A Milkmaid’s Tale

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My name is Eileen. I’m eighteen years old, and I live on a small family-owned dairy farm in central Arkansas. Several months back, I gave birth to a baby girl that I had carried for my favorite cousin, who is unable to have children of her own. Since then, my long, thin titties have swollen considerably, and although I try and use a breast pump to ease the pressure, they are still extremely uncomfortable most of the time. Last week, however, I discovered something new and wonderful to ease my discomfort!

We keep one of the cows in a different section of the barn to milk especially for the calves. It is part of my duties to milk her, and then dispense that milk to bottles for the young calves. Well, last Wednesday, I went out to milk Elsie as usual, and while I was watching the machine suck her giant teats, I suddenly felt the urge to place two of the three cups over the ends of my own milky titties.

Oh my god! The suction was absolutely incredible! I could actually feel the milk being forcefully pumped from my swollen titties. This was far better than my measly little breast pump; not only for speed, but the way it felt. It actually felt good. Really good. I wanted so much to take my clothes off and masturbate while my titties were being sucked, but I was afraid someone would walk in on me and catch me being so very naughty. My fears were well-founded too, for just a moment later, I heard the sound of the barn door opening.

I quickly pulled the cups off of my titties, which continued spraying on their own for a few more seconds, much to my horror. They finally stopped though, and I managed to pull my bra and shirt down just in time. It was my Uncle Jack, and it would have been a very awkward situation indeed, had he caught me milking my own titties instead of Elsie’s!

“Hey there, Eileen.” he greeted me cheerily. “Everything going okay?”

“Um, yes… just fine, Uncle Jack.” I managed to reply, hoping my nipples weren’t leaking through my bra. Even if they were, I still had a legitimate excuse, since I was lactating and all. It happens from time to time, so most people accept it.

“Good!” he exclaimed. “I was just looking for the Bag Balm. Have you seen it?”

“Yes, it’s in the storage area over near the medical supplies.” I answered. “It should be on the middle shelf.”

“Oh okay, great. Thank you.”

“Sure thing.” I replied, as I prepared to divvy the milk up for the calves’ feeding bottles.

Just then, it hit me. Part of that milk was my very own breast milk! What a thrill it would be to add my own mother’s milk to the general supply that we shipped out for public consumption! Imagine people drinking my breast milk and not even knowing it. It would only be a minuscule amount, but the thought of thousands of people drinking cow’s milk that contained a few ounces of my own milk was a huge turn-on for me. I was very aroused at all of these naughty thoughts, and I had to find a way to cum! Just then, Uncle Jack returned with the square metal container of Bag Balm.

“Thanks Eileen.” he said with a smile. “It was right where you said it was. I don’t know what we’d do without you keeping up with everything.”

“Not a problem.” I responded. “I’m finished up here, so I’m going to go for a walk. I’ll be back in time for lunch though.”

“You feeling okay?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m fine. It’s just such a nice day. I think a walk would do me good.”

With that, I exited the barn and headed across the pasture. My destination was the 370 acres of forest on the other side of the 23 acre field, where I planned to remove all of my clothes and walk around nude for a while, before masturbating myself lordbahis güvenilirmi into a frenzy of milk and cum. I entered the woods and walked a little way, before glancing around and listening for anyone else. I was completely alone, so I removed my shirt and bra, and hung them over a nearby branch while I removed the rest of my clothes, including my sneakers and socks. Once I was undressed and completely nude, I gathered my clothes up and began to wander through the quiet forest, savoring my nudity and growing hornier by the minute.

After ten minutes or so, I entered a small glade and set my clothes down. I began squeezing my titties and pulling on my nipples. Soon, milk began spraying from my engorged nipples, falling to the ground and landing on some dead leaves with a rain-like sound.

I pushed one of my milky titties to my mouth, and my greedy lips sealed around my nipple. I began sucking earnestly, tasting my own sweet, creamy breast milk for the very first time. I don’t know why I had never tried it before, but it was wonderful! It tasted so good, plus it felt good too; sucking my own tit like that. It wasn’t nearly as good as the milking machine though! I sucked my titty dry and latched onto the other nipple, repeating the process. Both of my titties were now empty and I had seemed to have spoiled my appetite for lunch, with my belly full of my own breast milk.

