A Slave’s Tale Ch. 04

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I sat at the dining table quietly reviewing the day’s events. From upstairs there was still the occasional squeal or the sound of a slap and a curt “Shut up, bitch, and stop wriggling.” I picked up the papers in front of me. It was my standard slave contract passing total control to me. There were a few blank spaces left to be filled and room at the bottom for both my and her signature. It was required by our laws that she sign it as a demonstration of her place in society. If she refused to do so she would simply be publicly punished and returned to the market and re-sold at a cheaper price or returned to her original Mistress. I was determined that the latter would not happen. My thoughts were interrupted by Magda leading her into the room firmly holding on to her arm. She was now clean and, amazingly, her hair looked almost neat and tidy. It could do with a trim but at least it was now clean and brushed. I pointed to the floor just beside my chair.

“Kneel there. Knees apart and hands behind your head.”

She quickly complied.

“Well, Magda, you have done an amazing job. What a transformation.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“And now time for dinner I think. Do you have enough for two plates?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Then prepare two and set two places at the table. And heat up a bowl of the vegetable bake that you also prepared.”

“Very good, Mistress, I will need about 15 minutes if that’s ok and may I ask can I put on my chef’s whites again, Mistress?”

“I’d forgotten how lovely you are as a slave, Magda, just your apron will suffice I think.”

“Yes, Mistress, as you wish.” With that she turned and left. I looked down at the kneeling slut before me.

“Well, slut, how do you feel? Better I hope for a good scrub.”

Yes, Mistress, thank you.”

I picked up the paper in front of me. “This is a standard slave contract which you must sign. Do you wish me to read and explain it to you?”

“No thank you, Mistress, I know what it says.”

And do you wish to sign it?”

“Yes please, Mistress.”

“As long as you are doing this of your own free will.”

“I am, Mistress. May I just ask, Mistress, what about my previous contract?”

“Don’t worry about that. I am currently working on getting that cancelled. You need have no fear of any claims from your previous Mistress.”

“In that case I will gladly sign, Mistress.”

“Very sensible,” I said and passed her the sheet of paper and a pen. Using the floor to rest on she carefully scribbled her name on the bottom and passed it and the pen back to me. I placed the contract on the table in front of me and looked at her signature. It was written in a very childish and barely literate hand, “slave anna”. I smiled to myself, it would be some time before I called her by that name. I signed my own name above hers and put the paper to one side.

“Can you read and write, slut?” I emphasised calling her ‘slut’ to make a point.

She blushed deeply and hung her head, “not very well, Mistress.”

“That is something we can work on in the long term. For now there is one more task for you. Lower your head and lift your hair out of the way.”

She did as she was told and I picked up a new black leather collar. I placed it round her neck and buckled it at the rear. I secured it with a small brass padlock and put the key on top of the contract. I would file both for safe keeping later.

“Back up straight now, slut. That collar is a symbol of my ownership. The tag on the front states as much. Wear it with humility.”

“I will, Mistress, and thank you for accepting me.”

“Just do not disappoint me,” I said sternly.

At that moment Magda came in, naked once more.

“May I set the table please, Mistress? Dinner is ready to be served.”

“Of course you may, Magda. Lay a second place there,” I said indicating the chair next to mine, “I think you deserve to eat with me this evening.”

“Thank you, Mistress, I feel honoured. I see it has accepted your collar, Mistress.”

“Yes, we shall see how it progresses from here.”

She laid out two place settings and then pointed at the slut and raised a querying eyebrow.

“I don’t think cutlery is necessary, Magda. I’m sure she’s used to eating like an animal.”

Magda left and returned almost immediately with a tray carrying two plates of food and a bowl. She laid one in front of me and the other at the second place setting. She hesitated with the bowl of vegetables.

“Just on the floor will do, Magda. I must say this looks delicious. What is the fish again?”

She sat down at her place. “It is pan-fried fillet of sea bream with new potatoes, baby carrots and samphire served with a caper sauce, Mistress. I do hope you enjoy it.”

