A Mother’s Mistake…Part 2

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My story of the first time with my son continues here. Several comments on my post of part 1 seem to doubt if it is true or not which doesn’t really matter to me at all, but for the ones that wonder if it is, well it’s very true and as I write more about us I’ll try to post them here for you. Thank you.

After I told Mark to come into the house I went on in ahead of him leaving him still laying there at the side of the pool. Walking to the house and in the back door I couldn’t help or for that matter understand the strange new feelings I was having inside me. I was torn between thinking, what the hell have I just done to OMG that was the hottest and best blowjob I’ve ever given. Thinking about what we had just done as I waited for Mark, plus the fact that it was my own son that I had just sucked off, I started to get horny again and I must admit a little wet also.

My first thought as I entered the house was to go put on some shorts and a top since I was still only wearing my thong. But as I started to get the mixes out for our drinks the same thoughts came to me again as they did in the pool. Those thoughts brought the wonder images of Mark’s hard cock and how sexy he looked standing out there on the deck, the thoughts I was having as he put lotion on me, how good his fingers felt while bringing me to taht great orgasm, and the final excitment of having his cock in my mouth and him filling it with his hot cum.

Unable or not wanting to control my thoughts I know right than I needed more from my loving son, my baby. Without any further thought I removed my last piece of material protection and threw my thong on the chair next to the dining room table. Here I was now, naked and making drinks for my son and myself as he finally came into the kitchen, and to my surprise and happiness, he hadn’t put his clothes back on yet.

Feeling somewhat weird and I think both of us not knowing what to say, Mark just stood at the far end of the kitchen counter. I finally broke the ice and approached him with his drink. As I did şişli escort I couldn’t help but look at him, his cute face, fit body, and of course his wonderful manhood. As I handed him his drink I asked if he was alright and was what happen outside in the pool ok with him. With a few seconds of thought he said, “Mom it was great and I’ve always wanted to touch you like that but never thought it would ever really be possible or ever happen. When you let me get you off in the pool it was a dream come true for me Mom.”

I gave him a little kiss and told him that I loved him dearly and I was glad it hadn’t upset him. I told him that what we had done wasn’t what a mother and son should be doing but that I couldn’t help the thoughts he was making me have. I said he had made me feel beautiful and sexy again when I saw him aroused by my body and that the orgasm he made me have was one of my best. With that said I moved closer and kissed him again but this time more deeply and much longer.

After a very long, tongues in mouth kiss, I could feel his cock getting hard between us. Again maybe to give him a sign of what I wanted I let out a few moans of my pleasure and took hold of his cock with my hand. I heard him place his glass on the counter than felt his hands running up my thighs, over my hips and around to my ass. His hands felt so good as he explored my body and with each heated moment my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Wanting him to touch me more I slide my right leg up around his hip and around behind him to give him access that I so needed now. In this position he eased his right hand between my legs and started rubbing my wet pussy and clit. The feeling was just as good if not better than when he fingered me in the pool. He probed one, than two fingers in and out of me causing a slushing sound each time. At this point I think we both know that him fingering me again wasn’t going to be enough this time.

Breaking off our long kiss I simply pulled him by his cock and turned him so he was up against the dining room table. I pressed him against his chest so he would lay back on the table and as he did I bent to take him back in my mouth once again. The taste and feeling of him in my mouth was wonderful. I swear I was acting like some porn star I’d seen in a movie as I sucked every inch of his cock and sucked his balls like a pro. Believe me, I so wanted to taste his cum in my mouth again but the heat of the moment and between my legs was just too much for me.

Taking him one last time deep into my mouth I slowly withdrew him from my mouth and looking up over his chest said, “take me Mark, fuck me right here, right now”.

As he slide off the table I replaced him by just bending over the edge of the table so he could get behind me and take me doggy style. As he was positioning himself behind me the thought of, “what the hell are you doing Jill stop this now” went through my mind until I felt him rub the head of his cock across the wet lips of my pussy. As fast as that thought had come it was now gone and my desire to have my son’s cock deep in me took over again. With just two or three wipes plus the fact I had just gave him a wet blowjob, I think his cock was lubed more than enough as I felt the head pressing against the opening of my pussy and slowly spreading my lips apart.

Ever so gently Mark slide his wonderful cock into me. With each forward push I let out a moan of satisfaction until he was fully inside of me. The thickness and his length made me feel so full inside and wished he could give me more. Slowly Mark worked himself out than slowly back in so I could almost feel every vein in his hard cock. In a rythem now Mark was rubbing his hands over my back, sides and hips, than up into my hair and stopping once or twice he’d grab a hand full of my hair and stroke in and out of me while pulling back on it like the reins on a horse. I like having my hair pulled when I’m being taken doggy style so I told Mark it was ok to pull harder and as he did I just blurted out, “harder Mark, harder baby”.

Now with my verbal direction I guess Mark’s pace increased and he was pounding me hard just like I had requested. His hardness was slamming into me with each thrust, hitting that special spot that needed it so badly. He was pulling my hair hard now also, so hard my head was pulled back almost up straight and Mark was pushing two fingers of his left hand into my mouth saying, “suck them mom, suck them good”.

As he spoke those words to me and the way he was fucking me, I’d have never thought he was like this or known he was this good. My boy had grew to be a wonderful man and as far as sex, very talented and a real lady pleaser. Well he was pleasing me and I was at the point of no return by now. The harder he fucked me the faster my orgasm was coming. With the table and us both rocking like crazy I came again for the second most wonderful orgasm of the day. I remember not being about to control the spasms that was going through my body as I orgasmed. As my orgasm slowed and neared it’s end, Mark’s was just beginning. Still pulling my hair hard and driving his cock into me I heard him grut something than felt the hot liquid of his sperm shooting deep into my now overly used and hot pussy.

With his balls now emptied inside of me, Mark leaned over my back and kissed me on the cheek saying, “that was perfect mom and your one of the hottest women I know. I love you!” All I could say in reply was “I love you too Mark and thank you”.

In a few minutes I could feel Mark getting soft so he slowing pulled out of me and helped me up from the table. As I said he emptied his balls and that he did. As I stood up next to the table his cum almost gushed out of me, drops falling onto the dining room rug and running down both my legs. Damn I didn’t think a young man could cum that much.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up while Mark cleaned up in our other bathroom. When we met back in the kitchen we kissed one last time and decided to go back outside on the deck, finish the drinks we should of had earlier and talk about what had happen before my husband Nick got home from fishing.

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