A Stud for My Birthday

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For my birthday, I received a self-help book, a self-healing guide, a wireless phone charger, an air fryer toaster oven, a Hitachi magic wand, and, no joke, a brown-haired, blue-eyed, Magic Mike-looking stripper.

There he was, this muscular dude, naked except for his cowboy hat, doing a funny dance with his fists in the air, with his cock dangling and bouncing around.

The other girls were ecstatic.

I sat there with my jaw dropped and my shoulders cringing.

This was Enid’s doing. I knew it. I pointed to her and shook my head. She laughed and clapped.

“Woohoo,” said various other girls around Enid’s apartment—middle-aged Jacqueline, young Helen and her drunk ass, Tabitha and her desperate horny ass trying to get close to that dangling penis, and my sister Rachel getting into it.

They had decided to keep the party small knowing I had been out of sorts for the past few months. But no matter how much I told them not to do it, they still organized this little party for me.

Junk food and booze and weed, I expected.

Naked stud grinding his body into my sister Rachel, I did not.

“Go, Rachel, go, Rachel,” they chanted as she got up to dance with this Thor-looking juicer dude.

When he pulled her towards his naked body and patted her behind in those loose jeans, she threw her hands up and put a stop to it.

“That’s enough for me,” she announced while laughing and walking back to her seat on the sofa.

“Oh, come on,” Enid said, wild look on her face, looking to see who’d be next.

“Me, me, me,” Tabitha sang as the other girls cheered her on.

“Do her next,” Enid commanded him.

The hunky guy started dancing towards Tabitha. Tabitha was squirming in her seat, sitting up, and, no way, she was grabbing her own tits and looking horny as heck!

“Oh, my God,” I muttered at the scene.

The stripper put a foot on the sofa next to her and danced. Tabitha felt him up from his feet to his thighs to his stomach, bypassing the one thing she really wanted to grab. He swung that thing in her face. Her mouth fell open like she was agonizingly hungry for it.

“Oh, fuck,” she said.

He ran his fingers through her hair, and she closed her eyes to enjoy it. She had this evil look on her face when she opened them back. She grabbed his cock and played with it, cackling like a hyena as she did it.

Crazy girl, I thought with a hand on my forehead.

“It’s gonna be your turn soon, Lila,” Enid said, pointing two fingers at me and dancing in her seat. “Birthday girl! Something special planned for you!” She danced in her chair, wiggling her fingers at me.

I wanted to slap her silly. Instead I just shook my head at her.

Jacqueline next to me looked concerned about me, but I didn’t want them thinking I was still fragile after all these months. So I threw my hands up and pretended to have a good time.

“Woohoo,” I said back to Enid.

The dancer danced over to Helen who could barely sit straight.

“Can I spank him?” she asked in a pouty voice. “I wanna spank him!”

The dancer looked at Enid who had hired him and she shrugged and laughed.

“Come on,” Helen whined. “Lemme spankee!”

The dancer turned his god-like back to her, extended his thick arms to touch the floor, and shook those perfect buns of his at Helen.

I met eyes with him for a moment.

Helen went slap happy on his butt cheeks, giggling as she spanked him as if she were drumming bongos at a Latin club. He thrust his ass to her face and danced. She kissed both butt cheeks before slapping them again harder. He started grinding his ass on her lap. She wrapped her arms around him and felt up his abs and his chest and pinched his nipples and kissed and licked his back. He leaned back into her, and she had practically had him in a headlock, kissing his cheek and nibbling his ear.

“Ooh, I love you,” she said in a desperate voice between kisses. “I’m keeping you.”

He ataşehir escort bayan turned and gave her a hug, which I found cute, especially when she wrapped her crazy legs around him and he picked her up like a child.

“What’s his name?” I asked Jacqueline.

She shrugged. “Dirk?”

I nodded and patted my lap to the music.

“Do Jackie!” Enid cried out. The other girls cheered. I joined in.

Jacqueline shook her head quickly. “Oh, my God, no!”

But she was laughing as Dirk danced towards her. He grabbed the headrest on either side of her head. He put his feet on the sofa on each side of her thighs. And he danced on the sofa, body on her face.

She winced and shook her head and cowered with her fists under her chin while he danced.

When he was done, she gave him a kiss on the cheek. He straddled her and hugged her.

She made a cutesy face while everyone else went, “Aww.” Then she gasped when she realized his cock was pressing against her belly.

“Ew, ew, ew,” she said, cowering away from the cock while everyone laughed.

Then it was my turn.

I tensed up like I knew I would. It had been a while since I had let any male near me, even poor Chris, my ex-boyfriend, whom I hadn’t seen in months.

Dirk started slowly, dancing in front of me, rolling his hips, his penis flapping against his thighs. He came closer. I tried looking at everything but that cock coming towards me.

