A New Beginning

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Big Tits

Having been married for several years, something happened that sparked a flame of lust. Our sex lives had become like most married couples, normal but dull. Living in a vibrant area where sex was all around, it wasn’t long before it affected us and created a new beginning for us.

After coming home from a short trip to see family, we were lying in bed, talking about the trip and for some reason, right out of the blue, my wife blurted out that she wanted to try something different in bed. I tried not to let her see my surprise because she was always one who seemed not to be interested in trying new things and methods so when she said that she wanted to try something new, I was taken back and didn’t know what to say.

“You know, I’ve been thinking,” she said, moving closer to me. “We seem to be in a rut. We need something to liven up our lives.”

I wasn’t sure what she was getting at, at first but I let her continue.

“You know we’re not getting any younger and I think we should, while we still can, explore new avenues of sex.”

I felt the first pangs of stirring in my groin at this but I still didn’t say anything.

“I’ve been thinking about sex a lot lately and about John,” she softly said.

My mouth dropped and my eyes widened when she said that. John was our son. He was still living at home even though he was through school and working. I had no idea that she had ever had thoughts of having sex with John or anyone else but here she was, telling me that she wanted her own son, to fuck her. She propped herself up on her elbow and looked down at me.

“Will you talk to him?” she asked as her hand found my hardening cock. “Please talk to him soon. I want him inside me so much, I can hardly stand to be around him without saying anything.”

All I could do was nod as she continued rubbing my cock, finally taking me in her mouth and sucking the exploding come out of me, my mind full of visions of her and John together.

My wife is very attractive and keeps herself in good shape so it wasn’t hard to imagine anyone wanting to fuck her. I promised I would talk to John that day after I relaxed. Later that day, I went looking for John and found him in his room, working on his computer. When I walked in, he quickly looked up and closed the window he was looking at but not before I had a chance to glimpse what it was. He was looking at movies of men fucking each other and sucking cocks. I felt the stirring in my groin again as I stepped towards him.

His face turned red as he watched me sit down on the edge of his bed.

“Sorry son, I didn’t mean to startle you,” I said quickly, smiling at him, trying to put him at ease.

“That’s ok, Dad. I wasn’t doing anything important anyway,” he answered.

“Son, I need to talk to you but I don’t know where to start,” I said noticing he was squirming a little in his chair. “Your mother asked me to talk to you about something but I feel a little foolish trying to explain it to you.”

He turned towards me in his chair and I could see the bulge in his shorts.

“Go ahead, Dad.”

I hesitated but couldn’t keep my eyes off the bulge in his shorts. He looked at me then followed my gaze down to his groin. He looked up again and smiled, not saying anything. He slowly stood up and let me have a full view of his bulge. He had a funny look on his face as he watched me and the silence was deafening between the two of us. It was a very awkward moment for the both of us but especially for me, never having any thoughts of men before but here was my son, standing in front of me, just out of reach, with a massive erection and showing it off to me.

I felt the stirring again in my own groin watching him and he noticed it right away. Without a word, he took a step towards me, staring at my growing erection. I slowly stood up as he took another step towards me. We were so close, I could feel his breath against my face. I searched his face as he did mine, our erections only inches from each other. I opened my mouth to say something but he stopped me by reaching out with his hand and putting it on my cock. I groaned a little as I felt his hand on me and he moved right up to me, pressing himself against me. His face was inches from mine and I couldn’t help but lean into him and our lips met briefly.

When we parted, he had a smile on his face as his hand groped harder against the cloth of my pants.

“Dad,” he said softly. “I’ve dreamed about touching you for so long. I never thought you would be interested.”

I leaned into him again, my arms going around his neck, pulling him against me harder. I sighed as our lips met and our tongues were suddenly inside each other’s mouth, exploring and sucking. I opened my eyes and looked at John. He had such a serene look on his face and it made me want him even more. It seemed so simple, standing there, kissing his lips, running my tongue in and out of his mouth. I closed my eyes again and just relished in the feelings I was having.

He moved his head away from me and whispered in my ear.

“Dad, klasbahis güvenilirmi I want you.”

