A Month in the Heart… Ch. 02

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A Month in the Heart of the Country Ch. 02

After I’d had breakfast, I sat back and wiped my mouth and looked up.

The other guys were all at the table, either still sipping tea or coffee or nibbling things. None of us had left the breakfast area. I looked at them all, and one by one they all looked up and returned my gaze.

“So,” I said softly, “I guess we’re going to have to figure out how this is . . . you know. Going to work.”

Pete nodded seriously. The other guys looked mostly a bit embarrassed, except for Chris, who was sitting on a reversed chair and grinning.

“I mean,” I said, blushing, “last night, was . . . it was like nothing else that’s ever happened to me. When I came down here I was a virgin, and now, well, basically all of you . . . “

Ray looked faintly irritated. I glanced at him.

“More or less,” I added. I felt irritated too; jerking off all over your friend’s face was hardly not intimacy. I looked at them all; they were waiting for me to go on, waiting for me to set the agenda.

“But every night can’t be a total orgy,” I said. “I’m not gonna have the stamina, guys.”

“You seemed like you were into it,” said Ray.

“I was,” I said. “But I mean . . . this is all new for me. Totally new. I came down here expecting to cook meals and play the guitar and now I’m like your sex toy, or something.”

Chris chuckled. Pete gazed at me thoughtfully. The others laughed a bit and looked more or less slightly uncomfortable.

“I’m not making a big protest,” I said. “I already said, I liked it. It’s just that I thought I was into girls and now it turns out that . . . apparently, I am one.”

The guys grinned, except for Pete, who kept watching me thoughtfully; he smiled slightly.

“So how do you want to do this?” I said.

“Isn’t it really about how you want to do it?” Pete said.

“No,” I said. “I lost the game. I pay the forfeit, and the forfeit is that I have to do what you say. And what you want me to do is be your . . . whatever.”

I shrugged.

“I think ‘sex toy’ isn’t quite fair,” said Pete.

“Booty call,” said Chris.

“Whatever,” I said, smiling. “Like I said, I’m willing to do it. I liked it. And you’ve been considerate about it.”

“Meaning that we’ve made you get off on it,” said Chris gleefully. I blushed again.

“Yeah,” I admitted. “Apparently, I really like to be fucked.” I flushed crimson as I said so and the others smied.

“Okay,” I added. “That’s obvious. I just want us to work out how that’s going to work for everyone. I can’t be running from bed to bed all night.”

“With a bit of luck,” Steve murmured, “we’ll meet some girls at some point and then we won’t need Alex for this.”

“But in the meantime,” said Chris, grinning evilly, “I really think we should make the most of the opportunity that we have.”

“Perhaps,” said Ray, “we should vote on what sort of role Alex should have.”

“What do you mean?” said Pete.

“Like, is he our official girl? Do we dress him up like a girl and pretend that he is one? Or do we not pretend anything? I just don’t really know what we’re thinking.”

“Hang on,” I said, “what about me?”

They looked at me.

“You accepted the forfeit,” said Chris matter-of-factly. “You don’t get a vote. You have to go with whatever we want.”

I felt myself going crimson again, not with humiliation but with anger. Pete caught my eye and he nodded at me and held up a hand.

“Hang on, though,” he said. “Fair enough, Alex is meant to go along with what we want, but we have to set some limits, no?”

There was a pause, and only Chris and Steve looked vaguely miffed. Danny and Ray glanced at me and nodded.

“I mean,” Pete added, “we can’t in all decency ask him to do anything illegal or dangerous, right? Apart from anything else, there’s nothing to stop him from walking out of here and getting the bus home.”

I threw Pete a mute look of gratitude. Chris stared at the table for a moment.

“Okay,” he said at last, and not for the first time, I wondered at the tendency of the others to yield to whatever Chris wanted to do. He just assumed that he had the highest status, probably because his parents had the most money, and so that’s how it worked out. “We can’t tell Alex to do anything illegal or dangerous. I still think that if he wants to do something illegal or dangerous, the only thing we have to do is remind him that we’re not forcing him to do it.”

“Like what that’s illegal or dangerous?” I asked.

“There’s a lot of dogs around here,” Chris said, leering at me. It took me a moment to figure out what he meant by it. Then I blushed furiously.

“I’m not fucking doing that,” I said, my mind filled with an image that made my skin crawl.

“So you’ve made clear,” Chris said. “So what else?”

