A Sister Sandwich

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This story follows on from “Blowing Big Brother” and “Buggered By Big Brother” and for full continuity you should read them first, but you can read this as a stand alone story too. Please take the time to vote and leave feedback, it is much appreciated. Thanks.


I sat in the back seat of the Mercedes, right behind my big brother who was driving. Kelly, our sister was sat directly behind the passengers seat. We were both completely naked except for the dog collars around our necks. Sat in between us in the back seat was Miss Stacy Kebbler, our brothers personal secretary and the biggest straight out bitch I had had the misfortune to encounter in my life. She had her right hand around my balls, massaging them and her left hand at my sister’s pussy, gently rubbing it. If it wasn’t readily apparent to us before it was about to be hammered home that both Kelly and myself were our brothers completely compliant, submissive sex slaves.

And we weren’t here just for the money anymore, that may have been where it started from but somewhere along the line it had developed into us finding our natural positions serving our arrogant prick of a big brother.

Miss Kebbler broke off her masturbating of us in the back seat to take out a small mirror and to apply some more red lipstick to her lips, smacking her lips cockily when she was done. Without a word or comment she turned to Kelly and used the lipstick to write on Kelly’s stomach “FAT WHORE”. Kelly said nothing and allowed her to do it, I made to object but Neil cleared his throat and I gathered I was to let his secretary do whatever she wanted. Miss Kebbler smiled at me and wrote “COCKSUCKER” on my chest. We just had to sit there and take it — at least we were hidden from public view behind his tinted windows.

With the lipstick put away she put her hands back to our aroused crotches and began to play again. After a few moments she took her finger away from Kelly’s pussy and held them under my nose so I could see how wet she was and smell the pungent aroma of my big sisters love juices. She wiped them on my lips. She did the same to Kelly, holding up her hand that had been masturbating me and was coated in pre-cum and ordering Kelly to lick her fingers. It was intoxicatingly embarrassing in that back seat. All the time our older brother drove on and barely gave a glance to see what was going on back there.

We got to his mansion in the country about eight o’clock. It was dark outside and he had no near neighbours but I was still wary at being ushered out of the car by Miss Kebbler and walked like a dog on hands and knees up his drive to the big, heavy front doors. My sister was walked like that too but by Neil and he seemed to be having fun swatting her on her big ass as he walked her.

Once we were in his luxurious home he told his secretary to ‘go upstairs and get dressed’ while he ordered us into the sitting room. We crawled submissively in front of him and knelt before him on a large fur rug in front of his fireplace.

“Right, which one of you bitch’s wants to undress me?”

He chose Kelly and as I watched my sister obediently take off our brothers clothes until he stood there as naked as we were (minus our dog collars) it was more apparent than ever that although this had all started as a way of getting cash from Neil it was now a situation we were doing because we felt comfortable obeying his every command. I hated him but could not break from the arousal I felt at submitting to his every perverted whim.

“Now you two, I want to see you kiss, make it a tongue sandwich, let’s see lots of saliva!”

Earlier that afternoon Kelly had licked our brothers sperm from my asshole but in some ways I felt even more uncomfortable and wrong of leaning towards her and kissing her on her lips. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and mine met it and wriggled against it. I felt the soft flesh of her large breasts against my chest hair and all the while I was conscious of the dark shadow of Neil’s stiff cock just off to our left.

He had us slobber over each other like that for nearly a minute and it was hard not to get lost in the moment, my sister was quite the passionate kisser and I could really feel my cock straining with arousal during the kiss. Of course Neil being the asshole he was he waited until we were both really getting into the French kiss to break it up by pushing his own hard cock between our lips and slipping it into Kelly’s mouth. She didn’t miss a beat and sucked on it submissively. Before I had a chance to do anything else he had plucked it from her mouth and swung round slightly to push it into my mouth and he continued canlı bahis şirketleri like that, alternating between our mouths as we gave him combined blow job until all three of us were interrupted by the return of Miss Kebbler.