I had initially thought this would be a nice place to masturbate myself to a wonderful orgasm, but I suddenly got the urge to run around nude. What could be better than running through the forest devoid of any clothing and then masturbate? The thought got me giddy, and I began to jog into the forest, cavorting about and leaping into the air like a silly little girl, and giggling like one too, the entire time. All at once, I found myself at the edge of a stream.

As I gazed around, I realized I had never been to this place before. I must have wandered deeper into the tract of timber than I had ever ventured before. The stream was slow-moving and tranquil, yet deep. It looked like it was over my head, so I decided to go for a nude swim. I slipped into the cool, quiet water and began doggy paddling around. The water felt nice as it slid over my nude body and I was getting really hot once again. This time I succumbed to the urge to masturbate, and I began playing with myself feverishly under the water.

Oh God, it felt so good! I clambered onto the edge of the stream, and sat down with my legs widely spread. My fingers rubbed circles over my clit with one hand, while I inserted several fingers into my still-loose post pregnancy cunt with the other, pushing them deep inside my love canal. There was no one around, so I didn’t even bother to be quiet, as I savored the wonderful sensation that was building deep inside of my loins. Moans of pleasure drifted through the forest as my orgasm crested, squirting violently and showering my hand, before landing on the quiet water with a gentle tinkling sound.

It was by far, the most pleasurable orgasm I had ever had. Not the most intense, but definitely the best as far as the overall experience was concerned. There was no doubt that this was my new place for “me time,” and I decided that I would return as often as possible; as long as I could find it again that is. I slipped back into the cool water to rinse off and it felt wonderful. How lucky I was to live in the country, on a 500+ acre farm that had been in the family for five generations. Now that I had discovered this special place, it was mine to indulge in sexually.

I exited the stream and headed back into the woods, feeling absolutely lordbahis yeni giriş carefree as I wandered through the quiet solitude of the forest totally nude. After a while, it began to dawn on me that I wasn’t exactly certain where I had left my clothes. I was lost! Worse, I was fully nude! After what seemed like forever, but was probably closer to thirty minutes, I eventually stumbled upon the small glade where my clothes were laying.

I stared wistfully at my clothes, not wanting to put them back on, but I knew I must. It didn’t have to stop me from having another orgasm before I donned them again, though, and it sure didn’t! This time, I enjoyed walking around nude while I played with myself. It wasn’t long before I felt another wonderful orgasm bursting loose. My legs buckled and I dropped to my knees, as I sighed blissfully. I could hear my cum dripping onto the leaves beneath me, and I smiled.

I re-dressed and headed home. I was late for lunch, but I blamed it on getting turned around in the woods. Uncle Jack suggested I take a compass the next time I ventured into the large tract of forest and I agreed. Little did he know I really needed it not to keep from getting lost, but to find my special swimming hole and cum spot.

That night, I couldn’t seem to go to sleep. I kept thinking about pumping my titties with Elsie’s milking machine, and walking through the forest without any clothes on. Once again, I became aroused. I decided to go for a walk and find a nice place to masturbate outside. I really had taken a shine to doing that, and as long as the weather was warm, I saw no reason to stop in the foreseeable future.

I found myself behind the barn and pulled my nightgown off, leaving me fully nude once again in the great outdoors. It wasn’t as remote as the swimming hole, but it was just as exciting. Maybe even more so, as my entire family was only a few hundred feet away. It was then that it dawned on me that no one would accidentally stumble across me at this time of night if I used Elsie’s milking machine to pump my titties. Even better, I could do it in the nude and masturbate at the same time!

I entered the barn and fumbled through the darkness until I found the storage room where the machine was kept when not in use. I closed the door and turned the light on; my nudity now masked by the closed door.

There it was! That wonderful and heavenly machine was just sitting there, almost beckoning me to strap it on and hit the switch. I plugged it in, and tossed my nightie over a saddle. I sat on the floor with my back to the wall, turned it on, and placed the cups over my swollen titties for the second time in a day. Just as before, the suction was absolutely incredible. I sighed blissfully, as I let the powerful suction milk my titties for me.