He gave me a short lap dance, but he seemed like he had something else in store for me. He squatted at my feet, dancing.

Suddenly, he grabbed both ankles and lifted them in the air. My dress slid down my thighs, exposing my panties. He wrapped my legs around him and slid up to my face. He started bumping his body against mine.

The girls, except Jacqueline, were beside themselves, cheering him and me on.

This dude was simulating having sex with me!

It should’ve been fun. I wanted to have fun. I wanted to forget everything and just enjoy the raunchy party the girls had set up for me.

Instead I turned my face away and wept.

Dirk stopped dry humping me, squinting at me with confusion.

“Lila!” Jacqueline said.

Everything was a blur. Dirk’s echoey voice was asking if something was wrong. Jacqueline’s echoey voice was admonishing the girls, Enid especially, for giving me something like this when I wasn’t ready.

“I’m sorry, guys,” I said, wiping my tears. I didn’t realize I had curled up in a fetal position on the couch. I tried to regain my dignity and sit up straight.

“No, it’s okay,” Rachel said. “We’re sorry.”

“He can leave if you want him, too,” Jacqueline said.

“No, please!” I said. “Let’s, um, keep partying.”

Enid cheered, “Yeah!” but no one joined her, so she quieted down.

“What about the tuck in?” Dirk said to her.

I looked at him and then Enid. “The who what?”

“That’s what you wanted me to do at the end, wasn’t it?” he asked Enid.

Enid sighed. “Yeah…”

“What are you guys talking about?” I asked.

“He was supposed to, you know, carry you to the bed and tuck you in and, um, read you a bedtime story,” Enid said in a disappointed voice. She shrugged. “A little bedtime special for you.”

After a second, I laughed at the idea, which helped everyone else relax a little.

“Tuck me in?” I repeated. “That’s so corny.”

“Supposed to be cute,” Enid said.

“Ladies love it,” Dirk said, reassuringly.

“I don’t know,” I said.

Enid perked up. “You could still do it.”

“Enid, no,” Jacqueline began.

I didn’t want to feel weak again. “Well…?” I began.

Rachel piped in. “Only if you’re comfortable, sis.”

I shrugged and thought about it. “Um, what the hell? It’s paid for, isn’t it?”

Enid started clapping.

Jacqueline sighed. “We’ll start cleaning up and—”

“Hang on,” Enid said, in control again. She nodded escort kadıöy to Dirk.

Dirk glanced at me with this sly mischievous smile. He stood up and walked towards me. I curled up, nervous about what was coming.

He put an arm around my shoulders and an arm under my knees and picked me up like I weighed nothing.

“Aww,” said some of the girls.

I yelped as he readjusted his arms.

Some of the girls laughed with me.

He started carrying me to one of the bedrooms. My heart was racing, but I tried to look relaxed, winking at the other girls as the cowboy carried me off. He kicked a door open and entered. I was biting my lips anxiously.

They had set up candles and a chair next to the bed. One of my favorite old children’s books was on the bed.

I chuckled at this silly idea. He laughed too and looked at me with his blue eyes.

He laid me on the bed and made sure I was comfortable with a pillow. He fixed my hair. He sat next to me on the chair and picked up the book.

I turned to face him.

He cleared his throat to start reading. “So. ‘Once upon a time…'”

I listened to him read but didn’t really hear the words. I was staring at his face, his chest, his eyes, his neck.

Something came over me.

I interrupted him.

“I’m sorry about before,” I said. “It’s been a while since I, you know, with a guy.”

He nodded and tried to continue reading.

“I had a fucked up year,” I explained.

“But you’re okay now?” he asked.

I thought about it. I shook my head. “No, I’m not okay,” I said.

He closed the book and put it aside. He had his hand on his thigh. I was staring at his hand. He got up and sat on the bed.

“You need a cuddle?”

I chuckled. Then I giggled. “A cuddle?”

He was serious. I froze as he started climbing onto the bed. Then I inched away to give him room. He lay there next to me, on his side facing me. I lay there like a log with my hands under my chin.

I exhaled and told myself to relax, that I was safe here.

He put his hands on me, and I gasped.

He caressed my arms. I opened my arms up and let him touch my breasts instead. He tucked an arm under my neck and drew me to him. I held my breath and stared into his eyes until I was fully in his arms.

It was a nice embrace.

No. It was a wonderful embrace!

His warmth, his maleness, his niceness. I was never a fan of steroid-looking muscles but today I was. His strength was comforting. His hands in my hair was soothing. He smelled good, looked good.

I was able to slide my arms around him as well.

We just held each other like this for a minute. Throughout that minute I could feel his erection coming on.

