A Quiet Night In Ch. 01

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Jim was exhausted. He had just pulled into his driveway and turned the engine off. He sat there in the gloom and reflected on his week. It had consisted of endless travel and meetings with potential clients followed by nights out wining and dining with his business partner to attempt to secure contracts. It had been somewhat successful, with two contracts in the bag and one that seemed very promising. He was happy with the outcome, but it had taken it out of him. He was done in and the only thing he craved was to sit on the sofa, drink beer and lose himself in mind numbing television.

He knew that would not be the case. With a one-year-old that had just had eight teeth come through in the last week and a very tired wife, he was well aware that as soon as he stepped through the door he would be “Dad” again. He would drop the corporate businessman persona and pick up where he left off earlier that week as the loving husband and energetic dad. He just didn’t think he had the energy tonight. His wife had been at the end of her tether on Thursday, and he was torn between growing his business and his duties at home. He had been so busy today that he had only managed to text her in the morning to ask how her night went. He had had no reply and was dreading what he was about to walk into.

Don’t get me wrong, Jim loved his wife and child to death. His wife was stunning. She was 5 foot 6, brunette with a gorgeous pear-shaped body with lovely petite breasts that fit perfectly in his hands. He was just as in awe of her as he was when he met her 12 years ago. She had the ability to get him hard with one look or one stroke of her hand. She was perfect to him with a great sense of humour and being a wonderful mother too.

His little girl was also a highlight of his life. Watching her grow from a tiny baby to a little toddler was an amazing experience. Her was so proud of his family that sometimes his heart burst.

Tonight though, he was mentally and physically drained. What he needed was a quiet night in to recover his energy. He had held off long enough. He exited his Mercedes, straightened his shirt that after a 4 hour drive had crumpled at the waist, grabbed his bag and turned the handle to his front door.


Not just silence but darkness apart from candlelight coming from the living room. His exhausted brain was confused as he dropped his bag by the front door.

“Hello, anyone there?”

No answer. Not even the standard welcome from the dog, jumping and licking his face. It was all very odd.

Jim walked towards the candlelight. Immediately he stopped in his tracks. The living room was immaculate. No toys or craft materials scattered about the place. He turned in a circle to double check he was in the right house. It was his, but a version from years ago. Before the pregnancy and responsibilities life throws at you remove your ability to retain a semblance of order in your home life. On the pleasantly clean coffee table sat an ice-cold beer in a bottle, the condensation slowly dripping down the bottle neck. He reached over, picked it up and took a long draw from the bottle. Perfect amber nectar kaçak iddaa trickled down his throat, clearing his head and bringing a smile to his lips.

“Amanda, what’s going on?” he called.

“Take a seat and relax, Ill be down in a minute” She called down from upstairs.

Well, this is a nice change of pace for a Friday he thought. He was again confused, this time because she had called down. Usually at this time of night it was either a crying baby or whispered words, not one of them wanting to be responsible for waking and having to resettle her. “You break it, your bought it”, was the phrase they used.

He decided to go with it. He sat on the sofa, taking sips from his beer and switched on the television. He sighed and contented sigh. This is what he needed. A quiet night to recuperate from his hectic week. He felt for his wife when he had weeks like this. She worked so hard to give their child an educational and entertaining environment and keep the house in order. Most days, when he was not travelling for business, they split duties at night, leaving little time for themselves to be a couple. When he was away, this was all down to her, and she would be just as tired as him.

This night was different however. Her voice sounded upbeat, not the downtrodden woman he had spoken to yesterday. Sipping his beer, he called up to her.

“Where’s Milly?”

“My parents picked her and Merlin (the dog) up last night. Don’t worry about a thing. Please just sit and drink your beer. I’ll be down in a sec”.

A rare night to themselves. What a nice surprise. His cock gave a slight twitch at the prospect that he may be in store for a night of passion. Whilst rest and relaxation were initially what he needed, a wild night with his wife would be a much better energiser, and one he deeply craved. Since the birth, their sex life had been infrequent at best and when they did have sex it was beautiful but usually interrupted by the baby crying or was just a quicky to fit it in around nap time, pleasant but not a candle to the nights they used to have. When they did have some alone time, both of them were generally so exhausted they had an early night and skipped sex altogether. Jim needed this but experience taught him to not get his hopes up. He resigned himself to a night without sex which was much more realistic. With a deep sigh he called up again.

“You coming?”

She replied “Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you”

Hmm well this is new, maybe his sex craved needs weren’t going to be dashed tonight. He closed his eyes and relaxed back into the sofa.

He heard her enter the room. Her scent filled his senses. His head swam as the smell of her natural aroma and that of her perfume. She always smelt fantastic with or without perfume. She stopped in front of him.

“Open them”

He opened his eyes and his breath caught. Standing in front of him was his goddess. His mouth gapped as his eyes took her in head to toe. Her lips were ruby red from her lip gloss, her hair was curled into waves that fell and framed her gorgeous face. She wore a red silk kimono, held open displaying a matching set kaçak bahis of near see through red lacy underwear covering her perfect petite breasts and luscious pussy. She hadn’t shaved for a long time, but looking he noticed she was completely bare down there. The lacy panties not leaving much to the imagination.


