A Mother and Her Twins

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I’m Bill, I’m 37 years old, unmarried, and very undersexed. I’d not got lucky for years and erotic stories on the internet seemed to be my main outlet for relief. Sad really.

A few years ago I started a new job working for a small software house. The staff numbers fluctuated between 15 and 20. One lady, Jean, who had been there for a few years before me caught my eye. She would be in her 40s at a guess. She was striking even if not stunningly beautiful. She had a good figure for her years, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She had the reputation of being quite harsh and I shied away from her for a long time.

I observed how she was with others, in particular men, and I decided I was wise to steer clear. She seemed to respond aggressively all the time, even to benign queries. I guessed that there must be something going on at home or something. It wasn’t for me to pry. So I let it go. I was fortunate that our expertise didn’t cross over much.

Then one day it was announced that she would be taking a few weeks off due to her husband being in palliative care. He had cancer and it wasn’t going to last long. I’m a bit of a softie really, and asked around if anyone was sorting her out some flowers or at least a card or something. The general consensus was that she could ‘go fuck herself’.

My father passed away a few years previously and I knew from bitter experience that this isn’t the way to treat other humans and so I ordered a large bouquet of flowers to be sent to her husband’s bed side and a bottle of red and a card to be sent to her home along with a message that she needed something to relax with as much as is possible during such a hard time. I signed both on behalf of the company of course. She didn’t need to know nobody gave a toss.

It wasn’t long before the inevitable happened and her husband died. At least this time company policy directed that we would get flowers for the funeral. Nobody volunteered to go and represent us though, so once again my soft heart took over and I went. I kept out of the way of the family – they were grieving, I was not. At the graveside I paid my respects. Jean shook my hand and thanked me for coming. She also introduced me to her twin daughters Ashley and Lauren. They were identical: tall, with good figures, and they had inherited their mother’s blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. They looked stunning, despite the puffy, reddened eyes of someone who is heart-broken. I left them to their grief as soon as I politely could.

A few weeks later Jean returned to work. It was a Friday – an easy day for her to get adjusted to work again. She looked horrendous. Her husband had obviously meant a huge amount to her and she was a broken woman. Once she’d settled herself a little she called me over to the meeting room.

“Bill,” she said, “I really, really appreciate what you’ve done for me and my girls these last few weeks. I know you tried to hide the fact that the flowers and the wine were from you, but I know for a fact people hate me here. So I did some detective work. It wasn’t hard after you turned up at Fred’s funeral.” A tear ran down her cheek. “We hardly know each other, and so your actions are all the more meaningful to me. Now I’m guessing a chap like you is probably very busy, but if at all possible would you be free this evening to come round for a meal as a way of thanking you for your kindness?”

“You flatter me, Jean,” I replied, “but as it happens I have no plans. I’m not as busy as you presume.”

“Great stuff, Bill,” Jean said. “Then we’ll have you round tonight. Ash and Lauren will cook, so I’ll meet you in the bar down the road from my house for an aperitif and a quick chat at 7pm. There’s a couple of things I need to go over with you before you set foot in my house that I can’t talk about here and now.”

I agreed, although it all sounded a little bit strange. I was also nervous, to say the least, because of the way I’d seen Jean in the past. All the same, I was glad to be seeing Ashley and Lauren again, and hopefully in marginally happier circumstances. They were truly stunning girls.

I got to the bar around 6.45. I was always prompt! Jean was there already. She looked very different to the way she did in the office. She was wearing a black figure-hugging dress. The neckline was quite low, but not scandalous! It revealed a good amount of cleavage though which was pleasant. She had a very expensive looking pearl necklace on with a mother of pearl cross that nestled between her breasts. In terms of length, it was probably mid thigh. She had patent leather black heels on. She had no tights or stockings on and her legs looked really well toned for a woman of a certain age.

“Thanks for being prompt,” Jean said as she kissed me on both cheeks. “I’m so glad you could make it. This could be the fun we need to break us out of our cycle of grief.”

She ordered me a stiff gin and tonic. Not my normal drink of choice, but I wasn’t going to argue.

