A Mother’s Request

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My name is Steven and I am 40 years old, male, my marriage has hit a rough patch and it’s been a while since my wife and I had intercourse, I had remained faithful, until I met Delia.

My job is to transport medical equipment to elderly people’s homes, special hospital beds for people who still live at their own home but are immobilized. It was a Monday, pretty typical, a sexless weekend as usual, until I arrived at 235 W Walnut St, Mary Murkowski. As I walked up to the front door I noticed a few rocks along the siding had slipped and fallen, casting mulch over the yard. The rocks looked to be about 30-50 pounds each. I knocked on the screen door, and heard from the inside,

“Are you Steven?” she asked, she was supposed to have me say my name, not her say it, security measure the old folks never seem to understand.

“Yes, I’m Steven.”

“Come on in, I can’t walk.”

I opened the screen door, and the front door was already opened, so I entered the home. Inside was surprisingly clean, and fresh smelling. Sometimes old people have the most disgusting smells in their home, and no doubt contributes to their decaying state. Anyways, this was a refreshing change of pace.

“I’m in here,” she yelled.

I turned the corner, expecting to see an old lady, but instead saw a very young woman, looked to be about 18 years old, sitting on the couch. I froze in place, not expecting an exotic fruit like that to just fall into my line of sight. She had curly, natural blonde hair, rosy cheeks and a nice golden tan. She wore a low cut sports bra, the top of her breasts protruding outwards, medium sized flesh pushing against her purple bra. Her stomach, exposed, was flat and lean, without too many muscles. Her legs, long and tan, ending in gorgeous looking painted toes and dirt on the bottoms of her feet. Her black shorts barely covered her thighs, and as she was sitting very comfortably with her legs slightly opened wide, I could see hot pink underwear, and a beautifully dark area that may or may not have been covered by the panties. My observation was interrupted when I heard a voice.

“right over here,” a lady said, with a wheezing breath.

I turned, and in the opposite corner of the room was one of our large, at-home hospital beds. It spanned from wall to wall, and was leaning up against a window. The woman in the bed, looking youngish but also overweight and worn down by the disability that was affecting her, leaned her back against a stack of pillows and blankets.

“The bed isn’t moving up, I need to sit up,” she said, helplessly, as she pointed to the pillows behind her on the flat bed.

“Got it,” I said, and I bent down to check if there was anything caught on the control struts.

“Del, get him a flashlight,” Mrs. Murkowski said to her daughter. Delia stood up, from my vantage point on the ground I got to see a flash more of her pink panties as she opened her legs up before standing. With a slight arch of her back I could see her stomach sucking in, she was skinny with wide hips that moved outwards, muscular legs seemed to suggest she spent most of her time on her legs rather than doing anything with her upper body. She walked away from me as I glanced at her butt, round and slightly larger than her skinny waist. She bobbed her butt cheeks back and forth, and I wondered if she was doing that on purpose for me.

“That’s my daughter, Delia, she’s 18.”


I had finished inspecting underneath the bed, they had kept it clear. I wanted to stay on the ground for a sec. Normally patient’s homes were filled with cat hair and things too horrible to explain, but this carpet was recently vacuumed, so I didn’t mind laying down. I grabbed the remote control. They are so easy to operate, just 3 buttons. The first one was elevating the head section so they could sit up. It did nothing. I checked the other buttons, they worked fine. Perhaps it was the controller but most likely just the one head part. I waited on the ground, just a moment longer, until finally Delia came back into the room.

“Give it to him,” Mrs. Murkowski said.

She got down on the ground with me. She was on her hands and knees. I could see down her sports bra at her fleshy cleavage. Her hair fell down around me, sending a gust of rainforest breeze my way. Her eyes, a beautiful green, but her stare was blank. She looked right at me, but I couldn’t tell her expression. She seemed very quiet and reserved, and I didn’t know what she was thinking. She handed me the flash light that I didn’t need.

“Okay, thanks.” I said, shining it around for good measure. “Yep, nothing under here. Thank you, darling,” I said and handed her the flashlight. She was looking where I was looking, and so her butt was pointed right up in the air.

I got back to my feet and addressed Mrs. Murkowski. “I think the part that lifts the head frame is broke, unfortunately I have to order the part and it might not get here until Thursday.”