My god what an entrance she made. To say she had undergone a dramatic transformation would be an understatement. Gone was the prim and proper and aloof secretary in glasses and in her place was a blonde Dominatrix Goddess! She was wearing extremely high skin tight black, rubber boots whose tops were on the thighs of her long legs. She had a pair of similarly skin tight rubber pants in bright scarlet and a matching rubber corset that pushed up her smallish boobs magnificently. Her blonde hair was pulled back severely and she wore long black rubber gloves. Of course I have neglected to mention the most breathtaking piece of her outfit, a strap on dildo and harness around her crotch, sporting a black plastic cock that was at least ten inches long an maybe three inches thick.

Even Neil, her boss and very obviously a domineering man seemed to shrink somewhat in her current incarnation. She strutted confidently into the room on her heels as I gaped, slack jawed at her appearance. Neil chuckled and slapped his dick against my face reminding me I had oral work to do and as I sucked him again he spoke to her.

“Stacey, you look fabulous as ever, now to start with you can have any of these bitch’s holes you want.”

I knew she would pick me. And I knew she would want my asshole. I couldn’t help but think back to that first time I had come across her at my brothers office and how I had tried to chat her up and get her to date me. I had been too cocky, too cock sure and it was about to come back and fuck me in the ass.

She smiled a cruel smile and fixed her icy blue eyes on me.

“I think I’ll have your little brother’s asshole to start then the fat whore can clean my dildo with her mouth!”

Even her voice had taken on a more powerful significance. She was hell on heels and we all knew it and I made no move to defend myself as she strutted over to me and hauled me by the hair away from my brothers cock and spun me around and bent me over on all fours. This was going to hurt.

Miss Kebbler did not mess around, before I knew what was going on she had my ass cheeks prised apart with her rubber encased fingers and I could feel the cold touch of her fake cock against my anus. I squealed like a little girl when she rammed it into me, like a little bitch. Her bitch.

Oh it hurt so good. Honestly, although it was sore as all hell I would be lying if I did not admit that I was also turned on by it, maybe it was that old prostrate gland or maybe I was starting to like being ass fucked but I swear my erection increased as she pounded me doggy fashion. A fact not lost on my brother who was standing looking on with his own mighty erection half in Kelly’s mouth.

“Yeah, that’s it little brother take it like the anal bitch you are!”

With his dick still in Kelly’s mouth he slapped her cheeks and demanded of her.

“And I hope you’re ready to suck that thing clean, cunt! Because we know Miss Kebbler won’t hesitate to use that bad boy on your sweet ass little sister, don’t we?”

She nodded awkwardly.

There is something so humiliating and degrading about being fucked in the ass by a woman like that, it instantly makes you feel so worthless and pathetic and Miss Kebbler’s verbal assault as she ass fucked me only added to that. She slapped at my ass and my head and called me all the names under the sun, ‘bitch’, ‘fag’, ‘wimp’ and worse and still I was stiff as hell. Finally she pulled her monster dildo from my aching ass with an audible pop and she didn’t hesitate to demand attention from my sister.

“Right you fat cunt crawl over here to your Mistress and clean your little brothers shit off this cock, I want it as clean as possible!”

Her tone was just so harsh and demanding it was hard to imagine anyone denying her. And certainly not a submissive like Kelly. Still face down on the carpet I watched as Kelly released Neil’s cock from her lips and crawled across to the blonde. This was obviously not my big sisters first time with Miss Kebbler but it still took me aback at how dominated she was by her. She dragged her big boobs across the carpet to get to her boots and then rose up and without complaint opened her mouth and took the shit stained dildo into her mouth and began to lick and suck it clean. Our big brother, meanwhile, was obviously past the point where he could hold back cumming and had decided just where he wanted to spurt his canlı kaçak iddaa cum — my face!

