A new Beginning_(0)

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A new Beginning
Part one

All my life I have not much luck in picking up girls. Name calling, being spit on, things of that nature. But last night at the bar when the lady slap me across the face was the finally straw. I realize then that my love life was about to change for the better. And that slut who slap me was going to get hers as well. I knew her from work. She was living with her boyfriend in a nice house on a quiet street. That was about to change forever.
Norma was very beautiful standing about 5′ 6″ tall. She had short black hair, green eyes, and was soft spoken. She had a nice set of legs that made a perfect v shape at the ass. Her tits were 36c and everything about her stood out. But she had dead beat of a boyfriend. He had lost his job and was living off her wages. He was a little man and was always calling her down. That would change soon enough.
It was a Friday, when I finished working the graveyard shift. Norma was just starting her day shift. I had overheard her telling her friends that her boyfriend (Steve) was going to mow the lawn and rake as well. Today was the day that Steve and Norma will know my powers. When I got home, I had a shower and then pick up my bag of goodies. I walk over to their house and waited for Steve to begin the yard work. A few minutes later, he appear and began working in the front yard. I went around back and walk into the house. It was somewhat clean, but I went to the basement and set up my goodies. When I was finished I hear Steve come in looking for a drink. Now it was time to begin.
Picking up my 40 inch club, I went up stairs to see him. He was standing faccing the tv with his back to me. With one swing, I hit him on the back of his head sending facefirst on the floor. He was not moving so I check for a pulse. I was very happy to find he was alive. I did not want to spoil my day yet. Taking the rope, I tied his arms behind his back and tied his legs together for now. I roll him over and begin to drag his body down stairs. As I was going down the stairs, his head was hitting every step. I was laughing at this, because I knew he would be awake for what I had plan for him. I had setup a pulley with rope. Using the rope and pulley, I tie the ropes around each shoulder and armpit. Then I use the pulley to raise him up to the floor joists. Then I untie his legs and then retie them to support posts for the house. When I finish, I stood back and saw his was about 3 feet off the floor and his legs was spread far apart. I reach into my bag and took out the duct tape and torn off a piece. Placing it on his mouth firmly so no one would hear him. Reaching back into my bag, I took my knife out. Then Steve begin to wake up. His heading moving around, and then his eyes open up. His expression was well worth it. He struggle against his ropes, but he was unable to move. I looked at him and said, we have 6 more hours until Norma comes home from work. That will be plenty of time to have play time for us.
Taking the knife, I began to cut off his shirt and his jeans. He was struggling, but it was pointless. When I had finish, all that was left was his shorts. I walk up and began to rub and stroke his cock through his underwear. I looked right at him and said today would be a good day to die. But first I wanted to make him beg for his useless life. And with that I cut off his underwear. His cock was small. Even when it was rock hard, it was only 5 inches long. It was no wonder why Norma was looking for a pick up at the bar. I stood to one side of him and began to stroke his cock. Looking at him I saw he was breathing faster. So I pick up the pace and stroke him harder. While I was doing this, I squeeze him cock as well. He was beginning to moan a little. I knew he was about to cum, so I began to stroke faster. About 40 seconds later he came. Shooting only a couple of drops. Releasing his cock I look at him and said, you are not going to like it when I fuck Norma and show her what a cock looks like. At this point he realize that that I plan on fucking his girlfriend. Reading his mind, I said not only am I going to fuck Norma, I will be fucking him as well. His eyes almost pop out of his sockets. I walk over to my bag and reach in and took out rubber gloves. Putting them on I said that I wanted to remain clean. I then reach into the bag and brought out a roll of thin copper wire. Braking of a piece I walk back to him and said it was play time. Moving his limp cock aside, I tie the wire around his balls tight. This made him to struggle and yell from the pain of the wire. It was tie tight and then I tie it around the base of his cock. Seeing this made me happyand seeing his pain was very enjoying. I said to him, that by placing the wire this way, it would cut off his balls from cumming and would give you much pain when you get your next hardon. So I just let him rest for a bit while I set up another pulley and ropes. It was just about 2 feet in front of Steve. I told him it was for your slut girlfriend. Looking at Steve, I asked him if he was rested. Walking behind him I had found a small step. Placing it behind him, I walk back to my bag of goodies and took out a large rubber cock and turn to him. He understood right away on what was about to happen. I told him not to resist and it would not hurt to bad. Walking behind him, I move up and place the tip of the cock against his ass. I then said it was time to feel what it is like to get fucked. And with that being said, I shove the cock straight up his ass. His moaning and struggling made it all worth it. Then I began to slowly with drawn it, the push it back into his ass. I begin to pick up the pace and was fucking him harder with each stroke. When I notice his tears, I realize his cock was beginning to grow. But the wire was doing its job. It was cutting into his little cock and causing him great pain. Standing on the step, I said to Steve, this is only the start. I said to him, by using the wire, not only cutting into his cock, but the wire around his balls will not allow you to cum. I could tell this by the way Steve was jerking around. He wanted to cum, but I did not want this. His face was a bright red and his breathing was very rapid. I continue my fucking his ass until Steve had passed out from the pain. Stopping and leaving the cock in his ass I check the time. And to my amazement, it was time for Norma to come home.
Steve awoke and was relief the the gaziantep escort pain had stopped. I looked at him and said to rest, because it was time for the slut to come in. And with that being said, the tramp came in. She call out looking for Steve, but got no reply. We could hear her walking around upstairs and then heard the water being turn on for her shower. Picking up the club, I said to Steve, it was time to invite her to the party.
I waited for her in the bedroom standing behind the door. When she finsh, she walk in and was facing the bed when the club hit her. She fell face down and was out cold. No need to tie her, I roll her over and began to drag her down stairs. When Steve saw her, he began to struggle trying to free himself. He watch as I raise Norma using the pulleys and tieing her legs the same way. Standing back and looking at her is when I realize just how beautiful she was. I gag her the same way as Steve and turn to him and said that she will pay for slapping me the other night. Reaching into the bag I took out some smelling salt and place it under her nose. She awoke and look straight at her boyfriend. She was looking at his blood cover cock and balls. She was struggling to free herself but the ropes held fast. I walk over to Steve and making sure Norma had a good view, I move Steve limp cock over and landed a blow with my fist right on his balls. This made him to yell against his gag. I hit him 3 more times in the balls and he pass out again from the pain. Turning back to Norma, she now realize It was her turn. I walk up to her and said it was pay back time. With that, I slap her hard across the face causing her to cry. Grabbing her hair with one hand and slapping her with the other making sure I landed every blow where I wanted it. When I stopped, her nose was bleeding and her face was bright red. Slowly moving forward, I told her it will be fun to show her what a real cock is like to have in her pussy and ass. I turn around and saw Steve awake and watching just what had happen. I said to both of them, Time to begin the party.

To be continue

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