A Special Last Request Ch. 03

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Keira and Amber have been with me for eight months now, and I have never been happier. Keira has settled in to her new surroundings at work and was made a supervisor of her department. Except for a few terrible nightmares, she seems happy. Amber is doing well at her job as the secretary of my friend Chuck. I wake up every morning thankful to have the two women in my bed that sleep next to me.

When I asked her about the nightmares she just tries to shake it off, but I know something is troubling her. She always wakes up screaming, “No!”

They were always the same, reliving the day she was told Jerry died. They always started the same way with loud knocking at the front door:

It was late morning and Keira was not expecting anyone. She hurried up to the bathroom wrapping a robe around her naked body. Opening the door slowly the first person she saw was a highway patrol officer standing there, there was another man behind him with a small cross on his lapel.

“Can I help you?” she asked hesitantly as a dark feeling fell over her.

“Ma’am, are you Keira?” the uniformed officer asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Do you know a man named Jerry?” He asked

“He is my boyfriend, why?” a tear began to form in her eye as she asked.

“Can we come in please? We have some bad news.” He said.

Keira opened the door wide as the gentleman entered. Following her into the living room the officer said, “This is our chaplain and he is here with me to tell you that Jerry died this morning in a head on collision. I am sorry for your loss.”

Keira suddenly felt weak in shock from the news, her knees buckling from under her, falling onto the couch. Tears streamed down her face as she tried to ask, “How?”

“There was an accident this morning. His car was involved in a head on collision. He died instantly. We believe the other driver was impaired at the time of the accident,” the chaplain softly said taking her hand in his.

It was the worst news of her life, her Master, the love of her life, dead. It always was the same.

Keira had told Amber about the nightmares and made her promise not to say anything to me, that she would work it out herself. The nightmares slowly went away, until I told them I had to go out of town to meet a client. That night Keira had the nightmare again, this time she screamed out my name, “No, not Bill! Oh please, not Bill.”

I woke up with a start hearing her screaming out my name.

“Oh, Master, I am so sorry! I had that nightmare again, this time it was you!”

I pulled her into my arms hugging her tight, trying to console her. Keira cried on my shoulder as Amber looked at her with a worried look on her face.

The next morning Amber came to me and asked if she could talk to me about Keira and her dreams. She had noticed that when I was late coming home from work, Keira would become nervous and her body would shake at the littlest noise. As soon as she could hear my car pull into the driveway she would settle down. Amber had an idea.

“Master, I want your permission to have Keira as my Mistress while you are away from home,” she asked adding, “I think it will help her, but I want her to think that it was your idea. Also, I would love to have Keira as my Mistress, too. I want to be owned by you both. I know Keira is your slave, I am also your slave and a slave cannot own another slave, but in this case I think it would be all right, Master.”

Amber explained that it would help Keira cope with my absence by having her as her Mistress. I thought about what Amber had asked for on the drive to work that morning and by the time I arrived I had made the decision to allow Keira to be Amber’s Mistress. I would bring it up tonight at dinner.

It was my last night home before my trip and we were eating outside on the patio like usual, naked. It was Amber’s turn tonight to cook. She made my favorite dinner, lasagna. We sat outside after eating when I said that I have made a decision concerning them both.

“Can I have your undivided attention, slaves?” I asked.

Keira and Amber looked over to me at once, saying in unison, “Yes, Master.”

“While I am away on my trip, I cannot leave two slaves here without guidance, since Keira is the first slave, I am going to make her your Mistress, Amber. You will obey all her orders. Always answer her as Mistress when I am gone. Is that clear slaves?”

Keira looked at me in shock at what I just had said. I saw a faint smile on Amber’s face.

“But Master, I cannot have Amber call me Mistress. I am your slave!” she protested.

“Yes, you are my slave, Keira. Amber is also my slave. While I am gone, you are the Mistress of the house and should be called that accordingly.” I replied to her protest.

“Yes, Master, as you wish, Master.” Keira said lowering her head.

I had been away for a week working with a client out of town. It was while I was gone when I realized how much I loved them and missed them. I finished with my trip a day early and acıbadem escort wanted to surprise them by coming home early. I arrived at my house just as the sun was setting, parking my car in the driveway. I picked up my bag and went to the front door. Walking into the living room I heard voices coming from the playroom.

“Thank you, Mistress, five, Mistress…may I have another?” Amber begged.

