A Project for Bethany Ch. 04

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Matthew woke up with a shiver and a moan. Bethany’s teasing finger on his nipple got its first reaction from Matthew’s cock when it grew to hardness while she watched. Only then did his brain catch up, coming up from the depths of sleep to an awakening in full arousal.

“Morning Matty,” Bethany said softly.

“Good morning Miss Bethany,” Matthew replied softly as he fought back the remnants of sleep to awaken completely.

Laying naked in bed, Matthew was exposed for his pretty erotic tormentor. He always went to sleep covered in a sheet or light blanket, but Bethany’s choice to keep the apartment warm enough for them both to be comfortable in the nude or sparsely attired just as regularly ensured that his nudity was fully exposed when he woke.

Bethany was wearing a bright red sports bra that held her lovely round breasts tight to her chest with matching cycling shorts that hugged her curves from waist to mid-thigh. Her face shone from the light layer of sweat she wore from her workout on the stationary cycle and her hair was in a loose braid that draped forward over one shoulder. Matthew could only admire how pretty she looked when she was flushed from physical activity and wore no make-up.

“It took you long enough to come around, I thought you’d never wake up. Did I interrupt a sexy dream?”

“I … uh, … don’t remember,” Matthew stumbled over his response.

Bethany laughed, her finger on Matthew’s nipple never pausing in its teasing strokes.

“I bet,” she said, “you were probably dreaming about sliding your kinky tongue between my pussy lips.”

Matthew blushed at the image, his cock throbbed and bounced with an involuntary muscle spasm.

“Oh, look,” Bethany said as she slid her hand down to scoop up the bead of precum, “your brain may not remember, but the little head never forgets.”

Matthew opened his lips obediently as Bethany moved her finger over his mouth. Without a word he softly sucked Bethany’s finger clean until it was pulled away.

Bethany smiled at Matthew’s quiet acquiescence. Her fingertip continued to scoop up Matthew’s seeping precum, alternating between feeding it to him and coating his nipple with the slippery liquid.

“No masturbating today, Matty,” Bethany instructed in a calm voice, “I want you to use the big plug while you exercise this morning, and wear your cage for the day after you clean up.”

“Yes, Miss Bethany,” Matthew as his mind and body continued to respond to the teasing fingertip as it moved from cock to lips and nipple.

“Oh, one more thing,” Bethany added as she held up the collar, “I am taking this for now. I am going to ask you later if you want to be formally collared, by me. You can give me your answer at that time.”

“Yes ma’am,” Matthew whispered.

“Good boy,” Bethany said brightly.

Smiling, Bethany leaned down over Matthew. At first, he thought her lips were going to contact his own, but she redirected her movements when her face was inches from Matthew’s. Turning slightly, Bethany brought her lips down to kiss Matthew’s pre-cum covered nipple. Following that kiss with a swirl of her tongue around Matthew’s nipple, Bethany spread her lips around the nipple until she caught it gently between her front teeth. Biting just hard enough to hear Matthew’s soft moan, she released his nipple and sat up.

“Well,” Bethany exclaimed, “things to do, and try not to be too distracted today Matty.”

With that advice, Bethany was already heading out of the bedroom before Matthew could react.

A few hours later, Matthew sat at his desk, caged and plugged. Working out with the large plug stretching his bottom, and afterward going down to the medium size, the later plug was sufficiently comfortable that he gently rocked on it as he absentmindedly switched between reading stories on Literotica and watching short porn videos. More and more, his choices of both types of media matched the things that he did with Bethany or that she suggested he might like. Accompanying stories of men willingly submitting to chastity for their partners and videos of edging play and cum eating, Matthew found the combination of plug and cage to be an addictive drug on its own.

The routine they had settled into was a delicious cycle of stimulation and frustration for Matthew. Each morning he saw Bethany as they worked out, together or one after the other. When she placed the key on the counter with her empty coffee mug, the message was clear. Matthew was to wash the mug and any other dishes for her as usual, and then he could use the key to unlock his cock when he showered and shaved. Once the cage was locked in place again, the key was to be returned to Bethany or hung on her bedroom doorknob for her to find.

Matthew had become accustomed to wearing the medium-sized plug for his workout and morning coffee. After Bethany’s suggestion that he should, he wore it occasionally, and then every day after she checked for it and found it missing once or twice. Those occasions were clearly identified as having disappointed her when Matthew izmir escort bayan was next over her lap for a maintenance spanking.

