A Muddy Adventure

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Rob and Sherri walked along through the woods and marveled at nature. The day was over cast so the hiking trails were nearly empty. They had not seen another hiker for about an hour and they had walked into a less popular area of the park, the clay flats and foothills. The scenery was less breath taking here but the solitude and peace more then made up for it.

Sherri looked up and frowned at the clouds. They seemed to be darkening and look much more foreboding then they had a short time ago. The high fluffy white clouds had given way to the dark gray menacing clouds of a rainstorm. She wiped the sweat from her brow and called to Rob.

“Honey, shouldn’t we head back? It looks like it’s going to rain.” She called.

Rob turned and looked up at the sky for a second and then smiled. “Awwww. come on. We’re almost there and I wanted to show you something.” He answered back as he walked to her. “Please. A little sprinkle won’t hurt, it would even feel good after the heat of the day.” He said and grinned at her. There was something about that grin that should have warned her he had other plans but she smiled back and nodded.

The two walked on for another fifteen minutes and then the rain started. Not a light sprinkle but, a torrential downpour. Sherri was pissed, that was for sure. The rain soaked them through in a matter of seconds and dripped off of them. She grabbed Rob’s arm and pulled him close to be heard over the rain.

“A little sprinkle huh?” She said in a sarcastic tone. “Can we go now?”

“Well, honey, we’re already wet, might as well go and see what I wanted to show you and then go. We can’t get any wetter.” He smiled and kissed her.

She wanted to choke him. That was the simple impulse that came across her mind at that moment. Just reach out and choke the living shit out of him. Instead, she nodded again and decided to avoid the fight. It was true, they couldn’t get any wetter.

Sherri was miserable. Her jeans were soaked and she knew she was going to get a rash from the rubbing.

Rob seemed oblivious to the falling kuşadası escort rain and walked on as if it was a bright sunny day. The ground was mucky under her feet and Sherri’s boots made sucking sounds with each step in the mud.

No, she decided, choking was too good for him. He deserved something slower and more painful. Castration? No, that would only punish her. Maybe just a slow painful red-hot fire poker enema. That would work. She grinned an evil grin as she tossed the idea over in her mind. Rob caught the grin and picked up the pace.

The rain lessened and Sherri’s mood began to lighten. The rain was only a sprinkle now and the ground was mostly stone and hard packed earth so the going was easier. They walked through a small scrub tree stand and walked out onto a flat plain. The ground had no vegetation on it at all. It was a flat clay plateau. Rob turned and smiled and made a sweeping gesture. Sherri was unimpressed. Her mood began to darken again.

“Isn’t it cool?” Rob asked. Sherri remained silent. “Not a living thing on it. Not a rock or stick or pebble breaking the clay.” He smiled at her and looked back at the clay. “Nothing but clay. Cool huh?”

“Ya. Cool.” Sherri said in a low dangerous tone.

“Baby.” Rob said catching the warning in her voice, “you aren’t seeing what I am seeing obviously.” He said and laughed.

“And what exactly are you seeing that I am not. It’s fucking mud!” Sherri said, starting to get really pissed. “Nothing but fucking mud everywhere. What is so great about that?”

“Well.” Rob said and then pealed off his shirt. “Let me show you.” Before Sherri could answer him he pealed off his shorts and pulled off his hiking boots. He ran out onto the gushy clay before she could grab him and tossed his socks back as he pealed the wet mucky things off. Completely naked her ran out into the mud. Sherri looked around and then realized that no one was here. The rain had driven all the other hikers, the ones with brains, home. So she watched him.

Butt naked he ran along and whooped and hollered as loud as he could. Then getting a good running start he threw himself on his ass and slid across the mud. Muck sprayed in all directions as he slid along for a good twenty to thirty feet. He stood up laughing and waved for her to join him. Sherri was still standing there with an amazed look on her face, stunned by the utter stupidity of his actions.

Then he ran again and dove and slid on his chest, the mud pooling up and covering his body. He stood and Sherri had to grin at the sight of him. His muscular body covered in a layer of silky wet clay, there was, she had to admit something arousing about it.

He ran back over to her, his cock bobbing all around. He was smiling from ear to ear, at least as far as Sherri could tell under the mud he was. He grabbed her hand and pulled her forward but she shook her head no. She looked him up and down and saw that his cock was growing harder by the second. He laughed and ran back to the mud again and Sherri took a deep breath.

While his back was turned she pealed off her shirt, shoes and jeans. She pulled her socks off and then undid her bra and slid off her panties. This is insane; she thought but was surprised to find her nipples stiff under the light rain.

With a scream she ran out into the mud and felt it squish beneath her toes. It was squishy and wet and cold but it also felt good. She ran and then jumped, landing on her ass she spun and slid along in the mud. Rob laughed and ran back to her as she skidded to a stop. He slid on his ass and ran into her and the two rolled in the mud for a second before stopping.

“This is fucking weird.” Sherri said.

“Ya . . .. But fun ain’t it?” Rob asked and then took a great handful of mud and smeared it on Sherri’s bare breasts. “And it feels so good.” He said with a grin. She had to admit, it did.

She laughed and grabbed a handful of mud and smeared it on Rob. He lay back and let her. She began to rub it over his body, the silky clay so smooth it was like a vat of butter. She rubbed it all over his chest and belly and then let her hand slide down to his hard cock. He moaned as she stroked his muddy cock. It felt really good, she decided.

Rob laughed and reached out and began to rub the mud on her breast and Sherri decided not to kill him after all. The two of them ran their hands over each other, the mud covering them both from head to toe. They laughed and kissed each other.

Sherri began to stroke his cock again and Rob pushed her back into the muck. She squealed as the cold clay squished between her ass cheeks. He straddled her chest and placed his cock between her huge tits. She laughed and grabbed a handful of mud and sloshed it onto Rob’s cock and then pressed her breast together. Rob began to thrust his cock between her breasts and they both moaned. Sherri loved to have her tits fucked.

He soon stopped being quite so playful and a serious look came over his face. A hungry look. He began to thrust faster and faster and Sherri knew he wanted to cum. She flexed her legs and found the clay squished against her clit in the most unusual way. She began to squeeze her legs together and found it like a huge tongue licking her. She didn’t even worry about the mud getting in her; she could always wash later. Squeezing her legs in time with his thrusts she found her pussy was aching soon.

“Oh my god baby, I can cum this way.” She said in a ragged voice. He laughed and nodded, he was beyond words now. He thrust between her tits faster and faster.

Sherri squished her legs together as fast as she could and found herself on the verge of cumming, the mud licking her to orgasm. As she started to shake and moan Rob threw back his head and roared and his cock began to erupt. A heavy stream of cum shot across her face and tits. He stroked himself now and his cum splashed every where. Sherri screamed and her own orgasm took her, the feel of the hot cum driving her over the edge.

They both came hard and soon collapsed into each other’s arms in the mud. Finally, as their breathing returned to normal, Rob looked at her and started to laugh.

“What?” She asked.

“You’re a mess.” He said and they both laughed and lay back into the mud to enjoy the gentle cleansing rain.

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