A Slave for Her

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I had longed for the thought of having my own queen and the desire to be her slave. well my wish came true one winter day. I was walking along with really no where to go and couldn’t help but notice this long legged, full bodied creature that was before me.

I was walking behind her and had a wonderful view of her full hips that swayed, they were arousing me. She strode in her heels just like a pure bred stallion ready for show. Her hair was long and flowing down her long neck and her waist was slim. You couldn’t help but notice her. I f you had eyes you could see that she was an attractively shaped woman, and all the woman she appeared to be. She slipped and I was close by to catch her. I had the chance now to hold this creature. I was able to admire her brown eyes, the smoothness of her complexion, the scent of vanilla like a fresh baked cookie, and the sight of her plump cleavage. She looked at me in surprise for she probably didn’t know someone was as close as I was. What a lucky man I was that afternoon. I assisted her up and made sure she was alright. She was very appreciative of the care and the strength that I beheld. She commented , that is was rare now of days for a man to show chivalry when it came to a woman in need.

She explained that she was out for a stroll to clear her head, so I took the opportunity to ask her to coffee. How many chances do you get to ask a beautiful woman that you just aided, out? She was reluctant at first but then agreed. She was new to the area, so I took her to my favorite coffee house. I

Knew then this was a queen and the workers, her servants, for she spoke to them in a kind but commanding voice. When I asked to retrieve her order she said the magic phrase, “You may!” that confirmed amasya seks hikayeleri it for me that this woman was a queen to be served. I probably gave myself away with the speed of which I took off to get her order.

We talked for hours about everything, especially the idea of being with a white man. She was comfortable with the idea for she had told me she was admired by a lot of when men in the past and that she came from a very diverse city. We exchanged numbers for she needed to leave and thanked me for the coffee and the care about her well being.

Later that evening I called her and she invited me to her home for Saturday. Her son was going to be away and she would feel more comfortable if he was gone. My voice was a dead give away that I was excited to come. When I arrived she was wearing an exquisite pink caftan and when she turned around fast I could see the pink bra underneath, the thought of what else that lied underneath made me desire her.

Her home was beautifully decorated and the accent of oil paintings show a love for art. She gave me a full tour of the condo and saved the bedroom for last. A four posted mahogany bed beautifully arranged in silk and loads of decorative pillows. As I looked around I saw equipment that I was familiar with but was totally delighted that she posed them.

When I turned to face her she had a whip in her hand and the most drop dead gorgeous figure with milk chocolate colored shin I had ever had the pleasure to see. I dropped to my knees at the shear thought at what might happen next. She told me to disrobe and I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. She commanded me to crawl to her and lick her whip and I eagerly obeyed. I looked at her with curious eyes and she said she knew when we first met what I was all about. I was so happy that I kissed her slim heeled feet. She laid the whip between her brown creamy thighs and the scent of this woman was breathtaking. She squatted in front of me and told me to get a good look at what might possibly be my treat. She whipped me so hard when I did not comply fast enough but from then on I did what she wanted as fast as I could. The whip felt so good to my ass. She had me lick her and taste every drop of cum and then she relieved herself right in front of me, the warmth on my face made me so hard. I was instructed to squeeze her breast which was more than a hand full, to stroke her ass, to massage her body with oils, and if I did it wrong I would get the wrath of her whip again. What she didn’t realize is that as she continued my desire for her was increasing.

She rode me, bit me, pinched me, and called me names but especially her slave. I was instructed to pump her harder but not to cum. I wanted to cum so badly but she said if I did she would stop and I would have to leave never to meet again. I didn’t want this to transpire so I did exactly as she said.

She told me to thrust my hard white cock in her and to lick her wherever my tongue could reach and then to lick her pussy and then shove my cock back in her until she came. I thought I would loose my mind being in her for her walls were tight and so hot. The wetness of her made it hard for me to come but with the lash of her whip I was instructed to cum inside of her and then to eat her out. The contrast of our skin tones was even a turn on. Her moans of delight was music to my ears for then I knew I was doing her well. She seem to moan from the deepest depth of her body. Her boson seemed even fuller and her nipples so erect that I couldn’t help myself but to go down on them and bite them, which made her moan even louder. I was instructed not to stop so I gave her all I had to please my queen, at least I wanted her to be my queen.

My body was well all over. I hadn’t come that hard in such a long time that I didn’t want it to stop. I begged and pleaded to have more of her but she told me to kiss her, I happily did just what she wanted. I gave her a kiss so hard and passionate that hopefully she would want more. She pushed me back and admired her new slave. She smiled sweetly and told me to run her bath and to bathe her. I ran to the bathroom and found some nicely scented bubbles and filled the deep tub with the warmest water being careful that it wouldn’t burn my queen.

She was standing in the doorway when I turned, I walked over to her, held her and took the chance she would pull away from me but she didn’t. I knelt down and kissed her lovely feet. She instructed me to rise and I took her hand and guided her to her bathe. She even looked like a queen as she slide into the water, with the dimly lit light for she had a wonderful glow upon her skin as she was laying there. I took a sponge and bathed her with such care for I know I was pleasing her for she kissed me when I came to her neck. She instructed me to stand but to lean myself over her so she could suck my cock as I knelt down to stroke her pussy at the same time. She permitted me to join her. I slowly slid in and kissed her deeply. Her lips were full and luscious just like a succulent peach. I wanted to taste her forever.

When I assisted her up from the water and toweled her off softly, she asked if I wanted to be her new slave. I thought I would jump with joy when I said that I would be honored to be her most appreciative slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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