A Much Needed Houseguest Pt. 01

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The following story is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real people and events is purely coincidental. Hope you enjoy!


The broken hinge on the front gate and the clogged gutters was not what should be running through Becca’s mind right now, not while her husband was working so hard to bring her to orgasm. Watching him above her, red-faced and slick with sweat, she knew she would need to fake one soon, so he could finish and go to sleep.

“Mmm yes baby, I’m so close!” Becca tried hard to sound convincing, as she felt her husband pick up the pace. “Yes, Cole! Don’t stop, I’m cumming!” she squealed, perfectly timed with his own strong orgasm. As Cole pumped a few more times and collapsed on top of Becca, she let out a another moan for good measure.

“Wow Becca, that was amazing. Thank you,” Cole panted in her ear, before rolling off and turning his bedside lamp off. “Goodnight dear,” he whispered as he kissed her on the cheek. Becca knew he would be asleep within a few minutes, the same routine as every other night.

As her husband’s breathing became deep and rhythmic, Becca knew he was out for the night. She pulled her book out and began to read, hoping that she would be able to fall asleep soon, because she planned on doing the yard work the next day since her husband would be working long hours. It wasn’t long before the dissatisfaction from earlier began to take a toll on Becca and her sexual frustration reached an unbearable point.

Putting her book down, Becca pulled the blankets up to her chin, and listened for a minute, making sure her husband was definitely asleep before her hand drifted down to the waistline of her pajama bottoms. As silently as possible, Becca slid her hand down the front of her pajamas and spread her legs slightly. Finding her hot, panty-covered mound, she began to rub her clit in small, circular motions, with increasing speed. After a few moments of this repeated action, her orgasm was quick and silent. Becca ended many nights in this usual manner, masturbating through her panties as her husband slept next to her.

Both Becca and Cole were virgins when they married, right out of high school. Everyone told them that they were too young to marry, but they loved each other and didn’t care what people thought. Inexperience and her shy personality resulted in Becca never telling her husband what pleased her, and the mistake of faking orgasms did not help the situation. In addition to the poor sex life, Becca began to realize that she did not necessarily like the person Cole was becoming; he worked long hours and she felt that he was easily irritated when he was around her, picking fights constantly. Becca was stubborn and did not want to prove people right, so she worked hard to make their marriage work.

Becca was up early the next morning, cooking Cole breakfast before he left for work. In the other room, she heard his phone ringing a few times before he picked up. The conversation was muffled, but her husband sounded excited.

“My brother is going to be in town today,” Cole yelled from the hallway as he made his way to the kitchen. “His tour is ending and he needs a place to crash for a few days, until he can find a place. A week at the most, he says. I’m so glad you two finally get to meet. You don’t mind, do you?” Cole asked as he poured his coffee. Not waiting for her reply, he continued, “Fix up the guest room, he should be here around noon.” Grabbing his keys and coat, he walked out the door before Becca could even process anything he just said.

“Goodbye,” Becca said quietly to the already closing door. Cole’s brother, Dave, had been deployed and living overseas for the entirety of their relationship and other than Cole’s stories and pictures, she knew very little about him. “I guess there is no better way to get to know someone,” Becca told herself, trying hard to remain optimistic. She realized her yard work would need to wait when she walked into the rarely-used guest room.

The morning went by quickly, filled with cleaning and laundry, preparing for someone Becca had never met, someone that she would be alone with the majority of the time. The sound of the doorbell interrupted Becca’s cleaning, and she was shocked when she looked up at the clock, seeing that it was already 12:30. Running to the front door, she didn’t even consider that she probably looked like a mess.

Pulling open the door, Becca was slightly taken aback by the tall man standing in her doorway. She had seen pictures of Dave before, but seeing him in person, she did not immediately recognize him. He was tall with long lean muscles, and short dark hair. Becca realized that he slightly resembled Cole, but Dave definitely got the looks of the two. Quickly composing herself, Becca began to feel self conscious about her disheveled appearance, but attempted to appear cheerful.

“Dave? So nice to meet you! I’ve heard wonderful things!” Becca exclaimed reaching a hand out, before Dave canlı bahis pulled her in for a hug.