He told me to keep my mouth closed and eyes open and stood right in front of me as he jerked himself off to a messy climax, seven spurts of thick white cum sparking in my eyes, my nose, my hair and lips until my face was coated in my brothers cum.

I needed to cum also and was finally allowed release when Neil handed me a large spoon and told me to cum into it and warned me not to spill a drop. It did not take me many strokes to tease my own man juice from my dick and collected quite the white, sticky puddle in the spoon. By now Miss Kebbler had finished with Kelly, apparently happy with the job she had done licking my shit off the dildo and she order her over to me with instructions to lick every last drop of Neil’s cum off my face. I just knelt there as my sister licked all my brothers’ sperm off my face and as ordered she did not swallow a drop, but kept it pooled in her mouth.

“Now boy, I want you to pour that load of your own sperm into your own mouth” demanded Miss Kebbler , “and then the two of you can carry on with where you were when I arrived! A nice messy French kiss!”

I looked at my sister’s big, dark eyes and they seemed glazed as if she had become a different person in Neil and Miss Kebbler’s presence. I supposed I must have looked something similar to her. Anyway we locked eyes for a moment before we locked lips. God, it was a weird feeling kissing my sister while both our mouths were filled with sticky cum (mine and my brothers). Her tongue went first probing in my mouth, seeking out my cum covered tongue and trying to suck it into her mouth. I responded in kind, trying to forget exactly what we were doing and trying to enjoy what was an amazingly intense kiss.

It actually sent shivers down my spine kissing my big sister like that. As our tongues wrapped around each others our bodies pressed closer and closer, I could feel her soft boobs against my chest, her nipples stiff and hard, my own ones similar but smaller. After about a minute of kissing Miss Kebbler made her next demand.

“Good, you two make quite the cute couple. Make sure all that cum is in John’s mouth and John I want you to break the kiss, lean back and spit that big load of cum into that fat slut’s face.”

I leaned back, looked my big sister straight in the eye and did what I was told — I spat my mouthful of cum right between her eyes. She was a pretty mess with cum and saliva all over her face, hanging from her nose, stuck in her eyelashes, and slowly gravity was dragging it down her face but she just knelt there letting it happen, waiting for our next instructions from out brother or his bitch of a secretary. I was feeling stirrings already again in my cock, I was getting hard again.

We were no longer doing this out of a need for money, of that I was certain but before I could fully consider me and Kelly’s motivations Miss Kebblers harsh voice cut in again.

“Leave that gunk there you fat cow, I’ll clean it off later when I feel like it. And you, wimp get that pathetic dick of yours hard again for me it’s got more work before we’re finished tonight, isn’t that right Neil?”

My brother nodded smugly and stood beside her like they were some kind of kinky royalty. I couldn’t help that his cock was returning to a stiff state as well. I quickly found out what they had in store for us next and in truth it literally blew my mind. Once I was hard again I was told to sit on my ass and lean back, Kelly was ordered to moved over to me, turn, pull her ass cheeks apart and to impale herself on my cock!

Oh god, what a sensation to have your own sister slide her ass onto your cock! And despite my annoyance at Neil’s secretary constant reference to Kelly’s weight with her ass right on me I could feel she was a decent enough weight to carry. Before I did anything though Neil dropped to his knees before us and with a little manoeuvring slide his own cock into Kelly from the front, right in her pussy so that we were double penetrating our own sister. It was intense as hell to be able to feel Neil’s cock inside Kelly’s pussy with just the walls of her pussy and ass separating out rampant dicks.

“Right boys start fucking the bitch, I want her to get it as hard and as fast as you two can manage!”

Barked Miss Kebbler dominantly.

And boy did we do what we were told. How Kelly stayed on us as we both thrust into her like wild animals I will never know. She moaned and groaned and squalled with pleasure as both her holes were filled and fucked and then some. It was hard on my body in that position, canlı kaçak bahis I had to support myself on my arms and try as I might I couldn’t bang into her ass quite as hard as my body wanted to. After we had been facing her for a little while the demanding secretary told us to stop and flashed her boss a winning smile.

