A Sibling Couple and Their Lover

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The usual caveats apply here.

In addition I had help early on from a Literotica member who shall remain nameless because I lost her address and have not her permission to name her.

Also as usual—No oversize equipment and no ANAL or other cruelty acts here.

Finally some of the more eager beaver guys will find the story too slow and short on the detail they love.


My name is Don I was 20. My sister Donna was 19 and her roommate Gloria was also 19 when these events took place.

When Donna went off to college she was assigned a roommate whose name was Gloria. As Gloria needed to pass through our town to get home Donna would sometimes hitch a ride home from Gloria.

Once when Donna rode home with Gloria the weather was bad and Gloria spent the night at our house. That was how we met. Gloria and I got on great and before long she and I were going steady.

Donna had a boyfriend, Jimmy, and the four of us double dated often when we were all home.

During the Summer Gloria and I gradually progressed to having sex.

By the end of summer she and I were engaging in both oral sex and in intercourse to the great enjoyment of both of us.

Meanwhile my sister Donna and Jimmy were on much that same path.

As a finale to the summer we four spent a long weekend at a lakeside cabin belonging to Gloria’s uncle.

There was only one bedroom and a queen size hide-a-bed. We all knew of course what the other couple was doing so their was no pretense.

Naturally we all spent a great deal of time in our respective beds but we did also have a good time on the lake and we did visit some local eateries.

Obviously I saw my sister in very erotic circumstances since we often walked around in the nude and nobody complained if someone walked in on the other couple without knocking.

A couple of times we saw each other in the throes of passion so to speak meaning in the midst of intercourse or oral sex.

Under the circumstances I occasionally developed a hardon when seeing my sister and having a visual of her in a sex situation. Anyone who noticed took it for granted that it was Gloria on my mind.

We didn’t swap of course since Donna was my sister but that didn’t stop me from an occasional fantasy illusion.

Back at college I had found a room to myself and I studied hard and get good grades. But when I wasn’t studying it wasn’t unusual for me to be masturbating.

When I did my fantasies covered a range of people. With increasing frequency the subject of my fantasy was my sister Donna.

Another frequent fantasy was of witnessing an encounter between Gloria and Donna. I had heard so many stories about college girls doing it with their roommates that it was easy for me to imagine Donna and Gloria together.

Sometimes my masturbation visual was so compelling that I would come all over myself almost instantly.

As always when we were at home Donna and I spent a lot of time together. Mostly it was late evenings, either in her room or mine. Most often we were dressed for bed.

Although I frequently got a hardon, I managed to keep my desire to myself. She was after all my sister.


Donna-continues the story.

Yes. Darn it. He did keep it covered and he was so subtle about it that for a long time I wasn’t aware. The aforementioned wild weekend was in a sense my coming (no pun intended) out party. No pun intended.

Up until then, while I was certainly no virgin and I had enjoyed numerous sexual encounters, it was all just for the fun. It was not wild, hot, can’t wait, passion. That weekend though I somehow became a ‘horny broad’.

After we returned to school for the fall semester Gloria and I began to talk about what it would be like to have sex with other girls. In our dorm a number of the other girls were bi, and some of them were quite open about it.

It was often called LTIG. (Lesbian Till I Graduate). Actually it was mostly BTIG since most did date guys. The saying was that being bi just doubled you chance for getting laid on Saturday Night.

That piqued our curiosity, but we didn’t act on it, I think because of a mutual fear of losing the other’s friendship. Talking about it was exciting and led to some great Joint late night masturbation but that’s as far as we went.

One early spring weekend the four of us had planned to visit a nearby natural wonder. We were to share a motel room overlooking the canyon and falls.

Don suddenly had to cancel in order to go home and aid our dad in some business project.

Gloria, Jimmy and I went on without him. Before the weekend ended we had ended up in a wild threesome. It was totally enjoyable and none of us felt threatened by the event.

Both Gloria and I admitted that it was exciting watching each other having sex with Jimmy.

One thing that we realized as we rehashed the weekend later was that we unwittingly each tasted the other’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pussy.

