A Quiet Party with Friends

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A party with a twist

I was talking with some of the ladies that attended some of our sales evenings about the mens’ show and during the discussion a few expressed a desire to see their men taken down a peg or two, especially those that had attended the show as they had become cocky about having so much sex.

After much chat we decided we would have a small party for six couples and that we would spring a surprise on the husbands.

All the couples arrived and they were, Tony and Jane, Tim and Cheryl, Peter and his wife Angela, Mike and Jacqui, Carole and Sam and of course Allan and myself.

Up to this point I had had only women with Allan, not other men. Tonight that was to change and I wasn’t sure if that pleased or worried me. Once everybody had a drink I addressed the men and told them that this evening was all about pleasing the ladies. The men would do as they were instructed and the ladies would have their fun. I said ‘You all have experienced something of what we do except Sam, who Carole will have told, so if you want out, now is the time to leave, however the wives could stay.’ There was a bit of chatter but all the men agreed to stay and the women were intrigued but happy as they knew the men would be brought up short.

I had planned this party but not told the ladies about what would happen. First I told them they would draw a man’s name from the bowl but to put back if they got their hubby. I told them that this would be their partner for the first part of the evening,

To start things off I drew the first name and got Peter, I walked over to him and told him and everyone that the first act would be the undressing. He reached for my blouse but I told him we would not be getting undressed and he would be undressed by me. He was surprised but with encouragement from his wife told me to go ahead.

I started by removing his shoes. I undid the laces and while bursa eskort he balanced I took off his shoe. Then I did the same for his other shoe and slid off his socks. I think naked men in socks seem silly. All that remained were his shirt and trousers and whatever was underneath. I decided to be bold and knelt in front of him and undid his belt then released the button at his waist running my hand up his zip and feeling the twitch of his cock. I pulled the zip down and slowly pealed back the front of his trousers revealing very boring black. I tugged his trousers over his hips and found boxers with a bit of a bulge where his cock was.

The other women said that he would soon be on display and they would expect him to be hard. I switched to his shirt and as I unbuttoned it found a t-shirt under it. This was a bit of a disappointment but more to strip. I pulled his shirt off and ran my hands over his chest and saw another twitch to his cock. So I lifted his t-shirt up and pulled it off over his head. Then I started to stroke the inside of his thighs not quite touching his balls. His cock obviously got hard and tented his boxers. I eventually stroked his length through the boxers and relented by pulling them off him. His six inch cock sprang into view and the others applauded. I gave his cock one long stroke and pronounced him stripped.

Being Peter’s wife, Angela went next and drew Tony. She walked up to him and grabbed his cock, which was obviously hard, through his trousers and said ‘Let’s get this bad boy out shall we?’ She undid his shirt and exposed his chest. He was hairy unlike Peter, She rubbed her hands all over his chest and then pushed the shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. She told him to take off his slip on shoes and socks and then knelt in front of him rubbing her hand up and down his bulge until his trouser front showed some wetness. Then quickly she removed his bursa otele gelen escort trousers revealing his shaft outlined in his white bikini briefs. She whipped them off him and stroked him four times just because she could.

So Tony’s wife Jane, picked out Allan and with a smile on her face said ‘I know what I will be seeing here.’ And promptly took his trousers down to reveal his cock fully erect in it’s seven plus inches. She rapidly undraped his shirt and he was naked. I had already been so we chose Cheryl to go next and she picked Sam. She walked up to him and gave him a steamy kiss and while this was going on she got his shirt off him.

Cheryl then almost wanked him off through his trousers and just ripped his clothes off as quickly as possible. Then she slurped his five inches into her mouth. I had to stop this as I didn’t want anyone coming yet. Next up was Carole who picked Tim which left Angela and Mike. Carole was all over Tim and again she stroked, kissed and yes sucked him and his cock. Angela wanted to outdo everyone so she unzipped Mike and pulled his cock out leading him round the room by it. Eventually she did undress him then led him round naked pulling him by the cock. He was almost coming by this time.

Now that all the men were naked and mostly hard I said it was time for round two. This involved the partners giving five strokes of the cock to make sure they were hard so it went round the same order as before and when they had all had their five strokes I said that they should move to the left and get a new partner and give five more strokes. There was a time when husbands and wives were together but that was fine as they just stroked five times as well. When every wife had stroked every cock they were indeed very hard.

Drinks flowed freely but the men weren’t allowed to get drunk as they might get soft and stay that nilüfer escort way. This would have humiliated them bit spoiled the fun.

I announced round three. Each man was to receive two spanks from each lady on each check except their wife. They could use hands or implements to administer this but another woman had to stroke their cocks while it was done. The men all objected, well Allan didn’t but he is used to this sort of thing, but eventually submitted. The women varied in the way and severity of the ‘punishment’ with Carole being the most vicious using a ping pong paddle that I had put out for the purpose and making the men jump with every whack. The men all had pink bums and were still rock hard.

I announced the next round which was ‘coming and going’. The ladies had to use any means to drive their man towards orgasm and when the man was very near he would shout coming. The woman could then squeeze his shaft or balls to bring him back whereupon everyone would shout going. If the man didn’t come things progressed but if he did the couple were out.

Many comings later from everyone Peter shot his load which caused Tony to come before he could shout. Tim came next and then Mike. It was a two horse race between Allan and Sam. They continued for a while coming and going then Cheryl put her finger up Sam’s arse and massaged his prostate Sam curved his back and spurted a long way without calling out. At this point Allan came and the fun stopped for a while.

After some refreshment and cleaning up I told the ladies to get them hard again and when they had I provided cock rings for all. There was some hilarity while the ladies worked out how to put them on the men and when they were all applied I said that this time we would all seriously work at making them come again so we all applied ourselves but as expected they were much harder to stimulate.

When a lady had had too much of one man they swapped. The fun continued until all had come in someone’s mouth and all was swallowed. As it was two in the morning everyone had to go home so the men were cleaned up and dressed and the party folded but there was a wish from everyone to do this or something similar again.

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