“Right, Bill,” she said after we had settled into a quiet corner, “I’m sorry this kilis seks hikayeleri is all a bit weird for you. Trust me, it’s weird for us as well. I’m just going to jump right in and tell you the story. Since Fred got ill things have been very weird around our house. Well for us anyway. I want to run through a few things with you though, without Ash and Lauren around. First of all, I don’t know how you got here, but you won’t be fit to drive home, and I won’t have you clock-watching for the last bus home. And a taxi just wouldn’t do. We have plenty of space.”

“In terms of the things I wanted to talk to you about, or maybe better put, warn you about. I’ll just come out with it. When Ash and Lauren were born we lived in a small flat with just the one bedroom. There wasn’t room for cots or anything, so the girls slept in bed with Fred and myself. That’s fairly normal I guess for a lot of people. What is less normal is that we never put them in their own beds when they were old enough to. When we moved to our current house we tried giving them their own rooms but it just didn’t work. So they continued sleeping in our bed. Fred and I used a spare room for sex until a couple of years ago when they turned 18.”

“We asked them what they wanted to mark their coming of age and both girls unanimously agreed that they wanted Daddy’s cock. I had sex with my father in the past, and Fred used to sleep with his sister, so this wasn’t a request that surprised us. So on their birthday I wrapped up Fred’s cock and balls in a red ribbon and bow he fucked them silly. It was great to watch. Anyway, from that day forward we slept naked and would share Fred’s dick around. I finally also got the chance to eat out my beautiful daughters and have them eat me out too.”

She was talking very matter-of-factly and yet this talk of incest was stirring things in my groin. I was a bit confused why I had to know though. Maybe it was just confession time?

Jean continued: “When Fred got ill we knew we wouldn’t have long and so we made the most of him while we could. But when he went into palliative care we knew we’d lost him forever. It was heart breaking. Your card and wine came at a very appropriate moment. We were at rock bottom. We drank the wine, and another couple of bottles, and you were right, we needed to relax. With the tensions of the last weeks numbed by the alcohol the girls and I enjoyed each others’ bodies in ways we hadn’t before. It was different without Fred around. No penis will do that, but it was good. Very good. So you see, you really made a huge difference to our lives. We agreed that we’d have you round for a meal once things started getting back to normal.”

“I hope you don’t mind me burdening you with this. I just felt the need to fill you in. Ashley and Lauren miss their father a great deal. And, well, their experiences around home mean they are a little bit different to most girls. They have very different inhibitions to other girls, particularly around the home. And their sense of appropriateness of dress and action is a little different to what is considered to be normal. So I just wanted to warn you to expect the unexpected and not be offended by it.”

“We had a rule with Fred that if anything we do is not welcome or appropriate then he would smack that person’s rear and that would be that. Feel free to adopt that same strategy. I think Ash and Lauren will welcome the familiarity of it.”

“Your glass is empty, Bill,” she exclaimed, changing tack, “let me get you another and then we’ll head back to the house.”

We drank our drinks and chatted about other stuff. I was a little absent-minded though. All these revelations had left me a little horny and wondering what might happen later, if anything.

We drank up and left the bar for the short walk to Jean’s house. Jean linked her arm into mine and I noticed a slight spring in her step.

We got to the house. It wasn’t huge, but it was well maintained and very welcoming. There was a delicious smell emanating from the kitchen as we walked in. It was followed by one of the twins. My heart skipped a beat. Jean introduced her as Ashley. She was tall, as I’d noted before. Her blonde hair was cut short and combed to one side in a spiky fashion. She wasn’t wearing mourning clothes like when I’d first seen her at the graveside. Far from it. She had a small summer dress on that probably revealed a lot more than it hid. It had very thin straps and was incredibly low cut, only really just covering the necessary areas. It was very clear to me she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. That was absolutely fine by me. It was also incredibly short showing off acres of smooth, toned leg flesh.

She came straight up to me, flung her arms around my neck, and kissed me square on the lips. When she tried to press her tongue inside I flinched and pulled back exclaiming, “Hey wait a minute!” This was all a little too forward for me.

“Remember what I said, Bill,” Jean chimed in, “if it’s not wanted or inappropriate then a smack on the bottom will give the right message. Go on, give it a try.”

I gave Ashley a firm pat on the bottom thinking would do the trick.

“No, no, Bill,” Jean pronounced with a slight twinkle in her eye, “it has to be a lot firmer than that, and it has to be directly on the skin.”