“It’s so nice to meet you too Becca! My baby brother sure knows how to pick them,” Dave replied, winking at her as he pulled back. Becca was thrown off by his greeting, his personality already the complete opposite of his shy, quiet brother. She also felt a flush rise in her face at his comment. She had never had such an attractive man compliment her before, or any man, aside from her husband.

Brushing her hair out of her face, Becca said, “I’m so sorry, time got away from me, and I didn’t have time to make you lunch. Let me take a quick shower and I will fix you something to eat, you must be starving!”

“Don’t be silly, Becca. I’m an adult, I think I can manage to feed myself. Take your time, and I’ll dig around your kitchen,” Dave replied with a smile that caused a heat to rush to Becca’s groin that surprised her immensely. Walking away, Becca sensed that he was watching her; a sense that was confirmed when she turned to say, “Please make yourself at home.”

While preparing for her shower, Becca took time to examine her naked body in the mirror. She was taller than most women at 5’9″, and her figure was something that Becca had never put much thought into, because Cole never seemed to notice one way or the other. She had noticed men giving her second glances in public, but she didn’t think it had to do with her looks, and tried to ignore them. Turning side to side, Becca started to see why she could cause a head or two to turn; with her 34D cup size, 25 inch waist, and 35 inch hips, she had curves in all the right places. Running her hands over her body, she shivered as she brushed against her small pink nipples, causing them to rise slightly under her touch. She often wished her husband would pay more attention to them during their lovemaking, but like most things sexual, he always disappointed her. Becca was tempted to touch her naked vagina, but her masturbation was always limited to her quick nighttime sessions, and she lacked the confidence to explore her body more deeply. Sighing, she stepped into the shower and quickly cleaned her body.

Drying her hair off while walking into the kitchen, Becca admired Dave’s backside as he stood at the kitchen sink, cleaning the dishes he used. “You didn’t need to wash those, I could have taken care of them,” Becca said.

“I’m glad to do it, you’re doing me a huge favor by letting me stay here, it’s the least I could do,” Dave told her, drying his hands. His intense eye contact whenever he talked to her made Becca slightly uncomfortable, but she found that it excited her more. Anytime he smiled at her, she felt a heat and tingling in her center, causing her to begin to imagine the different ways she could satisfy herself. She was embarrassed that her fantasies did not include Cole, but his brother Dave, instead.

The rest of the day continued uneventfully, with Dave sleeping in the guest room for most of the day. When Cole came home from work, they retreated to the “man cave” where they drank beer and visited well into the night, leaving Becca to clean and feel guilt about her attraction to Dave.

Later that night, after Cole fell asleep after another lackluster performance, Becca quietly walked out of the room to get a drink of water. She tiptoed past the guest room, not wanting to wake Dave. Walking into the living room, she was shocked to see him sitting on the couch with his back to her and his laptop on his lap. As she got closer, she could see what was on his screen and a low gasp escaped her lips when she realized he was watching porn. Turning, Dave caught sight of her and slowly closed his laptop.

“You scared me Becca, I thought you’d be asleep. Hope I didn’t wake you,” Dave said, not embarrassed in the slightest. Becca wasn’t sure, but she thought that she could detect a slight smile in his eyes.

“Um, no. I was just getting a drink. Sorry if I disturbed you,” she replied.

“Not at all, just thought I’d enjoy a little entertainment. It’s been too long since I had internet that could handle video watching,” Dave said with a slight chuckle. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, it’s ok. It just surprised me is all. I’ve never actually seen anything like that before,” Becca replied a little sheepishly.

“You’ve never watched porn?” Dave asked, expressing genuine shock. “Come sit down. You may just like it,” Dave said as he moved, making room for her to sit near him.

“I better not. Cole might wake up,” she said.

“Oh, he won’t. He’s always been the heaviest sleeper I know. Come on, I won’t tell if you don’t,” Dave said with a wicked smile and a wink.

Settling in next to Dave, Becca became super aware of how rapidly she was breathing and tried hard to get it under control. Dave opened up his laptop to the paused screen of a naked brunette woman, with her hand on her nipple and her eyes closed in ecstasy. “Before I press play, I want bahis siteleri to say don’t feel pressure to stay. You don’t need to watch if you feel weird about it,” Dave told her.