It was with a sudden urging that I realized that I wanted him too. I slowly snaked my hand down his back and rested it on his ass, pulling him against me again. He groaned softly as I did and I could feel his hardness against mine as we stood holding each other. He reached around me and held my cheeks in his hands, just as I was doing to him. His breathing matched mine in intensity. I couldn’t think of anything else but seeing and holding his bare body so I stepped back from him a little and took his hand, leading him towards the bed.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled him directly in front of me, reaching for his belt and undid his pants. I slowly pulled them down over his erection and he stepped out of them, tossing them away with his foot. Next I looped my fingers in the elastic of his underwear and started to pull them down too. When I reached his erection, I stopped and looked up at his face. He was watching me closely, a glint in his eyes as I continued uncovering his bare skin. I gently pulled his underwear over his erection and it sprang up at me, stopping only inches from my face. I could smell him, the erotic odor of a man’s cock and I wanted to touch him so badly. I pulled his underwear down some more until they dropped to the floor where he again kicked them aside.

I just sat and stared at his hard cock, it’s head so close to my face. He quickly pulled his shirt up over his head and when he did, the head of his cock brushed briefly against my cheek, leaving a slightly wet spot on it. Now he totally naked, standing inches from me, a look of lust fully enveloping his face.

“Please, Dad. I want to feel your hot mouth around my cock,” he whispered.

I looked closely at his head and saw the wetness developing there. I slowly stuck my tongue out and gently licked away the moisture. It had a slightly bitter taste to it but it wasn’t revolting so I did it again, this time, splitting his slit open and sticking the tip of my tongue further into it. He groaned above me as I continued licking his head, circling it with my tongue, tasting him and wanting him.

I ran my tongue under his crown and he groaned when he felt my tongue on his shaft. I opened my mouth and for the first time, I took his cock into me, marveling at the feeling of hardness yet sensing a softness too. He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed his hips forward, sending his cock deep into my mouth. I felt it growing inside me and I sucked on it, trying to get as much of him inside me as I could.

“Easy, Dad. “Take it slow. Suck on it gently.” He whispered as he moved his hips forward and back, sliding his cock in and out of my hungry mouth. I held onto his legs as he continued slowly, pumping himself in and out of me, gently stroking my head as he did.

“That’s it, Dad. Nice and slow. Suck me. Suck me harder.”

I did as he wanted and sucked on him with a renewed frenzy. He groaned again and started moving his hips back and forth, effectively, fucking my mouth, sending wave after wave of lust through me. I don’t know if it was the gravity of the moment or the fact that I was letting my son fuck my face, but I found myself wanting more.

After a few more minutes of pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, he stopped and pulled himself out of me. I looked up and he was staring at me, a look of love and satisfaction, completely shrouding his eyes. He reached down and pulled me up, off the bed, quickly reaching for my pants and undoing them. I didn’t move or even try to stop him. I wanted him to see and feel my bare cock and see what he was doing to me.

He pulled my pants and underwear down together. When they got to the floor, he helped me step out of them, tossing them behind him. He then reached up and pulled my shirt up over my head, again tossing it aside as he had my pants. He then looked at me and a smile came over his face. I pleaded with my eyes. He understood as he quickly, knelt down in front of me and took my hard cock in his mouth, circling my head as I had done to him and slowly sucking it as far into his mouth as he could, gently licking and sucking on it.

I groaned softly as I held his head against my groin, moving my hips slightly, back and forth, sliding my cock over his tongue as he continued sucking me. I felt the familiar twinge in my balls but I didn’t want to come yet so I reached down and stopped him, pulling myself out of his mouth. He looked up with a slightly puzzled look on his face and then stood up.

“I want more, son,” I said, almost whispering.

He didn’t say anything but moved onto the bed, lying on his back, holding his arms open for me. I knelt on the bed and lowered myself down on top of him. I could feel his hardness sticking into my leg so I moved a little to the side, his hard cock reaching between my legs, under my balls. My cock was mashed between our hips and I moved to his side, reaching down and wrapping my fingers klasbahis yeni giriş around his cock, lowering my lips to his. As our tongues swirled inside each other’s mouth, I rubbed up and down his shaft, feeling even vein and bump and circled his crown gently with my finger. As I did, he groaned into my mouth and raised his hips up against the palm of my hand. I pushed down on his cock and he groaned again.

