A Mother’s Revenge Ch. 03

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All characters are over 18, copyright 2011

Breakfast had been a strange affair. Bill had been too worn out to notice much, and Sheryl had made sure he stayed distracted by doing what she had always done after they had shared a night of passionate love-making. She sat close to her husband, so that her thigh made contact with his, often touching his arm with hers. Occasionally, lean over and kiss him on the cheek. She would get up and refill his coffee, always in such a way to be able to brush her breasts against some part of him, hugging him close and delivering another kiss before sitting down. It had been months since she’d done so.

Their lovemaking had always been regular and the sex good, if not great. If it lacked anything, it was intensity. After nearly two decades of marriage, that was natural. The intensity level always increased whenever he took a new mistress. Usually the new intensity came from him, but not always.

When she first told him she couldn’t keep up with his sex drive he’d been apologetic. She hadn’t blamed him, telling him he had never pressured or forced her. When she suggested he find a mistress, he’d been surprised. When she insisted, he’d been shocked.

In a last ditch attempt to dissuade, he demanded that she would meet and approve of any prospective mistress before the relationship began. She agreed, but flatly refused his suggestion that she have the same freedom under the same conditions, saying it would only be fair if he wasn’t able to match her sex drive, in which case he wouldn’t need a mistress. Then she laughed that if she couldn’t keep up with the one man she truly loved, there was no way she could keep up with two.

Breakfast for Jimmy, on the other hand…

His mom and dad were acting like newlyweds. It would happen at times, but never quite like this. At one point his dad realized the spectacle they were making in front of their son, but chuckled “Son, you know how affectionate your mother can be when she’s really happy with me. I guess this morning she is really happy.” His mother giggled her agreement and gave his father a kiss on the cheek.

Bill and Jimmy were finishing their meal when Sheryl stood up and said she was going to check the flight to make sure it was on time. Before she went into the house she stood behind Jimmy’s chair and gave him a motherly hug. “Don’t mind me and your dad, Jimmy. You know we love you.” She planted a peck at the top of his forehead and left. The spots on his shoulders that felt the incidental touch of her breasts burned like fire.

As she had made her way out of the bathroom for the breakfast her son had prepared, the two of them had stumbled into each other by accident. Jimmy had reflexively reached to keep her from falling, one hand ending around her waist, the other cupping one of her breasts. The touch had set her on fire, and given that she’d seduced her son less than thirty minutes before, she’d expected he would have drawn her close for a kiss and a grope. Instead he had flinched back hard and without speaking or looking at her had fled to his room. When he had joined them some minutes later, he seemed very calm, very collected, neither avoiding eye contact with her or Bill, nor avoiding her touch when she had stretched her leg out under the table to play footsie with his groin.

But now Sheryl was having second thoughts about what she was planning. Yesterday, when she had seen her husband and daughter together, she had snapped. She could have stormed in and confronted them both. But instead, she had looked on in a cloud of anger, betrayal and lust. After she’d left, she masturbated furiously and then concocted a scheme to strike back.

The drive to the airport hadn’t left her much time to reflect on the last twenty-four hours. She had pulled Bill’s penis from his pants as soon as they had left the house and sucked on it until they arrived at the airport. He had been so drained

The drive home, on the other hand, left ample time for reflection. Jimmy had declared his love for her, not just a son’s love for his mother, but something far deeper. She had seen it in his eyes, heard it in his voice, felt it in her very soul. That she was using him as a pawn in her scheme gnawed at her. But she couldn’t undo what had been done. She needed his help to get at the other two women in Bill’s life; his girlfriend, one of many he had taken at Sheryl’s insistence when his libido had proven too much for her to handle, and her daughter Tiffany.

Sheryl had nothing against Bill’s girlfriend/mistress/office assistant. Ashley was a petite, beautiful and shapely Amerasian girl. She was also smart, clever and efficient at her work, and considerate. The first time Sheryl had met her, Ashley had asked if she was okay with Bill having an affair with her. The conversation had been friendly. Ashley had been charmingly concerned that she would come between Sheryl and Bill or cause them marital problems. Her concern had been touching and her honesty refreshing.