“My god Amanda, you look so fucking sexy. What a perfect surprise”.

“Well, I haven’t given you your surprise yet sweetie” She said in a sultry tone.

Amanda winked and licked her ruby lips. She placed one hand on his chest and pushed him back further into the sofa. His heart was beating like a jungle drum, his cock already at full mast in his trousers. She straddled his lap with her freshly shaved legs and lent in to kiss him passionately. They made out like when they first met. His hands exploring her perfect arse and thighs. She had always said her bum was too big, but he loved it that way. It was delicious. She unbuttoned his shirt and traced her hands over his hairy chest as they kissed. Time stood still, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths whilst their hands explored their flesh. He felt electric. Each time she stroked his chest his cock grew harder. He had to have her.

She pulled off him eliciting a deep growl of frustration. She smiled, “This weekend is just you and me. I have many plans for you, and I have made sure we will not be disturbed. Milly is with my parents until Monday and the fridge is fully stocked with your favourite beer and food.” Her smile drifted into a look of sadness. “I know we have not had much time for each other since Milly came along. I have been self-conscious of my body since…”

“Stop that Amanda, you are perfect to me. The sexiest woman I have ever met”.

“Let me finish please. I have been self-conscious since the birth. My body has changed and no matter what you say I am not the woman I once was. Our sex life has drifted, and I am determined to change that. I know now I am what I am and I know you love me but I just haven’t felt sexy for the last few years.” A small tear rolled down her cheek. “But its time I changed that. That we rekindle what we once had. You do so much for us, providing for your family and being the perfect Dad at home. Its time I repay you for being so wonderful”. She smiled again. A truly devilish smile.

“Amanda, I…..”

She stopped him with a finger to his lips. His heart had swelled at her emotional words and now his cock again swelled with anticipation. She kissed him lightly on the lips and then started down his chest. He sighed a contented sigh. She reached for his belt and slowly, sensually unbuckled it. She started to remove his trousers, never once removing her lips from his torso. He lifted himself to help her out and she suddenly whipped off both his trousers and boxers in one swift motion. His socks came off next as she delved further down his stomach, pausing only once to lick around his belly button.

Shivers ran through him as a moan escaped his lips. Sexually electricity was thick in the air. She hadn’t gone down on him for years. She never had liked it much, only doing it on occasions illegal bahis after a lot of pestering from him. Tonight, was different. She was like a woman possessed. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and stared up at him. Her eyes, ever changing colour were a light grey with a hint of hazel tonight. His goddess sucked and licked the tip of his cock. He moaned at her administrations. Her lips and tongue felt wonderful, so good after all this time. He knew he wouldn’t last long.

He said as much, she smiled around his helmet and then fully engulfed his hard cock down to the hilt. He moaned and gasped in surprise and pleasure. She had never taken him so far, so fast. He was in a state of intense arousal and sexual bliss. She started to slowly bob her head up and down, making sure to lick and suck the tip when she reached it. Her pace slowly grew until she was wildly sucking him off.

His balls clenched as the impending orgasm started the rise. The smell in the room was of pure sex. He could smell her heady arousal and it pushed him over the edge.

“I’m cumming” he screamed and attempted to pull out of her wonderous mouth. She had only once allowed him to cum in her mouth and she had detested it. But this time she latched on and stared at him with those magical eyes. He saw need and determination, and then he was cumming. Stream after stream of cum ejaculated from his cock into the mouth of his fantastic wife. The orgasm was the most powerful he had had in an age and lasted over a minute.


Her eyes bulged slightly but she sucked, swallowed and suck again until he was spent. Small drops of cum had leaked from the corners of her mouth but she was oblivious in that moment. She continued to lick and clean her husbands cock as it slowly deflated in her warm mouth. She never broke eye contact and once she was done, she let his cock pop out of her mouth, licked her lips and smiled in a way that made him fall head over heels for her all over again.

“Yummy, I didn’t realise just what I was missing” She wiped her lips with her hand and then licked the remaining cum off of them.

“Amanda, that was… Incredible… I’m not complaining but just what has gotten into you?”

“I told you it was a surprise, and there is much more in store for you I promise you that.”

She stood and grabbed his hand. Her panties were soaked through, and he could see and smell her gorgeous pussy. He licked his lips and she followed his eyes.

“Upstairs loverboy.” She grabbed his hands and stared deep into his soul. “We are going to bed and I’m going to sit on your face and smother you with my wet pussy dripping pussy” she purred. “Then you are going to fuck me to sleep, we will not stop until one of us passes out. I want your cock in me all night long. Tomorrow, well tomorrow I have more surprises.” She winked and pulled him towards the stairs.

Jim was in a state of shock and exhilaration all at once. His tiredness and exhaustion replaced with a sexual invigoration he had not known for years. His mouth salivating, his cock hard as steal, he chased his wife giggling into the bedroom for the greatest night of passion either of them ever had.

To be continued…

Author’s note:

This is my first attempt at erotic fiction and have an idea for at least 2 more chapters. All comments welcome.

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