“Why do we all have to do things together?” said Steve. Of all of us, he seemed the one who was in the least good humour about last night. I remembered that he’d been the most brusque, the least excited. I demetevler escort glanced at him and he looked at me with a cool, slightly distant look.

“What do you mean?” asked Chris.

“I don’t necessarily want to do with Alex what you want to do,” he said to Chris.

“So what do you want to do with him?” asked Danny, curious. Steve looked at me, flushed slightly and spoke.

“Okay. We all agreed on this but it was on the understanding that we couldn’t get girls. I came down here to get laid and I still plan to get a girl for that, but if I can’t have one I’m prepared to settle for Alex.”

I blushed, annoyed by the suggestion that I was nothing but a substitute.

“So with that in mind,” he said, “I . . .”

He tailed off. Then he looked at me and said “Can we talk about it later?”

“Sure,” I said quietly. I had no idea what he had in mind.

“Steve’s right,” said Ray thoughtfully. “I don’t see why we have to decide on what role Alex should have. Surely we all want different things.”

“That’s it!” said Chris. “We do a contract!”

We all stared at him. I was beginning to wonder what I had let myself in for. I had been expecting some loose, metrosexual arrangement and here we were talking about contracts. What was next? A collar?

“We do a joint contract,” said Chris, grabbing a piece of paper and scribbling on it. “We sign it collectively, affirming that Alex is bound by the terms of the contract until such time as whenever, but also stating that the individual arrangements of the forfeit are to be worked out between each of us and Alex individually, so he has a different arrangement, in writing, with each of us.”

“I like it,” said Danny. Steve was nodding thoughtfully. Pete looked . . . sceptical. Ray was rubbing his chin in the way he had of making himself look deep.

“Right,” said Chris, “I’ll draft it. You all need to write down notes to Alex, telling him what you have in mind. Alex, take fifteen, okay?” He handed out paper to the others, and they all retired to different corners of the room. Pete gave me a wry smile as he passed me.

I felt weirdly bargained-over. It was unnerving, but also exciting. Since they were all so busy, I went into the kitchen and went out the back, into the cool sunny morning.

I walked up and down, hugging myself in my t-shirt and jeans, regretting that I hadn’t brought a jacket.

What was I doing here? Letting them decide among themselves how they were going to share out my young body, which was now chilly inside thin clothes in a field in the middle of the countryside?

Did I trust them? Last night, nobody had harmed me. Chris and Danny had successfully and beautifully dominated me, showing me how much I liked it. Ray had humiliated me, but I’d found it secretly arousing; Steve’s businesslike attitude had not made me feel cheap. Well, a little cheap, but then, 48 hours previously I’d been a virgin. By the time Steve had decided that he just wanted to fuck me, I was fine with that.

And Pete? Pete had just rolled with it, had played it as though he and I had been waiting to get together all along, and he’d made me feel good about it. Of all of them, Pete was the only one who I thought was genuinely, long-term attracted to guys. I was clearly attracted to the idea that guys were attracted to me, and I craved more attention, but did I fancy Pete?

I wasn’t sure. I just knew that I liked the attention he gave me. I liked that he made me feel that kissing and having sex with another guy was perfectly normal.

I reflected that, after this month, I would never again make snap judgements about anyone based solely on who they wanted to go to bed with. If only because, at this point, I wanted to go to bed with everyone.

My body shivered inside my thin clothes, and the thought that over the next few days I’d be taking my clothes off again, and letting the guys look on me and take their pleasure in my body, gave me a hard-on. I cursed silently to myself and tried to think of unsexy things, but given what we were doing, it was impossible.

Pete opened the kitchen door and smiled at me. I went back in and he handed me a paper bag.

“Read them,” he said, “and if you don’t like any of them, just refuse to sign and we’ll negotiate.”

He left me alone in the kitchen. I sat on a chair next to the dishwasher and pulled out the pieces of paper one by one.


“Really liked what we did last night the humiliation aspect etc. Get that that cld be deal breaker but wd luv to do do it again or similar. Not so much into real fucking just toying with u, making you squeal. Think you are v sexy like that.”


“Want to make you into a girl. Would like to dress you in bra, panties etc and have you pretend to be a real girl. Want to see you sissy up.”


“I don’t know what the others are thinking but I’d really like to play rough. How you fancy wrestling me for your virtue? If you win you can do whatever you want, including otele gelen escort have the night off. If not, you know what’s gonna happen to you.”