In the afternoons, once Matthew had completed his daily rounds of online job searches and sending of applications or resumes, he often wore the large plug for up to an hour at a time with breaks of similar length between sessions. In a short time, it also provided a comfortably filling sensation, one that his horny mind missed if he started browsing online without an inserted plug.

Bethany had been pleased when she discovered Matthew had advanced his training to regular use of the large plug. The first time she found him wearing it, she went to her bedroom and returned to show Matthew the bulbous black plug he had seen during their first video session.

“Are you ready to try this one yet, Matty,” Bethany had asked with a mischievous smile curling the edges of her lips.

“I think I may be soon,” Matthew replied quietly, his ass clenching slightly on the plug he was wearing as he recalled the strain and sensation of taking a new larger insertion.

“That’s wonderful, we’ll try it soon,” Bethany said lightly as she carried it back to her room.

Each time Matthew used the large training plug, he again imagined Bethany pressing the heavy black plug into his well-lubed bottom. It was an image that made his cock throb in its cage and that he pictured more and more as he felt the time must be getting closer. He might have even admitted to himself that he was looking forward to it.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The sensations of, and his reactions to, the way Bethany woke him up that morning continued to be replayed in Matthew’s thoughts. Paused at his desk, fingers hovering over the keyboard as a half-written resume covering letter illuminated the screen, Matthew was surprised when one of Bethany’s monitors came to life over his desktop screen.

The display showed Bethany in her bedroom. She was framed by the camera from the waist up and was wearing a high-collared white blouse with long sleeves with a line of many small black buttons down the front. She was now in elegant makeup with her hair cascading over her shoulders. In her perfectly manicured hands she held the heavy black anal plug that was so often in Matthew’s thoughts.

“Oh, sorry, I don’t need this right now,” Bethany said with a mischievous grin as she tossed the plug over to her bed.

“Uh … can I help you, Miss Bethany?” Matthew stammered.

“You know,” Bethany continued cheerily, ” I never thought we could use this as an intercom, well, as a one-way system at least, since I have the control, but it is rather effective.”

Matthew bit his lip as he waited silently.

“Clean up and come and see me in half an hour please,” Bethany instructed with a slightly more direct tone, “I have something I want to try with you. Your usual apartment attire will be fine.”

“Yes ma’am,” Matthew replied, the screen darkening as soon as he acknowledged Bethany’s request.

Wearing nothing but the chastity cage which secured his cock, Matthew knocked on Bethany’s bedroom door exactly 30 minutes later.

“Come in,” Bethany’s voice sounded through the closed door.

Matthew slipped inside the room and quietly closed the door behind him. He stood quietly beside the wall waiting to be directed. He was now in Bethany’s private space and he would not make any presumptions of what was expected of him. Bethany was sitting at her desk and turned in her chair to face Matthew. She still wore the white blouse and Matthew could no see that she had paired it with a knee-length black skirt that hugged her waist and hips and flared to a circular hem as the loose fabric draped over her thighs. On her legs, she wore striped thigh-high stockings, and on her feet were black leather ballet slippers.

“Hi, Matty,” Bethany said in a chatty tone as she stood up, “come lay on the bed, full spread-eagle please, I want us to try something.”

Curious, and equally aroused, Matthew followed Bethany’s instructions. Adopting the requested position, his curiosity was piqued as Bethany circled the bed buckling manacles on each of Matthew’s wrists and ankles, and leaving little slack in the straps that linked them to the corner of the bed platform.

With Matthew secured to the bed, Bethany sat on the mattress beside his right hip facing him and picked up the video system control tablet to adjust her cameras. Matthew raised his head and could see in her monitors over the desk as she oriented and zoomed the desk camera to frame both Bethany and Matthew’s thighs and torso. Next she adjusted the wall camera she was facing until it also captured her and Matthew’s midsection.

Setting down the tablet, Bethany slid her hands over Matthew’s body. In one hand she cradled his balls beneath the cage, while the other captured his stiff nipple between thumb and fingertip.

“I wanted to experiment with camera setups for our teasing videos,” Bethany explained with a smile, “If you’re not busy, we could do some escort izmir test footage for me to play with in my editing suite.”

