A Midnight Feeding

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Kelly reached across the table and gripped her daughter’s hand. This small act of affection had great meaning: Kelly was finally comfortable enough around her daughter to show her not only love, but to offer her advice.

“Honey, eat, you’re too thin.”

“I am eating, Mom. Look, I finished my salad.” She pushed her empty salad plate across the table toward her mom. “And now I am working on my sandwich.”

Kelly tried to suppress a smile. Since their reunion, this was the first time she heard her daughter say the word “mom” so easily. “More like nibbling at your sandwich. And thanks by the way.”

“For?” Julie asked.

“For calling me Mom and acting like it wasn’t forced. I know this is hard on you trying to accept me back into your life.”

“Hmm . . . not so . . . hard.” Kelly replied in between bites of her chicken salad sandwich.

“Don-” Kelly started to correct her daughter before stopping abruptly.

“You were going to say, ‘Don’t talk with your mouth full, Kelly darling’. You almost were going to sound just like grandma there for a minute.”

They both break out in spontaneous laughter at Julie’s little jibe aimed at her grandmother. Things were going much better with Julie than Kelly could have ever hoped. The upcoming night will be the first time they will have a chance at being truly alone.

Kelly returned to the small Ohio town of Hunter’s Creek for the first time since she left some eighteen years ago. Her deep California tan, pretty blond hair, blue eyes, shapely five- five 36-25-34 figure stood out in stark contrast to most of the other moms in this small town of just over seven thousand people.

In high school, Kelly was successful in everything she tried. She was a co-captain of the cheerleader squad, runner up for prom queen and chairman of the year book committee. Plus she was a star on the girls’ volleyball team that took third in the state finals.

Her high school sweetheart was a star linebacker on the football team, and a bit of a jerk off the field, but still, after she got pregnant from him, they made plans to marry.

She was eight months pregnant when Bobby left her. Being dumped in the first place-let alone being eight months pregnant- really flipped her world upside down.

Her parents, Melissa and Doug, conservative to the core, were upset when Julie got knocked up in the first place. She fought bitterly with them, especially after hinting she might get an abortion.

The talk of an abortion was the final straw. Her mother especially was livid telling Kelly in no uncertain terms she would have the baby, and if she did not want it afterwards, it could be arranged so they, Kelly’s parents, would adopt the baby as their own.

Kelly, young and headstrong, and full of dreams for her life that did not include raising a baby by herself, took her mother up on the proposal. She gave birth and at the age of 18 headed to California with fanciful dreams of being a starlet in mind.

Like many a small town girl who trod before her, Kelly’s dreams of stardom were never realized. Instead of going home and admitting defeat, Kelly secured a job, enrolled in UCLA, and ended up with a law degree. A lucky break here and there, combined with a ton of hard work, allowed her to become a fairly successful Hollywood lawyer.

Eighteen years later, after taking a leave of absence from the law firm, she was back home trying to mend fences with her only child.

At first her parents, always so protective of Julie, refused to let Kelly see her without one of them being present. The supervised visits burned Kelly up, but she agreed not wanting to create additional controversy.

Finally, circumstances would allow Kelly time alone with her daughter. Melissa and Doug were forced to take a trip to western Kentucky to visit Melissa’s sister who was in the hospital with a serious illness. They would be staying overnight and decided to invite Kelly to come spend the night with Julie so she wouldn’t have to be home alone.

After finishing their lunch on this cold December afternoon, mother and daughter headed back out to finish their shopping. So far things were going perfectly. They talked, laughed, held hands, and generally acted like they had the perfect mother and teenage daughter relationship.

After shopping, on the way home, Julie implored her mother to stop at a store and get a bottle of wine for the evening. Kelly, playing the role of proper mother, told her 18 year old daughter she was “too young to be drinking.”

Julie laughed before asking, “And how old were you when you had your first drink, Mom.”

“Hmm, maybe 25 or 26, I think.”


“Hey young lady watch your mouth.” Kelly snapped.

“You watch your mouth with those lies,” Julie snapped back without missing a beat.

“OK, fine, I was seventeen the first time I got drunk. It was the best night of my life.” Kelly answered as they pulled into the local liquor store.

“Oh why is that? Did your kayseri seks hikayeleri boyfriend like . . . do you good or something?”