“You mean I have to live like this until Thursday? Oh well, I guess if that’s what I have to do.”

“I’m almanbahis so sorry,” I said, and explained how her bed was an older model we don’t use anymore, which is why we have no parts on hand. That caused her to open up about her condition. Delia left the room.

“Some time ago, my husband and I were in a bad car accident,” Mrs. Murkowski said with heavy breathing. “Thankfully, Delia was with her grandmother. My husband, he died, and I was paralyzed.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that,” I told her.

“Well it’s okay, you get that part and I’ll feel better.” She waved me off and I left. Delia was in the kitchen, putting dishes away. I got one last, quick look at her tight butt in her short shorts. Apparently she was the one that did all the cleaning in the house, no doubt at the behest of her mother’s marching orders. When I walked out of the house, I once again noticed the landscaping rocks that had fallen. Delia probably could not lift them as they were too heavy. I walked across the yard and heaved them into place. Brushed the mulch back with my boot, then returned to my work van.

From then until Thursday, I had thought about Delia a lot. I hoped that when I installed the part, she would be there. Seemed likely, as her mother couldn’t do much by herself. I kept thinking of how beautiful her face and skin were. The mysteries of seeing more of her pink underwear, and wanting to see if there was any personality under that no doubt frightened and scarred demeanor. Losing her father and having her mother paralyzed must be soul crushing for her.

Thursday came. I was nervous. I drove the 45 minutes to Mrs. Murkowski’s street. I carried the strut in a box with me, and once again the door was open with just the screen door closed. I knocked and opened the door without waiting for a reply.

“Come on in,” I heard the voice yell. I was already inside, this time, no Delia, on the couch or in the kitchen. My heart sank a bit.

“Finally, my hero,” Mrs. Murkowski said, in her wheelchair.

“Once again I am so sorry you had to wait,” I said.

“That’s okay, I also noticed you fixed the rocks outside. That was you, right?”

“Well, yes,” she saw that I got red with embarrassment, half the reason I love this job is the joy of helping people who need the help.

“That’s so nice, thank you,” she said, she was warm and heartfelt.

I got to work, swapping the old part out and in with the new. I checked the hand control, and thankfully it started working. I breathed a sigh of relief it wasn’t anything more complicated than that.

“Amazing!” She cheered.

“Do you want me to help you?” I asked, because she was in a wheel chair next to the bed, so I didn’t know if she could transfer on her own.

“No, I’m fine, I have Delia to help me with that,” she said. My heart cheered up at her name.

I tore out a page from my clipboard and had her sign it, formalities and all that being done, she looked at me sincerely and said.

“My accident crippled some of me but enhanced other parts of me,” she said.

“O..kay,” I didn’t know where she was going with this.

“I can tell you are a good person.”

“Okay…thanks,” I said. I didn’t know what else to say, so I started to place the paperwork back into my clipboard. But apparently she wasn’t done yet.              

“What I’m about to ask is maybe not allowed.”

My ears perked up since my job involved a lot of regulation and this didn’t sound like it was heading in a good direction.

“We had a rough life, but we are blessed in other ways. My Delia is a very bright and strong willed lady, but unfortunately because of my situation I wasn’t always able to bring her to social gatherings and such, and well, I guess she is just awkward and doesn’t fit in with people. She doesn’t know how to talk to boys and isn’t really interested in a relationship no matter how hard I command.”


“Well, doctors say my condition may worsen. I have a few good years left. And all I really want to do, is be a grandmother. I got to be a mother, just barely, and before I pass away, I want to be able to hold my grandchild in my arms, and know my Delia won’t be alone in this world forever.

“I can see you are speechless, so I guess that is not yet a “no.” I know this is wrong, and I see that wedding ring on your finger so I know this is really asking a lot from you, but I just know that you are a good man, and I am running out of options.”

“What exactly are you getting at?”

“I want you to impregnate my daughter. She is of legal age, and she also really wants a child. Go on, ask her yourself. This isn’t just me putting this idea into her. She’ll tell you she really wants one as well.”

“Surely, there has to be some young men willing to,”

“Yeah if you can catch them on their way in or out of jail, if they aren’t passed out drunk at the bar, or if they don’t smack her across the face because they think she’s slow and stupid.”

“I see…”

“I saw the way you were looking at her.”

