A Revelation Pt. 03

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I only knew I had dozed off too when I started dreaming about a stranger pressing up against me at a club (since when do I go to clubs?), dancing close, grinding her ass against my crotch, bass thumping through us both. She reached up, pulled my head down so she could speak into my ear over the music. “Women’s bathroom. Give it 30 seconds, then follow me.” She turned around, looked me in the eyes, looked deliberately at my crotch, and brought her eyes back up to my face appreciatively before heading off into the crowd.

Uncharacteristically, I followed. I was so horny. I’d show her a good time first, but no mistake, I was going because I wanted her to get me off. I didn’t need to know her. I just needed her to make me cum.

I’d barely gotten in the door before she hauled me into a stall, sitting down on the toilet and tugging impatiently at the waistband of my jeans. She unbuttoned them hastily, pulled down the zipper, yanked them to my ankles. I grabbed her by the shoulder, trying to pull her up so I could get her against the side of the stall and finger her.

She shrugged me off, pulled down my drawers, and took my cock in her mouth. I moaned and moved forward instinctively. I was already hard, already aching to cum. She started sucking me, her head bobbing up and down. The angle wasn’t great. Looked uncomfortable for her neck. “Um-“

She pulled back, her lips coming off my cock with a pop. “Less talking. More giving me your cock.” She threw her jacket down on the floor and got on her knees in eskort bayan gorukle front of me, her mouth enveloping my cock again. She sucked me hard and fast, her lips sliding up and down my shaft, her tongue tracing up the underside. I rapidly started to heat up. She guided my hands to her head before grabbing my ass.

“Ok if I fuck your mouth?” I asked, wanting to make sure I understood. She nodded emphatically and murmured “mm-hmm,” her mouth still full of my cock. She pushed forward, taking me deep into her mouth.

Holding her head in place, I thrust into her mouth. “Oh, fuck,” I exclaimed, speeding up. She kept sucking me while I fucked her mouth, getting closer and closer. I was going to cum in her mouth. This stranger was going to suck me off in the bathroom of a club, and I was going to give her my load, pull up my pants, and leave. All she wanted was my body, and all I wanted was to cum, a moment of animal pleasure before moving on. Wait, what about-

The dream was so incongruous that I startled awake. To find my . . . girlfriend? . . . between my legs, her hand on my belly, her mouth moving slowly up and down my cock. Relief eased through me. This was much better.

I shifted pillows to prop myself up so I could look at her. “This is a pretty good way to wake up.”

Still sucking my cock, she laughed. She took a few long licks, then started jerking me off. “Well, I didn’t mean to leave you hanging before.”

“You want sex coma, you get sex coma,” I grinned.

“Hmmm. mudanya escort But now, I want you to cum in my mouth. What do you think the odds are on that?”

My breath caught as she spoke. Her fingers on my cock, that flirtatious smile on her face, her chin shiny with my fluids. “I think this moment is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“So maybe 50-50?” she joked, kissing my thigh.

“What’s the other 50?” I asked, a little breathlessly. The only thing better than her hand was her mouth.

She paused for a moment, fingers moving up and down my shaft. “Maybe you turn me over right now and cum while you’re fucking me doggystyle. Or while I’m riding you. Or under the table while I jerk you off at a restaurant. Or in a car parked at night somewhere. Or all over my ass while you’ve got me bent over the kitchen counter. Or-“

“So maybe 100-100,” I interrupted, hardly able to stand it.

“Maybe,” she agreed affably, before slamming her mouth back down onto my cock.

The sensation was so intense I almost came right then and there, arching my back without thinking, driving myself deeper into her mouth. I exhaled sharply. Her laugh vibrated against my cock, traveling jagged up my spine. “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck!”

She sped up, and before I knew it, I was cumming again, so hard it almost hurt. I grabbed the pillow on either side of my head with both hands, but couldn’t stop my hips from moving forward, jamming myself deep into her mouth. She pushed forward bursa evi olan escort too, taking me in all the way to the base.

She kept working me over with her lips and her tongue, drawing more and more out of me, until I hit the point of sensitivity and guided her head off me, still twitching. Laying her head on my belly, she put a hand over my cock. “Mmm.”

I shuddered with another wave. “Oh, fuck. That was so good.”

Sitting up, she slapped my cock playfully. “You better fucking call me tomorrow, stud. I’m going to need a lot more of this.” She swung her legs over and moved to get off the bed, collecting her bra from the floor.

“Wait, you’re leaving?” I tried to keep my disappointment from showing. She had her own life, after all. But I wanted us to fall asleep together, to wake up at 3am desperate to fuck again, to get up in the morning in a haze of sex and laugh over morning breath and eat pancakes and maybe go back to that park where she’d started all this. I felt drunk on her, wanted more.

She looked back at me over her shoulder, surprised. “Unless you want me to stay.”

“It’s late,” I shrugged, making excuses. “Sleep over. I’ll loan you a t-shirt if you want.”

“I sleep naked,” she said matter-of-factly. “So no booting me out to the couch.”

I laughed. “Wouldn’t dream of it. Come here.”

As she settled herself in against me, pulling the sheet over us and resting her head on my shoulder, I kissed her forehead. She nuzzled my jaw playfully before starting to talk about her day at work, what she expected for next week. Her voice, her scent, her wisdom, her warmth. Her skin against mine. It felt right, whole, complete. It was early days yet, but as we talked, and even as the talking fell off, a thought kept echoing:

Maybe this is for keeps.

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