A Mis-Guided Business Email

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“Could you look over the attached and send me your feedback by end of day?”

Joe was used to receiving emails like this at his job. He was an applications analyst and frequently felt like an email traffic cop; the crux of business flow between business, development, and testing. What made this email different is that he didn’t recognize the sender’s name. Obviously from a female, sent by Debbie Lombardi, the mail originated from the corporate office in Wisconsin. Joe worked at the technology center in Houston. Although he did occasionally need to correspond with corporate, none of his current projects were related to them. “Maybe this is something new,” he thought.

He clicked open the spreadsheet, giving it a brief once-over. It looked business rather than technology centric and it didn’t seem to jive with any of the projects the tech center had in their backlog. “Must be a mistake,” he thought. The company had several thousand employees. Misdirected emails happened more often than you might think. Joe was a common first name. The sender must have selected the wrong “Joe” from the Global Address list.

“I think you sent this to me by mistake,” Joe replied. He deleted Debbie’s mail from his Inbox.

A few minutes later he received a reply, “Oh my God I am so sorry. Thanks for replying so quickly, this is a critical issue and we need to resolve it right away.” Joe nodded to himself, understanding that quick responses helped keep projects churning along. He prided himself on never being a roadblock in that way.

“No problem, glad to help push things along,” Joe replied. He pondered for a moment. The corporate office was in Milwaukee. The people he knew that worked there were avid Green Bay Packers fans, and it was in the middle of football season. “Go Pack!” he added, then clicked Send.

The rest of the day passed innocuously. Joe finished up, left the office shortly after 5:00 and drove home to his apartment. He was in his mid 40s, divorced for 6 years. His ex and 2 kids lived a couple of miles away in the house he gave to his ex in their settlement. He considered himself lucky; he saw his kids 2 or 3 evenings a week and they spent the majority of the weekends with him. They were older, in high school, and he had a great relationship with them. He had a 2 bedroom apartment but the couch opened to a sleeper, so there were separate beds for the 3 of them. They were comfortable and he was happy.

Joe was a decent looking man, standing 6’2″ tall with short brown hair, blue eyes, and a year-round nice, dark tan. He was rangy and athletic, spending a lot of time swimming, playing sports with his male friends, and soccer, basketball and frisbee with his kids. He was an active guy.

The apartment complex was pretty big. More women than men lived there, many of them divorced or single, most with kids of their own. Although divorced for enough time for the pain to entirely go away, he wasn’t looking to get into a new relationship. He valued the frequent time he spent with his kids and didn’t want to jeopardize that in any way. But that didn’t mean he slept alone all the time. He had more than one friend-with-benefits at the apartments, women who were patient with his wishes and secretly hoped to latch onto Joe fulltime once his kids entered college. He was an excellent, giving lover. If he wanted a bed-partner for a night, he rarely had trouble filling his need.

It was Monday night, a kids-free evening. Joe warmed up some leftover meatloaf and potatoes, cracked a beer and relaxed in front of the tv. He turned on the local news, watching stories of the same old shootings, accidents, robberies, life strife. He sighed, afraid for the world his peers were turning over to his children and their generation. He clicked over to ESPN and watched the Monday Night Football pregame show. The game tonight was a rivalry, Minnesota Vikings versus Green Bay Packers. Should be a good one, he thought. Then he remembered Debbie from the corporate office. Something niggled inside him.

He rarely did this, but he logged into his business email from his cell phone. Several messages that could wait till the morning. Nothing from Debbie. He had nothing better to do, the game wouldn’t start for a while yet, so he logged onto the corporate portal to see if she had a profile. And she did.

Debbie Lombardi was a senior business analyst in her 17th year with the company. Okay, Joe thought, she might be close to his age range. Her profile picture was tiny on his cell, so he clicked it and expanded it. Not bad. Debbie had medium-length brown hair, brown eyes, and a really cute smile. Cute was a good word for her. Not stunning, not gorgeous, but good-looking gal next door cute. Her picture was a head shot. He wondered how tall she was, what the rest of her looked like. Okay, enough of that. Curiosity satisfied. Joe finished his dinner, cleaned his dirty dishes, and went to the walking trail next to the apartments. He jogged a few laps, went back isveçbahis home, showered, and watched the game.