I heard the sound of a leather strap hit flesh with a loud thud. Again I heard Amber say, “Thank you, Mistress, six, Mistress…may I have another?”

I went to my room putting my suitcase on the bed and walking towards the playroom. The door was partially open. What I saw stunned me for a second as I saw Keira rub her hand over Amber’s red ass. Amber was spread across the spanking bench, her hands tied behind her back with her ankles spread tied to the sides. Keira’s back was to me. In one hand she had the three inch wide leather strap, while her other hand was gently rubbing over Amber’s bright red ass. I had also noticed Keira was wearing a strap on dildo around her waist.

Amber’s face was looking right at me when she gasped, “Master, you’re home!”

Keira turned around and saw me standing there, dropping the leather strap and falling to her knees. She placed her head down towards her chest, her hands behind her back when she saw me.

“What is going on in here, slave Keira, or should I say, Mistress Keira?” Asking her as I walked towards her.

“Master, I was punishing slave Amber for breaking two of our rules. She wore panties today and she neglected to shave your pussy.” Keira replied with her head still lowered to her chest.

My hand touched the top of Keira’s head, my fingers running though her hair, Keira moaned and her body trembled at the touch. Turning my head towards Amber, I asked, “Slave Amber, did you break the rule about wearing panties and failing to keep my pussy clean shaven?”

“Yes, Master. I disobeyed the rules.” Amber said as she hung her head over the side of the spanking bench.

Amber raised her head up and I saw the small grin on her face. Keira did not notice the smile from Amber as her eyes were looking at the slight bulge in my pants. I then realized what Amber had done. She broke the rules on purpose to help Keira. Amber quickly lowered head back down looking at the floor.

“Amber, you know the punishment must be done. Mistress Keira, you can continue punishing Amber for her failure.” I said.

“Master, I can’t continue. You are home now…” she tried to protest.

“Keira, finish the punishment,” I ordered.

“Yes, Master.”

Keira picked up the leather strap, rising up from her knees, looking at me with a worried smile.

I walked between them and felt Amber’s red ass, stroking my hand across her ass I felt the heat from the blows. I slid my fingers between her legs, feeling the wetness that pooled there. She was enjoying this and was soaked. Amber tried to push her ass harder on my fingers before I withdrew them.

Turning around, I smiled at Keira as I walked to the door saying, “Nice work.”

Leaning against the door, Keira looked at me holding the leather strap at her side. I nodded my head and said, “You may begin.”

Keira raised the leather strap swinging it hard across the ass of the bound slave. Amber jumped from the blow, which I believe was the hardest yet to strike her.

“Thank you, Mistress, seven, Mistress…may I have another?” Amber said gritting her teeth.

Watching Keira from the doorway, she raised the leather strap again landing the next blow right on Amber’s exposed pussy. Amber screamed from the blow, raising her ass high as her bonds would allow.

“Thank you, Mistress, eight, may I have another?” Amber answered as I saw the tears start to pool in her eyes.

Keira seemed energized suddenly as she swung the leather strap two more times, fast on Amber’s sore pussy.

“Thank you, Mistress, nine, ten, may I have another?” her voice cracking.

Keira dropped the leather strap, shoving two fingers in Amber’s wet pussy, twisting them. Amber pushed her pussy harder on Keira’s fingers. A moan of pleasure escaped Amber’s lips as Keira pumped her fingers faster. Keira dropped the leather strap, placing her hands on Amber’s ass, spreading her cheeks wide. Keira placed the head of the fake cock on Amber’s swollen pussy lips, shoving the fake cock deep in Amber’s wet pussy. Amber groaned from the intrusion of the plastic cock, sucking in a deep breath.

Keira started to fuck Amber hard with the strap-on, plunging the fake cock deeper and harder in the bound slave. I watched as Amber tried to match her Mistress’ thrusts each time. Amber was trying to rub her clit on the bench with each thrust and I heard Amber’s breath coming in gasps as Keira pounded her pussy. I saw Keira’s eyes close and I knew she was close to cumming herself, when she stopped fucking Amber suddenly, pulling the fake cock out with a loud popping noise.

“Nooo, atalar escort Mistress, please I am so close, let your slave cum, pleasssee let me cum for you,” Amber begged.

Keira stepped back from Amber with a huge grin on her face looking directly at me. Amber struggled on the bench trying to stimulate her clit, her pussy empty, her juices flowing down her inner thighs.

