A Not So Sorry Story

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A/N: This is a work of fiction and has never happened to me before. Please do not be offended!


When I was younger, I hated the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t always grumpy. It was just sitting around talking to family members, whom I always forgot their names, about how school was or if I was excited about Christmas.

But there was only one person I could stay up late with and watch Christmas movies with, and that was Tom. The both of us were somewhat rebels growing up. On weekends he would come up just to see me, and I loved spending time with him. Despite our 4-year age difference, we were inseparable.

As we got older, I started to see him less and less. The last time I ever saw him was at my fourteenth birthday party.

He had joined a few of his friends and started a band, and they were always called out to tour.


It had been about four years when that wonderful weekend arrived. The family decided to meet at my grandpa’s house for the weekend and I didn’t feel like going. My mother understood when I told her about being bored the whole time, so she decided that she would come and pick me up Christmas day.

It was Friday morning when she left across town. I woke up around eight and did my daily morning routine. A nice shower, peach tea, and the morning news all in one hour! Around nine I noticed a blue Dodge truck appear in the driveway through the window. Scared, I jumped up and ran into the kitchen and hid. Now, me being an eighteen year old in a neighborhood full of old men and gunshots every once in a while I was pretty freaked out. I heard a loud knock the peeked from behind the fridge. Through the stained glass at the top of the door I saw a thin figure with, what looked like, long hair. I went ahead and opened the door cautiously.

“JUTURUNA!” The strange boy shouted with joy and hugged me. “My goodness! Look at you!”

Good god was I scared.

“Uhh…h…Hi?” I stammered out in his death hold.

“Oh why you, its me! Tommy!” He said with such a wild smile on his face.

I didn’t think anyone could change drastically in four years. That last time I saw him he had short but choppy dark brown hair and was 5’5″. Now there he was way taller than I, Me standing at 5’2 and him up to about 5’8″ or so, with past the shoulder length, soft wavy black hair. His pale blue eyes were filled with glee like so on Christmas morning. He had a pair of fitted, boot cut black jeans, and a gray sweatshirt. His thin looking figures shivering in the winter air.

“Well, come in it’s cold out!” I said catching my breath.

He had a black messenger bag with a white shirt peeking through a hole at the bottom.

“I’m sorry if I scared you dear. Just that I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Oh, I didn’t even know it was you, you’ve changed!” I said shutting the door.

“Yea, well, me and the guys got an official record deal, so I’ve got until February to rest.” he set his bag next to the stairs.

“Oh great!” I smiled. “And you came just to see…me?” my smile turned into a faint, unsure smirk and I finally noticed myself in the mirror.

My thin, pale, but slightly curvy figure was covered with a silk plaid red, white, and green nightgown that luckily looked more like a dress since it came down to the top of my knee. My long dark brown wavy hair looked all messed up. My perky 36 B komşu seks hikayeleri cup breasts jiggled and bounced braless as I briskly walked away.

“Well…I was going to go see what everyone was up to at grandpa’s but your mom called me and said you were home alone.”

“Oh great, she thinks I need a babysitter!?”

“He he, ah, I couldn’t refuse. I was hoping to catch up with you and all.”

He walked to the couch and before he sat down he decided to take off his sweatshirt. As he slipped out of it, his blue shirt stuck to the sweater a good bit revealing his skinny frame. Yet he had not so subtle abs that made me loose my balance for staring. I grabbed hold of the stair railing and got a hold of myself as he adjusted his shirt and sat down not noticing me.

“Well. Thanks for swinging by. Is it too hot for you or something? I can turn the AC on if you like.”

“Nah, it feels good.” He looked over to see me still holding the railing lightly. “Juturuna, are you okay?”

“Yes! I’m fine! I almost tripped over your bag.” I lied.

“Oh…yea! I hope you don’t mind me staying until Sunday. I figured I could take you to grandpa’s instead.”

“Aww…I mean that’s great!”

I walked into the kitchen to grab some water. I felt a different kind of warmth between my legs and realized that I was…falling for my cousin!? I then realized that this would be a hard weekend.

The rest of the day was spent watching A Christmas Story and talking about our lives. His girlfriend, same with my boyfriend, and how excited he was about this weekend dumped turns out he recently.

“So you want to go get something to eat? I’m starving!” He said placing his hand on his stomach and rubbing it.

“No, its too nice of a night to go out. There’s fish sticks in the fridge, it wont take too long to bake them.” I said

“Even better!”

We left to the kitchen and started preparing for our simple dinner. He turned the oven on and I put the sticks of the platter. I put them in the oven and turned around to see my cousin looking down as he leaned on the counter.

“Tom?” I said wearily.

“Oh! S-sorry.”

I walked to the pantry, oddly hoping that he was trying to catch himself too like I did earlier.

“Uh tom, can you get the ketchup for me, it’s all the way at the top and….”

“You were always a lazy one.” He said with a not so serious tone. He put his arms around my waist and lifted me up. I was shocked, but wasted no time grabbing the plastic bottle of ketchup. He bent back down so I could be back on the floor, but it failed as we both fell backward. The bottle didn’t break, but slid off in another direction. We both laughed. I became startled as I noticed my nightgown was up above my waist revealing my black lace, boyish, panties. I got up and adjusted the nightgown. I looked down to see Tom quite shocked yet had some sort of look of desire in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, you wanted me to help right?”


We sat next to each other on the couch eating the fish sticks. I had dipped my last one in the ketchup and as I brought it up to my mouth, some of it dripped onto my right breast.

“Oh let me get that.” He said grabbing a paper towel and gently wiping it off.

Now, I had finally become comfortable around him, especially with my clothing. But as He cleaned me off I tensed up a little.

“Sorry.” he said as he put the messy towel down.

