A Short Fantasy

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I’d been in the pool approaching an hour, length after length & starting to feel the burn so I stop at the side for a breather. I now notice just how empty the pool has become, but also notice the sensation of being watched. You know, that sensation of eyes burning into you… so I look around for the source. An old fat hairy man is floating on his back, a woman is berating her children, urging them to leave the water and a guy in goggles is powering through the lengths. Hmm okay, so I was wrong! Then I look up and see the lifeguard in her high seat and our eyes lock, an impish grin upon her lips. I lower my eyes coyly and when I raise them again, there are those eyes still focused solely on me.

I turn around, plant both hands on the side and using my upper body strength lift myself from the pool, deftly swinging my legs over the side and standing erect, shoulder back, I sway my hips in the hope that those sparkling eyes were still following.

I enter the Jacuzzi, lie back and relax, I close my eyes and daydream of those eyes burning into me. A small satisfied smile on my lips. After a little while I notice that in this position one of the jets is pulsating off & on directly between my legs. Pressure on… pressure off…. Pressure on…. Pressure off….

My hips unconsciously rise to meet the high power jets, soft warm bubbles all around me, visions of this stranger watching me… it is not long before my face becomes flushed and my breath ragged. Pressure on… pressure off…. Pressure on…. Pressure güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri off….

After the tiring swim, muscles drained, lungs still fighting for breathes, I Float away into such peaceful bliss with the heat of the water and the softness of the water on my skin. Maybe minutes pass, maybe it’s longer… did I drift into sleep?

Feeling something touch my leg I open my eyes. ‘She’ has stepped into the Jacuzzi… without saying a word she sinks in opposite me and submerges below the water. Re-surfacing, she shakes her hair free of its previous ponytail, scruffy curls bounce free, the water clinging to the curls, framing her face. My eyes travel down and then I notice to my shear surprise that she has discarded her bikini top. Pressure on… pressure off…. Pressure on…. Pressure off….

Her breasts are half submerged, perfect A cup, soft puffy pink nipples bouncing on the water line. I am still rudely staring at her breasts as she stands, water cascading from her hair, minute bubbles clinging to her skin. Her nipples harden in the cool air. I gulp and lower my eyes to witness her nimble fingers deftly release the thin strings holding her bikini briefs in place. I close my eyes. Pulse on… pulse off… Pulse on….

In one nimble stride she is before me, I can feel her strong calf muscles pressuring my sides as she locks herself in front of me. My hips rise & fall to the beat of the incessant jets. I open my eyes to the sight of her bare mound, lightly covered güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in soft downy blonde baby hairs. Instinctively my mouth gapes and reaches forward to devour the peach. Is it me, or are those jets coming closer together now? I try and emulate the beat, hardening my tongue I easily glide into her and mirror the pulse on… pulse off… Pulse on… my nose nuzzles into her clit, pressure on, pressure off, pressure on.

I inhale her scent and it intoxicates my brain, my tongue drinking at the warm juices, all senses taking me over the edge, Pulse on… pulse off…. Pulse on….

The bass rhythm speeds into overdrive. Fireworks, a marching band & a sky full of ticker tape. My heart beats to its own bombastic tune, liable to rip through my chest in it’s enthusiasm as I explode into the euphoric black hole. Blackness & silence envelopes me… I close my eyes and try to regain control. I fall beneath the water, clearing my senses with the turbulent water and when I surface she is gone!

My eyes dash left & right, the pool is empty, half of the lights have been turned off and it is apparent that the Gym is in the final stages of shutdown for the night. Strangely the only person around is me. I quickly exit the warm haven of the spa and make my way to the locker room. Again, it looks empty but then I am reassured by a locker banging shut further up and around the corner. I listen and can hear a bag being banged down on the bench and tell-tale signs of someone else changing. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Phew, I’ve not been locked in! Quickly I make my way to the shower.

Once more enveloped by warm jets, this time pounding onto my head, invigorating & re-awakening my body, I begin to think back to what had just occurred. Oh my god, what DID just happen! Eyes closed once more, mouth upturned into a ‘knowing’ smile, pussy throbbing once more, as I soap myself all over and grin at the awesome experience. I swirl the white bubbles of soft shower gel all over my breasts and tweak my nipples which are the size of bullets and just as hard. Jeeze, what did this woman do to me! Slowly I lather my belly, slow, languorous strokes for a minute before I cannot stop my fingers traveling South to nestle between my wet folds to try and ease the urgent throb.

A heavy sports bag is dropped to the floor with a thud against the lockers and the noise breaks me from my fun. I peer around the corner of the shower cubicle, hoping it’s not one of the cleaners about to kick me out… and it is ‘her’.

It is isn’t it? Is it just my fantasy fueled head? she looks different dressed, and I can only see side view on… but… Oh Fuck… I want her!

Not 100% sure that it IS her, I stride naked from the safety of the steamy shower and boldly approach her, she senses someone behind her and turns… just as I outstretch my arm and push her back against the lockers and in one swift movement my arms are either side of her head pining her. My naked body now presses up against her business suit. Business suit? Oh my god, no!… I look up and into her eyes. Rabbit caught in the Headlights eyes, and as I bring my lips to hers and kiss her deeply I know I am going to give this woman the fucking of her life.

To Be Continued….. 🙂

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