Joe found himself rooting for Green Bay. The game was close, back and forth, and the Packers won on a last second field goal. Joe wondered if Debbie was at the game. He hoped she was, it was a really good one. Game over, Joe went to bed.

The next day at the office started out like any other, the usual barrage of emails, brief meetings, decisions, and documentation. No reply from Debbie and by mid-morning she was gone from his thoughts. He’d probably never hear from her again. But he did.

At 10:45 he received a reply from the email he’d sent Debbie the previous day. “Did you see the game?” she asked.

“I sure did. Nice win for your boys!” Joe replied.

“I’m still hoarse!” Debbie wrote back. Joe smiled. There weren’t too many women who got so worked up over a football game that it affected their voice the next day. He was becoming intrigued.

“Did you go?” Joe replied.

“Nope I watched it at home, alone.”

Joe became a little more intrigued, picturing a woman cheering her team on while watching the game by herself. “She must really be a fan,” he thought. He had also briefly wondered about Debbie’s marital status the previous evening. “So she’s either divorced, single, or her guy was either working or not a sports fan,” he concluded. He hoped for one of the 2 former options.

What Joe didn’t know was that while he was looking at Debbie’s profile on the company website, she was doing the same thing, investigating him. She had a 6th sense about things in life, and something inside encouraged her into the innocent sleuthing activity. Debbie saw that Joe was an applications analyst, a techie version of her same role. He’d been with the company for a dozen years. She clicked on his picture and smiled. “What a handsome guy,” she thought. “Is he married? How do I find out?”

Debbie copied Joe’s picture to her cell phone memory, glancing at him several times while watching the Packers game. Her 6th sense and inner interest was gaining momentum.

Joe got distracted by work for a while and didn’t get a chance to reply to Debbie’s email till mid-afternoon. “Did you get the spreadsheet feedback you needed yesterday?” he asked.

“Yes, and thanks again for your quick reply. Most people would ignore a mis-sent email. You saved me a lot of grief!”

By this time, they were both enjoying their long-distance correspondence. They were both smiling when the other’s emails landed in its respective inbox.

Joe wondered how to proceed next. In a typical business communication, Debbie’s reply would have been the last message sent. But he didn’t want it to end there. He was beginning to thirst for knowledge about this woman, even if she was 1500 miles away. They worked for the same company. They had similar roles. She seemed to be affable in her emails. He thought he’d go for broke and wrote, “So tell me about yourself, mysterious business analyst Debbie.” He gave it 50-50 odds at best that she’d reply again. He also hoped she wouldn’t report him to HR, although he thought that might be a remote possibility.

Debbie giggled when she read Joe’s reply. “This is so cool,” she thought. Debbie was not an adventurous woman, but she’d always hoped to get involved in an intriguing circumstance like the one which was opening up to her right now. She longed for something fun to interject in her life. She went out with her gal friends frequently but for some reason she wasn’t asked out on many dates. Well, the fun was just beginning for her.

Debbie thought about how to reply, but just went with her instincts. “Hello Mr. Mysterious Applications Analyst,” Debbie wrote. “I was born and raised here in Wisconsin. I graduated from Marquette in 1990 and went right to work for our company.” She paused, wondering where to go next with this. Then she got busy with work and saved her draft reply. It would have to wait till later.

Joe waited expectedly for Debbie’s reply, and when it didn’t come he thought that she had simply deleted it and that was the end. “Oh well,” he thought. “I tried.”

Debbie couldn’t wait to reply to Joe’s email, and found herself thinking about him off and on all afternoon even though she was swamped at the office. She had some errands to run after work and didn’t settle down in her apartment till after 8:00pm. She got comfortable in a camisole and robe, poured a glass of wine and popped his picture up on her cell, lazily fantasizing if he was a decent kisser, a good lover. Debbie hadn’t had sex in a very long time. She didn’t think about it much, but she was definitely thinking about it right now, at this exact moment.

The wine started affecting her and she let her fantasies carry her away. She undid the sash on her robe, letting her fingers run over her breasts, sighing deeply, imagining Joe’s hands pleasuring her soft skin. She pinched her nipples lightly, feeling isveçbahis giriş his lips rather than her fingers, moaning softly. Debbie reached into her nightstand, taking her vibrator, turning it on. She ran the vibrator between her breasts, over her nipples, down her flat tummy. Parting her thighs, Debbie teased herself, running the vibrator along her pussy, feeling her juices starting to build up inside. In her fantasy thoughts, Joe was licking her exactly where she needed to be loved.