“I want to fuck that cute little tight asshole of yours again and again, and I want the others to be watching while we do it. Basically, wanna fuck you in public. Show everyone what a whore you are. Think you’re girly enough for that?”


“Just want to fuck you and kiss you and make you cum and make you feel special.”

By the time I got to the end of these, I was pink with embarrassment and had a huge hard-on. My body was responding to this, even if I was ashamed of the response. I felt dizzy.

I got up and went back into the room. The contract was on the table. It had been typed up and printed out. Chris’ dad was a lawyer and he planned to be one himself.

I examined it. It stated that the undersigned Chris X, Danny A, Steve Y, Ray B and Pete Z, hereafter called the Bosses, did affirm herein that the undersigned Alex C, hereafter called the Toy, was, for the duration of residence in the Q Cottage in the town of R in the county of S, the designated sexual partner of the Bosses in a manner to be arranged between individual Bosses and the Toy, and that the Toy was not to reasonably refuse any demand of any legal and non-hazardous sexual service made of him by any of the Bosses individually or collectively, where ‘non-hazardous’ is to be defined as a service where normal hygiene practices are in place, including such methods of safe sex as are specified in, etc. etc.

I gazed at this document in some wonderment, feeling as usual that I was out of my depth, but on the other hand it put our strange arrangement on a kind of official footing.

I looked up at them, folded the pieces of paper and put them in my pocket and said, “So this is the deal?”

“This is the deal,” said Chris. “Do you accept the individual contracts?”

“Sure,” I said, rather timidly.

We talked over some more details and at my request, a clause was added that specified a minimum time between my having one partner and another, unless a ‘party night’ was being had, which would have resembled the first night.

When I was satisfied that I wasn’t being too ruthlessly exploited, we all signed it. Chris looked up at me and grinned again, that wolfish, hungry grin that I’d begun to be wary of.

“And now we seal the deal,” he said, and reached down and opened his belt.

“Wait,” I said, “what?” I looked at the others, but they were looking at me. I suddenly realised that Danny and Ray were either side of me, and very close to me.

“Clause seven,” said Chris, turning the contract over. I had glanced over it but I hadn’t read it all the way through—I was too nervous and excited.

“It states,” he said, seeing that I hadn’t read it, “that on signing the contract, it must be further validated by semen samples from a majority of the Bosses.”

Danny and Ray took my wrists and I looked at them, surprised.

“But . . .” I said.

“Also,” said Chris, “our individual clauses are effective immediately. And I claim mine now.”

“What are you doing?” I asked, as Danny abruptly pulled my t-shirt over my head and Ray started to open my jeans. I struggled a little but they had me gripped firmly.

“You lost the bet, Alex,” Chris leered, coming around the table towards me. As Ray opened my jeans and began to drag them down me, I looked at the table, which was still littered with dirty breakfast plates.

“Oh no, guys, come on,” I said, worried, “hang on, I’m not ready—”

“It’s up to me to make you ready,” said Chris, who came behind me and knelt, pulling my jeans off my ankles and my socks and runners too. I felt Danny and Ray pulling me forward.

“Wait,” I said, startled, “I—Chris, please, I need to—what’s going on?”

“You know what’s going on,” said Ray curtly.

Steve and Pete had withdrawn to some distance off and were talking quietly about something. That made it more humiliating, that Chris, Danny and Ray were stripping me and bending me over the table, as if it was nothing special, just something that had to be done.

“Oh god,” I moaned, as Chris stood up and yanked my briefs down over my hips, abruptly exposing my arse and genitals, stripping me naked. They slid down to my ankles. Danny and Ray bent me over the table so that I was lying on plates smeared with egg yolk and ketchup and bacon grease and crumbs and butter. I squirmed, trying to kick with my legs, but all that happened was that I kicked my briefs off and sent them flying into a corner of the room, making me even more vulnerable.

There was a small dish of bacon grease on the table that they’d poured from the frying pan earlier.

Chris picked it up.

“Oh guys, please,” I urged them, not wanting it just now, excited and scared and also humiliated and genuinely unwilling because I knew what would happen if they started, “bacon fat, really? I mean, please use something balgat escort else—AAAAAhhhhh!” I gasped as I felt Chris roughly smearing gobs of it between my smooth naked buttocks. Greasing me up like an animal for the oven. I shuddered and squirmed as Chris took my hips in his hands and I felt his stiff member pushing between them, urgently seeking to enter me.