Ashley nodded, so I put a hand up under her skirt and slapped her cheek very firmly. It let out a satisfying crack and Ashley yelped theatrically. She smiled, excused herself and flounced back to the kitchen. I watched her go. The hem of her skirt bounced as she went revealing glimpses of more skin. Very intriguing.

A couple of minutes later her twin came out. I knew it was Lauren as she had her blonde hair cut in a bob. Other than that I could see no distinguishing features and she had the same summer dress on. She came straight up to me like Ashley had and kissed me square on the lips. Then she grabbed my buttocks and pulled my groin towards hers. Again this was rather forward, but I knew what to do and smacked her pert cheek under her dress. She also yelped a little and flounced back to the kitchen.

“You’re getting the hang of this, Bill!” Jean said. “I hope you’re not feeling uncomfortable at all. It’s just the way they are. I like seeing them like this as well. It means their thoughts aren’t stuck on Fred too much. Let’s go and sit down.”

Dinner was to be served in the kitchen/diner which meant we could see and chat to the girls whilst they finished preparations. There was quite a unique style about the dining room. The table was quite low down and they had benches instead of chair. One down each side. Jean sat me down on the side facing the kitchen and sat next to me. The bench was quite low to the ground as well to be suitable for the table and I noticed that meant that Jean had to sit with her legs quite spread in order to be comfortable. The skirt of her dress rode up considerably giving me a luscious view of her legs.

“It’s a great arrangement isn’t it, Bill,” Jean said quietly. “There’s no way to be ladylike really. We’ve had a lot of fun around this table in the past.”

Jean scootched up as close as she could to me. I didn’t know whether to look at Jean or her two daughters in the kitchen. All three of them were exposing a lot of skin.

Ashley came over to the table. She leant over in front of me, placing her hands on the table. Her dress fell forward and I could practically see all of her milky white breasts. Her nipples were tantalisingly covered by the material still.

“Bill,” she breathed, “It’s so nice to have a man in the house again. We’ve missed Daddy a great deal. I gather Mummy’s explained some things to you, but there’s one thing that Daddy used to help with that we really need a man for.”

I was expecting to be asked to carve or something.

“There’s a little while before dinner is ready, so there’s plenty of time. Daddy used to help us shave our pussies. Since he’s not been here, Lauren and I have become a little overgrown. Would you mind very much helping out?”

My eyes nearly fell out of my skull. My penis agreed that I would help immediately before my brain could kick in and veto. Ashley grinned and took me by the hand. She led me upstairs to a large bathroom. She rooted around in a couple of cupboards, pulling out a flannel, a razor and some foam. Then she sat straight down on the cold tiled floor and spread her legs. She wasn’t wearing underwear so I got an unfettered view of her pussy. It was deliciously pink and fleshy. The blonde pubes were well past the length of stubble, but nothing too unsightly.

“You need to get the flannel wet with hot water, Bill, and give things a quick clean. Then you need to foam me up before shaving. I want to be completely bald. It’s so much nicer for Mummy or Lauren when they’re licking me down there, plus I think it makes me looks sexier when I’m bottomless. Then when you’ve done shaving use the flannel to clean off any residual foam.”

I got to work straight away enjoying myself a great deal. Every time I touched her, Ashley shuddered. Her breathing became more and more shallow. I carefully shaved every last hair, taking great care not to touch her too intimately. I’m not sure why. When it came to cleaning up though I had no choice. Almost as soon as I rubbed her clit with the hot flannel she screamed with ecstasy. Her whole body convulsed in a massive climax. I finished wiping her up whilst her body continued to twitch. Then she got up and straightened out her dress and told me to wait for Lauren.

Lauren arrived in an instant and plonked herself down in much the same position as her sister. Her pussy looked just as inviting and pink.

“Please don’t leave me completely bald, Bill,” she said. “I quite like having a little bit down there, but it’ll need a trim. There’s some scissors in that drawer. You can leave whatever design you like, but my labia need to be hairless.”

I duly complied, leaving her a neatly trimmed landing strip that was slightly wider at the top than the bottom. It pointed to the delights to be had down below. I was less careful in my touching of Lauren and was surprised at how slippery and wet she was. When it came to wiping up the residual foam Lauren also climaxed spectacularly. Then she got up as her sister had and waltzed off to the kitchen again.