“It’s ok, I’m actually curious,” Becca told him, already feeling her breathing normalize.

“Ok,” Dave said flashing his amazing smile before pressing play. The scene continued and Becca realized the woman was alone, and the pleasure she was experiencing was of her own making. While she pinched and rolled her nipple with one hand, the other was between her legs. Instead of the over-the-panty technique that Becca used, the actor was completely nude, and instead of small circles around her clit, she was using her fingers to slowly fuck herself while her thumb was applying pressure to her clit. Becca knew that some women chose to please themselves in this way, but she was never able to try it herself. She was always afraid she would wake Cole, and he had mentioned before that he viewed masturbation as an insult, because it meant that he was not fulfilling her. She also never did it alone, because she was comfortable with her current technique and intimidated by taking it any further.

The video was already near the end when Becca came into the room, and soon the actor was squirming and breathing heavily, before crying out in pleasure as she reached her climax. When the screen went black, Becca realized she was breathing heavily herself, and moved away from Dave, embarrassed.

“So, what do you think?” Dave asked her, as he closed his laptop. “It’s not so bad, is it?”

“Uh, it was ok,” Becca lied, not wanting to admit it was one of the hottest things she’s ever seen.

“Judging by your breathing and flushed face, I would say it was more than ok,” he said. With a slight laugh, Dave reached out and squeezed her knee. “It’s ok to enjoy stuff like this Becca. My brother isn’t the most adventurous guy I know, and after our conversation this evening, he sounds like he’s a bore in the bedroom.”

“He talked about our sex life?” Becca asked, feeling her face turn red with embarrassment.

“Not really. That’s the point. I talked about the great sex I had while I was away, and his response sounded like your sex life is a little one-sided, and that you are getting the shitty end. Sorry about that. He doesn’t know that he’s hit the jackpot,” Dave said as he looked her up and down, showing a confidence that Becca found arousing.

Taking a chance, and feeling like she could trust him, Becca began to pour out her frustration to Dave, telling him how horrible the sex was. She told him everything, from how she had never had a real orgasm with Cole, and how she masturbates every night after he falls asleep. She even felt bold enough to tell him how she touched herself, and how she wished she could be more adventurous, like the woman in the video.

After a long silence, Becca began to worry that she angered Dave by being so open about his brother, but eventually he smiled, and reached out to rub her knee. “I’m so sorry to hear that Becca. My brother is an idiot. A complete idiot,” he said, not removing his hand from her leg. “I’m not sure which makes me more sad, the bad sex, or the fact that you aren’t even able to please yourself completely. Maybe I can help you with one of those,” Dave said quietly as he moved in closer to Becca.

Immediately Becca moved away, “Oh no. I would never cheat on my husband. I’m ok with our lovemaking and couldn’t even imagine being with someone else,” Becca said, even though it wasn’t how she genuinely felt. She had been imagining how Dave would be in bed since he showed up at her doorstep.

“That isn’t exactly what I had in mind, Becca. A woman should know how to please herself, and should do it as often as she can. I can help you out with that, if you want,” Dave said, his voice growing deep with lust. He must have sensed her hesitation, and continued, “I would understand if you don’t want to, but trust me, Cole will never find out.”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt,” Becca cooed, already feeling a tingling sensation between her legs under his gaze. “What do you want me to do?” She asked, knowing that there was no turning back now, but also knowing that she was going to let her inhibitions go tonight, choosing to no longer deny her desires.

“First, I want you to sit back, put your legs up on the couch, and make yourself completely comfortable. You won’t be able to fully please yourself if you are uncomfortable, so relax,” Dave said quietly. Becca felt strangely calm with him, and laid back, stretching her legs across his lap.

“Take your top off, and remove your bra,” Dave told her, as he slipped his own shirt above his head. “If you don’t mind, I want to try something out with you, but tell me if you feel uncomfortable at any point, and I’ll stop immediately. Now, I want to you do whatever you need to make your nipples hard and sensitive,” Dave said , never removing his eyes from her.