“It’ll get better,” he said, making me smile. “Things always gets better with time.”

He drew me tighter. I was now on top of this naked stranger and kissing his chest and neck.

“Ooh, this is more than a cuddle,” he said.

I laughed a little but didn’t stop kissing. The room was quiet except for the noises coming out of me. I touched him gently while I kissed. I added little licks to my kisses. I placed my hand casually on his erect cock and squeezed.

I felt the air hit my thighs.

He had my dress and was pulling it up. I was breathing hard, but I lifted myself up and let him slide that dress off.

I was nothing but tits and panties.

But I wasn’t done worshipping him. I kissed his face, his neck, his massive chest, and worked my way down, down, down to his…


The cock was scary. It leaned on his body, just waiting for me. He grabbed it and stroked it in front of my face. He placed his hand gently on the back of my head. He guided me to where I wanted to go but was afraid to.

I landed my lips on his cock with a moan of satisfaction. I kissed. Little licks.

I had been shying away from cocks all year.

Not anymore, I decided.

This maltepe escort one was mine, attached to a wonderful, sexy sweetheart.

So I took it into my mouth and sucked. I rearranged myself between his legs and sucked. I held on to his thighs and sucked. I pushed my cumbersome hair out of the way and sucked. I wiggled my face and deepthroated that thing and sucked.

I pulled it out to watch my saliva drip all over it. I nuzzled it and held it against my cheek.

Not so scary, I decided. I kissed it one more time.

Then I crawled up like a black widow spider back to his face and his waiting lips. I couldn’t believe the loud, desperate moaning emanating from my thirsty mouth as I kissed and licked and ate him up. And I thought Tabitha looked wild!

Still in a frenzy, I watched myself rip off my panties and fling it aside. I grabbed his cock and stroked it hard.

He looked nervous. “Um…” he said.

Whatever he was saying, I wasn’t listening. With his cock nice and hard, I threw my leg over his body and straddled him.

“Miss?” he said.

I held the cock straight. I slid my pussy on top and impaled myself on it, letting out a loud groan and cry out to God in gratitude.

“Oh, Jesus, fuck, um, um…” he said.

I started riding him. The bed started creaking.

“Shit,” he said, as he grabbed my hips.

I jumped up and down on him. I slid back and forth on him. I rolled around with him to feel every inch of him inside me.

He grabbed my ass. I liked that. He grabbed my breasts. I loved that.

I was cursing and fucking him and…weeping…?

With my eyes closed, I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks.

He sat up and buried his face on my breasts and ate up one of my nipples. God, I forgot how good that could feel!

I held his head to my bosom while I nursed him and fucked him.

He threw me down on the bed and got on top of me, snug between my legs, still inside.

I don’t know what I was feeling. I was crying and smiling, weeping and laughing. I threw my arms around his neck, closed my eyes, and cooed while he fucked me.

I held his face and looked into his eyes and gave out little squeals every time he thrust into me. He found that cute and smiled. I was in love with that smile, that safe, heartwarming smile. I kissed that smile and held him again while he continued fucking me. I didn’t want him to stop. I kept one hand behind his head and one on his ass, squeezing his ass cheek.

He wanted to pull out.

I didn’t let him. I even got a little angry.

He had to take my wrists and hold me back. He pulled his cock out of me and grabbed it as he cursed and came all over my thighs.

“Oh, shit, shit, shit, that wasn’t supposed to happen,” he said.

I laughed at how worried he looked.

He saw my amusement and relaxed and laughed, too.

I pulled him back down, and the sweetheart returned to mommy’s arms. I made him roll over, and I curled up into his arms. I laid my head down on daddy’s chest to rest with a big smile on my face.

“Now we can cuddle,” I said, to which he chuckled.

After a few minutes, I reluctantly released him. We cleaned up. I dressed up. When we emerged, only Enid, Jacqueline, and Rachel were still here chatting.

“Was it fun?” Enid asked. “Sounded like it,” she added.

“Yes,” I said with a sigh. Then I looked at her. “Sounded like who what?”

“Are you all right?” Jacqueline asked.

“I’m great,” I told them. “How’d you know that was my favorite story?”

“I told her,” Rachel said.

I gave each of them a hug.

Dirk gave me a last lingering hug while the other women watched curiously.

“You didn’t charge extra for that?” I whispered to him.

“Free for you,” he whispered back. “Stay strong.”

A peck on the cheek. That’s all he gave me. I wanted him to ask for my number, make a date with me, and propose marriage maybe. Instead, he walked off—probably to go please some other lucky lady customer. I knew I’d be masturbating to his face and his cock for a few days to come.

While Rachel drove me home, I decided to respond to Chris’s birthday text messages, figuring it had been long enough since we chatted.

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