That being when we’d sucked Jimmy’s cock after he’d fucked the other. We both acknowledged that we enjoyed the memory.

During the following week however, Gloria began to worry that I might snitch to Don. I laughingly said for her not to worry and then said, “Don’t worry … I won’t tell but I might hold it over your head.”

“How and why?”

“Just in case I do something that I don’t want the world to know about.”

At that moment it was just something to say. Something to lighten the mood. Then Gloria said. “I know something that if you did that you wouldn’t want the world to know.”

Like what?” I replied

“Well,” Gloria paused for a moment and then blurted. “did you ever…….?”

“Ever what?” I asked not comprehending what she was asking.

It took awhile for Gloria to get it out. But finally she blurted. “Get it on with your brother?”

“Of course not! He’s my brother for god’s sake. Only a complete slut would fuck her brother.”

Gloria suddenly burst into tears. She sobbed for a few minutes as I held her but I couldn’t say much except. “Honey, honey, What’s wrong? Nothing’s that bad.”

“I’m so ashamed. I must be a complete slut. I don’t have any morals. Not like you. I’ve had sex with my brother and we sometimes still do. Not often but once in awhile.”

I didn’t know what to say but finally I couldn’t help myself and I popped out with. “Well I don’t blame you. Your brother’s so sexy what with those great eyes and that wavy hair. I’d give him anything he wanted brother or not.”

By then Gloria had quit crying and after a while said. “Well that kind of how I feel about Don. I can’t imagine how you live under the same roof with him and haven’t done something with him.”

I hesitated a while and then admitted to Gloria. “I have to be honest with you. It’s been in my mind a lot. I’ve been fighting it tooth and nail.

Ever since that weekend at the lake and I came out of my shell I’ve keep remembering the look of Don’s naked body and having fantasy encounters between his body and mine.

There it was out now out in the open.

A couple of mornings later the heat went off in the dorm. It sill hadn’t come on when the supper hour was over and people sat around the fireplace in the recreation room. The cold was of course the main item of discussion and there was a lot of joking around about sleeping together to keep warm.

The heat finally came back on about midnight. By then a lot of girls had used the lack of heat as an excuse to loose their lesbian virginity. Gloria and I were among them.

After that sometimes when Gloria and I were making love Gloria would say something like “I’d love to have Don come in your pussy while I’m licking it.” or maybe “How about a daisy chain. I suck Don. Don licks you. You lick me.” and suddenly we would both get so excited that we would orgasm quickly.

In hind sight I can recall that my boyfriend Jim was never included in our fantasies. However he and I were still having sex on a regular basis and I was starting to become somewhat of a slut with him. Between Jim and for Gloria my urges were being pretty much taken care of.

When we were home for the Christmas holidays that I started getting really horny for Don. Jimmy was away with his folks spending the holiday in Hawaii. Gloria meanwhile had stayed at school for a week to work on some project.

Don and I were spending a lot of time together. We also were constantly crossing paths wearing little or nothing. Sometimes we were in either his or my bedroom barely clothed. I had to be very careful not to show wet to him. There were times too when I thought that maybe he was hiding and erection.

Going to bed with that picture in my mind almost every night had me relieving my tension with my fingers. It helped me get to sleep but other than that it didn’t help much.

One day we went out together and shopped for XMAS presents. We hit the lingerie store seeking a present for him to give to Gloria. We picked out three very sexy items all in a color to compliment her coloring.

As Don was settling up I left to find the ‘ladies’. I was gone for awhile. When I returned Don was just finishing up and I was surprised that it had gone so slowly. “Problem with the Visa?” I asked.

“No.” and that was the extent of his answer. Meanwhile our late night conversations continued and I had to be very careful that my soaked panties did not go on display. Meanwhile I hoped against hope that Don would make some kind of a pass at me. Alas it was not to be,

I’m pretty non aggressive sexually so I couldn’t make myself approach him. But I knew that the slightest hint from him would result in me rolling over on my back with my legs spread.

At our house we always distributed presents on Christmas morning. Christmas eve found Don, Gloria and I together. We were in our lower level recreation güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri room. There was also a guest bedroom down there. As midnight approached my parents came down, wished us all a Merry Christmas and then trotted off to bed.