Tiffany, however, was a different matter. Sheryl and ikonbet giriş her daughter were very close, as much friends as mother and daughter. Maybe that’s why seeing her daughter having sex with, then making love to her husband had been such a shock, no, a betrayal. Fathers and daughters weren’t supposed to have sex with each other. Friends don’t steal their friends’ lovers.

Sheryl didn’t believe Bill had instigated the relationship; he’d been reluctant enough to go outside the bounds of marriage for sex, until Sheryl herself had insisted. That meant that Tiffany had seduced her father, making her the guilty party. That Bill had succumbed to his daughter’s obvious charms made him only slightly less guilty. The son of a bitch should have told her what was going on, or refused their daughter. But Sheryl could see how it would have been difficult for her husband to resist if Tiffany had been determined.

Tiffany was, by any measure of the word, a knockout. She was a bit shorter than her mother, not quite as full in the breasts or butt, but hadn’t borne two children either. Her features weren’t as delicate as her mother’s, but she had deep blue eyes set above an adorably cute button nose. Her high cheeks were lightly dusted with freckles. She did share her mother’s full sensuous lips, lips that begged to be kissed. On top of her purely physical enticements, Tiffany exuded a sort of sensuality that caused heads to turn, both men and women. “Damn it,” Sheryl said aloud to herself, “She could have any man she wanted. Why did she have to pick Bill?” That question triggered a flood of anger that washed away her doubts, reinforcing her determination to go forward with her plans. Her resolve bolstered, she went by an ATM, withdrew some cash and made several purchases. Then another idea struck her. Pulling out her cell phone, she made an appointment at a spa/salon.


Jimmy was beat. A late night combined with little sleep and the weirdest freaking morning he’d ever had. Then he’d topped it off by working hard to finish all his Saturday chores. Kitchen cleanup, both from the aborted meal of the previous evening and breakfast, followed by yard work, then skimming and vacuuming the pool, all under the hot summer sun. He only hoped he would have time for a nap before his mom returned.

His mom, what the fuck was going on with her? She had given him a blowjob that morning while his dad had still been in bed. No, it had been more than just a blowjob. She had sat on his lap nearly naked, kissed him while rubbing her hot body wantonly on his. Then she proceeded to lick him, suck him and then finally deep throat him, swallowing every drop of jism he’d expelled, before crawling back into his lap. Afterwards she’d promised him she would be his lover.

All Jimmy needed to do in return was do as she asked, with no questions. That he was a fit, horny teenage boy who had fantasized about having sex with his extremely attractive mother for years made it impossible to say ‘no’ to her. So he didn’t.

It had crossed Jimmy’s mind that he had hallucinated the entire episode. Exhaustion combined with sleep deprivation has been known to cause people to have ‘waking dreams’ on occasion. Even now he didn’t fully believe that she was going to come home and have sex with him, her only son and oldest child. But just in case, he’d done as he imagined she asked. So, now finished with the last of his chores, he went inside for a shower and shave. Once he finished drying himself, he dressed in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt then lay down on his bed, seeking the sleep his body craved.

His mind refused to shut down. Jimmy just laid there, eyes closed, thoughts and images whirling in a mélange of hope, expectation, confusion and raw desire, a desire that had manifested itself in his thickening manhood. Several minutes passed as he focused on his breathing. Then he heard the garage door open. His mom was home.

“Now what?” he asked himself. “What the fuck do you think? Strip naked, go find your mom and fuck her brains out,” his head responded. “But what if…” “But what? You want to, deep down. You’re making this shit up, about how this was all a dream or a hallucination. Your mom sat on your lap nearly naked. You got hard and horny because she is a beautiful woman you’ve fantasized about for years. She gave you a blow job and swallowed you load. You promised her to do shit she asked with no questions, because she said if you did you could fuck her anyway you wanted. You also decided you want to dominate her. How is that going to happen? It won’t with you hiding in your room. You decided you were going to play her game to find out what’s going on. So get your game face on and go play.”

He heard the garage door open, which ended his internal conversation. Jimmy stripped, taking a moment to fold both underwear and t-shirt before putting them away. Now nude, with his large cock already stiffening as his life’s blood rushed to his manhood, he strode purposely into the kitchen. ikonbet yeni giriş His mother, Sheryl, was setting plain white paper shopping bag with handles on the breakfast table. Seeing her son enter, naked, penis erect, Sheryl smiled at her son, her nipples hardening the moistness between her legs increasing. “I see you’re ready for me. Did you finish your chores like I asked?”

