A Mother’s Promise Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: It’s been six months since I posted Chapter 3 of this story. At first, I wasn’t going to continue it, but, I’ve received many emails urging me to continue Bobby’s story. This chapter, unfortunately, picks up exactly at the end of Chapter 3- with virtually no transition, so readers who haven’t read the previous chapters might be lost. Enjoy.

In a fashion, the tables were reversed on me, so to speak. It was me that was now kneeling in front of my mother, holding out the silky pink panties I selected from her lingerie drawer for her to step into. As she pointed her foot to step into them, she rose from the bed and straightened herself up directly in front of me. Her vagina came even with my eyes and it didn’t take any effort to see that she was still wet and glistening from our mutual masturbation session not more than five minutes earlier.

Seeing me look into the juncture of her thighs, she moved her hand there – first in a modest move to cover herself, and then deciding to allow my stare, she placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled me a little closer to her lower lips. As she pulled my face closer, she warned me “Don’t do anything but look, Bobby. No touching, okay?”

I didn’t answer, but instead inched my way closer and closer to her until I could feel the light strands of her pussy hair barely touch my nose. Breathing in, my nostrils were filled with her wonderful scent. The same smell that was on her panties – the same smell that was on her fingers – the scent that was uniquely and deliciously hers and I was so close to the source.

When I exhaled, the warmth of my breath passing over her feminine lips caused her to tremble slightly. Seeing the effect on her, I did it again and again, intentionally blowing warm air lightly over her mound and pubic hair in a teasing sort of way.

Reaching down, I pulled her panties up to her knees and then left them there, leaving her standing in front of me half dressed and half naked. It was such a rush to see her in such an exposed condition. She looked vulnerable and on display in a very sexual kind of way, much as if she was at my mercy and waiting for me to make the next move.

I steadied myself by placing my hands on the floor and looked up at her, continuing to breathe in her scent and blow warm air over her mound. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted to the side. I don’t know where her mind was, but, I kind of figured she was in some place where she could enjoy what I was doing without any guilt or concern. After all, I wasn’t touching her, I was just looking and bathing myself in her femininity.

I’m not sure what made me do it, but I reached up with my right hand and lightly touched her left hand, now hanging loosely at her side. When my fingers touched hers, our fingers entwined until she captured my hand softly in hers. Our hands, at first reluctant to touch in such a tender manner, gave way to the tenderness of the moment as we grasped each other’s hands. With our fingers interlocked, her free hand came behind my head again and slowly pulled me all the way into her crotch.

With my nose now buried against her soft curls and feeling her slippery wetness on my face, I nuzzled in between her labia as she firmly pulled me into her and settled her vagina on my face. This was pure heaven for me and just as I was about to stick my tongue out and have my first direct taste of her vagina, she pulled back and pointed to the panties around her knees and asked if I was ready to help her finish dressing.

“Just pull them all the way up my legs,” she said, “they might be a little tight, but, they used to fit me, so I bet they’re okay.” Her warm tone made the moment special. But, try as I might to obey her softly spoken directions, my only desire was to kiss her deeply between those lips and taste her in earnest.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done – to keep from thrusting my face right back into her warmth and wetness. Giving in to the urge, I started to move back into her with the thought of licking and sucking every bit of her thick wetness into my mouth, but she squeezed my hand and nodded to me saying “Bobby, no…. please don’t…. we’ve gone too far already….. your father and sister will be home soon…. Please, we have to stop…. You’re going to make me want to do……. things. Please don’t…… at least for now.”

I could feel my cock growing again and the desire to get more intimate with her was uncontrollable. “Mom….. please just let me kiss you there…..” I said as I pushed my face back into her vagina. “Oh, Bobby…..” she moaned.

Running my nose up and down between her lips, I extended my tongue and it found its way inside her. She almost buckled as my tongue lapped around the outside and then darted inside, finally tasting her directly from the source. She gasped as I licked her, moving back and forth between her clitoris and her pussy. Over and over again I assaulted her womanhood – her motherhood as it was kırklareli seks hikayeleri – with my tongue. I felt her shift her feet apart, but they were restrained at the knees by the panties I was supposed to be pulling up her legs.