Kelly rolled her eyes at her daughter’s crass remark not bothering to respond as they walked into the store. When Julie pressed for an answer, Kelly finally answered quietly, “Because it was the night you were conceived silly.”

Kelly picked out two of the store’s more expensive bottles of wine: one white and one red, hoping it would not be a mistake allowing her underage daughter to drink.

Back in the car, Julie, seeing the worried expression on her mom’s face, told her, “Would you rather have me drinking with some boy or my own mother. Come on how much trouble can I get in to. I wanna live a little with Grandma and Grandpa gone. I mean, Jesus, they don’t let me do anything.”

“Yeah, they are a bit overbearing at times,” Kelly agreed with a wry smile as she settled in behind the wheel of her rented sedan. By the time they reached home the snow was coming down in large white waves much to Kelly’s delight. She missed the snow living in sunny Los Angeles.

They spent the evening nestled together on the couch watching a movie while sipping on the white wine. Before too long, the youthful exuberance of Julie caused her to switch from sipping her wine to gulping it down.

By the end of the movie, Julie was passed out on the couch, pressed up against her mother. Kelly paid scant attention to the ending of the movie, instead she was solely focused on enjoying this rare chance to bond with her daughter.

Even though she was eighteen now, it gave Kelly some measure of comfort to think of Julie as “her baby.” Sleeping like this, her daughter was a picture of youthful beauty and innocence.

A few minutes later, Julie awoke with a start. The living room was dark except for the soft glow of the TV. Rubbing her eyes she looked around realizing she was alone.

“Mom, where are you?”

“Right here hon.” Kelly replied as she hurried down the stairs. She had left a few minutes ago, going to the upstairs’ bathroom, to strip out of her jeans and blouse, and into her usual sleeping attire—a pair of shorts and a tank top.

“I was just upstairs getting ready for bed,” Kelly answered plopping back down on the couch next to Julie.

“I guess I fell asleep, huh?”

“More like passed out, sweetie. If your grandmother finds out-”

“She won’t.” Julie said with a sheepish smile. “I guess I drank too fast.”

“Yeah, I warned you not to gulp your wine down.”

“And just like any good teenage daughter I did not listen.”

“And now you are paying the price huh,” Kelly pushed a strand of Julie’s pretty blond hair out of her face.

“You were cuddling me for a long time right? Even after I passed out?”

“Yes, honey. I guess I was. Is that all right?”

“If that is the price I have to pay for passing out drunk, being cuddled by my mommy while I sleep, I will gladly pay it every night.”

“Really, you have upgraded me to ‘mommy status’ now?”

“I can’t help it. The way you were cuddling me so sweetly before I passed out reminded me of the way grandma used to cuddle me when I was a young girl . . . but only better.”

“Better how?”

“Well, you smell better than Grandma for one, and second, Grandma never liked to cuddle for too long. Said it hurt her bones or something.”

“At least I got that going for me. Strong bones and I don’t smell like granny. Well, I think it’s time for bed anyways. We are both tired.”

“Can’t we talk just for a few minutes before going to bed? Maybe start a fire and cuddle some more in front of the fireplace. I want to hear about California, about your life there. You never talk about it.”

“For good reason since leaving you to go there was a mistake. Maybe that is why I haven’t said much about it. Besides . . .” She stared at the old brick fireplace, sighing as the memory of a story her mother told her many years ago came back to haunt her. “I don’t think I could bear to cuddle with you there in front of the fireplace.”

“Mom, why?”

“Look let’s just go to bed.” Kelly replied maybe a little too sharply. She was not willing to share any secrets with her daughter. Not just yet anyways.

“OK.” Julie answered suspecting whatever might be bothering her mother about cuddling in front of the fireplace will have to wait for another time.

Going up the stairs, holding hands, they paused after reaching the landing.

“So where are you going to sleep, Mom?”

“Well your grandma said I could sleep in their bed for the night, but I don’t know. I think maybe the couch would be better.”

“Too much like sleeping with the enemy if you sleep in their bedroom huh?”

Kelly laughed. Julie’s sense of humor was much like hers- subtle and sarcastic. “I think it would be just weird, you know. I will just find some blankets and sleep on the couch.”

“But only after making sure I get off to bed safely by tucking me in right, Mommy?” replied with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes that caught Kelly off guard.

“Really, you wanna be tucked in huh?”