“Want to try a little double anal action boss?” was all she said.

While I tried to figure out what that meant our brother plucked his stiff, slippery dick from Kelly’s pussy and without further ado pressed it against my own dick and somehow squeezed it in beside mine inside our sisters asshole. Both my and Kelly’s eyes bulged in shock but Neil just looked at us in contempt and began to slowly slide his dick up and down. The feeling was like nothing on earth. My dick was stuck there it’s wet foreskin being worked up and down by the rubbing of Neil’s dick. To feel all this kinky action take place inside my sisters asshole was mind-blowing! It was also quite difficult to maintain and keep up so it did not go on for long, but long enough for the skinny blonde to goad Kelly some more.

“What a dirty whore! Imagine having both her brothers cocks up her ass at the same time, you filthy slut, a depraved bitch, that’s all you are!”

When we finally withdrew our cocks from Kelly’s ass she was ordered to turn around and clean them before Miss Kebbler suggested that we empty our staining balls over Kelly’s already messy face, she apparently wanted a bit more mess. My big sister knelt there obediently before us, her face already covered in drying cum while Neil stood slightly to the right and I stood slightly to her left and we both began to furious jerk our cocks over her. It was not long before we struck cum.

Neil came first, spraying a watery white load all over Kelly’s features, landing on top of the layer already there and finding her lips and chin too. The sight of him cumming all over our sister was too much for me and seconds later I too started to cum and splattered more of my cum over Kelly’s obliterated face. What a mess we had made of our sisters face, it was positively dripping and clinging with thick strands and globs of cum and at Miss Kebbler’s repeated instructions she couldn’t move any of it. Indeed she told Kelly that if she lay down on her back she would wash it off herself. I didn’t get where she was going with this until a few seconds later.

By then the tall blonde had taken her time in positioning herself over Kelly, carefully removed the strap on dildo from at her crotch and, holding her pussy lips carefully started to squat down closer to my sister’s face.

“Here you go bitch, we’ll have you washed clean in no time at all!”

She then, of course, began to piss all over Kelly’s face. And what a stream it was! A yellow fountain straight from between the bitch’s legs and all over my sisters face, splashing noisily on her face and the floor and cascading all over her.

“Open your mouth fatty! It needs a good washing out!”

I was amazed to see Kelly do what she was told and the piss start to pool in her mouth until she started swallowing it. The piss lasted the best part of a minute and by the time she came to a dribble my sister was a piss covered mess, yes it had shifted a fair amount of the cum on her face but some stubbornly remained and she was quite the saturated state.

“Your turn now little brother. Open your fucking mouth!”

I had not wanted to suck his cock but I had done it. I had not wanted let him fuck me in my ass but I had let him do it. And I did not want to open my mouth and let him piss on me but despite that I obeyed him and let my jaw fall open before him as he stood over me.

As a degrading and humiliating experience I really don’t know if there is anything better (or worse!) than your hated big brother pissing all over you. His piss was thick and disgusting and smelled awful and tasted even worse. It came out hard and fast from his cock and I choked and gagged on it as the first burst sprayed against my throat, but that meant it went all over my face, in my eyes, up my nose and in my hair so I was glad eventually to get my mouth back open and swallow some of it.

I managed to look up at Neil as he was pissing on me, through blurry, stinging, eyes and the look of utter contempt and disdain on his face was startling. And he was really enjoying using me as his urinal, that was evident. Finally, he ran dry and I was ordered to suck the last vestiges of his piss direct from his cock, I obeyed without question, my submission total.

After that there was little left to say, they led both me and Kelly by our collars and literally chucked us out of the house, naked and covered in piss and told us to get off Neil’s property. He had had his fun with us and shown us our place, I gripped my big sisters hand and we moved off into the dark night our lives changed forever.

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