Gloria’s family and extended family were to get together during the late morning and have a mass gift exchange. Gloria had decided then to spend the night at our house and the three of us were on our 3rd round of tall wine coolers when we got to the gift exchange.


Don resumes telling the story.

As the clock approached midnight and it was also nearly time to exchange gifts I was becoming extra horny. After Donna had helped me pick out gifts for Gloria she took off to go to the bathroom. I had taken the opportunity to have the sales girl duplicate the purchase but in yellow instead of pale blue. That to be a surprise gift for Donna.

I had a fantasy of the girls modeling their gifts for me and then it somehow leading up to a sex filled climax. Unfortunately it was only a hope and there was no plan except to present them both with their gift at the same time.

Meanwhile the wine was easing our restraints and the conversation was beginning to contain some innuendo. Finally Gloria grabbed her present to Donna and handed it to her. “One gift at a time.” she decreed. With that Donna opened the package. It turned out to be a nicely carved Buddha.

After we had oh’ed and ah’ed for a moment Gloria told Donna about a release catch on the back. Donna found and pressed it and the base separated.

Inside was a realistically shaped but bright red vibrating dildo. Donna turned as red as the dildo was and snapped the parts back together.

“Thank you, I think. I’m so embarrassed to say so but I love it. Without Jimmy here I’ll probably wear it out before New Years Eve.”

I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without throwing out a broad hint. “I can picture it now. Moans and little screams coming from her bedroom. Me in my room with my dick in my hand stroking away. Both of us frustrated at being without our significant other.”

Gloria popped up with. “No reason you can’t al least get together and watch each other. No law against that.”

Donna and I looked at each other but neither of us said a word. I took that as an implied agreement to do just that and was instantly more hard as if that were possible.

I was happy that I was sitting in the dark. You could cut the quiet with a knife. Then Donna broke the spell by handing Gloria her present. Gloria opened it and took out a box about six inches square and about an inch thick.

It turned out to be a collection of porno DVDs. Apparently Gloria had a favorite porno star a fact of which I was not aware. Gloria then handed me a gift box which turned out to be a Lounging robe and pajama set which both girls said was quite sexy.

They demanded that I put the outfit on and I went to my room and changed into it. I really didn’t think that it did much for me but the material was soft and sexy and felt good against my erection.

I went back downstairs in my new outfit. My erection was obvious but I decided that there was no reason to conceal it. I was just a bit tipsy and more than a little bit horny. Maybe the girls seeing it would lead to something nice.

When I returned Donna handed me her gift. Donna, it turned out had a single track mind and her gift to me was also a pair of porno DVDs. I was happy that we all seemed to be in a similar frame of mind.

Then it was time for my gifts to the girls. I then said that I was changing the rules and wanted both Gloria and Donna to open my gifts to them at the same time.

I handed both their gifts. Gloria got her’s open first. When she saw the filmy articles she was ecstatic. I’ll model them for you both they are so beautiful and so sexy.

“Wait just a minute.” I said. “Donna needs to finish opening her gift.”

Donna opened her package and found that I had purchased for her the same as we had picked out for Gloria. The same very brief chiffon panties with the open crotch a very thin uplift bra with the nipple area missing and a filmy chiffon teddy.

“Wow. Aren’t we going to be a sexy pair. Let’s go change into them and give Don a treat.” said Gloria.

“We do that and the outcome may be some kind of orgy.” was my sister’s reply.

“And what’s wrong with that?” I couldn’t help asking.

“Not a thing except that you’re my brother.”

“Hey guys. I love you both. Now cut that out. Donna and I are going to my bedroom to put on our new stuff. You stay here Don. If we’re not out in five minutes Donna and I may be doing something forbidden. Feel free to join us.”

With that Gloria took Donna by the hand and led her into the bedroom.

I was hard as a rock just knowing that something very erotic was about to happen. I didn’t know what but it just had to be something good. Just seeing Donna and Gloria both in the outfits güvenilir bahis şirketleri I bought would be almost enough.