“Don’t all little girls want to be tucked in by their mommy’s? Now come on.” Julie grabbed Kelly’s hand and pulled her down the hallway.

“So now you’re my little girl huh and I’m your mommy?”

“Why not. This is our chance to make up for a life time of lost memories . . . Mommy.”

There was that word again- Mommy. Hearing it again set Kelly’s heart on fire. It was something she thought she would never hear anyone call her.

Reaching Julie’s bedroom door, Kelly let out a small sigh of relief. For a moment she thought Julie was going to lead her down to her former bedroom, but instead she went breezing past it, and stopped at what was once the guest bedroom.

As Julie started to enter the bedroom, Kelly made an impulsive decision. She felt playful from the wine and decided to act upon the theme her daughter started. Making her voice stern she barked at Julie, “Little girl, aren’t you forgetting something . . . like brushing your teeth before bed.”

“Oops, sorry, Mommy. You’re right.” Julie did an about face and hurried down the hallway toward the bathroom, but not before stopping and giving her mother a quick hug while whispering in her ear, “I like we are doing this. Stick to your role, we both need this.”

A minute later Julie was calling from the bathroom. “Mommy, my teeth are all brushed. Where are you?”

“Downstairs sweetie, preparing my bed. I am coming right up.”

Kelly finished arranging the blankets on the couch and hurried upstairs where she found an impatient Julie tapping her hand on the railing.

“Come on,” she whined, “I hope you didn’t forget.”

Forget what sweetie?” Kelly replied following her daughter down the hallway.

“You promised to brush my hair for me tonight before tucking me into bed.”

“I did?”

Julie turned with a pouty look on her pretty face. “You are not backing out?”

“Of course not dear, of course not.”

Once inside her bedroom, Kelly took a moment to look around and was hit with that singular pain that only the loss of youth can bring. Much of the furnishings in Julie’s bedroom were hand me downs from her own bedroom. The night stand, the vanity table and mirror, the small dresser stuck in one corner; all were hers at one time long ago.

Her eyes landed on a framed photo on the nightstand next to Julie’s bed. It’s a picture of the two of them sharing a selfie shortly after she arrived from California.

Kelly remembered that afternoon well. It was the first time she felt the ice melting between them. She had been home for about two weeks, and thus far things between her and Julie had been awkward at best.

The afternoon of the photo was no different. Kelly and Julie were supposed to go out to lunch—just the two of them—and then her mother invited herself along. Towards the end of lunch, Melissa excused herself to use the bathroom, and as soon as she was out of sight, Julie quickly scooted around to Kelly’s side of the table, pulled out her camera, and snapped the picture.

Kelly swiped a hand across her eyes fighting back the tears threatening to spill out just as Julie sat down on the bench in front of her vanity table. Kelly, sniffling, reached out and grabbed the lone brush off the table. The wine was making her emotional.

“Now do it nice and slow, just like I like, Mommy,” Julie whispered to her.

Kelly started to stroke her daughter’s hair. It was the color of sunshine on a bright day— a soft tumble of golden locks that was beauty personified. Just like her hair, everything about Julie was soft and full of beauty.

While running the brush through her hair Kelly looked at her daughter in the mirror. With her head back and eyes shut she was obviously enjoying the attentions of being pampered by her mommy.

She was beautiful- in that small town, vintage Midwest American way- just like her mother when she only eighteen. Her eyes, a misty blue, could melt the coldest of hearts. Her delicate ears, adorned by the pair of expensive diamond studded ear rings she talked Kelly into buying her several weeks ago, framed a cute button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed in perfection casting a spell whenever she smiled.

Her beauty was accented by a broad range of personalities ranging from bubbly to demure. She used each one to achieve whatever goal her headstrong mind set upon. And what she could not achieve by sheer force of personality, she would often then turn to her impish figure with its abundance of youthful, still developing curves. She was a born show off wearing her clothes in a chic and rebellious way that spelled sex and innocence all at the same time.

After a dozen or so long careful strokes of the brush Kelly paused. “You have gorgeous hair honey. Anyone ever tell you that?”

“No, Grandma or Grandpa, neither one of them are exactly full of praise. I am sure you know that.” Julie opened her eyes and turned her face up to her mother. She batted those pretty blue eyes at her before saying softly, “This means a lot to me. The way we are playing mommy and her little girl . . . the way you are pampering me.”