What she failed to mention were the colourful but tiny wild flowers Anadolu Yakası Escort and leaves that decorated the plate and such a treat to be sat at the table in the company of two naked women, one older and more assured the other very young and nervous. “Let us begin then,” I said picking up my knife and fork. “You may begin as well, slut.”

Just one mouthful of the fish sent my taste-buds to paradise. I was glad I had chosen the path I had for Magda. Would-be Mistresses were not uncommon but culinary geniuses were very few and far between. I knew from reports that she had quickly outshone her teachers at the college to which I sent her. I was also glad that the Mistress to whom I had sold her had had the sense to take her further. And the financial common sense to release her to earn her living from which she took a percentage.

I was so taken up by the food I was eating I failed to take note of what was going on below me on the floor. Slut was ravenously scooping up the vegetables in her fingers and shovelling them into her mouth. I remembered she had spent all day and half of last night with nothing more than half a loaf of stale bread, a lump of cheese and a packet of biscuits although, to be fair, I had fed her before I’d thrown her out.

By the time Magda and I had finished she has licked her bowl clean and was kneeling quietly between us at our feet. Finally, with a sigh of satisfaction I placed my cutlery on my plate and pushed it away from me.

“Magda, that was a work of art. My congratulation but I expected nothing less from you.”

“Thank you, Mistress, you are very kind.”

I looked down at the slut on the floor. “I think your vegetable dish went down well also, Magda.”

“So do I, Mistress, although how much tasting went on I don’t know.”

I smiled and looked at the slut, on her knees and hands clasped behind her head. She really did need feeding up a little and she had a busy day in front of her tomorrow. I would start as I meant to go on. I noticed a small smudge of her dinner at the corner of her mouth. Picking up my napkin I flung it at her.

“Clean yourself up, slut.”

She flushed with embarrassment and quickly wiped herself clean.

“There is another matter to be dealt with,” I said addressing the slut, “turn around and face Magda then bend forward with your head on the floor.”

She did so, lifting her bottom up and displaying herself to me. Her cunt and arsehole were both still slightly pink from the scrubbing they had been given but what stood out most noticeably was the moisture oozing from between her lips. She was obviously highly aroused. I picked up the butt plug from the table beside me but decided against the need for lube. It was relatively small but would do as an introduction. Larger ones could be introduced later.

“Stay still, slut, and don’t fidget. Magda, perhaps you could help with that.”

“Certainly, Mistress.”

The slut’s head was on the floor at Magda’s feet so she simply placed a foot on her head and pressed it firmly to the floor. I stood up and knelt on the floor behind her. Gently I stroked a finger across the pucker of her arse. She flinched and then settled back realising she had no choice but to obey. I continued to stroke her rosebud.

“Did your last Mistress use you here, slut?”

“Only a little,” she replied her voice muffled by her hair and Magda’s foot.

That would make life easier I thought to myself. I moved my fingers away from the arse and dipped two of them deep into her cunt. It was warm and very wet and accepted them eagerly. I spread her juices up and around her much tighter arse several times before pushing a finger against the tight hole. She made a little cry and tried to move away so I quickly gave her a sharp smack on her left cheek. She immediately became still. I resumed my attack on her rear. By now more of her juice was spreading down her thighs. I pushed at her relentlessly and suddenly I felt the resistance vanish as my finger penetrated the tight sphincter. I pushed it in as far as I could and then removed it. I re-coated it with her juices by inserting it once more in her cunt then I went back to her arse. This time my finger went in more easily. I repeated this several times until her arse was as slick as her cunt. I left her impaled on my finger as I pushed the plug as deep as it would go into her cunt to get it nicely lubed. It was about five inches long and just over an inch in diameter at its widest point. I moved it in and out a few times turning it round to get it well coated then i pulled it out and at the same time removed my finger from her arse and immediately introduced the narrow point of the plug and started to push slowly. An inch or two went in easily but then there was more resistance and she attempted instinctively to move away from it but Magda’s foot held her in place. I continued to push relentlessly and I watched with pleasure as the plug slowly disappeared inside her. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan She made the occasional whimper which I ignored. It was nearly there and one last push saw the widest part disappear from view leaving only the base visible. I sat back in my chair and admired my handiwork.