“No … uh .. it’s okay,” Matthew said as he suppressed a low groan in response to Bethany’s teasing hands.

“Oh, good,” Bethany’s mischievous tone showing that she knew Matthew wouldn’t have anything more demanding on his mind.

“For this to work, please try to stay quiet when I’m speaking. The occasional moan or groan is fine, but no talking, or I’ll have to find something to fill that pretty mouth of yours.”

“Yes, Miss Bethany,” Matthew replied, “I will be quiet.”

“Good boy,” Bethany said as she continued to tease his nipple.

With her other hand, Bethany fished one finger behind her high collar and pulled out the leather thong that held the key to Matthew’s chastity cage. Letting the key dangle outside her blouse, she arranged the thong around her neck outside her collar.

“Just in case we need it,” she told Matthew with a less than subtle wink.

Bethany looked at the camera on the side wall as she started speaking. As she continued, she occasionally switched her posture and the direction of her gaze to present to the second active camera.

“Hi folks, I just wanted to introduce to you a new idea for a series of videos I’ve been developing. Based on your feedback, I’ve noticed that some of my regular viewers are really interested in anything to do with teasing and denial play, and I’ve found a perfect playmate for just that sort of video.”

“As you may have noticed, I’ve got a new playmate here. This is Matty. He’s been living in with me for a while and he’s a very obedient boy. His bed is on the other side of the wall from my headboard and I know he listens when I play with men and women for my clients and my other video series. He’s told me that when he listens, he likes to stroke his cock and tries to cum when I do, and as often as I do. Since we’ve been having so much fun at the same time, I thought we could harness all that horny energy.”

Bethany lifted Matthew’s caged cock to display it to the cameras,

“As you can see, I’ve had to lock up Matty’s cock to keep it under control while we prepare for our new video series. I’ve been training him to wear the cage for play, and depending on just how frustrated we want a teasing subject, we may have to consider longer periods of wear between teasing sessions to ensure he doesn’t cum without permission, or accidentally cum all over himself when he hears me being fucked by a nice thick cock.”

Leaning forward, Bethany slid the key on the leather thong around her neck into the cage lock. Twisting the key slightly, she withdrew the internal lock mechanism to release the cage shaft from its base ring. With practiced movements, she freed the two parts of the cage from Matthew’s cock and set them aside.

“Mmmm, look how he grows when he’s released. And he’s only been caged since waking up this morning.

Bethany supported Matthew’s cock in an upright position and stroked the edges of the head with one gentle fingertip as she spoke.

“I’m looking for ideas that we can develop into teasing sessions. Tell me what you want to see me do with this obedient boy’s drippy, throbbing, denied, cock. Do you want to see any toys used? Tell me which ones. Should he be allowed to cum, or should he go back into the cage after a tease? What role play scenarios would you like to see? I know some of you want to hear me give you jack-off and cum-eating instructions, and I’m sure we can incorporate that into some of the sessions. Don’t hold back, give me all your sexy ideas and I will choose some to explore as we develop the video series.”

Bethany released Matthew’s cock, letting it return to its erect position of rest about 45 degrees upward from his stomach. A thick droplet of precum dripped slowly from the urethral opening. Bethany let the cameras continue recording as she slid off the bed and walked out of the view before she stopped them.

“Well done, Matty,” Bethany said brightly as she stopped the recording cameras.

Sliding back onto the bed beside the bound man, Bethany bent low and kissed Matthew delicately on the cheek.

“I think this will work out just fine,” she said, “I’ve already got quite a few ideas for a series of clips, but if I can cut that into an introduction, it will engage some of my fans and both get fresh ideas and a waiting audience.”

As if just noticing Matthew’s dilemma, bound, exposed, and with a very hard and dripping cock, Bethany asked, “And what are we going to do with you now?”

“Please, Miss Bethany,” Matthew whispered, the intent of his begging not needing to be expressed.

Bethany scooped up the pooling precum from Matthew’s stomach and fed it to him with two dripping fingertips. Her other hand, almost absent-mindedly, returned to teasing his nipple.

“Well, I wasn’t planning to let you cum this early in the day. Should I get the ice bowl and cloth to help get the cage back on?”

Matthew choked back a low groan of frustration. izmir escort He dared not speak, because he knew this was solely Bethany’s decision.