Becca bahis şirketleri did as she was instructed, and soon she was sitting next to her brother-in-law, topless and twisting her nipple between her right hand, and licking the fingers of her left to get them both wet. As he watched her, Dave’s hand drifted down to his lap, and he adjusted his growing cock so it wouldn’t press against her leg. Becca could see that it was beginning to press against his sweats, and being able to make out the shape, could tell it was rather large. The thought of his growing shaft so close to her legs caused Becca’s nipples to harden quickly and she no longer needed to twist them. A shiver ran through her body as they became extremely sensitive to the touch. Dave then told her to pinch them both until she could no longer take the pain. The sensitivity made it so that with even the slightest pinch, Becca was moaning out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Now, stop. Take off your bottoms, but leave your panties on, and show me how you used to masturbate,” he ordered her.

Becca was excited by his confident and demanding tone, and she quickly pulled her pajama bottoms down and threw them on the floor. She wasn’t as quick to follow his next order, beginning to feel a little self-conscious.

“Close your eyes and pretend you are in bed for this part. I want to see how you please yourself,” Dave told her, his breathing beginning to become rapid with excitement.

Becca closed her eyes and tried hard to ignore the feeling of Dave’s muscular thighs underneath her legs. She slowly reached down and placed her middle and forefinger on her panties, searching for her clit. With small circles, Becca began to rub her clit quickly. Her excitement brought her silent orgasm on quickly. Opening her eyes again, Becca looked up at Dave, who was watching her intently.

“You’re gorgeous, Becca. I’m glad I was able to witness that, but I have a feeling you are holding a lot back, and I hope we can fix that,” Dave said. Becca then noticed that his right hand was slowly rubbing up and down the length of his thick cock, through his sweats. “Now, I want you to slowly lower your panties, and spread your legs wide for me.”

Becca slipped her thumbs under the elastic of her silk panties, then lowered them, raising her hips as she pulled them over her ass. Dropping her panties on the floor, Becca looked at Dave as she spread her legs wide, bending at the knees and resting one leg on Dave’s chest, with the other hanging off the edge of the couch.

Dave peered lustily down at her exposed pussy, and Becca could feel the walls of her vagina contract with excitement as he gazed at her cleanly shaved, puffy lips. “I wasn’t expecting you to be shaved,” he said in a low moan. “Now I want you to put your fingers into your mouth and suck on them, making sure they get nice and wet,” he said as he reached down and pulled on his sweats, pulling them down and dropping them in a puddle around his ankles. His completely erect cock falling heavily against his stomach as it was freed from the confines of his pants. Looks wasn’t the only area that Dave had Cole beat; Dave’s cock was at least 2 inches longer than Cole’s and much thicker. The sight excited her so much, that Becca did not protest to him being naked, and his cock dangerously close to her dripping pussy.

“I promise that I’ll follow your rules. I’m not trying to fuck you, I just want to enjoy myself as much as you,” he said with a smile. “Now, I want you to take your fingers and circle your clit like before,” he said with a moan, as he began to slowly stroke his cock.

Becca felt a shock of pleasure as she touched her bare clit. She had always thought that the thin barrier that her panties created did not have much impact on the amount of pleasure she could experience, but she was so wrong. The increase in gratification she experienced by skin on skin contact was bliss, and Becca quickly began to feel her orgasm building deep down. Increasing her speed, a violent orgasm took over and Becca spasmed and moaned loudly, arching her back and allowing the waves of pleasure to take over. Minutes later, when the last shiver passed and she was able to think clearly, Becca looked at Dave, who’s stroking had increased and was now rubbing her knee, looking hungrily at her.

“Wow Becca. That was incredibly sexy. You’re incredibly sexy. Next, I want you to fuck yourself for me. I want to watch you bring yourself to another orgasm. I want you to cum hard for me, with me,” Dave told her, as he adjusted his body so that Becca’s bent legs were on each side of his hips, and he was looking directly at Becca and her beautiful glistening pussy, their legs entwined.

Becca had never inserted anything into her pussy, other than her husband, and she was worried that she would not like it. With some hesitation, she reached down and started to reach for her opening.

“Wait!” Dave startled her as he reached down and grabbed her hand, sucking her juices off of her fingers, adding his own saliva to help with lubrication. “By the looks of your soaked pussy, you don’t need it, but I had to taste you,” Dave told her with a low groan. “Please, continue.”

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