“You are not allowed to cum, slave. You do not get pleasure for breaking the rules.” Keira said in an angered voice, adding, “You have to watch as I suck our Master’s wonderful cock, then while Master fucks me with it, slave.”

Keira turned away from Amber and walked right up to me, lowering herself to her knees asking, “Master, may I suck your cock? Please Master, may I?”

Looking over Keira’s shoulder I saw Amber with a huge smile on her face seeing her sigh as Keira kneeled in front of me. Keira’s fingers grasped the buckle of my belt, her fingers opening the front of my pants. Keira slowly pulled the zipper down releasing my hard cock. She pushed my pants to floor helping me out of them. Keira’s fingers traced the outline of my cock as it sprung free. Looking down, I saw her tongue lick her lips as she leaned in, kissing the head of my cock. Her lips slowly opening wider as my cock disappeared in her mouth.

Slowly Keira took my cock deep, her tongue running along the underside of my cock. I felt her nose touch my pubic hair and her throat muscles clamp around the head of my cock. Keira knew how I loved having her do this to me. Her hands touching my balls and gently squeezing them as she pulled her mouth away from my cock, her eyes looking up to mine as it disappeared down her throat again. She kept this up, slowly drawing out the pre cum from my cock. I placed my hands on her head entwining my fingers in her hair.

I felt the moan on my cock before I heard it. Keira started to move her head faster up and down on my cock. Grasping her head in my hands tighter, I forced my cock deep down her throat, holding her there as I glanced over to Amber. She was laying there tied to the bench, her tongue licking her lips watching as Keira sucked me.

Without warning I pulled her head from my cock, moaning loud as my cock fell from her lips, pushing her onto her back. Keira spread her legs wide, her puffy pussy lips coated in her juices, her hard clit sticking out from the protection of her clit hood. I fell to my knees, grabbing her hips, shoving my cock deep in her.

She gasped out loud as I filled her pussy with my hard cock.

“Yes, Master, fill your slave’s pussy with your hard cock,” she moaned.

I started to fuck her hard and fast with my cock. With each thrust in her, Keira raised her ass higher meeting me. It wasn’t long before I felt the boil of cum in my balls building. It had been a week since I had Keira or Amber, and after watching them together tonight I knew I would not last long.

Keira sensed this and started to beg for my cum, “Please Master, cum for your slave, she wants your cum!”

Her words made me pump faster, harder, deeper into her. Her moans getting louder, I felt her pussy contract tighter around my cock as if she was going to squeeze cum from me.

“Master, I need to cum for you, can I cum for you? Pleassse Master, cum with me…” she pleaded.

Those words pushed me over the edge. I felt cum blast from my cock as I ordered her, “Cum now, slave, cum with Master!”

I felt her pussy clamping tight around my cock; her arms wrapping around my neck as she pushed me deeper in her; her body and mine convulsing in pleasure. My cock twitched with each jet of cum in her. I fell on top of her quivering body, her arms wrapping tighter around me. We had been there several minutes when a voice broke the fog.

“Mistress, may I be released, please Mistress?” Amber asked.

Keira gasped, “Oh, Amber! I am so sorry, I forgot about you.”

Amber giggled, “That’s all right, Mistress. You had important things on your mind. Am I still being punished, Mistress?”

I pulled my deflated cock out of Keira’s pussy, our combined juices flowing out of her twitching pussy on to the floor. I settled back onto my knees watching as Keira stood up on shaky legs. Walking on wobbly legs she went over to Amber, grabbing a handful of Amber’s hair, raising her head off the bench.

“Your punishment is not finished, slave.” Keira hissed in her ear adding, “You will clean this mess, then come to Master’s room, slave!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Amber replied.

Keira released the ropes that held her to the bench. Amber very slowly climbed off the bench, her hand rubbing her sore ass.

“Master, will you take me to your bed and use me?” Keira asked loud enough for Amber to hear.

I saw Amber nod her head up and down as Keira walked out of the room. I followed Keira down the hall, watching her ass wiggle with each step, my cock grew hard again as I followed her. Keira walked to the center of the room and stood with her legs even with her shoulders aydınlı escort and her hands behind her back, her head slightly lowered. I walked up to her, raising her chin with my hand, looking deep in to her eyes, hearing a deep sigh come from her lips.

“I love you.” I whispered as my lips touched hers for the first time in a week.