“Yeah, I did,” was his reply as he closed the distance between them. One muscular arm snaked out and wrapped around her lithe torso pulling her to him. The other hand twined its fingers in her hair and pulled her head back sharply. Sheryl had time to gasp before her son crushed his lips to hers. Moaning her desire, her luscious lips parted as his tongue pushed its way in, invading her oral cavity. Her hands began exploring his nude form, the hard musculature of his body. Jimmy pushed his leg between hers, forcing them apart, until she found her pussy pressed firmly on his thigh. Their arousal deepened as the kiss became more impassioned and soon Sheryl found herself dry humping her son’s bare leg through the thin fabric of her sundress. They held the tableau for a short time, writhing in each others arms.

Sheryl felt his hand release her and work the zipper of her dress. She moved back, disentangling herself enough to let the light green garment fall from her shoulders. Stepping free of both her sundress and sandals in smooth motions, she stood before her son, as naked and exposed as he. Jimmy picked his mother up easily setting her on the counter edge so her dripping pussy was lined up to his powerful tool, itself oozing lubricating pre-cum. “So, mother dear, you promised to tell me something,” he said, moving forward until the pulsing mushroom head was nestled firmly in her wet slit.

“And what did I say I would tell you?’ she responded, her voice husky with desire.

“Whether my cock was the biggest you ever had inside you,” he growled back, pushing his steel hard rod into the silken oven of her willing pussy, entering her with a single long slow thrust.

Sheryl mewed, a high keening cry as he penetrated her sex, the muscles of her vaginal walls clamping tightly against her son’s throbbing meat as the friction of it sent her into a shuddering orgasm. Still he kept pushing forward, invading her body, violating the taboo space no son should ever trespass. She felt it when he bumped against her cervix, but still he kept pushing, opening her up more as he fed more of his cock into her. Finally, she felt him bottom out deep inside her, the touch of him against the deepest part of her increased in pressure as he buried himself fully, stopping only when his pubic bone was wedged firmly against her. Sheryl had never felt so full. His cock twitched inside her and she felt him grow thicker, longer, the pressure combined with the knowledge that she was fully impaled on her son’s cock brought her over the edge, triggering anther climax.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhaaauuughmygawd” she howled, wrapping herself around her son, hanging on the way a drowning sailor clutches at any bit of flotsam; automatically, desperately, instinctively. Her long legs were locked around his torso, her arms around his chest as if she attempting to meld to him, as if somehow his body would absorb hers the way algae absorbs nutrients. Since Jimmy couldn’t move his body, he contented himself by flexing his cock. It was so firmly embedded in vice grip of his mother’s quim that every movement sent another wave of pleasure rippling through her. “Oh dear lord baby, what are you doing to me?” she murmured into his neck, drool leaking from her lips.

Jimmy took hold of a clump of his mother’s hair at the base of her skull, forcing her head up so he could look into her unfocused, glazed eyes. “I’m doing what I’ve fantasized about doing for so long.” With that, he leaned down to engulf her mouth with his. The kiss sent jolts of electricity through them both, unlocking her limbs sufficiently to allow him to start fucking her with long, slow forceful strokes, the only kind that could be managed in the velvety iron clamp of her womanhood, each stroke causing more groans of passion from both mother and son. Feeling his balls tighten, Jimmy pulled her head back. “Look at me mother. I want you to look at my face when I cum inside you. Look at your son’s face when he cums inside his slut mother’s CUNT!”

With the last shouted word, Jimmy thrust hard inside her sending him over the edge, losing control, spraying her insides with white hot ropes of his essence. Sheryl’s reaction at feeling her womb bathed in her son’s smoldering jism was immediate, a massive orgasm washed through her, a tsunami that flooded the very core of her being. Her mouth gaped open, eyes rolled back, body convulsing as her own juices flooded her vaginal cavity, mixing with the sticky stream from her son, creating a river that overflowed the cock dam stuffed in her pussy.

Jimmy held his mother close, mixed fluids seeping around his dick, dripping onto the counter, trickling down his thighs until their ikonbet güvenilirmi panting breath became more even. Eventually, she was able to focus her eyes, focus them on her lover’s face, her son’s face. She saw him looking at her with a look of tenderness that belied the forceful way in which he had just taken her, a look of passion, desire, need, a look of love.