“Oh, no need to apologize.” I said as I took our empty plates to the sink.

“Hey, I’m going to go change. Be right back.”

I looked at the clock and saw that it was already seven thirty. I felt that it was getting too hot and decided to turn the heater off.

I walked upstairs since the thermostat was up there too.

The thermostat was right next to the bathroom door. As I turned the AC on low, tom came out from the bathroom. I gasped not knowing he was there.

“Whoa sorry!”

He was wearing a white tee shirt and black boxers. We looked at each other for a moment. I wanted to look the other way to make sure the AC was on right when I noticed his fully erect cock trying to escape his boxers.

I looked back up and saw him looking me up and down.

“Oh god tom, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to…”

He placed his hand on my left shoulder.

“It’s okay. You know I saw how you had to catch yourself when I took off my sweater. I kind of had to do the same when I saw you bend over to put the food to cook.”

He slowly pulled me close and he then leaned in and pressed his cold soft lips against mine. The kiss started out kind of playfully. Him kissing them softly a few times, then it became deep as I parted my lips slightly. He stuck his tongue in and he explored mine. I placed my hands on his chest and began caressing it as he ran his hands down my sides. Feeling my curves and stopping to grab my butt. I gasped.

“Juturuna?” He whispered into my ear.


“Can I call you baby, just for now?”


He propped me against the wall and began to kiss my neck.


“Yes baby?” He said looking deep into my light green eyes.

“I want you.” I then grabbed his hand and led him into my room. The only light was coming from my window. The orange sunset made my room the same color and I felt like I could’ve been in heaven.

“This doesn’t look like a 16 year-old’s room,” He said putting me down on my bed.

He was right. The walls were painted yellow with nothing at all on the walls, Just my bed and nightstands.

I pulled him down and kissed him again.

“I want to see your panties again, baby.” he said slipping his finger under a strap on my nightgown. I stood up and slowly slipped out of it. The cool air gave me goose bumps and made my tiny pink nipples stand at attention

He took off his shirt revealing his sweet abs. I couldn’t help but touch him. My hands went lower until they met the top of his boxers. I could feel the ‘V’ formation and traced along it while he gently rubbed and played with my tits.

“You want that?” he said as he held me closer.


He slipped them off revealing his throbbing cock.

“Can you take all eight inches?” He said smiling

My answer was getting on my knees and wrapping my small hands around it. He moaned as I lightly kissed it all the way down. It was warm and thick. I licked the head and began to suck it slowly. He ran his hands through my hair. I took it in little by little until his well-trimmed pubes tickled my nose.

“Oh…oh yea baby. Mmmmm, that feels so fucking good”

I went a little faster occasionally stopping to lick and suck his balls. Finally I could feel him on the verge of blowing his load. He began to moan more.

“Oh yea baby, you want to take my load?”

I looked up and nodded with his cock still hard in my mouth. I went back to sucking a little past his head until I felt his warm salty cum in my mouth. There was a lot of it. Some of it dripped down my chin. I finished milking every last drop.

I stood up and kissed me once more. We swapped the salty cum a few times enjoying the taste.

He laid me down on the bed and began to kiss my neck. He slowly kissed his way down stopping to lick and suck my nipples. He slipped off my panties and rubbed his index finger over my throbbing pussy.

“You’re so wet!” he said teasing my cunt with his finger.

“Oh finger me, finger your little cousin Tom!” I moaned out.

He began to softly bite and suck my clit driving me crazy. He then began to rub it with his thumb as he dipped his tongue into my wet cunt. I could hear him moaning and the vibrations from his voice almost drove me over the edge. I put my hand on the back of his head. Suddenly I felt his finger dip into my pussy, then another. They danced around there until I began to tighten up.

“Ohhhhhhh god that feels so good Tom. Yea…ohhh don’t stop.”

He began to finger me faster until I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“OHHHHHH TOMMMMMM!” I moaned loudly

“Yea baby, say my name!” he said slowing down.

My breathing slowed down a little after as he lapped up all the cum he could. He stuck his fingers in his mouth and covered them in my cum that was still in his mouth. He then placed them on my bottom lip. I slowly sucked all of my sweet juices off of them and enjoyed the taste of me.

“I want you in me.” I said

“Um…baby, what if I get you pregnant?”

“You wont.”

“Are…you on…” He paused for a moment.

“Yes I am.” I said kissing him. “Please? I want to feel all of you in me.”

He grabbed my hand and helped me to stand up.

“I want you on top.”

He lied down and I proceeded to take my place. I positioned myself facing him and eased myself down on him. The feeling of him penetrating me felt so damn good. He enjoyed it too.

“Oh fuck! Goddamn your so fucking tight!” He then took hold of my hips as I slowly lifted myself up and down slowly at first. I moaned softly as his hard cock thrusted in and out of my tight pussy. He grabbed my hands and held them as I bounced up and down faster.

I was almost getting ready to cum when he pulled me down hard on his cock and told me to lie down. I got off and sucked my juices off real quick.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed and once again penetrated me. He thrusted in and out faster as I moaned louder and louder and began to tighten up.

“Oh I’m about to cum baby!” He said

“Me too.”

He grabbed my hips and pounded me a few times. I was screaming as my pussy writhed around his cock. Almost like milking the warm cream from it.

He then took out his softening cock and licked the mixture of cum from my pussy. He then kissed me deeply as we shared the tasty cum once again. He then lied next to me. The smell of sex surrounded us as we snuggled closer to each other. Our naked bodies pressed up against each other.

“So much for catching up huh?” I said kissing him once again

“Yea.” He smiled. “Thank goodness its only Friday”

I rested my head on his chest and he grabbed a blanket from the floor.

“Good night baby.” He whispered.

“Good night.”

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