Nevertheless, I had my prize now. She was lubricating liberally and each swipe of my tongue found enough to create my desire for more. It was if I was intoxicated with her….. not only the full aromatic sensation driving me into sensory overload, but the texture and volume of her juices were closing the doors to any common sense I had left.

I moved my free hand up her leg and into the chasm between her thighs. Very slowly, I inched my fingers closer and closer to her pussy as I continued to lick and suck her. Finally, when my fingers were brushing her pubic hair, with one gentle movement, I slipped one finger up into her pussy as I sucked her clit.

The warmth and wetness that was awaiting my probing finger was more than I was expecting and I was amazed at the amount of slippery wetness dammed up behind her vaginal opening. My finger was, for lack of a better word, swimming in her juices – and when I wiggled it, I felt the wetness swish around in time with her moans.

Thrusting my finger in and out of her velvet lips, I concentrated my licking and sucking on her clit. As I did, she was moaning “Oh, Bobby, yes… right there…. that’s nice….. that’s the place…… Oh, Oh, Oh……..”

Suddenly, I felt her go rigid and squeeze my hand tightly. Her low moan turned into a high pitched sound escaping from her mouth, “Ooooohhhhhhh, yes, yes, yes, yes……..”

I knew she was on the verge of cumming….. Damn, I was going to make my mother cum again. Pride and delight filled me as I added another finger and continued to thrust into her and suck her clit. Her hands quickly pulled my face away from her clit leaving just my fingers moving in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, Bobby!” She exclaimed. “I’m cuming! You’re making me……. cum!”

I felt her pussy spasm on my fingers and then a flood of wetness escaped her warm nest. “Oh, oh, oh, oh…..” She moaned softly as she moved her hips back and forth, fucking my fingers as they thrust in and out of her. I tried to move my face back to her vagina, but she held me back, panting “No, no more.”

As her climax subsided, she clearly lost her balance and almost collapsed on top me, but managed to hold herself up by bracing her arms on my shoulders. Her face was contorted and she was panting trying to catch her breath – a feeling I could fully understand since it had happened to me earlier when she held her panties to my nose as I jacked off.

When she settled down and her breathing slowed, I smiled to myself and reached down to pull up the panties I had left hanging around her knees. As if in a trance, she wiggled her hips just a little to help me get them pulled up. As I stood in front of her, my hand immediately went to the gusset of her panties and I stroked her and traced a line between her lips, creasing her panties into her with each stroke. She spread her legs to allow my fingers and each time I traced up to the top of her lips, she shivered. Without thinking, I turned my head to look at her and when I did, she kissed me with her warm, parted lips. We kissed again and again, neither one of us at all concerned about the slippery wetness that coated my face and now rubbing onto hers.

Honestly, I lost total consciousness of spatial time and place as we kissed. I was totally gone – totally engulfed in her. It wasn’t only the fact that I was hard and horny again, but, the full wanton desire to kiss…. to kiss her over and over again.

And the kisses were a mixture of love and lust, tenderness and excitement and it completely took my breath away. Damn, could she kiss! My heart was on fire – beating at a rate which I hadn’t experienced ever before. Our lips continued to find each other’s and I didn’t even feel her as she reached down to find my cock tenting the panties she had dressed me in earlier. As she grasped me, I drew in a deep breath and laid my head down on her shoulder.

Shifting a little to the side, she started to rub me as I had rubbed her – but more deliberately. Stroking me through the nylon and rubbing her palm up and down the length of my shaft, I buried my face into her neck and started kissing her. “Here we go again!” I thought.

Even though we were in my room, neither one of us could miss the unforgettable hum of the garage door opener as it vibrated the floor beneath us. Almost instantly and in one fluid motion, she pulled away from me, reached over to the bed, picked up her shorts and started to run out of my room. But as she got to the door, she reached back for me, grabbed my face and kissed me quickly on my cheek. Panting, she smiled and kissed me again, this time on the lips, and then left me standing there.

Running across the hallway to her room, she stopped again at her doorway and turned back to me. “Better do yourself up there, kiddo…” she said, pointing to my cock straining against the nylon behind my opened jeans. And with that, she disappeared into her bathroom where I heard her close and lock the door.