“Well, I think it’s easy to pamper such a lovely princess like yourself pumpkin . . . and who says we are pretending. You are my little girl even if you are a bit grown up now and I will always be your mommy.”

Kelly stroked the side of Julie’s face and in that moment, for the first time in her life, she felt a real connection with her daughter.

“Pumpkin, I like that. Can that be your secret little nickname for me? And by the way I am not pretending either. I really am your little girl. That is the way I feel. What about you?”

“Of course, I feel the same. I am not pretending. I am your mommy silly. Now, it’s late and time to get this adorable pumpkin off to beddy.”

“OK, but first . . . Maybe you could help your little girl get undressed?”

“I think some little girl is really pushing it when it comes to being pampered honey. I think you are old enough to get undressed all by yourself.”

“Maybe, it’s just . . .” Julie stood up, turning around to face her mother. “It’s just I have had a lot to drink tonight and my blouse has all these buttons and then there’s the tie at the bottom.”

Deciding to play along, Kelly started counting aloud. “My, let me see, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ten buttons and a tie at the bottom. I guess you are right that is a whole lot of buttons for some little drunk girl to manage.”

“It is Mommy,” Julie giggled grabbing her mom’s hand and dragging her across the bedroom to the bed. “Besides if you help me get undressed it’s one more thing we can both cross off our list.”

“Our list?”

Reaching the bed, Julie pushed her mom down into a sitting position. “The list of things we never got to do because you ran off and left me for the glitter of Hollywood.”

“Ahh yes, guilt. A potent weapon indeed.” Kelly whispered as Julie moved so she was standing right in front of her mother. Reaching up, her fingers trembling slightly, Kelly undid the first button on her daughter’s blouse.

Kelly took her time, being patient-just like any good mother would be- in undoing her daughters pretty royal blue blouse.

After getting her blouse unbuttoned all the way, Kelly carefully worked on undoing the large knot at the bottom. Just as she got the knot undone, she paused to look up. “I suppose you will also need help getting out of those tight jeans of yours little girl?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind, Mommy?”

“Of course not . . .” Kelly said as she reached up and slipped the blouse off Julie’s shoulders. She was wearing a white lace bra underneath that clearly showed off her daughter’s youthful tits. Kelly took a quick glance at them wondering just how many boys have had the pleasure of feeling up her daughter by now.

Kelly, her fingers this time trembling noticeably, started to undo her daughter’s jeans. They were indeed tight.

“Jesus hon . . .” Kelly strained to pull the jeans down past Julie’s hips. “Did you paint these things on?”

“No, of course not, Mommy. What . . . you think I don’t look good in them or something?”

“It’s not that . . .” Kelly said grunting as she finally managed to wrestle the jeans off her hips. “I am just wondering if I should maybe forbid my little girl from wearing such tight jeans.”

“You should coz I bet your wore tight jeans when you were my age.”

“Yeah, sometimes, if I was willing to incur the wrath of your grandparents.”

“Ahh, their bark is worse than their bite when it comes to complaining about clothes.”

“Yes, that is true . . . so now what do you sleep in?” Kelly asked as she stood up.

“A bed . . . duh.”

“Hmm, a smart ass little girl. I like it. OK, if I must rephrase my question . . . what do you wear to bed?”

“What do you think?”

“Well, you are a cute little girl and most cute little girls wear jammies to bed I imagine. Now what drawer to keep them in honey.”

Julie, trying to stifle a laugh, pointed to the lone dresser in her room.

“Fine, I suppose I have to get them for you.”

“Of course, I want to be pampered completely tonight by my mommy.”

Kelly pulled open the top drawer of the dresser and found only some neatly folded tee shirts and blouses. She was just shutting the drawer when suddenly Julie cried out, “Whatever you do, don’t, ahh check my bottom drawer, Mommy.”

“Really, little girl and what are you hiding down there . . . from your grandparents.”

Julie giggled. “Nothing, I am a good little girl.”

“Is it locked?”

“No. I don’t need locks. Grandpa and Grandma may be overbearing sometimes but they do respect my privacy.”

‘Well, guess what . . . I am not them, but instead your mother so . . .”

Kelly reached for the bottom drawer while turning to gauge Julie’s reaction. It looked like she was about to burst out in giggles.

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