I once almanbahis yeni giriş again felt embarrassed.

“I think you would be, physically up to the task, right?”

“Yes. Oh yes, of course.”

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while, ever since you left us on Monday. I know you may need more time to think this over, so take all the time you need, I’m not going anywhere,” she said with a laugh, slapping the armrest of her wheelchair.

I laughed nervously.

“So, how much time do you think you need?”

“I…think…I can help you.”

“Are you sure, you don’t want to talk it over with your wife?”

“No, I don’t think that would be a good idea or the answer you are looking for.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. And don’t worry about a thing, the accident involved a DUI driver, we have all the money we need. Please Steven, I know I’m asking for a lot.

I realized that thinking about this would not really accomplish anything, so I just nodded my head and said ‘yes.’ She pointed the way down the hall, and told me the first door on the left. I gathered my courage for a second, and my brain tried to find some loophole out of this. I told myself I would walk in there, talk to Delia about what her mom said, she would scream in terror and run out, and I would thank them and tell them to have a lovely day.

I opened the door. The room was pink and yellow, the smell, that familiar rainforest breeze, with some other exotic fragrances I couldn’t quite place. I half expected her in some scandalous pose on the bed, perhaps kicking her feet up in the air while laying on her stomach, her tight ass just ready to be pounced on. Instead, she was in the closet, folding clothes, a laundry basket with fresh detergent smell. Of course, she wasn’t like normal girls her age. In the laundry I noticed some underwear she was folding.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi,” she said, without looking up from her task. She neither accepted my presence nor rejected it. It felt like I couldn’t breath, unsure what to do, but I could also tell I had a raging erection. I touched my crotch slightly, attempting to press my dick back into place. I looked at her perfect complexion face, the golden locks flowing down over her tanned shoulders. I touched her on the shoulder, and she looked up at me.

I beckoned her to stand up, and she did. I didn’t know what to say so I just thought I’d maybe be a little too forward with her, hoping she would back off, which would cause me to back off. I brushed her hair back off her shoulders.

“You have a nice tan. Do you get out and tan much?”

“I tan in my backyard,” she said.


“In my bathing suit.”

“Oh, that’s nice.”

My dick was trying to stand at attention underneath my work pants, begging to be released. My body was shaking, and my mind had long ago waved the white flag, “we surrender, we give up!”

“Your mom told me about her…plan.”

“Yeah,” she said.

“I just want to make sure you are okay with that.”

“Oh, I am,” she said, and for the first time she seemed to perk up, like there was some life in her personality after all.

“And you want to get pregnant?”

“Yes, I do,” she said, and again with a fire that seemed to have been hidden.

I touched her hips, she seemed to melt under the power of my hands, she closed her eyes, and bit her lip.

“Okay, go on the bed,” I told her. She did as I said. I took my heavy work boots off. Unbuttoned my shirt, and pulled my stiff work pants off. I wished every day would be like this, coming home from work, undressing and getting ready to have hot sex with a young beautiful woman. I slipped my underwear down and my cock bounced out of its prison cell. The sweat underneath my hot uniform began to cool all over my body, as I stood there in front of her. She looked at me rather than my erection. It was the same emotionless look, but she seemed to have a slight smile on her lips, a subtle tell beneath an otherwise stoic appearance. She was leaning with her one elbow, giving her body a magnificent curve all the way down to her naked feet.

I walked over to her, and massaged her feet. I touched the dirt on the bottom of my feet and didn’t care that it was dirty, it seemed somehow better since it was off her body. She took her shirt off quickly and let her ample sized boobs flop out of her bra. I wanted to touch them but first I pulled down her shorts, the same black shorts, but this time with purple underwear. I kept them on for a moment, as I moved on top of her and gently caressed her breasts. She leaned back and closed her eyes, as I studied her beautifully chiseled face, as I moved my hands across and down her body as she turned and twisted under my touch, until I got down to her panties. I pulled them off and a fragrant perfume went up to my face. Her pussy was covered by a good amount of hair, otherwise I would have been helpless to go down for a closer taste. Either way my dick couldn’t take much more waiting, so I positioned myself over her.