“Ooohhh,” I whimpered, “ooooh, please, guys . . . j-just not now, please, can I not—AAAHHH! OOOOH!”

Chris was pushing his cock tip against my naked, quivering anus and as Danny leaned over and rubbed my face in the remains of someone’s breakfast, I felt the agonising pang of humiliation at being stripped naked and roughly taken, purely so as to remind me of my place.

And yet, my eager, horny young body was receiving Chris, and my anus stretched to allow him in, and my cock swelled beneath me and I was moaning and gasping urgently as, yes, he penetrated my arse. I pushed my hips back, submitting utterly, just wanting nothing else but to be made to feel like this, like pure flesh, a crude young animal that just wanted to feel the pressure of another animal inside myself.

The morning light fell through the windows on us — two clothed young men and a third young man with his jeans around his ankles, all three holding down a naked youth bent over a table who was whimpering like a girl as they sodomised him.

“AHH!” I moaned. “AAH! AAH! AAH! Oh God! Oh GOD! Please!”

“Please what,” Chris grunted behind me.

“Please,” I whimpered, “fuck me like your bitch . . .”

Chris pistoned his hips into me and I bit my lip to stifle my scream of mingled pain and delight, and he fucked me harder. I sprawled on my belly, gasping for breath, lifting my head to see what the others were doing — Danny and Ray were still gripping me, Steve and Pete talking quietly in a corner, as if I wasn’t being practically raped on the dining table.

Chris pushed into me and the pressure of his cock in my bum did what it always did — it hypnotised me with sensation, bringing me flooding into an awareness of my own body, every nerve tingling.

“Oh . . . ohh . . . ohh . . .ohh, please . . .” I gasped. Danny pushed my face down and rubbed it on a plate smeared with jam and butter, and I couldn’t help thinking of another moment from a movie I’d seen, involving sodomy and butter. They had made me their girl, all right, except that few if any girls would put up with the treatment they were giving me.

“Mmmf . . .” I gasped, my mouth pressed against a bit of cold, damp toast, my eyes shut, my naked body quivering as Chris slammed into me, and then he let out a long gasp and paused, and I felt his cock twitching, and I frantically milked it with my ass muscles —

And then I felt him cum inside my ass, and the force made me cum too, my stiff cock uselessly spurting cum onto the lino under the table. I sprawled, moaning, as I felt Chris slipping out of me, and one of the others taking his place. It was just as if I were being continually impaled on one endless cock. I turned my red, sweating face over my shoulder and saw that it was Danny entering me and I closed my eyes and moaned.

Danny was quicker, cumming into me after only a couple of minutes, and then he pulled out of me and Ray took his place. By then my knees were quivering and they had to lay me face-down on the table so that Ray could mount my hips and lie on top of me. I shuddered and whimpered as I felt his long, narrow penis sliding deep inside me, his stubbled face next to mine as he kissed me. He was making deep guttural sounds and I had stopped even pretending to struggle. I lived only for this, to be made to submit to them. I squirmed and whimpered “Oooh . . .” as Ray pumped his cum into my unresisting body, and then he pulled out of me and I lay naked and prone in the ruin of the breakfast things, thoroughly ass-fucked, breathing heavily, my eyes shut, docile, submissive, spent.

I heard noises, and then a hand tapped me on my shoulder. I opened my eyes.

Chris was holding up the contract, with their semen smeared beside their signatures. He’d put some of mine next to mine, too, as humiliating evidence of my submission.

“There you go, sexy,” he said. “We’re off for the day. See you later.”

They left the room, and I shut my eyes again and groaned.

I must have slept because I woke up some time later, naked on the table in the fetal position, besmeared with food and their cum, and I felt chilly and debased, and also deeply satisfied.

I gingerly eased myself off the table and stood up, wincing at the slight ache in my arse, and found a note signed by Chris.


Please tidy this all up before we get back. If you’re our bitch then you also have some maid work to do.

Seeya sexy,


I was indignant, but as I stood naked and chilly in the living room, reading the note, it seemed to make a kind of sense.

Resigned, I cleared the table, still naked, putting the breakfast things in the dishwasher, and turned it on. Then I wiped down the table and the lino, clearing up the cum stains and other smears, and only then did I go to the bathroom and take a long, hot shower. And then a cold one.

When I was clean, I shaved carefully, as much all over as I could. Then I searched the house, still wrapped in a towel, and found various items of feminine clothing. I took them all to my room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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