I looked at the clock. 1:10. I could hear murmuring and my imagination was running wild with visuals. 1:14. Still the same. I wanted to open the door so badly but I must remain the gentleman.

1:16. Not a sound. I quickly stepped to the door, turned the knob and pushed the door open.

Gloria and Donna were standing facing the door holding a sheet in front of them. After a few second they dropped the sheet and there they stood facing me both in their Christmas presents. What a sight. I could not have asked for more.

As I mentioned they are near body twins. Their nipples were visible under the thin covering and I could see that each areola had been enhanced with lipstick. This was a favorite tease of Gloria’s. Extending from those heavenly aureoles were nipples long and very hard.

Their pussies were also visible. I had not really seen Donna’s since the wild weekend and was surprised to see that her’s like Gloria’s was now neatly trimmed.

I was very excited and very hard and was trembling with desire. I knew that whatever happened now it would be a highlight of my life. Then Gloria put her hand to her own crotch and then inserted two fingers into her pussy.

Donna looked over and saw what she had done and followed suit. I had seen Gloria masturbate several times but my sister? Never. I had heard her often enough but never seen it. What’s more this time she was doing it in front of me knowing how much it would arouse me.

As I watched they both really got into it and their hands began moving faster and faster and their fingers went deeper and deeper into their cunts. I realized how convenient it was that Gloria was a lefty and Donna a righty. They were standing side by side finger fucking themselves with their dominant hand and holding hands with each other with their non busy hand.

Donna began to orgasm. Meanwhile I had my dick was out in the open and I was jerking off hard and fast. The fact that my sister was watching was making me come even faster than normal.

Then she was coming and that of course made me struggle not to come myself. Then I could hold it back no longer Donna began to mumble and I stepped closer trying to understand. Then I heard her words. “Don. I’m coming. I’m coming. Please come with me.” The last was spoken aloud.

And come I did. When I knew that it was inevitable I stepped even closer. As I came I was only about a foot or so from both girls. My first spurt was slight and simply spilled over on to my hand. The second was very powerful and by blind luck and not by skill landed between Donna’s hand and her pussy.


Donna continues the story–

I was still in the midst of my orgasm when Don’s hot cum landed on me. Not only did it feel hot on my skin but the fact that it was my brother’s cum made me all the hotter. Hotter than any girl should feel about her brother. I immediately took my fingers and used it as lubricant as I continued to massage my clit.

It was about then I began to hear Gloria beginning those sounds that I now knew so well. The sounds she made just before orgasm. Now that mine was almost over I could take my hand away and put it on top of Gloria’s and did her clit as she finger fucked herself.

It was the most erotic experience of my life. Not because of what I was doing to Gloria but because Don was watching. We had watched each other come and now he was watching me helping Gloria and I knew that men loved to watch that so it was…………….WOW.

Then we were all three hugging. If anybody it had to be a strange sight. There we were three people hugging, each in a partially dressed state, each with their hand in or on their privates and each half laughing half crying.

We broke the circle and Gloria immediately snapped her fingers and said. “Darn. I forgot my manners I have not thanked either of you for my gifts.” Then she proceeded to kiss me pressing close and using lots of tongue. As she finished she gave my hardon a grope.

Then she turned to Donna and did much the same including the grope. Except that it wasn’t a grope but a brief fingering. Then she began to whisper to Donna and Donna began whispering back. There were grins and I knew they were up to something.

At this point they were facing each other. Donna had her hands on Gloria’s waist and Gloria’s hands were loosely locked behind Donna’s neck. As I have said they are of similar size and builds and their nipples were very close to touching. Then with a slight giggle from Donna they moved their mouths together and began to kiss.

I could see both sets of nipples get harder and then their upper bodies began to move side to side each making their nipples tease the other. Obviously they had done this before. I could also see that their tongues were intertwined and very busy. I’ll leave the state of my cock to your imagination.

As I watched they undressed each other and then Gloria leaned back to rest her rump against the dresser which was just behind her. Then her left knee began to work against Donna’s thighs which parted to accept it. Then Donna was humping against Gloria upper leg which was quickly glistening from the juices leaking from Donna’s pussy.

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