I reached down between my legs and began to masturbate, as the machine continued pumping my titties. It felt so good! Very soon, I felt the stirrings of an impending orgasm but I did not climax right away. Instead, it continued to build and build, eventually erupting into the longest, most drawn-out orgasm I have ever experienced in my entire life. It seemed to last forever! Wave after wave of pure sexual pleasure coursed through my body, as I experienced no less than five orgasms in as many minutes! Then, I felt something I had never felt before. It started out like all the others, but this one did not quit. Instead, it continued for several minutes. By the time I finally climaxed, I was writhing around on the floor in pure ecstasy. The feeling gradually diminished, and I pulled the cups from my now-empty and very-deflated titties. lordbahis giriş

I reached over and switched the machine off, and sat back to collect my wits as I slowly recovered from the best thing I had ever experienced in my life. Only then then did I suddenly realize I wasn’t alone! Standing there also naked and stroking his cock, was Uncle Jack!

I gasped in fear and embarrassment and looked for my nightgown, but it was gone. I was sitting there completely nude in front of my uncle, and he had seen the whole thing. In all likelihood, he had also taken my nightgown; pervert. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as my head swam in pure panic.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” he said quietly. “It’s a natural thing to experiment with new things that make you feel good. Trust me, I know how good that machine can make you feel.”

“R-really?” I stammered, as I stood up and faced him. “How can it work on you?”

Uncle Jack smiled, and looked at my unclothed body for a few seconds before replying. He was openly jerking off in front of me now, and I wondered if he was going to shoot off in front of me as he ogled my young, nude body.

“It fits over my cock nicely.” he replied as he let go of his dick and walked toward the machine. “Turn it back on and I’ll show you.”

“Okay.” I responded without even thinking.

I switched it back on and it made a loud sucking noise. Uncle Jack placed the long, padded cup over the end of his dick and the suction pulled it tight. He leaned forward and placed his hands against the wall so that his dick was pointing downward. As the machine paused every few seconds to release, the cup slid down. As the suction resumed, it slid back up.

“Mmm…” he sighed, as he looked at me and smiled. “It feels just like a blow job, only ten times better.”

I watched in silent fascination, as my uncle let the milking machine suck his cock like a well-trained mechanical mouth.

“Get up on the table, on your hands and knees and face me please.” Uncle Jack requested. “I want to see your soft, saggy, deflated tits hanging down while I cum. Is that okay?”

I nodded and climbed up on the table, facing him as the machine continued sucking his cock.

“Mmm…” he sighed. “This feels so good! Oh yeah… oh yeah. Oh shit, I’m going to cum, Eileen! Oh shit, it feels so fucking good! Oh Eileen!”

He stared at my empty, dangling titties and groaned loudly, as he ejaculated into the cup. I could see his milky semen traveling through the clear hose as it was sucked into the canister along with my breast milk. His dick began to soften, and the cup slipped loose. Uncle Jack exhaled loudly and smiled at me.

“That was nice.” he whispered. “Oh, it feels so good to cum in that thing.”

He turned the machine off and approached me. I was a little uncertain of what he was going to do next, but I didn’t protest when he reached out and cupped my dangling titties in his hands and squeezed them firmly.

“Those are nice, Eileen.” he complimented me. “So soft and saggy. I love them.”

“Thank you.” I responded somewhat shyly.

“So as you can see, I use that machine to feel good myself. I’ve been slipping out here every night for the past fifteen years to get a free BJ. No one’s any the wiser, either, except now for you.”

“I won’t tell.” I promised.

“Nor I on you.” he replied. “The problem is that we both want to use it now. The nice thing is that it has three hoses, so we can share the experience next time, if you’d like.”

I nodded in reply.

“That would be nice. There’s only one thing though. There’s cum in the milk. We should clean it out.”

“Why?” Uncle Jack inquired. “You weren’t going to, were you?”

“N-no.” I stammered, “but I was just adding milk.”

“And I,” my dear Uncle Jack replied, “was just adding some protein to the little calves’ diet. How do think our cows have grown up so fit and healthy all of these years?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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