I tidied stuff up as best as I could and went back to the table. I sat down next to Jean again who thanked me for helping out. It was time for some food and I was famished, and a little light headed. Someone had already poured large glasses of red wine to accompany the meal which looked like it was roast lamb with all the trimmings.

Lauren and Ashley brought the food over to the table in serving dishes, along with warm plates. They insisted on serving Jean and myself though. With the table so low they had to lean right over to reach our plates and I got more delightful views of their creamy flesh as their braless tits wiggled and jiggled.

Eventually they sat down and we started eating and drinking and enjoying ourselves. I could see they they would have to have their legs spread as wide as their mother in order to stay upright on their bench. I was tempted to drop my knife for a peek, but decided better of it.

After a little while I noticed that one of the straps on Lauren’s dress was slipping off her shoulder. She seemed oblivious to it. It didn’t take long for it to complete its journey to her elbow. The top of her dress sagged revealing a tantalising glimpse of a pink areola and nipple. A little while later the other strap went the same way exposing her naked tits completely.

“Lauren, Dear,” said Jean, “It’s not fair teasing our guest like that. Remember your manners.”

Lauren sighed and her boobs jiggled delightfully. I was expecting her to cover up again, but she didn’t. She slipped her arms out of the dress straps letting it fall into her lap. Then I felt a foot wind its way up my leg until it was in my crotch, massaging my cock. She carried on for a couple of minutes, smiled sweetly and then got back to her food.

Suddenly Ashley coughed and spluttered as she was drinking her wine. Quite a bit spilt onto her chest and dress. She used her napkin to wipe as much up as she could but it was clear she needed to sort out the dress immediately. She excused herself, slipping the dress off as she went. Her pert rear looked great as she trotted off. She wasn’t gone long, and when she returned she was wearing a thin, tight crop top and nothing else. The shirt finished well above her naval giving a very nice view of her toned tummy, and of course her nether regions which I’d shaved earlier. Her braless tits were quite clearly visible through the top too.

As she sat down I felt her foot snake up my leg into my crotch as her sister’s had before. Only this time I felt Jean’s hand there also unbuttoning my fly. Ashley ran her toes up and down the length of my shaft through my shorts a few times before settling back down to finish her food.

Soon it was time to clear the plates for dessert. The girls got up to clear the plates. Lauren’s dress dropped to the floor leaving her naked. She didn’t care. She took great care to dangle her breasts in front of me every time she picked something up from the table. They hung beautifully. The pink nipples hard and pert. It was clear to me that both girls were very much enjoying showing themselves off to me. I wasn’t complaining.

“Bill,” said Jean suddenly, “come with me.”

She took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. She rummaged in the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of linen trousers and a shirt.

“These were Fred’s but I think they’ll fit you ok. Be a dear and pop them on for us, and no underwear. You can use the bathroom to change. Oh and whilst I’m up here, I know I’m not the youngest anymore, and I can see you’re enjoying my girls’ charms a lot, but would you mind if I slipped into something more relaxed also? Please don’t be afraid to say no. Too much older flesh can be a turn off for some I’m sure.”

“Please do, Jean,” I replied. “You do look lovely and you’ve worked hard to keep trim. Just make yourself comfortable.”

I took the trousers and shirt to the bathroom to get changed, leaving Jean some privacy to change as well. I slipped the shirt on first and it fitted perfectly. It had poppers instead of buttons. I left a couple open at the top. Then I slipped off my trousers and shorts and put on the linen trousers. The soft material felt nice against my naked tackle. I only noticed the problem when I went to zip up. The fly and a large portion of the crotch were missing. My cock and balls were completely exposed. I’d have no chance of hiding my erection now. Not that I expected anyone to have any doubt about its presence to be honest.

Well if this is what Jean wanted me to wear then so be it. I took some deep breaths and headed downstairs. As I walked into the kitchen Ashley was getting something out of a low cupboard right in front of me. She was bent at the waist and her feet were shoulder width apart. The result was an amazing view of her pussy and anus, ripe for a fucking. I stood in the doorway and watched as my cock grew and hardened at the sight.

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