“My god Jimmy, what did you do to me? I’ve never, ever felt like that, never cum that hard, that long, or that many times with just one fuck,” Sheryl finally managed to whisper, once she had regained control of her voice. “How did you know how to do that to me?” she repeated.

“I guess you kinda got me worked up,” he grinned. Jimmy kissed her again, slowly, savoring the feel of her soft lips and dancing tongue. Gently he withdrew his deflating penis from his mother, causing her to gasp into his mouth as one last climax shuddered through her. Now unblocked, the trickle of fluids became a stream, flowing from her well-fuck cunt onto the counter, down his legs, puddling on the floor.

“Baby, you need to let me up. The counter isn’t as comfortable as it looks,” Sheryl told him, unraveling her graceful limbs from his body. Jimmy helped his mother off the counter, supporting her as rubbery knees threatened to buckle. Sheryl clung to him gratefully. “Come on lover, help me to the bathroom. We need to get cleaned up. We have an appointment to get to a bit later.

Instead of letting her walk, Jimmy gathered her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. She held onto him, arms around his neck, head resting on his broad shoulder. Once there, he set her on her feet as if she were a porcelain figurine. “Thank you, baby. Now be a dear and go clean up the kitchen. Then come join me in the shower.”

“Sure mom, anything you say.”

Sheryl smiled at her son. “Good answer, baby. With an attitude like that, we’re going to have a lot of fun together.”

Jimmy left. Sheryl used the toilet then started the shower, getting in after the water warmed and the temperature had been adjusted to her liking. She stepped in, letting the water flow over her head. The warm water was a pleasure on her skin, left sensitive from ecstasy she’d just experienced. She had spoken the truth to her son. He husband was an excellent lover, never failing to please her. Her only issue had ever been that she couldn’t keep up with his appetite for sex, so much so she’d convinced him to take lovers outside their marriage. But the pleasure she’d just received at the hands of her son was nothing like she could have imagined.

She loved her husband. That hadn’t changed. If she hadn’t, she would not have felt so threatened by the incestuous love she’d witnessed yesterday between him and her daughter. She knew Bill loved her as well. But now she could understand, at least a little. If the intensity of their pleasure was anything like what she had just been through, then the jealousy her husband was eventually going to feel should make him understand what she had felt.

She also knew that she was going to continue in her relationship with Jimmy, even after she had dealt with the others. The way he had taken her, he had been completely in control. And she had been enthralled by it.

Sheryl also loved her son deeply. He had always been a bright, happy child. He had grown through some awkward times during puberty, but those had been endearing. By the time he got to high school, however, he had grown into a handsome and funny teenager. He certainly dated, a lot.

At the end of his senior year, he was an intelligent, attractive young man. Jimmy was always making his mother and sister laugh, even getting his father to chuckle with some of his wordplay. At some unacknowledged level, Sheryl had begun to desire her own son.

The taboos against incest, her outrage at the immorality of its very notion, had died a screaming death at the sight of her husband and daughter in their carnal embrace. In its place came lust. Lust for her son and a desire to watch her son use his sister the way her father had. And after his sister, she would make sure he did the same to his father’s mistress.

And she would watch and satisfy herself with Jimmy afterwards.

Then she would deal with Bill. He had hurt her badly and he would know it. If it ended their marriage, and she was confident it wouldn’t, then it would be on her terms. Bill could have his mistress, but her son and daughter would be hers. She would make certain of it.

The next part should be easy. Jimmy and Tiffany had already broken the incest taboo with a parent. Sheryl had seen how they had looked at each other at times, when they thought neither their sibling nor anyone else was watching.

Her reverie was broken when her son stepped into the shower. Sheryl asked him what time it was. They had some time, but not much. Admonishing Jimmy to mind his manners and not get carried away, the lovers washed each other with a generous amount of touching and teasing caresses. Jimmy’s cock began inflating, but Sheryl insisted they rinse and dress for their appointment. She could see he wanted to ask, but remembered his promise of ‘no questions’ and bit his tongue. “Don’t worry lover, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it, or at least everything that’s going to come afterwards,” she responded to his questioning look.

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