I felt her tongue probe my open lips, a deep moan as her tongue found mine. Pulling her closer to me, I kissed her hard. It felt like an eternity since I held her. Her arms wrapped around my neck, her pussy pressed hard on my cock, lifting her legs off the floor wrapping around my waist. I carried her over to the bed, gently laying her down. I felt her hands find the buttons of my shirt, her fingers greedily opening each one. We did not break our kiss till I felt her hand grasp my cock.

“Master, I need you now! Please make love to me.” she pleaded while nibbling my ear.

Her hand guided my cock between her hungry wet pussy lips. I felt the heat from her as I entered her hot tunnel. It felt like her pussy muscles were pulling me in deep.

“Master, oh Master, please fuck me, pleaseeeee…” she moaned.

Slowly I began to pump my cock in her, feeling her clamp her pussy tighter with each stroke. Even though I just had climaxed earlier I knew it wouldn’t be long before I climaxed again. With each thrust Keira raised her hips higher to match my thrusts. Her head was shaking back and forth, her moans of begging me to fuck her faster in my ears. Her hands clenching the sheets in a death grip as her climax built. I heard her breathing become shallower and her eyes closed, her body starting to shake as a massive orgasm racked her body.

It was all I needed to cum then. I felt my cock stiffen as I shoved it deep, blasting another huge load in her. Her legs wrapped around my legs pulling me deeper in her, her arms around my back holding me as she writhed on the bed. I collapsed on the side of her, my cock still buried in her. Keira laid there shaking as she rode the waves of her climax.

“Master…Mistress, may I enter?” I heard Amber ask from the door.

Looking over to her I nodded my head yes. Amber walked in towards the bed stopping, a huge smile on her face. Keira opened her eyes, a huge smile on her face.

“Slave, clean your Mistress’s pussy with your tongue.” Keira ordered.

I moved over as Amber climbed between Keira’s spread legs, her eyes staring at Keira’s pussy. She saw our combined cum flowing onto the sheets. Amber wasted no time as she lowered her head, her tongue licking Keira’s pussy. Amber’s tongue slowly licked up the inner folds of Keira’s pussy, lapping up cum flowing from her pussy. Keira started to moan deeply as Amber probed with her tongue, curling the tip to scoop out the precious offering. Amber moaned deep as the flavor of both people that she loved combined in her mouth. Keira’s hands reached out, grasping Amber’s head, pushing her tighter to her pussy. Amber looked up at her Mistress’s eye’s that were half closed, the tip of her nose rubbing Mistress’s clit every time Keria pushed her hip’s up.

“MMmmmm, yesssss, mmmmm,” Keira moaned shaking her head side to side.

Pushing harder on Amber’s head forcing her tighter against her pussy, Keira locked her thighs tight around Amber’s head as the waves of a tingling orgasm racked her boy. Her body shaking, squeezed tighter, Amber sucked the juices flowing out of her. Keria laid exhausted on the bed, her breathing in long gasps of air. Her whole body felt weak as her legs opened from around Amber’s head.

Amber raised her head up planting a light kiss on her Mistress’s pussy, whispering, “Love you.”

Carefully crawling back away from Keira, trying not to disturb her Amber looked at my cock.

“Master, can I have permission to clean your wonderful cock?” she asked flashing me her green eyes.

I motioned her to crawl up to me, nodding my head yes. She moved ever so slow, exaggerating her movement on the bed, hips swinging a bit more, her breasts swaying to my half hard cock. Amber spread her arms wide as she crawled up my body. I felt her tits brush along the tip of my cock, making it twitch. Laying her body against my chest she opened her lips and kissed me deep, her tongue searching for mine. I felt her breath leave her body as she moaned from the kiss.

She broke the kiss, lowering her lips on to my neck, lightly kissing me up to my ear.

I barley heard her whisper, “Master I will tell you what happened in the morning.”

She straightened her arms, moving her body down mine, her lips kissing my chest as she went to her prize. Her lips parted as I watched her take me in to her mouth, slowly licking my cock with her tongue. She knew I was tired and that I would not cum soon again. She licked the underside of my cock as she withdrew it from her mouth. Her small hand took the base of my cock standing it up from my body. She began to lick me clean with her tongue.

Her soft tender touch was intoxicating as my eyes grew heavy. She placed her hand, lightly squeezing my ball sack as she licked and sucked them tenderly. She was moving ever so slow, wanting me to enjoy the pleasure she was giving me. When she was done she brought the tip of my cock to her lips and kissed it.

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