She inserted the vibrator into her drenched sex, moans rising from her lips. Slowly, she slid it in and out, in and out, fantasizing thoughts of Joe making gentle love to her, torturing her with his expertise. She pressed it against her clit, climaxing within moments, crying into the pillow she pressed against her lips. During infrequent acts of self-pleasuring, she always stopped here, but not tonight. She fucked her pussy again and again, rubbing her clit with her fingers, arching her back into another orgasm, then another, the effort of her exertion bringing a fine sheen of sweat over her skin. She was burning with the bliss she felt, her skin very warm to the touch. Lying back, she waited a long time for her ragged breath to slow down, her heart to stop racing. “Wow,” she whispered to no one but herself, “That was fucking awesome!”

“Well, well, well, where was I?” Debbie wondered, giggling. She dried her moist fingers and picked up her cell, now in a most proper mood to reply to the mysterious applications analyst in Houston.

Debbie logged in to her business email and opened the draft reply to Joe. Continuing where she left off, she wrote, “I’m 43 years old, single, and know without a doubt that I’m the biggest Packer fan that ever lived. What’s your story?”

“That’s all you’re getting this time,” Debbie thought as she clicked Send. “But you might end up getting a lot more than you bargained for, if you’re lucky” she whispered to herself, recalling the power and energy behind her orgasms.

Meanwhile in Houston, Joe had already put Debbie out of his mind. He had the kids this evening and they went out for a sci-fi movie. Not his choice, it was his kids preference, but he enjoyed it just the same. They all went to sleep around 10:30.

The next morning at work, Joe saw Debbie’s reply, noticing the late timestamp when it arrived. He read it quickly, twice, smiling, but he had business to take care of before he could reply. Production issues had everyone scampering that morning, and the resolution and root cause analysis continued throughout the day. He had some critical tasks to attend to after that and wasn’t able to leave the office till after 6:00. He thought about Debbie on his drive home. He’d get to his reply to her before he went to bed.

He stopped for a sandwich and a cold beer at his favorite sports bar. Being a Wednesday, there weren’t a football game on any of the multitude of tv screens in the bar, so it was a slow evening. He sat at the bar and chatted about college football with a couple guys next to him getting an early start on a drunken night. He was going to order another beer when his cell dinged with an incoming text.

“Hey sailor, busy tonight? Wanna float my boat?”

The text was from Nancy, a very attractive diminutive blonde who lived a couple buildings away in the apartment complex. Like Joe, Nancy was divorced with 2 teenagers. They were attracted to each other and dated for a while, expanding that into a couple of outings that included all 4 of their kids. For some reason his kids and her kids did not get along at all, so they decided to take a step back and just enjoy each other’s company on a personal level. Meaning, they fucked when the circumstances were right.

Nancy’s ex had her kids on Wednesday evenings but rarely took them on weekends, so sex between her and Joe was pretty much on a Wednesday-or-bust basis. Joe’s kids schedule was not set in stone. The weekdays varied week by week and he had them most weekends, usually 3 of the 4 each month. Thus, he and Nancy hooked up once or sometimes twice a month, on a good month. Joe’s kids were with their mom tonight. He was free and as he thought about his passionate blonde neighbor he felt his libido start to rise. Thoughts of Debbie temporarily vanished from his mind.

“Hey Nancy,” Joe texted. “Kids-free night. I’m at Stats. Would you like a beer?”

“Be right there!” she replied. “Order me a tall one!”

The sports bar Stats was right around the corner from the apartments. Excellent location for them, as most of their patrons were from the complex and could walk right over. Joe ordered beers for he and Nancy and took them to an open table. The waitress came over; Joe ordered some chips and queso and before they arrived Nancy walked in.

Joe waved her over to his table and stood to greet her. Most of the guys in Stats eyed Nancy as she walked over to Joe’s table. She wasn’t exactly a knockout but she was very attractive. isveçbahis yeni giriş Nancy stood only an inch over 5 feet tall, long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, fitted through the opening in the baseball cap she liked to wear. She was wearing jeans and a tight-fitting, light blue turtleneck that enhanced her healthy chest, matching her ocean blue eyes. Her full lips made guys pause to wonder what they’d feel like wrapped around their dicks. Ironic, because that was something she really enjoyed doing, and Joe could definitely attest to that from experience. She hugged Joe and slid next to him at the table, just as the appetizer arrived.