I looked across at Magda who was smiling broadly. “You can release her now, Magda. She won’t try to run I’m sure.”

Magda lifted her foot of the slut’s head and she slowly came back upright, sitting back on her heels cautiously, testing out her new addition.

“Well, slut, I’m sure you feel fuller now with your meal and your new plug. I think its time you said ‘thank you’ properly to Magda don’t you? For that lovely meal and for her help with your bath earlier. Magda will you do me the honour of being the first to be pleasure by my new slave?”

“Mistress, I’d be delighted and very honoured but are you sure? You do not want her for yourself?”

“I am uncertain of her skills as yet. I would appreciate any feedback of course.”

Magda smile and slipped forward on her chair and opened her legs wide. I admired the way her lips opened invitingly. I put out a foot and prodded the slut in the back.

“Come to me, bitch,” ordered Magda, “Let’s see how well you can perform.”

The slut dropped onto all fours which brought her face on a level with and just inches away from Magda’s sex. Knowing what was expected of her she leant in and tentatively licked along the length of Magda’s offered pussy. Magda’s hand on the back of her head pulled her in closer and soon her face was buried between Magda’s thighs. I watched as Magda’s head went back and her eyes closed. She lifted her legs and placed one on each of the chair’s arms opening herself even more.

“And my arse, bitch, don’t neglect that, and use your fingers as well.”

The slut increased the area of her ministrations and licked dutifully at Magda’s arse as well as inserting two fingers in her pussy. It was obvious that Magda was enjoying the experience immensely. As I watched I could feel my own pussy tingling and I sensed the moisture begin to flow. The slut now had three fingers inside Magda and was moving them in and out ever more quickly. Her tongue and lips alternated between licking her anus and sucking on her clit. My hand drifted inside my bath robe and gently stroked my wet panties. Magda was pulling the slut ever more tightly to her and I could tell she was close to cumming. Suddenly she gave a sharp cry and pulled the sluts head, locking her in place as her orgasm took over. She shook almost violently arching away from the seat of the chair and then slowly subsided back onto it. She relaxed her hold on the slut’s head and she came up gasping for air. Slowly she withdrew her fingers and knelt back.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said a breathless Magda after a while.

“You deserved it for all your help today, Magda. How was she?”

“Not too bad, Mistress. Not perfect or even good by any means and will need some more training but not too bad at all. Will you try her for yourself later?”

“I think not. She hasn’t done anything yet to deserve it. If you have no other calls on your time tonight, Magda, I think I might avail myself of your services. She can sleep on the floor beside the bed.”

“Nothing would please me more, Mistress.”

I have many fond memories of your skills, Magda, from your time as my slave. I hope you haven’t forgotten them.”

“They are often called upon by clients, Mistress, so I’ve had plenty of practice. Have you decided on a name for her yet, Mistress?”

“I’m unsure whether to use her own name or give her a new one. For the moment ‘slut’ or your favoured name ‘bitch’ will suffice. But now it is late so time for bed I think. Leave the plates, she can do those in the morning.”

I picked up a leash and clipped it to slut’s collar and tugged upwards. Catching on quickly she rose to her feet and I led her out of the room with Magda bringing up the rear. I led her up the stairs and into my bedroom. I pointed to the rug beside the bed.

“You can sleep there, slut. I’ll find you a blanket.”

I opened a cupboard and took out an old blanket and passed it to her and stood waiting. She took the hint quickly and shook out the blanket and lay down on her side and covered herself as best she could. I took off my robe and climbed into bed and then gestured at Magda to join me. She quickly did so and slid between the sating sheets. She turned to face me and put an arm out and lay it gently across me. I lifted her chin and kissed her on the mouth. It had been a few days and I revelled in the touch of another woman’s lips.

“Time to put your skills to work, Magda,” I said.

