like a push. That increased the sensations, including the itch. At that point, I was really feeling the need to do something about it.

Me: “I… need it inside me, I need it really bad”

John: “Do you want this big cock inside your pussy, princess?”

Me: “…yes”

John: “You feel the heat inside of your virgin ass, right?”

Me: “Yess, I need you to fuck my ass!”

John: “Ok, my little girl, but we must be careful, I don’t want to harm that tight pussy”

Then he started a push-pull movement in my anus entrance. Each time, the tip of his tip went a little deeper. He didn’t pushed too hard, so hurted but I was able to manage it.

Little by little, the tip started to trespass the outside ring.

Me: “Oh my god, I feel so stretched!”

John: “Can you feel the tip of my dick in your ass?”

Me: “Oh yes, It feels so tight that it hurts a little, but I need it all the way in”

John: “Calm down, sissy, I will put some lube in my dick for the final act”

Me: “Ok, but please be quick, my pussy needs your cock”

I couldn’t believe what I had just said. There I was, with my ass out, willing to be penetrated for the very first time by the biggest penis that I have ever seen.

When he came back, he pushed a little harder than before. A moan scaped from my mouth. He was now “attacking” the internal ring.

John: “This will hurt a little more, princess, do you want me to stop?”

Me: “No, please, I need it, I have an itch that only can be calmed down by your cock”

John: “That’s what I thought. Don’t worry, I will get rid of your ‘itch'”

It was like a battering ram. Each stroke was stronger than the previous one, and penetrated deeper. As he said, this time it hurted, I mean, really. But the desire of being taken was much stronger.

He took me by the hips, and with a final thrust he trespassed the internal ring. I felt a sharp pain.

Me: “Ahhh!”

John: “You made it, princess, now all your hole is stretched by my dick.”

Me: “It hurts, you are hurting me, take it out!”

John: “Come on, come on, the worst part passed. Now I will stay this way for a while, and you will get used to it. Then the pain will be gone, I promise”

The pressure feeling was unbelievable. He slapped a little my butt cheeks. I could feel the vibrations of the slaps in my now ultra tight sphincter. The pain started to fade.

John: “You are so tight… do you want all of my cock inside your pussy?”

Me: “Oh yes, please, do it!”

He pushed hard. I felt every inch of it entering my ass. Finally, I felt his pubic hair against my butt. That led me to another dimension of pleasure. I didn’t know that the source of that sensation was my prostate, which now was pressed by his cock. I almost had an instant huge orgasm. All I knew is that it was the source of my itch. Unconsciously, I moaned like a girl.

John: “How do you like having the full lenght inside your butt?”

Me: “I never felt this way before, I love it!!”

He started thrusting. I completely lost the control of myself. It was almost like neverending orgasm.

Me: “Oh god, fuck me, fuck my ass!”

John: “I’m going to give you what you deserve, bitch!”

Me: “Oh yes, I’m your bitch, do it harder!”

I felt his big balls slapping against mine. I look between my legs. My little cock not only was hard, it was leaking precum. Some more thrusts and I was cumming without touching myself. It was strange to me, because after cumming I was still hot, like it was a partial orgasm.

John: “What is this puddle, does my bitch already cum?”

Me: “mmm… think so… but keep doing it, pleasee”

John: “You were born to be a bottom, enjoy it faggy!”

Me: “mmm”

John: “A trully sissy faggot would want me to cum inside his pussy, what do you say?”

Me: “Oh, yes, I want it”

John: “Then beg for it!”

Me: “… please, adiosbet güvenilirmi fill my ass with your hot cum, I need it so bad, pleasee”

John: “Ok, but I want you to ride my cock like the whore you are”

Without hesitation, I started impaling myself, hitting my buttocks against his belly. I really wanted it, I couldn’t stop moaning. After some time, he grabbed my hips and started pounding as fast as he could. He made a final sharp thrust, which provoke me an instant orgasm, while he was cumming in my ass. It was the most intense orgasm in my life by far.