They clinked their beers and shared small talk and chips. This was Joe’s 2nd beer so he nursed his while Nancy was ready for a refill rather quickly. Nancy’s hand was on Joe’s thigh by the time they finished eating and drinking their 2nd round. “I’m horny, let’s get out of here,” she whispered in his ear.

Joe settled up with the waitress and they snuggled together as they walked to his car for the 30 second drive home. She kissed his neck and moved her hand to his groin as he started the engine. “I need this,” she whispered. “Take care of me.”

“Mmmm I will baby,” Joe whispered in reply. “I need you too.” He was already getting hard.

They walked hand in hand up the stairs to Joe’s 2nd floor apartment. Nancy threw her baseball cap on the couch and hauled Joe into his bedroom, falling down on his bed, pulling him on top of her. Her hands went around his neck, their lips locked in a deep kiss of hunger, tongues battling in desire. The hardness within Joe’s jeans pressed against Nancy’s groin, igniting her inner furnace. He grasped the bottom of her turtleneck, pulling it up and off. Nancy frantically unbuttoned his shirt, the need of skin to skin contact pervasive. He reached under and unclasped her bra, dropping it on the floor. She arched her back as he took her hard nipple between his lips, moaning in urgency. His hands massaged her soft breasts, cupping them in his large hands. She fumbled with his belt, hissing, “Oh God, get these off!”

Joe rolled over and pulled off his jeans and boxers. His hardness was standing tall, throbbing with intensity. Nancy struggled with her tight jeans, growling, “Fuck!” before finally ripping them off. Her panties came off much more easily. “This is what I need!” she moaned, grasping Joe’s cock in her hands, moving over him, straddling him. She rubbed his swollen crown on her wet pussy and sank down on him, low sounds of animalistic hunger escaping from her mouth.

Nancy began slowly thrusting her hips, sitting up to take Joe deep. He grasped her large breasts, his callused skin providing the contrast she intensely desired. He was the perfect size for her, his large frame, broad shoulders, thick cock, and hard chest were everything she preferred in a man. She didn’t pressure Joe for an exclusive relationship but he was the only man she slept with, the only man she hoped to someday build a future with. She was satisfied for the present; she loved fucking the hell out of this man. He was an excellent lover and always brought her to multiple orgasms.

Nancy felt her climax starting to rise within, like climbing a mountain, she was nearing the summit. Joe’s cock stretched her sex so exquisitely. She felt every nuance of him inside her, driving her on, pushing her up the cliff. “Oh baby,” she moaned, grinding and moving in perfect rhythm to Joe’s deep thrusts.

He knew she was close and helped her get to the peak, massaging her clit while he moved inside her. Nancy threw her head back and bit her lower lip, soft cries quivering from her mouth. Joe could feel her contractions of pleasure, throbbing around his hard cock. He knew she would want more, she was insatiable in bed, and she could wickedly use her feminine wiles to take him over the edge a couple times as well, when the mood struck her. His ex was a one-and-done woman, but not Nancy. She loved sex, and often had a kinkier edge to her bedroom adventures.

Fully hard, Joe’s cock measured a pinch over 6 ½ inches. The only reason he knew this was because Nancy measured him during one night of exploration and discovery. He knew that he was a bit bigger than average in length but she made him feel like he was a true stud. It was due to his thickness, the circumference of his hardness was almost twice that of her ex and definitely more than any man she’d been with. She’d had men who were longer than Joe, but none as thick or as pleasurable. He filled her completely and she loved it.

Nancy collapsed down next to Joe, her chest heaving, heart racing. She wanted to keep him hard, and knew exactly how to do that. Snuggled to his chest, she began stroking his length, her hand unable to grasp all the way around him. This always astounded her, as his was the only cock she’d encountered like this.

She kissed his chest, brushing her tongue over his nipples. Joe shivered, so sensitive there. He responded in every way, another thing she adored about him. Most men just laid there when she took control but Joe was different. He moved, trembled, whispered encouragement, touched her, he made her feel needed, wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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