I was expecting almanbahis giriş easy access, but then again it had been a long time since doing this. When it still was not going as planned, I realized that she was perhaps a virgin and her cherry had never been popped. She looked at me as if to give me a reassuring, ‘don’t stop now’. I lubricated my dick as much as I could, then pushed it up against her slit. She winced in pain as I broke through, I could see some blood on my penis as I moved in and out of her. She put her arm around me and I had no choice but to keep going, her tight pussy and the fragrance of her body made it too hard to concentrate. She started moaning, I hadn’t heard her speak that loudly before, as her cries echoed in my ear until my cum exploded inside of her.

I was laying on her cushioned chest, but I could tell her face was getting that lifeless look again, and I decided not to overstay my welcome. I pulled out and looked around for something. She pointed at the laundry, as I saw a nice stack of hand towels. I picked one up, knocking the tower of towels down, I apologized as I fixed them. I handed one to her and she wiped up the blood. I put my clothes on and left the room.

As I walked out, Mrs. Murkowski thanked me again, and I left. I heard her yell for Delia to help her into bed as I walked to my work van.

The rest of the month, I thought about Delia a lot. Whenever my wife would deny me sex, I went into the basement and thought about Delia while masturbating. Other than that, I had forgotten about the weird event, and thought that that was done with, until one day I went into work and got an interesting message.

Kathy, one of the telephone reps, met me in the warehouse and told me she had a Mrs. Murkowski on the phone, saying something was wrong with her bed. Dealing with a lot of names and addresses, the name sounded familiar but I couldn’t recall it right away.

“She says, the work did didn’t work, and you have to try again.”

I was looking over the work order, trying to figure out who this lady was.

“I asked her if the part we put in isn’t working, and she said, ‘ the part was fine, but it didn’t work, and he needs to try again,’ so I have no idea what this lady is asking for, but she said, ‘that one technician Steven will know what to do.”

And then it hit me. She wanted me to try again. Delia must not have gotten pregnant.

“Okay, tell her I’ll be right over,” I said.

“Great,” Kathy said. “I’ll tell her her favorite technician Steven is on his way.”

I laughed at Kathy’s joke, and then ran to a quiet corner to contemplate the news. She wanted me back again. I was being summoned for another try.

I drove to the house, and once again opened the screen door. Mrs. Murkowski was on her bed, the headboard was working perfectly.

“Hi again, sorry to bother you,” she said.

“Not a problem at all,” I said. I had brought my clipboard in, I guess to sell the charade.

“Well she had her period,” Murkowski said. “I’m sure you won’t mind doing it again, would you?”


“She’s pretty enough, isn’t she?”

“Mrs. Murkowski, she is beyond beautiful.”

“Please, call me Mary. Oh, you really think so? You are such an angel. Now go in there and knock up my daughter,” she said with a laugh, and returned to watching the TV.

I walked down the hall and approached the first door on the left. But she wasn’t there. I heard some noise in the bathroom, so I ventured a few steps towards the last door in the hall. It was open, and she was on her hands, with cleaning gloves, scrubbing the shower. Her ass was sticking up in the air, those same black shorts were clinging tightly around her cheeks. When she turned and looked at me she stopped what she was doing, ripped the yellow gloves off and washed her hands. I stood there and watched as she cleaned up herself and put the cleaning supplies away. She looked over at me, and blushed a bit that I was watching her. She seemed to enjoy my gaze on her, as I could tell she was moving her body in a more seductive way than moments before.

“Okay, ready,” she said. The matter-of-fact way she said it turned me on, and surprised me a bit as she no longer seemed as awkward. I followed her into her bedroom and she closed the door. For some reason, I felt more nervous than before. I think because she seemed more in control than last time.

She sat on the bed. When I didn’t do or say anything, because I was in total shock, she began taking her clothes off. First the shirt, tossing it gently aside, watching me as I watched her bouncing breasts. While still looking at me, she pulled her pants off, and must have saw my mouth drop open.

“I watched a video on how to shave,” she said, as she flashed me a glistening, bald pussy. “I heard that guys like this when they go down on a girl.”

I couldn’t exactly deny her request, so I moved over to the bed, and got down on my knees. That now familiar fragrance washed over my nostrils as I approached her more closely. My mouth beginning to water as her vaginal muscles contracted slightly. I touched my tongue against her warm clitoris as she cooed with pleasure. I was all about to take my sweet time, when I felt a strong hand on the back of my head, and she buried my face into her intoxicating pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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