He took out his cock, and I felt horrible. I was unable to move, shocked, ashamed. I look down and I could not believe that all that cum was mine.

He left me there without saying a word for a couple of minutes. I could feel the fresh air in the walls of my ass. At first I didn’t even dared, but finally I touched it with my hand. To my horror, my hole was so dilated that I could put several fingers inside without touching myself.

John: “Don’t worry, this is not permanent, in several hours your hole will be closed again”

Me: “Please, don’t talk to me, I never felt so humiliated in my life”

John: “Why? I mean… ok, forget about all the sissy, bitch, faggot, etc. it was the heat of the moment, and you cannot deny that you have enjoyed it every second”

Me: “That’s the problem! I don’t like men, don’t want to be gay…”

John: “Listen to me: what just happened here does not change who you are in the same way that it does not change who I am”

Me: “It’s easier for you, you have not been moaning like a woman while a monster cock was fucking your ass”

John: “That only proves that you like to be penetrated”

Me: “‘Only’?”

John: “Yes, forget about tags. I know how you look at the girls of the gym, and what it just happened will not change that”

In other situation that would made feel embarrassed, but compared to the rest, his words were a kind of relief. I thought “ok, maybe I will be able to recover my life as it was 2 hours ago”. But then, he kept talking…

John: “But, I have also bad news for you: things won’t be the same, ever. I have felt your pleasuse, you almost black out. You cannot erase that from your brain, no matter how hard you repress it. And let me tell you one thing, you are very good at it. Only thinking about the way you sucked my cock… I’m getting a boner again”

I had no idea that I did it that good. His words provoked me a mixed feeling. I was trying to avoid it, but the memory provoked by John’s words made establish again visual contact with his penis. He was not jocking, it was semi-hard again. For a moment, I felt a kind of proud.

John: “It seems that I am not the only one that is getting horny again, look at that little fella”

He was right, I was hard again. For some reason, I still felt very aroused from the inside of my ass, almost like his cock was still inside me. Soon, the desire was uncontrollable again.

Me: “Maybe I can …”

He started to move his cock from side to side. I stared at it like it was a bone and I was a dog. He laugh at my reaction.

John: “What do you want, faggy?”

Me: “I… I want… May I suck it again?”

John: “That is not enough, you will need to impress me a little more”

Me: “It’s so big, so hot, so pretty, so tasty… If I could feel you cummnig in my mouth like you did in my ass… I would love to taste your seed, play with it, and swalow all of it. Please, let me swallow it all”

John: “Ok, but I want your chin careshing my balls”

I almost jumped for it. I sucked it like it was no tomorrow. I actually had no idea about deep throating, but I was going to try it with all of me.

Although I was pushing it as deep as I could, I was only able to take the half of it. I had seen it in porn films hundreds of times, beautiful girls taking huge dicks, but I had never thought about how it really worked. I realized that I actually had to swalow it. I started trying to do it. I gagged a lot, but after some time I was able to control it.

Little by little, I could take more of it. I was in ecstasy, I wanted more, all of it.

John: “Oh my god, I cannot believe it, you almost have it. You were born to suck big cocks! Come on, princess, only a little deeper!”

Finally, I was able to take all of it for a moment. John loved it so much that took my head and start fucking my mouth. I barely was able to avoid throwing up.

John: “I’m about to cum, I’m going to fill your mouth with hot seed, as you want so badly”

He took it in his hand and started thursting near my open mouth.

John: “Oh yes, sissy, you deserve it, take my hot cum, take all of it!”

He shot all his sperm inside my mouth. It was a lot, I coudn’t believe that he was able to cum so much for a second time. It tasted… differnt, not bad. In fact, I was so hot that it was like mana to me. I took it in my mouth for a while, savoring and playing with it.

John: “Now you have all my cum in both ends, you are a nasty girl. Come on, swallow my protein judge”

I did it. It was twisted, it was hot, I was horny as hell.

John: “Ok, now I think you have a clear idea of how it feels having a dick like mine. Maybe no the way that you expected at fist, but in the best way for you, don’t you think so?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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