A minute later, I heard my sister and my dad walking from the garage to the kitchen and the rustling of bags filled with groceries. I could hear them talking as I rushed into the hall bathroom and closed the door.

Looking into the mirror above the sink, I could see my face was covered with a slick, glistening sheen from my mother’s vagina. Her wetness covered my cheeks, nose and lips. Her scent was all over me…. when I moved my head, I got a fresh whiff of her as the air moved over my face. My cock was still wildly throbbing, like it was trying to burst its way out of my pants and the panties underneath. Unconsciously, I reached down to touch myself thinking about what had happened in the last hour.

I was jolted back to reality by my sister pounding on the bathroom door saying “Bobby, are you almost done in there?” I jumped when she pounded, initially thinking she might just open the door and walk in, but I settled down knowing the door was locked. The thought of her barging in with Mom’s pussy juice covering my face and the scent of pussy hovering all around me was unnerving, especially with her knowing that mom had been the only female in the house with me.

“I’m going to take a shower,” I replied through the locked door, “I’ll be out in a few minutes.” Just then, I heard the shower turn on in my mother’s bathroom, knowing full well she needed to freshen up before running into my father.

After my shower, I dressed again in the panties my mother put on me when we were in the laundry room. At first, I thought I was doing it out of respect, but standing there in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror, I was taken aback by the way they looked on me. With my cock now at normal size and strength, the panties looked…. well…. they looked great on me. I turned side to side, looking at myself and admiring my reflection and the way they fit. I felt myself start to get hard and watched myself enlarge, pushing against the nylon panty, finally causing me to adjust my cock to a more comfortable position pointing straight up.

I drew myself away from the reflection and threw my jeans on, cleaned up the bathroom and scurried across the hall to my bedroom. As I did, I glanced over to my mother’s bedroom to see her standing in the middle of the room, now dressed after her shower. From room to room, she glanced up to see me looking at her and smiled. As I smiled back, she pulled the waistband of her shorts down just a little to show me she put the same panties back on. In turn, I undid my jeans a little to show her I had done the same thing. We both smiled and I took it as a clue that there was more to come….. at least I hoped as much.

As the day wore on, we busied ourselves with things to do. Later in the day, my father called me out to the garage to help him get his fishing gear together telling me he was going to take my sister fishing the next morning. “That girl has never gone fishing,” he said, “I thought I would take her out for a few hours and show her how it’s done. You can go next time, Bobby. You don’t mind staying behind, do you?” I told him I didn’t mind adding that it would be nice for the two of them to spend some time together.

Now, my father is a serious fisherman. He’s got everything the modern angler needs and he never comes back empty handed. As he told me of his plans, the only thing I could think about was having more time alone with mom. “We’re going to leave early,” he huffed, “about 5:30 so we can get there and be ready to wet our lines by 7:00!”

As he spoke, I thought about all the possibilities this might provide. “How long are you going to be gone?” I asked.

“We’ll probably be back around one or two o’clock,” he answered, “that is unless she wants to stay longer. It’s about a ninety minute drive each way, so if we leave by noon, we could be back by 1:30 or so.”

“Hmm,” I thought, “I would be alone with mom until 1:30?” My mind went through the whole range of possibilities and I was totally absorbed with what was whirling around in my mind when my dad said “Ok, I think that’s it. I think we’re all set. Thanks for helping, Bobby. Next time, it’s just you and me.”

About then, my mom came out to the garage and stood next to me, looked at the fishing gear, nudged my shoulder and asked “What’s all this? Are the mighty hunter – gatherers planning an expedition?”

I told her about Dad and Linda going fishing tomorrow morning, saying they were going to leave early and adding that they might be gone until about 1:30 that afternoon. “Well Bobby, we’re just going to have to find something to do with ourselves while they’re gone I guess, right?”

Before I could answer, she laughed and said “I know…. you can help me get caught up on my laundry!” I about choked.

Hmm, but, that would be nice…… I wouldn’t turn that down….. not after what happened earlier. More panties and bras. That would be fun. I felt my cock twitch in agreement as she mussed my hair and went back inside the house.