“Perhaps,” Bethany concluded as she released the four binding straps, “I’ll just let you figure out how to get the cage back on. Bring me the key back as soon as you can, and no cumming.”

“Yes, Miss Bethany,” Matthew said softly as he slid off the bed, cage, and key in hand.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

With his mind constantly revisiting his wake-up by Bethany and the introductory teasing session, Matthew did his best to keep himself busy. Every movement seemed to ensure he was reminded of the cage he was wearing and of the delightful control Bethany exercised over his life in the apartment. As he pondered the way she had coaxed and encouraged his participation and submission, he realized more and more that he enjoyed, even needed, what she offered. Whenever Bethany got around to asking if he wanted to be collared, Matthew was sure his reply would be willing acceptance.

During the day, Bethany conducted three video sessions with clients. After each, she took a short break to walk around the apartment and checked in with Matthew. She knew that her presence would keep his state of arousal on a steady simmer, especially as she appeared in the attire she wore at each client’s request.

The first time Bethany appeared, she wore a red and yellow cheerleader’s outfit that no high school or college would have permitted in their arena. The outfit consisted of a cropped top with long sleeves and a deeply scooped neckline that barely contained her breasts. Around her hips, she wore a brief skirt with a hem that readily exposed the fact that she wore nothing underneath. On her feet were bright white tennis shoes. Catching Matthew in the kitchen, Bethany spun in her outfit and giggled as she spoke.

“Want to meet me under the bleachers after the game, Matty? Do you like this outfit? Mr. G. sent it to me to wear for him. The colors are the ones his old college used and he says it reminds him of when his late wife was a cheerleader. He says I remind him of her as he has me chat and flirt with him. Apparently, they were a very kinky couple in college and for many years after.”

With a mischievous smile at Matthew, Bethany stood and lifted one leg upwards in a vertical split. Matthew nervously bit his lip and he watched her expose her pretty pussy and the fact that she wore the jeweled anal plug that he remembered so well. Speechless, Matthew could only watch as Bethany danced away toward her bedroom.

Matthew groaned as Bethany disappeared into her room. Quietly trying to compose himself, he noticed that he could feel each heartbeat as the blood pulsed in his confined cock.

After her next session, Bethany found Matthew at his desk where he was struggling to concentrate on reviewing his resume. He was just sighing with relief as the music that Bethany had been playing finally stopped, the heavy bass beat was almost felt more than heard. Bethany walked into the room as Matthew turned his chair to face the door. Matthew groaned audibly at her appearance. Bethany laughed lightly, pleased at the reaction she invoked.

Bethany stood tall in clear acrylic stripper shoes with white gladiator straps encircling her legs to her upper calves. With a full two inches of platform under the balls of her feet, they had at least six inches of tapered clear plastic heel. Other than her shoes, Bethany wore the tiniest of bikini bottoms with a sequined triangle that barely covered her pussy lips held in place by silver strings tied at each hip. Draped around her neck was a sheer white scarf that hung low enough on each side to provide a hint of modesty in concealing her breasts and nipples.

The grace and confidence that Bethany showed as she moved in the heels were remarkable. Matthew could only stare as she came forward with bold strides.

“What do you think about this outfit, Matty? I may have never actually been a stripper, but I can play one on the internet apparently. A few of the boys, and one or two of the ladies, at a bank downtown wanted a lunchtime show, so I gave them one. They’ll be thinking about it when they slide into bed beside their girlfriends or boyfriends tonight.”

Bending over to place a hand on each of Matthew’s thighs and her lips next to his ear, Bethany whispered.

“Too bad I don’t have time to give you a lap dance. But maybe you’ll be thinking of me doing that while I get back to work.”

“Yes. Miss Bethany,” Matthew whispered as he watched her go.

After her third session, Bethany found Matthew laying on his bed trying to focus on a book, a task at which he was failing miserably as he read the same paragraphs over and over. Bethany swept into the room and spun the desk chair around to sit down. She was wearing an unbuttoned pink blouse that exposed a sheer demi-cup bra of dark blue lace and two very erect nipples. On her lower body, she wore stylish tight jeans with all the necessary rips and tears across the thighs to make her look ready for a class at the local college. Her feet, which she raised to place on the edge of the mattress, were bare. Bethany had removed the makeup she wore earlier and her hair was in a single ponytail at the side of her head.

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