She did so by renewing the kiss, tentatively sliding her tongue into my mouth. I returned the kiss eagerly and I felt her hand start to explore. She caressed one of my breasts and found my nipple. She rolled it between Escort Anadolu Yakası thumb and finger. I could feel myself beginning to come alive. She laid kisses along my chin and tickled my ear with her tongue. Her kisses on my neck made me quiver with anticipation. She ventured lower. One hand toyed with one breast while her mouth and tongue took ownership of the other. She sucked my nipple hard making it stand to attention. I drifted off into a world where only pleasure existed. Her mouth moved to my other breast while her hand drifted downwards. As her fingers dipped between my legs I heard myself moan softly. She could tell at once that I was already aroused and my legs spread almost of their own accord. She stroked my cleft through my panties. I moaned again, a little louder this time. I didn’t need to look but I knew that slut was lying on the floor next to the bed listening to every sound.

A line of kisses travelled across my belly with a brief stop at my navel before they went lower. Her hand tugged at the waist band of my panties almost exposing me and her tongue delved inside them. Fingers hooked into either side and she looked at me for permission. I replied silently with a smile and lifted my hips off the bed as she pulled my panties down along my thighs, then lower and pulled them over my feet. She held them to her face and inhaled deeply then sucked them into her mouth savouring the delicate smell and taste they contained. I spread my legs apart and drew my knees up offering myself to her. Magda shifted her position until she lay between my outstretched legs. I felt her tongue licking the insides of my thighs, slowly approaching her goal. Finally her lips closed over my pussy and I lay back and let her devour me. Her tongue and lips concentrated on my clit while fingers, 2 or 3 I was past caring, slid into my pussy. I was already very close. Her fingers slid in and out of me and my clit was sucked and licked until I was teetering on the brink. Then I was over the edge with a loud “Oooooh Fuck!” and my body was shaking uncontrollably. For a few minutes the world went blank before my body stilled and I came back down again. As my senses came back I realised that her fingers were still slowly moving in and out and her tongue was still toying with my clit.

I lay there as the pleasure started to build again. Her fingers started to move more earnestly and the pressure from her tongue increased. She was taking me back up! I lay there allowing her the freedom to do as she wished. How long I lay there as my orgasm got closer and closer I don’t know but Magda wasn’t one to tire easily. My clit was almost painfully aroused and her finger seemed to push deeper with each thrust. Then I could feel it coming. I grabbed wildly at Magda’s head as I came for a second time. I could feel my cum gushing and felt Magda lapping it up. I lay back gasping for breath. Eventually I found the strength to gently push Magda’s head away.

“Enough, Magda, come back up here now.”

Slowly she climbed back up the bed and lay next to me pulling as best she could the tangled sheets over us. We both lay there breathing heavily. I felt well and truly sated. I turned and kissed her softly and she responded just as tenderly. Memories of nights like this when she had been my trainee slave came flooding back to me. I think I had done a good job and given her a good start in her life of slavery. We lay there for some time just looking into each other’s eyes. I felt deep affection for Magda and I always will. But first, time to return the favour.

I rolled over and opened the drawer to the nightstand and took out my strap-on. I glanced down and saw the slut move slightly under her blanket. I sensed rather than knew that she was still awake hungry for any sound we made. I turned back to Magda and held the strap-on aloft.

“Your turn I think. Roll over and get on your hands and knees for me.”

As she did so I put my feet into the straps of the strap-on and pulled it up my legs. I knelt up and fastened the waist band and pulled everything tight. The large black phallus stood out proudly. I moved to kneel behind Magda. First I wanted a taste of her. Her pussy was already wet and I bent down and savoured her juices. They were as delicious as they always had been and I loved the salty tang. She moaned softly as I licked at her then even more loudly when I moved to her anus giving that some well-deserved attention. She was pushing back eager for my touch. I knelt back up and took the dildo in one hand and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed forward about an inch. She tried to move back further onto it. I smacked her bottom sharply and she cried out in surprise.

“Don’t be greedy, Magda, I’ll tell you when.”

I pushed forward another inch and reached a hand round to the front to play with her clit. I pulled out slightly and then pushed back in again repeatedly, each time going a little deeper. I knew she could take the whole thing. Slowly I went deeper and deeper until the complete dildo was buried inside her. She was moaning and muttering, trying not to cum. Good girl, she had remembered my rule, not to cum without permission. I could feel her tension rise as she fought her desire. I started to fuck her, slowly at first but getting faster. She was almost screaming with frustration.

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