The rest of the day went slowly, my mind filling up with vision after vision of what Mom and I might do tomorrow. We settled down to dinner around 7:00 PM and as we were getting done, Dad announced that he and Linda needed to get to bed early if they were going to be out of the house by 5:30 the next morning. “You’ll probably have to get up by 4:30,” Mom said to him, “especially if you’re going to eat before you go. I think you better plan on being in bed by 9:00 tonight, Dear.”

After dinner, I helped Mom clean up the dishes and load the dish washer. I had been meaning to ask her all day if she told my dad about the special panties she was wearing, so once it looked like the coast was clear, I simply asked “Did Dad see the panties you have on?”

“In fact, he did,” she said, “and I’ll be going to bed at 9:00 tonight, too.”

I looked at her and smiled, shaking my head knowing she and my dad were most likely going to get frisky. “What’s that look for?” She asked.

“Oh, nothing,” I said, “guess the ‘magic panties’ did the trick, huh?”

“Well, yes….. they did, but that’s none of your bees wax, mister. Besides, you have your own pair of ‘magic panties’ to keep you occupied…. Remember?”

Walking over to the cabinet next to the sink, she opened it and pulled out a small plastic bottle and tossed it to me. “Don’t wear yourself out.”

I looked at the bottle to see it was hand lotion. “Why on earth would she give me hand lotion?” I asked myself. She must have seen the question in my eyes because she walked up next to me and whispered in my ear “Use that when you play with yourself tonight so you don’t rub yourself raw.”

As she walked away, she told me that was one of Uncle Mike’s tricks. I began to wonder just how my mom knew so much about Uncle Mike and Aunt Brenda’s personal business. So as I watched her putter in the kitchen, I asked her about it.

“Bobby,” she replied, “don’t forget your Uncle Mike is my only brother and Aunt Brenda used to be one of my best friends. The three of us grew up together, there was nothing we didn’t do together or talk about together. A lot of it is personal….. you know, just between the three of us.”

“Oh, come on, Mom,” I said, “its not like I’m going to blab it all over town or something.”

She sat down at the kitchen table and smiled. “We used to do some pretty crazy things back then.” She said. She was staring out into space with this smirk on her face, like she was remembering the good ol’ days.

“Hello….”, I waved my hand in front of her face, “Earth to Mom. Earth to Mom. Come in Mom.”

“Sorry,” she said, “I was just thinking about some of the things we did, and…..”

“Mom, you’re just teasing me, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Okay, if I tell you,” she asked, “do you promise to keep this to yourself? I mean you have to promise me you’ll never speak about this to another person….. ever!”

“I promise, Mom.” I answered.

She walked over to the doorway leading from the kitchen to the rest of the house and put her ear against the door to listen. Confident that dad and Linda were upstairs, she sat down at the kitchen table and pulled out a chair for me to sit in. As I scooted myself up to the table, she reached out and grabbed my hand saying “Bobby, the only reason I’m going to tell you any of this is because I think you and Uncle Mike are a lot alike. And in that regard, I don’t think he or Aunt Brenda would mind as long as you understand that this has to be kept private. Completely and totally private. Do you hear me?”

She went on…… “Your Uncle Mike…..” she hesitated, “well, uh, let’s just say….. uh, we had a lot of fun together, Bobby.” She stopped for a minute and with a serious look on her face she reminded me one more time of my promise to keep this to myself.

“He…. uh…. he had sort of a strong interest in panties…. very much like you do….. and he used to show himself off and masturbate in front of us, stuff like that. Now, don’t get me wrong,” she said, “he only did that with us, and we were all over eighteen, and, uh…. we were willing participants, that’s for sure. We encouraged him a lot and sometimes we…… Oh, gawd, I can’t even believe I’m telling you this stuff……”

“What, Mom…. sometimes you…. what?” I asked.

“Sometimes, we used to help him,” she said, “I mean, Brenda and I used to scheme up all kinds of things to watch him take his clothes off and touch himself. Sometimes we would set up little situations to make it easier for him…… he always went along with it, too.”

After a short pause, she looked up at the clock and said “It’s a long story, Bobby, and if I’m going to spend time with your father tonight, I don’t think we have time for it now.”

“Whoa, you can’t just stop there,” I said, “come on, Mom… what kind of stuff did you guys do?”

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