A Night To Remember

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Alexis Texas

It was a dark and stormy night and Ted and Georgette were finally alone. It had been one of these days that seemed never to end — one crisis after another. With all the fires extinguished to was time to start one of their own.

Ted and Georgette had been married for 15 years. It was a wonderful marriage with two wonderful (at least they thought so) children, a nice house, (as those things were measured), and two psychotic cats (are there any other type?). Even after 15 years their love life was wonderfully fulfilling. However, something happened this night that they would be talking about for some time to come.

Ted had a plan. It was Saturday Night after all and the kids were staying with friends. They were alone and Ted was determined to do what two married people are supposed to do when they are alone (and it was NOT pay the bills). He and Georgette settled into their bed and she snuggled up to Ted. She loved the way she fit in the crook of his arm and how it gently wrapped around her body. Ted felt the warmth and compassion flowing from his life’s partner. They lay silently, content with each other’s closeness Ted made the first move. He moved his arm so that he could stroke her back. At the same time he kissed the top of her head. She responded with a content sigh and started to rub her hand across his chest. He liked that. After a bit he slid down in the bed and gently moved Georgette so they were looking eye to eye and they started to kiss, the way that two people who have known each other completely can kiss. Georgette loved to kiss, and especially loved to kiss her life’s lover.

Ted stroked her breast (He loved her breasts). He gently tickled the nipple by lightly moving his thumb back and forth. The nipple was happy to respond rose to the occasion. She closed her eyes and a small, almost imperceptible smile crept across her lips. Ted was a master of the breast actions. As far as Georgette was concerned, the more the better. After a while Ted moved to unbutton her nightshirt. Slowly he undid the buttons, exposing the object of his desire. He undid the first porno button and followed with a peaceful kiss, the second one, and another kiss, the third … kiss, … kiss … kiss … .

Ted had reached her belly then started slowly move back up. kiss, … kiss … kiss …lick (oops how’d that get in there) … kiss … kiss. He moved to her right breast and gently kissed her nipple. The nipple, being of the accommodating type, rose to meet Ted invitation. Georgette had no other choice then to sigh and enjoy the dance between nipple and lips. Ted, being a fair man, slowly moved to the other nipple, who, as it happens, was just as accommodating as the first. Georgette had not moved and the smile was no longer imperceptible.

While Georgette, distracted by the action at her chest, Ted started tracing lines up and down her inner thighs with his hand. Ted moved slowly up and ever so lightly across the cotton panties, then down the opposite thigh. Georgette … well .. we know what Georgette was doing.

Between Ted’s attention to her breast and the teasing strokes, Georgette was starting to moan a little more often and her hand was searching for her own area to stroke. Georgette placed her hand on Ted’s privates, having talents of her own, and gently stroked him through his cotton boxers. Ted, being the accommodating, rose to meet her. She does not know how he does it but Ted smiled while he had her breast in his mouth. This lasted for quite a while. Ted paid special attention to her breasts and continued to tease her thighs. Georgette stroked and petted his penis. Both were enjoying the attention. However, at the same exact time, Ted and Georgette stopped what they were doing, looked each other in the eye and said


They laughed, quick doffed their duds, curled up under the covers, and picked up where they left off. However this time, Ted abandoned the gently teasing. He meant business. Georgette had always said his tongue should be bronzed (figure that one). He has every intention of proving it once again. He VERY, VERY, slowly moved down her belly, kissing, licking, and nibbling. Georgette did not fight the tongue lashing she was about to get. Ted moved down, down, … down … ever so slowly … down.

When he reached his desire he stopped. “BASTARD” was the only thing Georgette said. He smiled, reach up and tweaked her happy nipple, then ran his tongue up and down her moistness, however never really entering it. &*%^&#@ (what language from MOM). Ted was enjoying his power (actually so was Georgette). Ted spread her lips and licked the inside. She tasted wonderful, even after all these years. He ran his tongue up and down, in and out, however, NEVER touching her “Pleasure Point”. Georgette was at this point begging for more. She was offering him money, free dinners, a massage, a blow job! That made him stop and think. Georgette screamed at him. He just smiled took a rain check. He dived in for more. He ran his tongue up slowly, closer and closer to her pleasure.

Then it happened. It had never happened before in their 15 years marriage or even in the years during their engagement. It was unbelievable! They were dumbfounded. At the exact moment that Ted’s tongue found what Georgette wanted it to find, Georgette … Started to laugh. Not some little snicker, or romantic giggle, she started to guffaw. It was a deep belly laugh — an “I am being tickled with a feather duster” laugh.

Ted did not now what to do. He stopped and waited until Georgette had calmed down and started again. And so did Georgette. Laughing so hard she was holding her belly and crying. Ted was shocked — defeated. His confidence shattered. His ego (and other important parts) deflated. He rolled over on his side and just laid there. He was unable to decide what to do. He knew what Georgette wanted, what she needed, but for the first time was unable to provide it.

Once Georgette had calmed down, she noticed his despair. Georgette then took matters into her own hands (so to speak). True to her word, she started to give her hubby the best blow job of his life. The type that would make his toes (and other parts) curl. She licked his manhood slowly, up and down the shaft, stopping at the top to engulf the head. Ted responded with a smile and a moan. Georgette knew how to please. She played with his balls while she licked the shaft. She teased him with her tongue, lips, fingers, and even her well kissed breast. She would start at his balls and run her tongue up his shaft to the tip and place his penis between her warm, soft breasts then reverse the movement pausing to lick swallow the head. Georgette was enjoying this immensely. When he had that look, she stopped and straddled him.

Like a master technician, she slowly placed peg D onto slot P, leaning back to feel his fullness. She slowly worked up to almost exiting, then slowly back down. Ted help to keep her balance by placing his hands on her breast and massaging her nipples. Slowly up and down she rode, like a carousel in a carnival. Up and down, the pressure and passion was building — the pace quickening. Both knew how this would end. No cursing or laughing — no promises or teasing — just one glorious orgasm. Georgette let out a moan and Ted grunted. The pace quickened more, Ted had to abandon her breast and placed his hands on her hips to keep her from falling off. It was as if they were 20 again. All maturity baggage shredded, all caution thrown to the wind. The energy and carefree abandoned of their youth had returned. Georgette thrust down as Ted thrust up. Meeting halfway and separating just a quickly, their bodies moist with sweat, love, lust, and passion.

It ended. Ted made one final, mad thrust and Georgette screamed. Georgette felt his result deep in her. Ted felt hers around him. She folded into his arm, him still in her. They lay there, breathing heavy, sweaty, exhausted, and thoroughly consumed. As Ted slid out, Georgette moved to the position that started it all. They were spent and happy to be with each other.

As the rain continued, and as Georgette was drifted to a peaceful slumber, she thought she heard the sound of laughter. Not a guffaw or “I am being tickled with a feather duster” laugher. But a quiet, gently loving giggle, mixed with the sounds of rain.

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