“Fuck me, please, Dad,” John said into my mouth.

I lifted my head and looked into his eyes.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” I asked.

He didn’t hesitate.

“Yes, Dad, more than anything.”

I just looked at him, still rubbing his hard cock with my hand. Without a slight bit of hesitation, I said, “I will son but only if you fuck me first.”

He looked up at me with surprise in his eyes. Without either of us saying anything, we rearranged ourselves so he was on top of me, his hard cock rubbing the insides of my thighs ever so gently as we kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues. He moved down my body with his tongue, licking and sucking on my nipples then further until he took my cock in his mouth again. After sucking me for a few minutes, he lowered his face and licked under my balls, sending a shiver through me. He spread my legs apart and raised them over his shoulders, dipping his tongue along my crack, running it up and down, wetting everything he could reach. He probed my hole a little, sticking the tip of his tongue right against it and pushing.

I grabbed behind my knees and pulled my legs up against my chest, opening my cheeks up to him. He didn’t hesitate in starting to concentrate on my hole as he licked and probed with his tongue. I groaned as he took a finger and gently pushed against my hole until it gave, his finger entering me ever so slightly.

“Push against me,” he said and I did, feeling his finger going further and further up my canal.

He was filling my hole and the feeling was overwhelming. I pushed harder and felt his knuckle enter me and I groaned. He started to slowly, finger fuck me, taking his time in pulling and pushing his finger in and out of me until I got used to his motions. Then he pushed and pulled harder, ramming his finger in and out of me quickly. All I could do was groan and push back against his thrusts. I felt him pull his finger completely out of me and it felt so unusual to be so open yet fulfilled at the same time. It’s hard to explain what I was feeling but I wasn’t empty for long as John got on his knees above me, and pointed his hard cock at my hole, gently pushing it into me, taking my breath away.

The pain that shot through me was intense at first but as he slowly entered me more and more, it subsided and by the time he was fully inside me, his balls resting against my cheeks, the pain had completely gone. My eyes had watered from the pain and when I looked at him, it was hard to see the look on his face but he was concentrating on what he was doing. He waited, holding himself deep inside me, waiting for me to tell him to go ahead and fuck me.

“Fuck me, John,” I mumbled as I watched him through water filled eyes.

He slowly pulled his cock almost completely out of me and stopped, just his head inside me. He then slowly, thrust himself fully back up my canal, his balls hitting my ass when he reached the end of my canal. He did this two or three more times and then started speeding up. His balls made a slapping noise against my cheeks every time he thrust completely into me and I grunted when I felt his head hit the end. He leaned against my legs, holding them wider apart and grunted and groaned every time he thrust into me.

I marveled at how he slid his whole length, back and forth, in and out with such ease. He was sweating as he fucked me and his sweat dripped on my chest and the back of my legs as he continued fucking me harder and harder, faster and faster. His breathing was becoming labored but he kept going at me until I felt his cock twitch and suddenly, a hot sensation filled my canal as he exploded inside me, sending wave after wave of hot, sticky come deep up into me. He groaned loudly when he came and held himself against my cheeks, trying to get as deep into me as he could.

His cock spurted over and over again, sending come around his cock and out of my ass, he came so much. After he finished, he slowly pulled his cock out of me and his come ran down the insides of my legs, pooling on the sheets under my still upraised ass. He just leaned back on his haunches and looked at me, a slight grin on his lips. He watched the come trickle down my legs and as I lowered my legs, he moved aside to give me room to stretch out. As I lay there trying to catch my breath, he said with a raspy voice, “That was the best fuck I have ever had.”

I smiled weakly at him and he grinned back at me.

“You’ve done this before, then?” I asked.


“I didn’t know, son.”

“I’m not totally gay, Dad, I’m bisexual. I like both men and women.”

I didn’t say klasbahis giriş anything but just watched his face, his eyes particularly. After what seemed like a long time, I finally felt good enough to roll over and he moved up behind me and pressed himself against my back, snaking his arms around me, holding me against his body. I could feel the coldness of his sweat and mine as it intermingled as we lay holding each other, not saying anything. He finally spoke but only in a whisper.

“What did you want to talk to me about earlier, Dad?” he asked.

His question snapped me back to where I had walked into his room and I laughed.

“It’s nothing really. It’s just your mother wanted me to talk to you about something, that’s all.”

“Well, go ahead. Tell me what she wanted to know,” he said.

“I don’t know if I want to tell you now that I have you holding me but she wanted to know how you feel about going to bed with her.”

I felt John smile as he snuggled against my back.

“So Mom wants me too, huh. Now that I’ve fucked you, I think it only fair that I fuck her too, don’t you think.”

We laughed and I turned so I was facing him. I looked him in the eyes and asked, “Do you think you could handle the both of us in one night?”

He leaned forward and kissed my lips as his answer. Pulling away from me, he smiled.

“Yeah, I think I could but only if you fuck me too.” he said, looking right into my eyes. “Only if you fuck me too, Dad.”

“It’s a deal,” I answered and pulled him against my chest, smelling his hair and body as we held each other for a few minutes.

That night, after dinner as we all sat in the living room, I told my wife how John would love to fuck her but only if I was there too. She looked at me first then him and the smile on her face said everything. She just nodded and stood up, leaving the room.

“Do you think she still wants me to fuck her?” John asked.

“Oh yeah, son. She wants it more now than ever. Let’s see how this plays out, ok?”

He smiled and we waited for my wife to return. When she did, we both just stared. She had been gone for about half an hour and I was beginning to wonder what she was up to but when I saw her, I knew. She had changed into a teddy, well almost a teddy. It was erotic lingerie, barely covering her. Her nipples stuck out through the holes in the front of it and we could see her cunt, peeking out at us from under the garment. She had put on outlandish makeup, lots of eye shadow, a bright red lipstick and her eyes were half closed as she walked into the room and stood in front of the two of us.

I looked over at John and could see the bulge growing in his pants as he stared at his mother. She noticed it too and licked her lips seductively while not taking her eyes off him. John stood up and slowly walked towards her as she watched him. He reached out and touched one of her nipples and she closed her eyes, groaning softly at his touch. He got bolder and took both her breasts in his hands and caressed them with his palms, all the while she stood sighing and moaning softly. He then leaned down and touched the end of one of her nipples with the tip of his tongue and she groaned louder, pulling him against her, wanting him to suck her tits.

I watched as they almost danced as John noisily sucked on her protruding nipples while she held his head against them, wanting more and more. He finally stood up and pulled the top of the teddy over her head, completely exposing her breasts. Leaning down again, he started sucking on them again as I stood up and moved closer to them.

I moved behind her and reached down between her legs, which she opened for me. Finding her hole, I dipped a finger into her, making her cry out. At the same time, John moved to her other breast and noisily started sucking on it. I moved back and pulled the bottom of the teddy down across her ass and let it drop to the floor. Moving back into her, I ran a finger up her crack and probed at her ass hole, just enough so she knew what I wanted. She pushed slightly back against my probing and I found my finger inside her, moving up her canal as she spread her legs even further apart.

“Oh fuck,” she muttered as the two of us continued using her body.

John stood back and quickly pulled his shirt over his head and undid his pants, pulling them down slowly, watching her eyes devour him as he did. When his hard cock sprang out of his shorts, she gasped and reached out to grab him, making him groan. I did the same and soon the three of us were totally naked, my wife sandwiched between the two of us. When she leaned forward to take John in her mouth, I quickly pulled her cheeks apart and started running my tongue, up and down her crack, making her squirm against my tongue. I probed her hole and easily entered her, thrusting my tongue as deep into her as I could.

I tongue fucked her for a few minutes, then replaced my tongue with my finger, slowly thrusting it up into her, feeling her canal constricting around my finger, holding it fast inside her. She pushed back against me and I fucked her with it as she continued sucking John’s hard cock. He was groaning, as she tongue lashed his hardness, circling his head and splitting his slit open, sticking her tongue tip down into it, sucking the precum out of him. He couldn’t stand it any longer.

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